Neighbour took Advantage Of My Sexual Hunger

Hello, I am Julie, and I am 40 years old. I wanted to share my sexual encounter with you that occurred after my marriage.

I belong to the interior part of Tamil Nadu. I am 5.1 feet with a bra size of 36 and a waist of 29. I am not a fair girl, but I have good assets. My father is a fisherman, and my mom is a housewife. So, I did not have huge expectations in my life.

I studied till graduation and married at the age of 22 with Matthew. Matthew is 6 feet tall and works in Chennai. He is not financially strong, but I accepted him due to my financial status.

Matthew is thin and not a strong guy. He is a dark but not amazing person. I moved to Chennai after my marriage, and my life became very sad. I didn’t like Matthew, and he failed to impress me in bed. He has a lot of hair on his body.

Half of his dick was covered with hair which made me uncomfortable on the first night. He did not fuck me on my first night and left me as a virgin girl. After two days of our marriage, I understand that Matthew is an asshole and doesn’t use his brain.

He listens to his manager and his manager takes his work credit. He is 9 years older than me, but his behaviour does not suit his age. He did not show any sexual intention with me, like talking dirty things in bed, touching my ass and boobs, and kissing my cunt.

After a year, I opened myself up to him and requested a child. He always thinks about how to impress his boss. He was not able to fuck me, and finally, we consulted the doctor. After some treatment, he fucked me after two years of my marriage.

Soon, I became pregnant, but my hubby’s behaviour did not change. He still thinks about how to lick his manager’s ass. Matthew is smart, but he underestimates his potential and is not willing to take risks.

He did not support me during my pregnancy and left me alone at home. I was surprised by his behaviour, and he never took care of my health.

I left Chennai for my parent’s house in 5 months. Later, I delivered a baby girl. I came back to Chennai when my kid was 3 months old. But Matthew’s behaviour is the same. His manager changed his job, and he, too joined the same company.
With that, we were forced to change the house.

We shifted to a township near Anna Nagar in Chennai. It’s close to hubby’s office.

The township is good, and we stay on 7 floors. The flat is small, but I don’t like it because it’s like a face-to-face flat. When I open my main door, I can see the front flat hall and balcony. After a month, my front-view flat was vacated, and that made me breathe easy. It’s been two years, and the flat is empty.

I was facing an issue with my kid. She does not talk much. The doctor advised us to spend more time with her. But Matthew is not spending time with her. I was not able to handle household work and the baby for a whole day. Matthew does not understand, and my parents hesitate to come to Chennai.

One day, I heard some noise and opened the door. I understand someone has stepped inside my front flat. I closed the door and started to do my household work. After a couple of days, I saw an expensive couch, dining table, and fridge in my front flat. Then later I saw a young lady in jeans and a top.

She looked beautiful, and soon, I saw a young man with a height of 5.6. I understand the couple is from outside of Tamil Nadu. The next day, I saw him chopping the vegetables, and his wife was cooking the food. I was surprised to see him chopping the veggies. My hubby never helped me with cooking.

After a week, I understood that the person was helping his wife with washing clothes, cooking, and other work. They both were working in a corporate company and helping each other. After a week, that guy started to talk with my daughter, and soon we got introduced to each other.

The husband’s name is, let’s say, Smaran, and his wife’s name is Simran. Smaran used to play with my daughter. After 3 months, I saw a huge change in my kid.
My kid started to talk and play with me. Simran became close to me. We both used to go shopping, and Smaran took care of my kid.

Simran is a happy wife as her hubby is earning a good salary and taking care of her. She wears an expensive dress and maintains a good lifestyle. She wears jockey inners, and I use Rupa, a local brand. One day, our conversation was accidentally moved to a sex topic.

I understand that Smaran fucks her 5 days in a week. I was surprised to know that they both had intercourse at least 3 to 5 times. It’s sad news for me because my hubby did not have proper one-time sex with me.

Day by day, I am getting feelings for Smaran. I saw him in the towel and bare chest. He is neat, with no hair on his chest. He doesn’t know Tamil, but I wanted him at least once to fulfil my hard-core sex.

One day, Simran told me that they were planning for the kid as they cleared the car loan and personal loan. They went for a honeymoon, and after a month, Simran was pregnant. Smaran is taking care of her, and he is the perfect husband.

Smaran did not show any intent with me. But I was desperate for him. I have seen Smaran kissing and touching her wife’s boobs many times because of face-to-face view flats. I used to feel sad, and Matthew did not contribute anything to my life.

