An Exciting Journey to Goa

Hi, This is Kedar from Pune. This story is about my journey from Pune to Goa by a sleeper bus. I am 21 years old, 5’2. Fair and a little chubby. I have a very fair and completely smooth body with light brown nipples. And deep navel.

I don’t have much belly fat, but I am chubby. My family went to Goa two days early to attend a wedding. I could not go as my exams were going on and I was to join them two days later. After my last paper, I booked a sleeper AC bus from Pune to Goa.

As I booked at the last moment, I got a last seat on the lower deck. I boarded the bus around 7.30 pm. As it was going to be a lengthy journey, I wore shorts and t shirt only without underwear. My shorts were just around my thigh length. I boarded the bus and got to the bed.

I saw an oldish yet well-maintained guy as my co-passenger. As I pushed the curtains, he smiled at me and said Hi. In return, I also greeted him with a smile. After putting the luggage, I settled on the bed. As it was a sleeper, I was sitting with my legs stretched and my back pushed to the wall.

I was scrolling through my phone. He was sitting beside me. My shorts were pulled up from my thighs, and my milky fair smooth thighs were exposed. After a while, the bus stopped for dinner, and I saw him fully. He was a fit guy in his early 50s. Tall, about 5’11. He had a nicely shaped, grown beard.

After the dinner break the bus wasn’t going to stop anywhere. As I had packed in a hurry, I forgot to carry a blanket with me. Now, I was trying to sleep without a blanket. The AC was quite powerful as it was a Mercedes bus. I was sleeping on the side with my back towards him.

My t-shirt had pulled up a little, and my fair waist was visible in that dim light. Suddenly, I heard, “Hey. You don’t have any blanket it seems. You will get cold.” I turned my head towards him, “Yeah. Actually, I packed in a hurry, so I forgot.”

He: I have a large blanket. If you are ok, then we can share it.

I had no choice, so I said ok. As he slept, he pulled the blanket on us. Now I was facing him as I have a habit of sleeping on my side only. I turned my back and faced away from him. The blanket wasn’t really full size, but enough to cover both of us.

For almost 15 minutes I couldn’t sleep and was keeping my eyes shut. I am attracted towards men a little. But never had any real experience. So that’s why also I was a bit excited, and I liked this guy when I saw him at dinner break.

After about a few minutes, it was completely dark now as all the lights were shut off. Suddenly, there was a bump, and I got pushed towards him. To my surprise, he was also awake. The way our bodies touched, I could tell that his cock was hard.

I turned my head to see what was going on, and I saw in the window reflection that he was watching gay porn on his phone. I was shocked. He noticed that I saw him but did not say anything. I was excited more now. That he also likes boys. Now, on purpose, I did not move and kept myself closer to him.

After another bump, I somewhat purposefully pushed myself to him and felt his hard-on again on my ass. But this time, I did not move. And kept it there. I again turned and saw he was still watching the video. A middle-aged bodybuilder was fucking a young guy.

I coughed on purpose and said, “I can see that.” He was shocked and quickly turned his screen off. I turned to him. “Its ok. I’m not judging.” And I smiled at him. He smiled back. “You are cute.” I said, “Thanks. You are quite fit.” He said he works out daily.

“I’m Kedar.”

“I am Rakesh.”

We got into talking, and we both realised we were going to the same wedding. I was glad.

“You like me, Kedar?”

“Hmm. You look good.”

“You are so sweet.”

Saying this, he came closer and gave me a small kiss on my lips. I was shocked and excited at the same time.

“Hey. I am not that type. I mean, I never experienced anything such. I do get attracted to some men, though.”

Saying this, I blushed and hid my face with the blanket. He lowered the blanket from my face. “But you liked me, right? I also like you, sweetheart.” He said this in such a romantic way that I again smiled at him and turned away. He understood that I was attracted to him now.

So he came closer to me, wrapped his hand around my waist, and pulled me in a cuddle. It was so romantic that I did not oppose it. I was feeling his cock on my ass. He slowly kissed me on the cheek. Out of nowhere, he took my earlobe in his teeth and bit it softly.

Oh, I felt heaven. I arched my head and let out a soft moan. I held his hand, which was wrapped around my waist. He now came closer and started chewing my earlobe. He pulled my t-shirt up and slid his hand on my soft, silky stomach. He started circling his fingers on my belly and navel area.

