Milking My Friend’s Ex- Girlfriend

Hi there, my name is Sunny from Bangalore, age 22. I’m a fitness freak with six pack abs and a strong 6 ft body. I have my tool long enough (6.5inches-4inch fat) to make a woman go crazy. Coming to the story. It happened around 1 year back when I accidentally met one of my friend’s ex-girlfriend.

I was traveling to Mahalakshmi to Jayanagar metro. There was too much crowd in the metro. Suddenly I saw a familiar face in the crowd. She came near me and stood in front of me Her back was facing me. I recognized her as my friend’s ex-girlfriend, but she didn’t recognize me.

She was wearing a hot top which was holding her tight boobs and a pair of denim blue jeans. She was busy with her mobile and chatting. The train started and there was a jerk which made her fall on me. My dick poked in her ass from upon the dress she didn’t notice it.

But I was enjoying. I came closer to her and starting to push my dick more into her ass. After some time she noticed it. But there wasn’t any space so she didn’t move. Luckily we had to go to the same station. So I enjoyed the poking her ass with my dick for 10-15 minutes.

As soon the station came she rushed away. I thought this was it. But my destiny had more for me. As I was done with my interview I was going back to the metro station in sharing auto. I saw her again. There she was struggling to get an auto. Her name is Krupa Shah.

I asked the auto guy to take her in as I was alone in an auto rickshaw. She got in and she saw me. She somehow started to recognize me. Finally, I broke the silence I greeted her.
Me: Hi Krupa don’t you remember me?

She was shocked I knew her name.
Krupa: You look familiar but I don’t recognize you.
Me: I’m a friend of your ex-boyfriend, Swapnil. College days. Remember?
Then she remembered me.

Krupa: Oh Sunny now I remember. So glad to meet you.

And we hugged. As I got to hug her, I was in a mode. Her awesomeness crushed and the shaking of auto gave me more pleasure. As she broke the hug there were stains on my shirt and her dress I didn’t notice it earlier. But she noticed them. I asked her about what is going in her life.

She told she got married to a rich guy in Hyderabad her native place and she moved there. I told her so how come you’re here. She told me she has some documents to be collected from her parents home at Jayanagar. I told fine I’m also free we should go to some cafe to enjoy our old days. She accepted.

She said, “I have to go to my parents home first.” I was confused about why she asked me so. I told, “Ok fine I’ll accompany you.” As it was heavily raining there was too much traffic. I thought it would be better if I could stay with her. We took the auto to her parents home.

Lucky for me there was no one around. As we entered she rushed to the bedroom where a maid was sitting with a baby in her arms. I waited in the hall. Then I saw the maid also leaving the home. I asked for Krupa but she didn’t respond. So I went to the bedroom and saw she is breastfeeding a child.

I was aroused watching her big melons. Her stats were 36-30-34. And she has long black silky hairs up to her waist and a height of 5.7 ft, which is awesome. I just enjoyed at the door for some minutes. Then I got into a cross angle and knocked on the door like a gentleman.

But my dick was already aroused and erect. The bulge was easily visible. She came out with her 7-8 months baby. There were milk stains over her boobs. I was going crazy. She introduced me to her child. As I moved my hand to take her child I accidentally pressed her boobs from the side.

Guess what? Some milk flowed out of her boobs. She was embarrassed and she shook her head down. And while doing so she noticed my bulge and her eyes widened. She told me to take care of the child for a few minutes. She will change her dress.

I wanted to sneak at her changing her dress. But I had her child in my hand so I couldn’t. But my patience gave me my gift. She came out of her room in shorts and an off-shoulder top and she was not wearing her bra. Her nipples were easily visible when she moved.

I was getting harder and she was noticing it. She took the child from my arms and put him to a carriage. We sat on the sofa side by side to each other started chitchatting. I was staring at her boobs like a wild dog. And she was enjoying it and was noticing my bulge as well.

I told her she has grown into a beautiful woman. She asked me why I say so. I just blushed and told her it’s fine I won’t answer it. She came closer and made a move by putting her hand over my shoulder and asked, “Sunny why are you teasing me?”

I told her, “Am I the teasing you? Just look at yourself in the mirror. You are teasing me.” She laughed and asked how am I teasing you. I pointed out her boobs and those nipples. She said, “Is it so?” I nodded my head. She said, “Then what’s this?” and pointed towards my dick.

I said it’s just a reaction to your action. She told what if the action is bigger. I told then the reaction will also get bigger. We stared in each other’s eyes. And I moved closer, held her by her shoulder. I placed my one hand on her shoulder and the other one holding her face.

