Naughty Adventures Of Poorna

It was a department fest. Everyone was well dressed and well versed. The amount of smiles and beauty of that occasion were unpalpable. Poorna was particularly beautiful in a saree that too in black and red The saree was red in color which went with her skin and had black lace border.

Her blouse was also black in color made her look like a doll. Everyone was busy with their work. Our sexy lady moved up the stairs toward the department staff room. Her face had a mixture of emotions. Her hands trembled on thought what would happen. She was what you would call ‘a naughty girl’.

Her naughtiness with her boyfriends knew no bounds. She was quite popular as the sex doll of the college. Her magnificent body was the reason for it. Poorna, an enchantress, her eyes were her greatest weapon. She could make any man look twice with those nice eyes.

Her body was flaunting her beauty and could only be described as hot. Her fairly white skin, her juicy lips had made watery mouths. She had maintained a great figure. Her boobs were a jewel to her hot body. With a round ass, she has swayed many opinions.

Her hands were a little shaken as she ran through the corridor to the staffroom. Once there she entered into HOD cabin. The room was dark. She moved to the window opposite her to check with her friends on what was happening downstairs. Suddenly two big hands grabbed her from behind.

It was none other than her HOD Suraj. He held her hands forcibly on to the window, started to lick her neck and caress her navel. Suraj was a responsible and yet charming HOD. He was young but had many degrees and quite a lot of experience. Some say he got where he is with political support.

But he is as smart as he is cunning. He started to press her curvy navel while his other hands moved to her round 32c boobs. Her nipples were hard and perky. As soon as he touched them a jolt went down her body and gave her tingling in her pussy. His slight and erotic touches on her nipples made the room filled with her moans.

Soon his breath came to her ear and a hand totally engrossed in her boobs. He was pressing them from behind. He squeezed them through her blouse. He knew she wasn’t wearing a bra because he had asked her. His hands moved through her navel into her belly button pinching down to her pelvis then her pussy.

He put a lock in between her legs with his four fingers, vigorously rubbing her pelvis. He licked her backless blouse and her boobs were being fondled like it was his own. He made her moan and groan in pleasure. In light of that pleasure, she took hold of the handlebars in the window.

She forgot the fact that she was being enjoyed by her teacher and she was near a window. The whole public could view her naughtiness. She was totally immersed in that pleasure. She remembered how she got into such an entanglement.

The department was preparing for the final submission of internal assessment. They found a few students couldn’t make it up to the expected performance. They were all given such as a mercy chance to come up the ladder. But the chance was in vain yet for some.

There was the talk among the hot girl’s gangs that the HOD was giving a special ‘arrangement’ for those willing to fill certain ‘form’. Poorna was not a straight-A student. Yet she still managed to reach here with her manipulating and smart nature. She could not dig her way out of this one.

Yet her charming nature had become flawed for days till she went to a birthday party. That’s where she met Kajal. She had too failed the exam yet didn’t seem much tensed, rather was chilled out. Poorna tried her best to bring out the secret and brought it out.

The HOD had fucked her in the ass for a few times. The satisfaction he gave her was well beyond what she expected and she got extra credit to pass. This revelation both brought a smile as well as fear. She was afraid of the consequences.

But that fear soon was conquered by the pleasure she knew she would experience. Her naughtiness by which she would rub and finger herself every day imagining his thick cock. This was from the day she peeped and saw where Suraj fucked the librarian with his thick shaft.

She had become wet from all thoughts and wanted to proceed further. She was waiting for a great opportunity. Her memories were suddenly rolled out of tracks when Suraj started to bite her back. He was giving her love bites on her back while his hands had conquered her boobs.

He was pulling the brown hard button nipples from its owner, which made her moan. His thick hard cock dry humped her ass. The floor was well decorated with her dress. Her blouse was removed. All that stood before her chest was her lace transparent saree.

While her saree was raised to her hips by Suraj. He then started to rub her pussy over her wet pussy. Her pussy had stained wet on the lace panty from the foreplay. He rubbed it vigorously to make her feel the erotic feeling of wanting a cock. He then started to feel her back, moving his hands one after the other to her brown nipples pinching them.

His hands went into her underwear and started to finger her pussy, while he licked her neck. Her grip on window bars tightened. She gasped for air and her groans increased Her body started to shiver. He was doing good work on her boobs with his hands. The kneeled down and threw her underwear away.

He then rubbed over her pussy and as well as her asshole. He laid his hands on hanging nipples. Brown nipples hung like dead men from her boobs. He pulled them down even more. He pushed in his fingers deep into her asshole and she screamed. Her groans and moans filled the room.

His fingers reached her pussy while his tongue rubbed through it’s inside. His teeth took hold of her pussy lips. He started to finger her asshole. His fingers in her pussy touched all her pleasure spots making her body tremble. Her love juices were licked by his tongue.

His occasional playfulness with boobs and his fingers made her cum with a violent moan as she gasped for air.

Another flashback.
As she pissed out her love juices on to floor she was reminded of the time. She was taken on a road trip by her boyfriend and his friends. She was made to cum all over after being tied up. Her boobs were played with while only her ass was fucked.

Her pussy ached for a cock. She begged for cocks and she was being sucked and fingered in the pussy while they fucked her mouth. Now…

Suraj then raised himself. And took hold of Poorna and raised her legs and directed his hard thick rod into her asshole. As her mouth was covered only her groans came out. Her legs were in his hand as she was fucked in front of that window and a mysterious phone recorded it all.