Simran left for her hometown, Hyderabad, in 5 months. It means Smaran will stay alone until Simran returns. It’s been a week without Simran. I noticed Smaran’s interaction has become very low with me. I started to feel alone as his presence was drastically down.

After a week, it was a Thursday. Matthew suddenly left for Goa with his manager and other friends. I was not happy, but he left because of his manager. The next day, I dropped my kid at school and reached home.

I changed my dress to a night suit and did not wear underwear inside because of the humidity. Due to a power cut, I opened my main door and saw Smaran.
He smiled and said, “Today, I don’t have an office. Let’s cook breakfast together.” I closed my door and moved inside his flat.

He prepared sandwiches, and I noticed a huge bulge inside his pants. He always wears underwear. But today, he did not wear boxers and raised my temperature.
I was nervous, and he was standing beside me and seeing my boobs and eating the sandwich.

We had our food, and I decided to move back to my flat. Smaran made lusty eye contact with me, and that made me breathe a little faster. I lost my words and jiggled in front of him. I quickly moved backwards and decided to run away from his flat.

The door was closed, and I reached the main door and was ready to open it. But there was stillness from my end. My heartbeat was high, and I covered my face with my palms because Smaran had taken out my night suit in a flash. He did not put any effort into taking out my dress.

He got the free show. I was in the birthday suit and closed my eyes. Ahh! I was shy, and he bit my neck and hugged me tightly. I sense his hot whiff on my shoulder and huge bulge. His fingers were moving all over my nude body. He touched my ass and pressed my ass cheeks.

I was moaning like leave me, no sir, leave me. But his fingers touched my ass crack and pussy Oh! It’s a beautiful thing and can’t be expressed in words. He started to hug me tightly and was crushing my boobs. I was moaning like no and no with a sexy tone.

He pushed his tongue inside my mouth. Without my knowledge, my fingers rushed to his back. One of my legs was around his waist, and both were kissing passionately. Our tongues got twisted without any time. That was my first real kissing experience.

He kissed for some time, and we stopped. I slowly open my eyes with shyness.
I understand my situation. He removed his shirt. His chest is clean, without any hair. He picked me on his shoulder and spanked my ass. I enjoyed it, and we moved to the bedroom.

He dropped me on the bed and said, “Julie, you have awesome legs. Can you widen your legs for me?” I was happy to hear those words and closed my eyes again. He moved my legs wider and kissed my pussy. Ahh! I was not expecting this from him. It was my first kiss on the pussy. I got goosebumps and got wet.

My heartbeat was high, and I was moaning. Then he whispered in my ears, “Julie, your dark pussy is delicious.” He bit my earlobes and raised my temperature. I love his bad words on the bed. Then he removed his boxers and took my hand.

He placed his dick in my palm and rubbed my nipple with his finger. My eyes were closed, but I sensed his dick was fat and long. It’s not compared with my hubby. My nipples were erect, and he bit my nipples smoothly. Oh! I was moaning and massaging his dick in my hand.

He started to suck my boob one after another, and I was rubbing his dick, making the moans. Later, he said, “Let’s start bitch journey! Your dark pussy has to be clean.” I love his comment, and he turned 69 position. Without wasting any time, he touched my pussy lips with his fingers.

He started to massage my pussy lips while I was doing a handjob to him. Then he started to lick my pussy lips, and I lost him. It was a new feeling as soon as his tongue touched my pussy. I moaned badly in Tamil and crossed my legs wider.
He moved his dick close to my face, and I took it inside with lust. I started to suck his dick, and my blood became hot. I was in heaven during that time because he was licking my pussy perfectly. It was my first experience. My lust became very high and sucked his dick like a lollipop.

We both were rolling up and down by keeping his dick inside my mouth and pussy on his lips. His dick is huge, and I did not stop sucking it. I cum on his face, and it’s a great feeling for me. Soon he cum inside my throat, and it was my first taste of the sperm in my life.

It was a happy feeling for me, and he released a huge cum inside my throat. I understand why his wife is happy and mad at him. After that, I couldn’t control myself and said,  “Smaran, please fuck me. I can’t control it now.” He picked up the condom from the cupboard and asked me to put the condom on his dick.

I tore the condom cover, but he asked me to blow it again. I gave the blowjob and covered the condom over his dick. His dick is thick and long. He put me on the bed and spread my legs wider. I see aggression in his eyes. My heartbeat was high.

I was very nervous at that time because I knew I was doing the wrong thing with another guy. I was nude and crossing the limits with him. I wanted him for sex because I never had good sex with hubby. He positioned me in a missionary position and started to rub my pussy with his dick.

