Fucked By AC Serviceman And His Workers

Hello everyone, after receiving positive feedback for my previous story – “Desi Girl Gangbanged By Taxi Driver And Horny Strangers”, I have decided to share another incident that happened with me.

Just when the summers had started, my aunt decided to go to Kerala to visit a friend of hers. At that moment as the temperatures were rising, it was too difficult to survive with just a fan so we decided to call someone to get the air conditioner checked.

However, since it was the peak time, and AC service was high in demand and it was difficult to find someone.

We were trying various apps to get a reasonable price for the AC servicing when our maid told us that there was a repairman located nearby who had a shop of his own. He used to earn a lot and would give ACs on rent. She said if we want, she could contact him. Both I and my aunt agreed.

A few days later, our maid said to us, “Mehamsahab vo mann to gaya par vo kehe raha hai ki vo 8-9 din baad hi aa sakta hai. Kya bolu use?”. As we had no option, we told her to tell him to come in 4-5 days. The next day my aunt left for Kerala and I was alone at home for 3 days.

Our maid used to come to clean the house every day from 2 pm to 4 pm. As my aunt was not home, I took the opportunity to just wear a see-through nighty or bra and underwear or sometimes, just be nude around the house.

However, I would make sure to wear proper clothes in front of the maid so that she does not get suspicious or tell my aunt anything.

At night, I would meet someone whom I met from this website to have some fun and sex with them at a hotel.

Two days later was when this incident happened, I was in my bed sleeping at 11 am as I had returned from the hotel 4 am in the morning. While I was sleeping, the doorbell rang.

As I wasn’t expecting anyone, I quickly wore a black nighty, As I wasn’t wearing a bra and underwear, my pink nipples were visible and it also showed a good amount of cleavage. However, not noticing this, I rushed to open the door. I opened the door to find 3 men staring at me from outside.

I said, “App kaun hai?”

The person at the front replied, “Madam, mein Sudesh hu. Apki maid aayi thi mere paas kuch din pehele kehne ke liye ke app ko AC ki servicing karvani hai. Mai usi ke liye aaya hu. Maine vaise kaha tha ki mein kuch din baad aayunga par aaj time tha toh isliye aa gaya.”

As I was looking questioningly at the other two men, he said, “Ye mere workers hai. Ye kaam karte hai mere saath.”

Before I move on, let me tell you how the three looked. Sudhesh looked around 40 years old and had a wheatish color skin. He was actually looking decent, maybe because he earned so much. He was quite tall and also had rough hands, which I found out later. The other two had a dark complexion and a skinny body.

I said, “Ha, aa jaiye andhar please.”

As I had only opened the door by a small amount, they had not yet noticed my attire. However, the moment I opened the door widely, the three of them look shocked. They were staring at my cleavage, my boobs and my tall fair legs. It was a nighty which no woman would dream to wear in front of strangers.

I noticed them looking at me and decided to fuck all three of them! I gave them a flirty smile and said, “Andhar aa jayo, bahar kyun rukhe ho.”

I led them to my room where I showed them the split AC installed. The split AC had a covering over it to prevent dust from entering it. To give them a show, I said, “Mai ye covering uther deti hu.”

I took a stool and stood over it to remove the covering. As I did that, I told them to hold my legs so that I did not fall. All three of them looked at me and immediately grasped my legs.

To have some more fun, while removing the covering, I bent a little. Since my nighty was too short, the bending position immediately resulted in it riding up and showing a large portion of my ass to them from behind. While bending, I could see them. They were looking at my ass very closely and had a large bulge in their trousers.

All three of them now knew that I was also not wearing any underwear. This made it very erotic for me that my tits had also elongated. I got down from the stool and asked them to continue with the servicing.

Sudhesh started taking out all the tools required while his workers also helped him. While checking the AC and the compressor installed outside by going there, he started having a conversation with me. He said, “Madam, aapki shaadi ho chuki hai?”

Maine kaha, “Nahi Sudhesh. Tumhari?”

He nodded his head and said, “Ha, ho chuki hai, madam. Apko lekin ladka dhundne mai dhikat nahi hogi. Ap itni sundhar ho ke ap se koi bhi shaadi kar lega.”

I decided to end the conversation at this and laid myself down on the bed looking at him doing the work. I started using my phone and after a few minutes, opened my legs widely, acting I didn’t notice. Anybody in the room could see my pussy clearly with its pink lips, fully swollen and glistening.

His workers looked at my pussy as if they had struck a gold mine. At this, I turned myself in such a way to make the strap of my nighty fall a little, making one of my nipples visible. I saw from the corner of my eye all three of them gulping and looking at my nipple.

One of the workers, who could not take it any longer, jumped on me and tore my nighty off! I was completely naked with not a shred of cloth on me. All three men advanced at me and started sucking my nipples and tasting my pussy. I moaned at this. Sensing I was enjoying it, all the three grinned at each other.

Sudhesh removed his 9-inch cock and told me to give him a blowjob. I obediently did that while the others started to remove their cocks as well. Although the other two were not as big, they would do.

Both of them, pushed their cock in my ass and pussy while I sucked on Sudhesh who kept on pinching my nipples. They kept on fucking me until I finally had an orgasm. The workers cummed inside me while I swallowed Sudhesh’s cum.

We finally collapsed on the bed. We had 5 rounds of sex again until it was 2 pm. By the time my maid arrived, we were all dressed and she did not suspect anything as Sudhesh completed the servicing.

I was about to pay Sudhesh 1500 for his service when he said,”Arey madam, iski koi zarurat nahi. Apko nanga dekhkar hi mere ko paisa mil gaya.”

Then he winked at me and said, “Bas ap mujhe bulate rehna” and left.

As their workers were leaving, one of them grabbed my ass, kissed me and then left.

Overall it was a very satisfying experience.