This made me more excited, and I turned my face towards him and hugged him tightly. A few seconds went such a way. He lifted my face with his finger, softly put his lips on mine and kissed me. I also responded by taking my lips further to him.

We kissed again, and this time we kissed passionately. His one hand was under my head, hugging me. The other hand was inside my t-shirt, exploring my entire back. We kept kissing like that for a long time. He slid his tongue into my mouth and started sucking my tongue.

This was the first kiss of my life, and it was the best so far. He now put his leg on mine and started feeling my smooth legs and thighs by his legs. I was too sensitive there, and a rush ran through me. He now took his hand from my back to my breasts.

I was quite chubby, so my man boobs were large. As soon as he pressed and grabbed my boob, I completely surrendered myself to him. My hand started searching for his fully erect cock. He was also wearing a lower, so I just slid my hand inside and took hold of his cock over his underwear.

He also became fully excited. He turned me on my back and took the blanket off. He lifted my t-shirt fully up to expose my silky, chubby stomach and my voluptuous breasts. The compartment curtain was pulled, so there was no problem of anyone seeing us.

As he lifted my t-shirt, I lifted my head. He understood and removed my T-shirt completely. With one hand, I was stroking his hard cock. I used to masturbate, so I did as skilful stroking as I could do. But now I also slid his lower and underwear and took his cock out.

He put his entire leg on me, and his upper body came on my top. He grabbed my left boob with his one hand and started kissing me on my neck. He was kissing, sucking biting my neck.  I was getting more and more rush. I was softly moaning as I couldn’t control myself.
After kissing my neck, he took his lips on my boob, which he was pressing and softly kissed my nipple. Trust me, by this point, if I were a woman, I would have an orgasm instantly. He first kissed me and then started sucking my boob. I was enjoying it so much that I started stroking his cock faster.

He had great stamina. He was sucking, kissing chewing my breasts one by one. He was playing with my nipple using the tip of his tongue. I was in the clouds by now. This went on for almost half an hour. After he was done with my breasts, he came to my stomach and navel.

He licked and kissed every inch from my face to my navel. He even licked my navel with his tongue tip. I am sure I got love bites all over my body. While playing with my stomach and navel, he started pulling my shorts. I lifted my huge ass, and he took off my shorts.

I was lying completely naked in a sleeper bus full of passengers with a man’s cock in my hand. He climbed on my naked body. He removed my shorts, spanked me, and winked at me as I was not wearing underwear. I blushed. He now started kissing all over my thighs and legs.

I love it when he does that. My cock was also hard by now. But it’s a small one. Only 4 inches when erect. He took my cock in his mouth and gave a first suck. I stopped him immediately as I felt I might cum. I stopped him and whispered, “No. I want to suck first.”

I used to watch a lot of porn, so I knew how to suck. I thought he would lie down. But instead, he came and sat on my stomach, lifted my head and took my face to his cock. I knew he also wanted a boob job from me. I first kissed his cockhead softly. It was all covered with precum.

Then I slowly circled my tongue on his cock. He loved it and let out a soft moan. I took his entire cockhead in my mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. I was having so much fun. His cockhead was really thick. I kept sucking it for a while.

I slowly started taking his cock length in my mouth. He had a huge cock. It was easily 7 and a half inches long and atleast 3 inches thick. I was loving the blowjob. He now got more excited. By holding my head, he started pushing his cock more and more in my mouth.

I loved it and tried to take as much of it in my mouth. He was fucking my mouth amazingly. My mouth was now filled with saliva and cock juices. Some of the liquid was dripping from my mouth. So, I started swallowing as much as possible. It was a very tasty mixture.

More than half of his cock was in my mouth now. Suddenly he gave a hard push and inserted his entire cock in my mouth. I gaged real hard. And a loud noise got out of my mouth. But I was no quitter. He kept his cock like that for a while. His balls were touching below my chin.

Then again, I started to suck his cock. I gave him an awesome blowjob for almost 10 minutes. He came to my ears and whispered, “Are you an ass virgin?” I took his cock out of my mouth, said yes, and again got back to my job. He again whispered, “You won’t be tomorrow.”

I just loved the way he said it. But I also got afraid that it will pain. I told him so. He said, “Don’t worry. I will take care.” He pulled a rum flask out from his bag. I used to drink with friends. So didn’t mind. He pulled his cock out and said, “Open your mouth.”