And we kissed. It was the most passionate and erotic kiss. It lasted for 5-6 minutes. We were exploring each other’s mouth. My tongue was in a war with hers. I was sucking her and she was mine. After we broke our kiss, I moved my hand to her right boobs and pressed it slowly.

She moaned and closed her eyes. She told to wait. She moved in a quick and closed the room for and winked and asked me to come. I pounced to her and banged her against the door and again started to smooch. Her hands were going all over my back. And one leg crossed holding my waist.

My hands were in her hair and the other was busy on her buttocks. Then I broke the kiss and took her top off. I was amazed to see those awesome boobs. She took my shirt off and was happy to see my fit six pack abs body. We hugged again like snakes tangled to each other.

I lifted her and took to the sofa. We were not giving out on smooching. I placed her on the sofa and started to kiss her whole body from the top. I kissed her forehead, then cheeks, then lips, ears.  She was enjoying the foreplay and so was I. I moved to her shoulders then on her boobs and then to her nipples.

I didn’t suck them at once but teased her by kissing them. Then kissed her navel to which she started moaning. I got my signal she is turned on. Now I asked her to get my pants off. To which she happily started doing in a fast way. She was happy to see my huge dick she said it’s biggest I have seen yet.

Not even her ex Swapnil or her husband has this much big tool. I told her it will be her lucky day but actually, it was mine. Now I removed her shorts. She wasn’t wearing her panty. Her pussy was all wet and water was dripping out. I took not a moment and kissed her pussy.

She moaned loudly. I wanted to suck her boobs first. So I crawled up on her and started fondling and pressing her boobs Her eyes were rolled up and now I started to suck her boobs They were so big that I wasn’t coming in my mouth. As I kissed her erect nipples I felt something wet.

It was milk coming out of her boobs. I was so happy. I started sucking it and drinking it. She went crazy started moaning loudly and pushing my head more into her boobs. I was also enjoying a lot. I sucked her one boob and then went to another. Milk was very sweet. I emptied her melons.

Her milk made a mustache over my face. She was enjoying. I went to her navel and started circling it with my first finger and also kissing in between. She was shivering. Now I finally went to her pussy. I placed my two fingers at the starting of her pussy and started to finger her.

And she came over my fingers. I was happy that I made her do so. But I wasn’t done yet. She got on her knees and took my dick in her mouth and started giving a blowjob. Oh my, she was good at it. Now I knew why my friend was always happy. I was enjoying it a lot.

I held her hairs as it was disturbing her and pushed her head more. My dick was deep into her throat. She was gasping and coughing due to it. And she was tired
But I enjoyed. So told her to stop and come on my lap. She stood up. As she crawled I guided my dick into her pussy and the rolled eyes over.

In a go, my dick was all inside her pussy. I was thrusting her and she was jumping on my lap. Meanwhile, I was also sucking her boobs and she was scratching my back. It was a passionate one. After fucking her in cowgirl position for around 15-20 minutes, I was going to cum.

I told her I’m cumming. She told to cum inside her. I splashed all my juices into her. And we relaxed for some time in the same position. Then she stood up and we kissed each other and laid in each other’s arms. I was happy I satisfied her. She was happy she got awesome sex after a long time.

She told we should get cleaned up. Turned on the shower and went below it
The moment I saw water dripping over her boobs I was hard again. I again start with the foreplay. I told her can I continue what I left half in the metro. She laughed and said so it was you humping my ass. I smiled.

She said, “But I’m virgin in my ass.” Those words gave me a spark in my eyes. I took some soap and help her wash her body and boobs I spilled some foam over her ass hole and my dick. She bent over the top and guided my dick over her ass hole. It was very small and tight. I felt the pain but it was to be done.

So with the help of foam, my dick went inside and her grip tightened over the gap. She cried saying don’t cum without fucking me hard. I obeyed started fucking her. I hold her hand on her waist and hairs in my second hand. And I was humping her wildly.

Sounds of our bodies crashing to each other were all over the washroom. After 15 minutes I was going to come. This time I came in her ass without asking her. I was tired and so was she. Then we helped each other to get cleaned up. Then I lifted her to the bedroom helped her to get dressed.

And we were kissing in between. I got dressed up and thanked her for this awesome session and left the place. I still remember those moments like it yesterday.

That was all my friends. It will be really appreciating to get feedback on my email Any lady or girl or woman from Bangalore or anywhere in India can contact me directly. I assure their privacy and satisfaction.