Mom becomes son’s temporary wife – Part 1

Hello everyone. My name is Ramya. Currently, I am 48. I am a typical Indian woman. I got married when I was 20. My husband was 29 at that time. He was an engineer. Those days that was enough to give your daughter. My parents gave me to him.

I gave him a child when I was 21. A boy. We named him ‘Akash’. After 3 years, another child – a daughter. I was not so fond of my husband at first. But he took care of me and my kids well too. He was a decent man. I grew a bit fond of him. He also helped me complete my college. I got a job at a nationalized bank under his guidance. We had sex whenever he wanted. But I was afraid to tell him whenever I wanted sex. We bought a good home by selling my jewels and by taking a home loan.

2 years after that, when I was 32, he passed away in a car accident. Suddenly my whole life fell into crisis. We bought the home loan based on his income. Now I was stuck with a huge loan. Thankfully with his insurance settlement, I was able to pay a sizeable part in prepayment. Still, the EMI was taking a portion of my salary. My brother didn’t help me as he had his own family. I asked him to lend me some money but he said he can’t. I didn’t push him much as I understood the reality. This became a mental scar for me.

My son was a prodigy. That was what my husband used to call him. He was intelligent and smart. I decided to grow him up as a perfect one and with his help, get his sister to marry first and then let him marry.

I immediately changed his school to boys from coed. I made him focus only on his studies. After school, I pushed him to do CA. I didn’t join him in college because I felt like college girls would distract him and it was also a waste of money. He finished his CA and joined a job before he turned 22. His income started coming into the family.

Meanwhile, after my husband’s passing, I split my income into a few parts. One to close the home loan, one for essentials, one for kids’ education and one for savings – mainly for emergencies and daughter’s wedding. A typical Indian knows how much money is required for a wedding from the bride’s side. I also prepaid the loan with half of my yearly bonus. I calculated everything perfectly and things were sailing smoothly.

My daughter also finished college and joined IT MNC in Bangalore. I and my son stayed alone in Chennai. During COVID time, I saw my son working very hard. The job he did seemed like a stressful one. During covid, my son’s friends started to get married one by one. In one year, we attended 12 such weddings online. Slowly, my son started to become restless.

One day, end of 2020, he came to me and asked when we would get his sister married. I said, “When she turns 24.” He was a bit disappointed but said nothing. I knew he was a bit sad to hear this. But somehow and deep inside, I felt that, like my brother, if my son also had a family, he won’t help to get his sister married.

A few months passed and some more of his friends got married. He also touched 25. By then, we both started having arguments on how long he had to wait. I wanted her to marry only when she turned 24. This was her wish. I didn’t want her to marry early like I did. So, we both had arguments day in and day out.

One day, my son came home drunk. I never saw him drink before. I was a bit worried. I helped him come inside and helped him change. He was blabbering all the time. He was saying like, “I was born only to serve my sister. Nothing else. I have no life of my own. My friends have someone in their life to share intimacy. I have none. I only have my mom at home. Will she give me intimacy? If she gives it, I will take it definitely. I need someone to reduce my stress” blah blah blah.

I was so sad to see him in that state. I unlocked his phone (I know the pin) to see who let him drink. I can see he went out with his office friends. He clicked pictures with them. I noticed he was the only person without a partner there. The other 4 were a couple.

I accidentally opened recent tabs which led to this ISS site. I was shocked to see this. I saw he bookmarked a lot of sex stories related to sons having sex with their moms. I got worried even more. I searched his folders, he just had my photos and his, not of his sister. There was also an app where he wrote his thoughts more like a notepad. He wrote about how his life sucked, his office stress, and how he just coped all this for his mom because he loved his mom so much. And how recently he had been feeling extra lonely after seeing his friends getting married and posting couple pictures and he had none in his life.

I felt very bad. It was me who did this. For my selfish goals, I made him into this. I was just a person who was fully focused on earning money and nothing else.

I didn’t sleep that day. I felt very guilty. Also, I didn’t want him to get married. If he did, I was scared that he will not help his sister to get married. I had no choice but to be my son’s wife unless he got married. I decided that night that I will pay for my selfishness and also for my son’s mental health.

