The Devil In Me – Part 4

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It was now evening, and I was excited. Dad and Arjun were both home. I could sense the fake smile on Dad’s face when I greeted him. It’s the kind of face you make when you are angry and can’t express yourself because you are equally guilty of the act.

All four of us were in the living room on the ground floor watching TV. Arjun was smiling while texting someone, and then he sent a message to me.

Arjun: Didi, there is no one at Paul’s house. Both Sachin and Paul are waiting for me. Would you like to join? We can be back home in a few hours.

Me: What do you have in mind?

Arjun: I don’t know. Let’s allow things to develop organically. What say?

Me: Hmm ok, first you leave. I’ll follow you in some time.

Arjun got up and said, “Dad, I’m going out and will be back in a few hours.” I found it natural to improvise. I immediately asked Arjun if he could drop me at Simran’s and pick me up when he was returning home. He pretended to make a fuss about it, saying Simran’s house was not on the way.

Mom intervened. She put her foot down and said, “Take Priya with you, or you can’t go…”

Both of us chuckled in our hearts, thinking how cunning we were. We reached Paul’s place by 7 PM. Paul answered the door with a smile and said, “Welcome, Didi.” Arjun rushed inside as if it was his second home. I walked slowly and joined the boys on the sofa.

Paul’s flat was spacious. I was quiet, sitting on the sofa and looking around. Then Sachin said, “Didi, isn’t this your first time at Paul’s?” I nodded my head. Sachin then stood up and said, “Didi, let me show you the house.”

I wondered why Sachin was so excited to give me a tour of somebody else’s house instead of the owner himself. It was a beautiful flat, about 1400sft 3 big bedrooms. The common bathroom was huge, with a bathtub. I loved the open kitchen and the interiors.

Clearly, Paul’s mom was a perfectionist. The curtains matched the acrylic laminates in the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets were a combo of glass and wood with profile handles. The fridge was huge and white with a mirror finish. There was even a mini bar counter next to the kitchen.

We finished the tour and returned to the L-shaped sofa in the living room. Arjun sat next to me while Paul and Sachin maintained some distance. I was the eldest, and the boys didn’t know how to start the conversation. As usual, I decided to break the ice.

Me: So Paul, you and Simran, hun?

Paul: How did you know, Didi?

Me: First of all, my name is Priya, so address me by my name. Only Arjun gets to call me Didi.

Paul: Sorry, Priya, how did you know? Did Simi tell you about us? Or was it this traitor, Arjun?

Arjun: Dude, it isn’t me. I’d never betray a secret.

Sachin: Why the fuck no one tells me anything? Fucking I’m always the last one to know stuff like this.

Me: Boys! It doesn’t matter how I got to know. Back to the topic, tell us, Paul.

Paul: it just happened, Didi… I mean Priya. Simran is just so hot, and the things she does in bed, ufff! I have no words.

Me: Oh, would you like to enlighten us, please?

Paul: She does a lot of kinky stuff.

Sachin stood up and said, “Wait!” He ran towards the minibar to make us drinks and returned filled glasses on a tray. He got comfortable and said, “Now continue.”

Paul: Priya, I know Simran, and you are close. I won’t lie. I really love her. I think she is a goddess. We’ve done it a few times, and she is not selfish.

Arjun: What did you mean by selfish, bro?

Paul: Well, you guys know that I’ve been with many women, right? You see, watching all that porn, I thought all women like to suck dick. But the truth is they will make you lick and suck both their holes. (I admit it’s amazing) and as a charity, will spend a few seconds on your dick if you are lucky.

Me: That’s not at all true. I like sucking dicks.

Arjun: Trust me, bro, Didi is the queen. Simran won’t stand a chance in front of her.

Sachin gets a call from his pissed-off Dad. He has taken his Dad’s car, so he rushes out with a big, sad, frustrated look, cursing his Dad.

Me: So, what special did she do to you that you have become her Bhakt (devotee)?

Paul: You see, guys, she licks my ass hole, bites my nipples, then inserts her middle finger in my ass and sucks my cock until I come. She even swallows my jizz.

I could see Arjun’s dick was reacting to Paul’s oration. I noticed how Paul kept looking at my boobs. I slowly spread my legs, leaned backwards and stretched my arms so the boys could have a few seconds. To be honest, I was a bit jealous of Simran.

I was invited here, and instead of being the centre of attention, we were getting horny discussing Simran. I had to take control of the situation. I interrupted Paul and looked at Arjun.

Me: Arjun would you like to be treated how Simran treats Paul?

Arjun: Fuck yes, Didi. Let’s try that at home sometimes.

Me: Let me show you how it’s done right now. Paul needs to learn that Simran is a hundred years too early to compete with me.

It was so silly and stupid to compete with Simran, who wasn’t even in the room. I asked Arjun to get naked and started licking his dick in front of Paul. The very thought of being watched by a third person while sucking on my brother’s cock was making me go mental.

I lifted Arjun’s legs and kept them on my shoulders as he was seated on the sofa. I licked his asshole and started sucking his dick vigorously. I asked Arjun to spit on my hand and rubbed his asshole. I inserted my finger, then started to suck his dick.

My left hand was pinching Arjun’s nipples, my right hand’s middle finger up his ass.

Arjun started to shout, “Didi, I’m cumming.”

Me: Fuck my mouth, Little brother. Yeah, deep throat me. This slut sister is here for you.

I smelt his dick sucked his balls and ass, and continued until he cum in my mouth. I swallowed half of his cum, and remaining, I spat it on my breasts. I squeezed both my breasts. I massaged them with Arjun’s cum until a thin layer of foam was formed.

