Nine Nights of Navratri – Part 2

Hello everyone, this is Sundae Saturn coming back with the second part of Nine Nights of Navratri.

In the first part, I told how my marriage was arranged and how all nine of them cum heavily in haldi.

In this part, I will tell you about how I married my brides, Nandini, Priyanka, Veena, Renuka, Samuyktha, Shailaja, Malini, Aishwarya, and Rashmi. I made my honeymoon for the next nine nights in front of the villagers.

So below is the table of whom I will be fucking from day 1-9

Day1: Nandini (cousin sister, or mami’s daughter)

Day2: Priyanka (My Elder Sister)

Day3: Veena (My friend’s mom)

Day4: Renuka (Cousin sister)

Day5: Samuyktha (Neighbor’s widow wife)

Day6: Shailaja (My Mami)

Day7: Malini (My mom)

Day8: Aishwarya (Cousin sister)

Day9: Rashmi (Cousin sister)

A day before Navratri, I will be marrying my bride. A day before my marriage, I will be ending my old relationship with these ladies.

On the day of marriage:

On the day of the marriage, everyone was preparing for the marriage ceremony. I had the task not to touch or not talk to any of the females from now. The same goes for my wives. They cannot touch or talk to any male.

As I was dressing up in my room, my best friend (Veena’s son) came in. He was talking to me as if I was his enemy. Of course, he was jealous of me because I was marrying his bombshell mom. I will be giving him a sibling.

My primary wife, Nandini, was his crush, so basically. His girls were betraying him. I promised him, “I will bang your mom and your crush Nandini in front of you.” He left with anger from there.

As there was time to get to the Mandap, I exited from the room and went towards the Mandap. I was standing in the Mandap and searching for my Queens. They will be my whores from now.

They all soon arrived and were standing behind me with their heads covered. I was very excited that I would be marrying my hot Queens. I was getting goosebumps seeing all of them in bridal dresses. I was already in the dream of fucking all of them on my first night.

All of them were called inside, and I made them sit by my side. I was staring at each one of them as if I had been hungry for years and craving for them. The marriage ceremony started, and it was time to tie the Mangalsutra to my Queens. I started from Nandini and tied each one of them.

When I was tying it to my mom, I felt something different. This is the woman who used to breastfeed me her milk. Now, my children will feed her milk. I finished tying Mangalsutra and came back to my seat. After a few minutes, it was time for Kanyadan.

The priest said, “The Bride’s fathers should come in front and the knot between groom and bride.” As a few of them were already married, their last husbands would tie the knot with me. But Veena and Samuyktha have lost their husbands. So, any male in their family can be called.

In Veena’s case, her son, i.e. my best friend Kartik, was called. He was very angry and very jealous at that moment. In Samuyktha’s case, her brother-in-law was called.

For a total of 5-6 hours, everyone was exhausted. But still, there was some tradition to be followed. The next day onward, the action would be starting. I married my Queens, and all of them were sent to respective/separate rooms. I was sent to other cabins.

From the next day onwards, some thrilling and drilling actions were going to happen.  In our village, there is a traditional court. The court is decorated romantically to watch the live honeymoon action. Audience, get ready to gear up your dicks and pussies.

As it was day 1, I was waiting and craving for my moon’s night. As it was getting darker, the villagers were gathering.  There was my primary wife, Nandini coming inside the court. When the door finally opened, it was so worth the wait.

All of us saw a goddess walk through that door. She was just stunning and looked gorgeous and better than ever. She was wearing a red satin saree with a backless blouse. It perfectly showcased her fair, smooth back. She flaunted her waist, and it looked better than ever.

We just looked at each other for a while. We kissed like two lost souls. I grabbed her head and covered her ears. I gave a peck on her forehead and whispered, “I love you.” We grabbed each other’s faces and kissed passionately. I lifted her and threw her on the bed.

I threw myself upon her, lifting her face. We kissed and kissed like there was no tomorrow. I pulled her up on me and pressed her boobs hard. We kissed madly. I pulled her head back with her hair clenched by my firm grip. I kept pressing her breasts harder and pulling her nipples till she screamed.

I don’t know where this energy came from. But yes, I did something weird (weird for me as I’ve never done this before.) So, now imagine us doing our extremely wild foreplay. Suddenly, I pulled her pallu, I tore her blouse, and she’s like, “Babe, don’t worry I am not leaving soon.”

I removed her petticoat, tore her blouse and bit her nipples on her bra. I freed her lemons from her bra. There they were, her small and pinkish areola tits hanging down. Calling me to smash and suck them and turn them red.  She kept hugging me and pulling my head toward her face.