Let me describe myself here. I was 46 at that time. I am 5.5 tall, and pretty fit. I walk a lot, so I am pretty toned. I never had sex after my husband’s demise, not even masturbated. I didn’t bother to do that as I had many things in mind. I have long black hair till my hip. I am fair in complexion. My figure is 34C-31-36. I don’t know if I am sexy. But if my body helps my son get his stress out, I am willing to do that.

The next day, I woke him up with a coffee. He was saying sorry for drinking yesterday. I asked him not to drink. I kissed his forehead and asked him to freshen up and come have breakfast. I told him I had an important thing to talk. He bathed and came and we had breakfast.

I said, “I am sorry for being a bad mother. I know how lonely you are feeling. I read your journals yesterday. Also, I saw what you have been reading for some time.”

My son was shocked and was saying, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to. It won’t happen again.”

I continued, “It’s okay. I have a proposal for you. I would be your wife/girlfriend or whatever you want me to be. First, let us marry off your sister. And then you can get married. Till then, I will be whatever you want me to be. If we have a deal, come to my room tonight.”

After that, I went to my room anxiously. I didn’t come out for lunch. I had my dinner early and went to my room and thought of getting ready for tonight. Deep inside, I knew that my son will take me in exchange of postponing his wedding. I brushed and bathed and got ready with a good-looking saree. I was waiting in my room without locking the door, tensely.

Around 10 pm, my mom tapped on my door. I said, “It’s open.”

He came inside a bit nervously. I stood up and dragged him inside by pulling his hand. I asked him, “So, we have a deal?”

He simply nodded. He asked, “You will be anything I ask you to be?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “I want you to be my gf and wife together.” I said okay.

I asked him whether he had any experience. He said no. I said, “For today, I will give you pleasure.”

I was still too shy to open myself to him. I just let him lie down and slowly kissed him on the cheeks. He pulled my face and kissed my lips. He bit my lips. I was surprised to see him this assertive. I told him not to bite me like a mad man. I told him I was all his and take it slow.

I could see the bulge in my son’s shorts. I slid my hands inside his shorts and lowered his shorts. I was surprised to see its size. It was definitely bigger than my husband’s and thicker too. I said, “It’s big.”

He said, “Is it? It was little over 7 inches in length.”

I didn’t remember my husband’s well. But it was definitely around twice his size.

My son asked me to shake his penis. I was doing it while he was kissing my neck. He removed my pallu and started to play with my breasts over my blouse. Then I felt something. Suddenly, I felt hot after many years. He started pressing my boobs roughly. I started to move my son’s penis faster. I asked him, “Do you have a condom with you?”

He said, “No.”

I said, “Okay, let’s not continue further. We can do it tomorrow when you have a condom. It is a Sunday tomorrow. Let us do it tomorrow.”

He was disappointed. I said, “I will let you finish today.”

He said, “Can you lick it?”

I said, “What?”

He said, “Can you lick my penis and suck it like a lollipop?” Please, please. I said okay reluctantly. I never did this to my husband. I kneeled down and went near his penis. It was looking even bigger closely.

Slowly, I pulled my tongue out and licked the tip of it. My son jerked a bit. He seemed to be sensitive as it was his first time. The smell of his penis was a bit intoxicating – strong smell.

I kissed and started licking the penis. He then asked me to take it in my mouth. I agreed and engulfed my son’s penis with my mouth. I couldn’t put the entire thing but I managed to take half of it. I rolled my tongue over his dick again and again. He shouted, “Amma” (mom) and held my head and came! My son came inside my mouth and he came a lot. Thank god that I denied him raw sex because I would have gotten pregnant with this much cum!

He lied there, breathing hard. I was pretty irritated that he came into my mouth. I spat all of them out and asked him to go out. He said good night, hugged me, said thanks and went back to his room.

Suddenly, I felt so bad. I let my son have his way. But I gave him relief. It was like paying a small price for our future. I noticed that I was wet. It had been so long that I was wet. I went and bathed and slept. This is how my journey as my son’s girlfriend cum wife began.

It has been almost 3 years now. His sister is about to get married next year. Hopefully/sadly, my term as wife will come to an end next year.

If you like this story, let me know in my email. I am posting here because this site made me realize that it is okay to sleep with your own son. And gave me these wonderful three years. Mail me at [email protected]