Paul: Priya, you look so fucking hot with that cum on your lips. Can I join, please?

Me: Not until you acknowledge me as a best whore. You stay right there and watch!

Arjun: Didi, I’m done, I’d love to watch you suck Paul’s dick.

Paul: I admit, Priya, you are the best now. Can you please suck my dick?

Paul quickly pulled down his pants and had his boner out. I started to walk towards him on my knees. I then stroked Paul’s dick and started sucking it. Paul started getting aggressive and pushed my face so I could take his dick deeper into my mouth.

Honestly, I didn’t like it, but I did not want to be a killjoy. So I played along. Arjun, watching all this, got turned on. He came behind me to lick my ass. I spread my cheeks so he could look at my hole. I started twitching my ass hole, and he asked if he could film us on his phone.

I had thrown common sense out of the window and said yes but asked him not to show my face. He first filmed my ass hole close up and inserted his finger in and out. Paul watching Arjun, said, “Smell your sister’s ass, Arjun.” He sniffed those fingers.

Arjun then brought those fingers close to my nose, and I took a deep sniff while sucking Paul. Arjun then sat on the couch, and Paul asked if I could sit on Arjun’s lap facing him. I followed Paul’s instructions. Arjun’s dick was in my pussy.

My breasts were in front of his face, which he sucked while fucking my pussy. Paul then asked me to lean forward with Arjun’s dick still in me. I was in a position where my butt hole was exposed. Paul then tongue fucked my ass and inserted his huge boner.

The double penetration was so sinful and so fucking amazing I started to cum in minutes. I now have Arjun’s cum in my pussy with his dick covered in my pussy juices. I could feel the hot jizz from Paul in my ass. We stayed in that position for a while we were all exhausted.

Paul got us a second round of drinks. But he handed me an empty glass, and he then asked me if I could pee in the glass. I nodded with a slutty smile and squatted on the floor. I stuck the glass to my pussy, and a warm pale yellow stream of piss started to flow into the glass.

The living room smelled of raw sex. Arjun asked if we could swap the glasses. I declined and started to sip on my piss. Both their limp dicks were now ready for another round. I then walked towards Paul and transferred some of my piss mouth to mouth.

Once I was done with my glass, I burped as we all laughed. Paul’s cum was still in my ass, and it felt ticklish. So I sat down again and inserted two fingers one by one to wipe it clean. I removed the fingers. There was a small piece of shit stuck to my finger.

I looked at the boys and shoved the fingers in my mouth, just like one would do with a chocolate moose.

Arjun: Didi, I wanted to taste that.

Paul: Fuck you, Priya. I admit it again. Simran is in no way close to you bitch. You are such a whore

Me: Why don’t you boys follow me?

I went into the common bathroom, which had a bathtub and took a crap in it. I lifted a piece of my shit, gave it a sniff, and touched my tongue on it. I then stood up and bent forward, exposing my filthy ass to the lads. Paul first fucked me and stuck his dick in my mouth.

Arjun soon followed. All three of us were struggling in the small bathtub with my shit smeared on our bodies. The boys fucked me one last time. We all took a bath together. It was almost 10 PM. Arjun and I left.

When we reached home, we both sat in Arjun’s room. I told him what happened with Mom earlier today. Arjun could not believe it. Both of us kept looking at my phone for a message from Mom. With disappointment, I said good night to Arjun and entered my room.

At about 2 AM, a message beeped on my phone. It was from Mom and had a hyperlink for a live camera. I called Arjun and asked him to come to my room. We got naked and lay on the bed. Arjun had the mobile in his left hand while I had my head on Arjun’s chest.

His right hand went under my neck, and he was fondling my breast. The view was different. I guess this is the second cam Mom was talking about. We were now watching a live stream of Mom and Dad fucking each other. They had an intense fucking session.

I was surprised at Dad. He fucked Mom in different positions for over 30 minutes without cumming. Mom sucked on his dick like a slut, but Dad did not cum. She squeezed his balls and licked his ass hole, but he just could not cum!

Finally, Mom looked at Dad and said, “Papa, apni beti Priya ki gand chodo na, please.” (Dad, would you like to fuck your daughter’s ass?) Dad replied yes!

Mom sat on his dick and directed it in her ass and kept saying, “Yes, papa chodo mujhe! Aur chodo! Apni randi beti ki gand ache se chodo. Please, papa, mujhe aapka lund bahot acha lagta hai.” (Yes, Daddy, fuck me harder. My ass is all yours. I’m your whore, Daddy, use me please.)

Then Dad started cumming so hard that we could see his cum oozing out of moms ass. Dad’s dick was still hard. Mom looked at Dad and said now it’s my turn. She addressed Dad as Arjun and said, “Son do you want mommy to suck that Big dick of yours?”

Dad nodded, and Mom started to suck the sticky dick. Dad kept saying, “Mom, you are such a whore. Mom, I want to double penetrate you with Dad while you are eating Priya’s pussy.”

Mom then asked Dad, “What else do you want your whore mother to do, son?” Dad playing, Arjun said, “Mom, I’d love to gangbang you with Dad and my friends.” Mom started moaning whilst rubbing her clit and finally cum.

Arjun and I were once again petrified by what we saw and were completely speechless. We were looking at the live stream. Dad and Mom started to walk towards the camera. They waved at us and said, “Why don’t you two come down to our room and join us?”

To be Continued. (Just joking enough is enough, lol)

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