My entire nerves were waiting for his dick. I was moaning like, “Smaran, please fuck me. My blood is getting heated every second.” Without any trouble, he pushed his dick inside my pussy. His dick is thick, and I feel pain while he is pushing inside my pussy. My moans were a little loud, and raised my legs.

His thighs were touching my back thighs, and made me happy. It took close to 2 years for my hubby to fuck me, but he did it in less than 5 minutes. Then, slowly, he started to and fro, and gradually he increased the pace. His dick has reached a deep point in my pussy.

I was moaning. My legs were up in the air, and he was not stopping the fuck. He rammed my pussy for more than 10 minutes, which is unusual for me. I started to have pain in my legs, pussy, and chest. I desperately waited for a break. He did not show any mercy and fucked for some time.

Finally, he stopped and moved away from me. I was in a sweat, and he pulled me towards his dick and put his dick inside my mouth like a flash. I started to give a blowjob, and he poured cum on my face, which was there in a condom. I look very dirty but satisfied.
He stopped and asked me to pick up my daughter from the playgroup. I forgot that I had a daughter. I quickly dressed up and left his flat. I picked up my daughter and reached my flat. I bought food on the way to my flat, and we both had the food.

I was sitting on a crouch and was thinking about a sex episode with a neighbour.
I clearly understand that I committed a crime, which is not acceptable in my life. I was feeling unhappy and fell asleep along with my daughter. Later, when I woke up, I completed all the household work and cooking.

After dinner, my daughter ran away to my neighbour’s flat. I did not visit his flat and waited for her to return. After some time, he told me that my daughter was sleeping on the bed. I moved inside his flat to bring my daughter to my flat. It was like the same mistake that I committed in the morning.

He closed the door as soon as he entered the flat and hugged me from behind. Without wasting any time, he started a lip-lock kiss, and I fell into his trap. His fingers were rolling my boobs, ass, and pussy. He removed my dress easily and enjoyed my body.

Again, he did not put any effort into making me nude. It’s all about my mistake and my bad luck. He removed his dress in a flash and pushed me on squats. I took his dick inside my mouth and sucked his dick like a lollipop. This time, I started to enjoy the blow.

Don’t know what happened to me. I put down his dick skin and tasted the head of his dick. He was shivering and pulling my hair while I was sucking his dick. He cum inside my mouth, which made me pleased. I swallowed every drop of his cum.

I moved my tongue all over his dick and cleaned his cum with my tongue. I asked him for an aggressive pussy lick. I turned into a cheap slut and talked very badly with him. He started to lick my pussy, and my moans became wild. He is more energetic and licks my pussy.

I cum twice, and I asked him for a fuck. Again, he put on the condom and started to fuck me in a crouch. My legs were wider in the air. I was moaning, and I heard a tap sound. Then all of a sudden, I realized I was married to Matthew and that neighbour should not fuck me.

But it was too late, as he was ready for the second round. I am 49 kilos and can’t bypass him, so I can’t do much to escape with him. He put a pillow under my bum and fucked me for more than 15 minutes. I was taking a long breath and was waiting to go home. But his dick did come to a normal size.

My hubby never showed aggressive intent with me, and his dick became normal in around 5-10 minutes. Later he positioned me in the doggy style and fucked my pussy and virgin ass. Ass fuck was aggressive and painful. He fucked me for close to 3 hours. It was like a heavy task for me.

I dressed up, picked up my daughter, and moved inside my flat. The next morning, I woke up with body pain and soreness in my holes. It was not easy for me. He laid on me for close to an hour in a missionary position, one hour in a doggy position, half an hour in shower sex, and half an hour in woman on top.

He fucked me without a condom after some time. But luckily, he did not drop cum in my pussy. I was in pain, and my hubby did not come from Goa. Somehow, I managed to get up from my bed and cook food for my daughter. I was feeling tired and sleepy.

He came to my flat and gave his mobile to my daughter. She started to watch YouTube rhymes, and he took me to the bedroom. I was helpless, and he removed my dress and started standing missionary fuck. I was surprised by his energy and became a slut again.

He raised my leg and pushed his dick hard, which made me happy. After that, I put my legs around his waist. He pushed me to the wall. I was in the air and enjoying sex with him like a slut. From that time onwards, I became his bed partner and enjoyed his meat.

This dark relationship helped me stay on track in my life. He helped me with important tips which helped me to secure my husband’s behavior. I never thought my hubby would change but his tips helped me and changed my hubby.

Hope you enjoy my story, and sorry for making it a short story. Share your feedback at [email protected].