Innocent sex with lovely, petite colleague – Part 2

Hello everyone, welcome to the second part of the series where I will be unraveling how me and my petite office colleague Priya navigates newfound emotions.

The swift turn of events had already caught me off guard, considering how things were just a few minutes ago. Life had taken an unexpected and surprising trajectory! I am fairly tall, 6 foot and have an athletic build. A surge of adrenaline coursed through me, and my mind struggled to process the whirlwind of events unfolding.

The unexpected kiss lingered in the air, leaving me in a state of both excitement and confusion. As the gravity of the moment sank in, I braced myself for the unpredictable journey that lay ahead. Given our difference in physique, it was evident that I couldn’t approach her standing.

I sat on the edge of the bed in her room and before I could realize, Priya was already on top of me. She sat on my lap facing me, her tender legs wrapped around my hips. She grabbed my face toward her and started kissing me wildly. The petite girl whom I was not interested in was turning out to be a little dynamite!

My colleague girl donned sleek black jeans paired with a form-fitting, vibrant red t-shirt. Our passionate embrace unfolded, entwining us in a series of fervent kisses. The exchange evolved into delicate smooches and sucking of lips and the gentle exploration of each other’s features.

My left hand subtly found its way beneath Priya’s t-shirt, tracing the contours of her back. Simultaneously, my right hand cradled her head from behind, maintaining a delicate equilibrium. Priya reciprocated with equal ardor, seamlessly alternating between tender kisses and the playful dance of tongues across my face. Overall, it turned out to be a passionate moment of kissing and licking each other’s faces.

Our tongues rolled on each other’s face and neck, exploring each other and we were beginning to connect at a different level.

The time was 6:00 pm and it started raining outside. The weather was cool outside and the rain was lashing on the window pane. Our hearts were pounding and the room was filled with the mmm’s and subtle moans of Priya each time we kissed. I was erect by now and Priya was already on top of me and could feel my erect penis by then.

During our passionate embrace, the petite girl gently took off my t-shirt, and in response, I carefully lifted her form-fitting shirt as our connection deepened.

Priya was wearing a pink bra and her figure now took on a heightened allure. Her small breasts appeared more pronounced, with hardened nipples suggesting heightened arousal. The snug bra hinted at the newfound fullness, accentuating a clear cleavage line.

I could see sweat dripping between her bra lines which charged the atmosphere. My heart was pounding as I had not anticipated this level of connection between us and I could bet I could feel her heart pounding as well.

We had to shift our positions slightly. The bed in her room was positioned near the window, prompting me to move closer for support. Now, with my back to the open fifth-floor window, a refreshing breeze flowed in, yet I found myself still sweating.

My office colleague came closer to me and was kneeling in front of me. Her tender yet firm breasts were in front of me. I held her waistline with my hands and gently licked delicately tracing the edge of her bra with the tip of my tongue. With each delicate caress of her tender breasts, the fusion of the saltiness from her sweat and the inherent softness intensified the sweetness of the moment.

Her warmth embraced me, a contrast to the cool breeze at my back, while the rain continued outside. Priya tenderly ran her fingers through my hair, offering gentle caresses as she planted kisses on my ears. I kept rolling my tongue over her bra and I could sense her breasts and nipples getting firmer by the minute. Her armpits were cleanly waxed and I gently sucked and licked her armpits and neck bones and her bra straps. The room was slowly getting filled and echoing with the moans of Priya.

Priya kept caressing my back and fondling my hair while kissing my ears and head. I gently unhooked her bra and now we both were topless. Priya’s breasts were fair with a dark circle on the edges and firm nipples. With my right index finger, I gently circled my colleague’s right nipples while gently circling her left nipples with my tongue being careful enough not to have any contact with the teeth. I gently slid my left hand inside her jeans exploring the curves on her buttocks. Priya unleashed passionate moans, reciprocating with fervor as her hands roamed over my chest and body, all the while showering me with kisses and licks.

Passion surged between us, an undeniable force propelling our connection to unprecedented heights. With fervor, I kissed, licked, and sucked on her breasts, cleavage, tummy, and waist, reciprocated with equal intensity whenever she seized the opportunity.

This sequence persisted, and Priya advanced toward my pants, deftly undoing the zipper and buttons. She skillfully pulled me out of my pants, revealing an already aroused state, evident by a prominent bulge beneath my underwear. I moved toward Priya and started kissing her navel. She was now standing on the bed and I was on my knees.

I was licking and sucking her navel now and I too unzipped her pants. I pulled her pants down and slid my hands around her hips exploring her buttocks. She was wearing red underwear and I could see it was already slightly wet showing her state of arousal I was squeezing her gentle buttocks and alternatively kissing her navel and planting kisses on her thighs and warm underwear.

I tenderly planted kisses along her inner thighs, delicately moving from her knees towards the innermost part. I planted a few kisses on top of her underwear and that gave out the loudest moans. Simultaneously, one hand maintained a continuous caress on her nipples, while the other sensually explored her buttocks. At that moment, the significance of sizes faded, and all that echoed was the symphony of her moans, intertwining with the pleasure that enveloped us.

I could sense my petite office colleague was enjoying this as she kept pulling my head toward her thighs and kept caressing my hair. Drenched in sweat, both of us panting, our hearts pounding, clad only in our underwear, it was evident we weren’t finished. The anticipation lingered, hinting that this was just the start of what promised to be a memorable evening.

As the rain intensified, heavy clouds shrouded the darkness outside. Priya and I, clad only in our underwear, found ourselves immersed in the euphoria of the moment. A palpable sense of satisfaction lingered, marked by a subtle dampness in her underwear and a substantial presence in mine, as we reveled in the enchantment of the experience. This day I truly discovered that physical appearance doesn’t necessarily determine the quality of a sexual experience.

The zeal for good sex, connection, communication, and mutual respect play crucial roles in creating a fulfilling and satisfying intimacy, often transcending mere physical attributes.

To know what happened, next please wait for part 3 of the story.

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