After a few minutes of passionate lip lock and French kiss, we parted. I kissed her eyes at first and kissed her entire face. Then I started sucking her earlobes and neck for a few minutes. Nandini had closed her eyes and was enjoying the process. I hadn’t finished licking her body.

So I began licking her body from her face. I began licking Nandini’s face from her head. I kissed and licked her eyes, nose, and chin. But when I came to her mouth, I spat my saliva on her lips. She drank the saliva.  Then I stared at her boobs for a minute and started pressing her boobs roughly.

I squeezed, pinched, and mauled her boobs and nipples for a few minutes. She was moaning and crying as if she was a virgin. I began running my tongue on her boobs and asked her if it hurts now. She shivered and said, “It’s nice.” By noticing her reactions, I grabbed her left erect pink nipple inside my mouth.

I started to suck it like a newborn baby. She was moaning so loud and started arching her body. I sucked it till the left nipple got red enough. Then I switched to the right nipple, which had been inviting me for a long time. Now, I started circling the right nipple with my tongue.

I started to bite her right nipple and sucked it. Nandini was moaning. Then I went to her navel region and pinched it a few times before licking it. Then she got up and sat down on her knees. She gave me a naughty smile, seeing the tent in my underwear.

She removed my underwear and saw the 7 inch monster waiting to penetrate her. She put some saliva on it and was ready to give me a blowjob.
She inserted my dick in her mouth all at once. Oh my God, she was a professional, and I instantly ejaculated in her face.

She was getting more turned on by that and sat on the bed and widened her legs.

Her pussy was nicely shaved, but she was wet already. I cleaned her juices with my tongue, and she moaned heavily while I ate her pussy. She was moaning very heavily, “Babe, don’t stop it.” She cum heavily.

Nandini was now fully turned on and was not ready to wait any longer and asked me for my dick. She was lying on the bed, and I got on top of her. I started to enter my dick in her slowly and then pushed it all in all of a sudden. She felt the pain and gave out a huge moan.

The blood started to come out of her pussy. Everyone in the court was going crazy by seeing her. Some of them were already fucking her in their minds. Some were masturbating seeing us.  I did not care about anything and started going at full speed.

She was moaning heavily, and I then decided to fuck her while standing. I pulled her by the hand and slammed her against the wall. I inserted my dick in her asshole and started fucking her harder than before. She was moaning badly now and was screaming my name.

Now, she wanted to control me and pushed me onto the bed. She got on top of me, slowly inserted my dick into her hole, and started sitting on it. She then started going up and down on it and increased her pace gradually. I fucked her in that position for ten minutes before hitting orgasm.

I came all inside her. She was too much in pleasure to react. She cummed 3-4 times in only one-hour session.  After a few minutes, my dick sprang up again, but she was not at the level to gear it up. I began rolling my fingers over pussy and on her pussy lips as well.

She enjoyed it very much, giving a green signal by letting out a soft moan. So, after doing that for a while, I decided to take it to the next level. Without further notice, I sliced my two fingers into her pussy. They went in smoothly, as she was already wet.

As soon as I inserted my fingers into her, she gave a slow moan with a surprising face. She was not ready for this. Furthermore, I started fingering her at a slow tempo. I fingered her for a couple of minutes, and then I stopped.

Nandini: Please, don’t tease me, fuck me with that gigantic dick and satisfy your horny slutty wife and her hungry pussy.

Then I started rubbing my cock over her pussy, and then I put the head of my cock inside her pussy. She started crying in pain. Then I started kissing her on her lips and her cheeks.

She put both her legs at my sides, and while sitting, my cock was in her pussy. She was finding it difficult to gather momentum because she was getting tired. And also she never had an experience. She was also close to cumming.

Then she said: I am going to cum. Please keep on fucking.

Then I got hold of her ass, made her lie on me and started ramming my cock in her pussy from below. She was going to cum. She grabbed my shoulders, kissed me hard on my lips and came. Her body was shuddering.

It was too much for me. I wanted to stay longer and feel the moment. I never wanted such a pleasure to get its end. But it’s said every pleasurable thing has an end, and so had mine. Suddenly, I felt something churning in my stomach, letting me know I was close.

My balls tightened, I clenched my legs and emptied a massive load. I came a lot, and my seeds felt on her body, some on the bed, and some dribbled down my dick. I had, by far, the best and biggest orgasm of my life. It was a feeling I had never felt in my life.

I just rolled on my back, kept my eyes shut and breathed heavily. My teacher slept near me with her head on my chest. I felt very happy and relieved.

Guys, in the next part, I will tell you about how I fucked my second wife, aka my elder sister. I hope you will all like my story. If you like it, do reply to me, and feel free to contact me at [email protected].