First Fuck With My Girlfriend

Let’s skip the introduction as it’s my first story and I don’t want to reveal my details. Coming to the story. It happened when I was in B. Tech. I’m 20 years old and girlfriend is also 20 years. We are in love for only a few months. We used to chat a lot. And started chatting about sex.

I asked her about her body, her boobs, and pussy. She felt shy at first but later she responded openly. This continued for weeks and we used to kiss only on calls not directly. One day I asked her for a kiss she said ok but asked me how we’re gonna do it. I said I would plan.

Next day when we were in college we had a lab session during the afternoon. During the lab session, I told her to come to the last classroom on the upper floor which will be empty at the end of that day. She said ok. We completed the lab session. I went first to that classroom and waited.

After 5 minutes she came from another way just not to get suspected by anyone. As soon as she entered she saw me and gave me a shy smile. My heartbeat was up and I was sweating. It was a very tensed moment because it was my first kiss. She was feeling the same. We kept staring for 5 minutes.

I took the initiative and went close to her. She was breathing heavily and me too. Then I asked her shall we kiss and she said ok. Then we came close and I kissed her on the cheek. After that, she was backing away. Then I got hold of her hand and pulled her towards me and gave a liplock.

It was a beautiful kiss. I felt her taste for the first time and it was so good. We kissed for a minute and stopped as we heard someone is coming. Then we smiled and left the class in opposite directions. On that night we talked about our kiss. I asked her we should have sex.

She said ok. Then she told me that her parents are going out of town next month for a function. I said that’s perfect for us. And we waited for a month dreaming and talking about how we should do it. As the day came their parents left early in the morning around 6 am.

As I knew that I already got ready and was waiting near their house for them to leave. As soon as her parents left she gave me a call and told me to come in from another direction to their house. I followed her instructions and entered the house slowly without getting noticed by anyone in the street or adjacent houses.

As I entered I sat in a chair in the hall. She just came from the bathroom having a bath and entered her parents’ bedroom. She closed the door but didn’t lock it. I was so tensed and didn’t know whether to enter that room or just wait. I kept waiting and she came out after getting dressed.

Then we hugged and she gave me a kiss. Now I was relaxed and she took my hand and took to her bedroom. The room was small and the bed was enough for both of us. We sat on the bed side by side holding hands. Then I kissed her on cheeks and forehead and kissed on her lips.

Then we started kissing passionately. We rolled on the bed kissing. I was touching all her body with my hands on top of her dress. Then I placed my hands on her boobs and pressed them slowly. She gave a moan. I kept pressing them softly and continued kissing.

Then I took off her top. I saw her boobs for the first time as she was not wearing any bra. I placed my hands on them and that touch was amazing. I kissed her right boob and pressing left with my hand. Then I kissed left one and kept doing that for a few minutes.

She kept moaning and pressing my head against her boobs. I unhooked her pant and took it off and she is completely naked in front of me. Her body is so soft and kept looking at her body. Then I laid her on the bed and spread her legs and there it was her pussy. Beautiful and fresh.

I gave a small kiss on her pussy lips and she felt shy. Then I got up and became naked and laid next to her. I put a leg on her and we started kissing again. I was moving my hands all over her body pressing everything. Then I started licking her boobs and biting her nipples with my lips.

She got excited and pressed my head against her boobs. Then I came down to her belly button and licked it too and kept pressing her boobs. Then I asked her to spread her legs and got between her legs and licked her pussy softly. Her taste is so good. I kept my hand on her boobs pressing and licking her pussy.

Her pussy got so wet and juices were coming out of it. I tasted them and kissed her on her lips so that she can taste her own juices. Then I came back to her pussy again put a finger in and licking her clitoris. Slowly I was moving my finger in and out as she was a virgin. She felt little pain at first.

But I kept moving my finger and she felt pleasure. I kept licking her pussy and fingering her. Now she was in full mood. And she was enjoying it. I stopped all that came on top of her and started kissing her. As we were kissing she placed her hands on my butt and gave a squeeze.

Then I asked her to give me a blowjob. She felt shy and got up and took my erect dick into her hands and was looking at it. Then she slowly put her lips on top of my cock and gave a kiss. Then started licking slowly on top. Then I pushed my cock into her mouth and held her head to keep it in.

Then she started giving blowjob. She was licking all my cock and thrusting in her mouth and again licking. Then I asked her to suck my balls. She got hold of my balls and playing with them. She put one by one ball into her mouth and sucked for a minute.

Then she came on top of me and started putting my cock in her pussy. As it was our first time it didn’t work out. Then I came upon her in the missionary position and slowly inserted my cock in her pussy. It was tight and it didn’t go all the way in. I slowly gave a movement so that my cock will go all the way in.

I kept fucking her slowly. She felt a little pain as my cock entering her pussy. After 5 minutes of slow fuck, my cock was all the way in and started fucking her fast. She was moaning heavily and raised her legs and wrapped around my waist. I kept fucking her and kissing her and sucking her boobs in between.

I fucked for 10 minutes and I told her I am cumming. She already placed a waste cloth near us as I am was wearing any condom. Then I took my cock out and put an old cloth around my cock and cummed in it. Then I fingered her to her orgasm. Then we hugged and stayed like that for a while and then kissed.

After 10 minutes I got ready again and we fucked. This time we fucked for almost half an hour and in different angles like doggy style, cowgirl, etc. After that, I had to leave as her grandfather came.

This is my sex experience and may not be fully detailed. But it was how it happened. We kept having sex whenever her parents went out even if it is for 1 hour.