As I did, he poured some rum into my mouth. It was already filled with his precum and my saliva. I gulped it down. He again poured, and I again gulped. Almost 45ml of rum reached my stomach, and an instant bell rang in my head. He also took a few sips.

Now, he turned me on my stomach. Putting his hand below my waist, he pulled my ass up. Then he stretched my legs wide while keeping my ass up in the same position. And took out a Vaseline bottle and applied a lot of it on my asshole. He inserted his one finger in my tight ass and lubed my ass with Vaseline.

I thought he would finger my ass more. But he did not. He just lubed my ass well. Then he slid underneath me, and his face came close to mine. Our lips again locked, and we kissed passionately. I knew that I was going to ride the first cock of my life. We kissed for 2 minutes.

Then he applied some lube on his cock also. He took judgement and put his cock on my asshole. As soon as I felt his cock on my hole, I started lowering my ass. This was going to be my first fuck. As I lowered my ass, he also pushed his cock a little. And his cock tip slid in my ass.

Due to sufficient lube I did not feel any pain yet. So I lowered my ass further and took half of his cockhead inside. Now I actually felt the tightness of my ass. But it wasn’t so much pain. So I again pushed his cock in me and took his entire cockhead in my butthole.

Oh, now I felt a little pain, so I hissed a bit loudly. He was so amazing that he did not hurry into things. And waited for me to relax. As soon as I got relaxed, I again pushed myself on him. Slowly but steadily, I started taking his cock in me. Hardly 1 and a half inches were in, and I felt his tip touching my rectum.

This was going to be even tighter. But due to rum influence and good lubrication I decided to take the risk. I lowered me on his cock harder. As soon as juggled my ass, his cock tore my rectum and went directly inside my anus. All this time, we were kissing each other’s lips.

I felt a good amount of pain and kissed him even harder. I pushed my lips hard on him to stop myself from screaming. We stayed in that position for a while. Again as I got a little relaxed, so I started to take his cock further in. Once the rectum was open, there was very little pain and a hell lot of pleasure.

So I slowly started riding his cock taking it more and more in. Almost half of his cock was in when he suddenly held both my asscheeks, spread them more and gave a hard stroke from below and pushed his entire cock inside my ass.
Even though we were kissing, I gave a loud moan and collapsed on him.

Now, he was in control. He started fucking me from below. With each stroke, my rectum was opening more and more. I was getting more pleasure than before. After fucking me for 5 minutes, he relaxed, and I took control. I started riding him with my waist moments instead of my ass.

It was amazing. He was so excited that he broke the kiss and took my breasts in his mouth, and started sucking them one by one. I was getting great pleasure while riding him. It is my favourite position now. I ride him for at least 20 minutes whenever we fuck.

I rode him for half an hour, and I could feel he was about to climax. As we were on the bus, he wasn’t spanking me, which he loves to do otherwise. But he was keeping my ass spread with his hands. As soon as he came close to the climax, he started fucking me harder from underneath.

It was making sounds, but now we did not care. All I wanted was to enjoy the first fuck of my life. He fucked me for another two minutes, and suddenly he gave a really hard stroke. His cock swelled up, and his body got tight. He nearly crushed me in the hug, and he started shooting inside my ass.

Ah, it was such a pleasure. His cock was in the deepest part of my ass, and his cum was even shooting deeper. He kept fucking me and kept cumming. There was no limit. He came for almost 2 minutes. I was literally in heaven when he was shooting his warm thick cum load inside me.

He cum so much that some of it started dripping out from my ass. After he finished, we just stayed in a hug, with me on top of him. Almost one hour gone. I only wore t shirt that night. We covered ourselves in a blanket and went to sleep with his cum and his cock still in my ass. We fucked twice more till dawn.

In the morning, I stayed in his arms on his lap, kissing him during the remaining journey. We exchanged numbers. In the morning, our neighbouring passengers had weird smiles and weird looks on their faces. But we did not care. We had found the love of our life.

We had an amazing time at the wedding. I got to know that he is divorced and his wife and kids are not with him. So we decided that I was going to be his wife. Even to this day, we have great sex. After college ended, I came to live with him secretly.

We even got secretly married. I started cross-dressing for him to forever live as his wife.