My Daughter’s friend calls me Daddy

Hi, Kedar here from Pune. I am 42. 5’11, 82kg, with gym-toned physique.

I am having regular sex with my daughter’s best friend, Niya. She is 19 years old with sexy curves and medium tits with nipples pointing to the heavens. She is 5ft tall with 24 waist and a sexy tight ass which I love a spank and bite.

This began when we invited Niya on our family holidays with us to my native village. It’s a wonderful small town with a beach. I have an ancestral home there.

I work out every day. So, as always, I was working out when Niya first saw me only wearing my workout shorts. She was taken as a very young girl by my wife. So, it did not bother her that Niya was observing me. Then Niya often started staring at me.

On our last day, we dropped Niya at her house and went to ours. The next day, Niya came to our place in the evening. It is my routine to work out around 8 pm and take a shower afterwards. My daughter, Niya and wife were chatting. I just came out of the bathroom after my bath.

I did not know that they were also in the bedroom. So I just came out wearing underwear. As I just had a bath I was having a semi erection. As soon as I saw all of them, I immediately covered myself with a towel.

But my upper body was still open. My wife told the girls to get out. While going out, Niya weirdly looked at me and smiled.

That night, my wife and I had an amazing fuck session. But this whole time, I couldn’t get Niya out of my head. Now, I started having sexual fantasies with Niya. As usual, again next day, Niya came in the evening. I took a bath and came out in a towel.

My wife and daughter were in the living room facing the TV, and the bedroom door was on their backside. As soon as I saw this, I decided to try something. I came to the bedroom door without making a sound. Niya noticed me. We looked at each other, and I felt the moment.

I slowly opened my towel and exposed my entire nakedness with my semi-erect cock. Niya got her eyes wide. She kept staring at me for a few seconds. I wrapped my towel and waited for her reaction. She suddenly stood up, so I went inside. I was a bit scared now.

But I heard her saying, “Aunty, do you have a nail cutter?” She was familiar with the house and knew that my wife kept all this stuff in our bedroom. My wife told her to get it from the bedroom. As she came in, I was standing behind the door.

She took the nail cutter and turned towards me. Before I could react, she hugged me tightly. My erection touched her above belly as she was much shorter. She unfolded my towel and hugged me again. My whole naked body was pressed against her.

So I grabbed her face in my palms and softly kissed her lips. All this happened only in a few seconds. Now, I pushed her away, wrapped the towel and let her go back. Now, the message was clear. And I just wanted that chance.

The next day, I messaged Niya around 2 pm, “Hi.”

Niya replied, “How are you, uncle?”

I said, “I am thinking about yesterday and want to see you.”

Niya said, “I am coming today evening.”

I said, “No. We need to talk in private. You come to my office.”

I knew she would be free now. As the college time is till 1, she and my daughter reach home at 1.30. She agreed, and in the next half hour or so, she came to my office. I run a small consultancy of my own. And my cabin is private.

She came in. Instead of sitting across she came towards me and stood very near to me. I stood up from my chair. We looked into each other’s eyes again. And the next moment, we started kissing passionately. She was amazing. Softest lips.

She hugged me, so her t-shirt went up, exposing her sexy belly and navel. I gently held her by her waist. I was taller than her, so I had to bend down to kiss her. I held her by the waist and lifted her. As I did this, she wrapped her legs around me, and we kissed even more passionately.

I had a full erection now. She was in such a way that my erection was directly touching her crotch. She also got the feeling of an erection rubbing on her pussy, and she literally sunk into our kiss. But this was it. After a while, I broke the kiss. And got her down.

My dick was still rockhard and was wanting to get out of my pants.

I just asked her, “Niya, are you a virgin?”

She just whispered, “Yes.”

I told her, “You like me?”

She said, “A lot.”

I said, “We can’t do it here, but I promise you tonight we will have our time.”

She hugged me tight. “Uncle, I just love your manhood. My mom and dad are at work, and no one is at home. I don’t want to wait anymore.”

Without wasting any other minute, we kissed again and left my office. I told my staff that I wouldn’t be available for the rest of the day. We reached her house. As soon as we closed the door, I again lifted Niya. She wrapped her legs around me, and we started kissing like crazy.

I took her to the couch and laid her there. Now I started slowly rubbing my palm on her nipples, which were rock hard now. She got more intense by this and started letting out soft moans. I pulled her t-shirt up and removed it. I pulled her bra straps down to expose her amazingly round and tight breasts.

I started playing with her nipple with one hand, and now my other hand, I started rubbing her pussy over her pant. She lost it and removed her pants and panty in one go. Now I had full access. I started slowly rubbing her pussy with my finger.

I knew all the right spots, so I started playing with each one of them. She was getting wild now and clutching her legs on my finger. Now I broke the kiss and came to her neck. I slowly started kissing her neck. She was already lost in pleasure. All I could hear was her loud moans.

I started licking her neck with my tongue in between. All of this was new for her, and I was an expert. I even gave love bites to her neck. She started moaning louder and louder. So I took her to the bedroom and shut the door close.

It was only 4 pm, and her parents were not going to be there for another two hours at least. I couldn’t believe my luck. I was going to fuck Niya right where I banged her mom in pussy and ass 6 months ago. I started fingering more intensely.

Now, from her neck, I came to her nipples. First, I softly touched her nipple with my lips. She moaned. I again touched her nipples with my lips, but this time, I took it in my lips. She pressed my head on her breasts harder with her hand.

Her other hand was holding my other wrist as I was rubbing my fingers in her pussy. I took one of her nipples fully in my lips and started kissing it. With each move, her back was bending and arching. I started sucking her nipples softly using my tongue.

I was playing with both her nipples. My one hand was busy fingering her, and my other hand was on her mouth. She was sucking my fingers passionately. After about 5 minutes of nipple play, I took her half breast in my mouth. I started sucking it from breast to nipple till her nipples sprung out of my mouth.

This made her even wilder, and she started biting my fingers. I kept this breast play going for another 10 minutes. I took my mouth on her waist and belly. OMG! She had the softest glowing skin I had ever experienced. She was from North East.

So, she was already hotter and sexier than any other female. I kissed, licked, bit, and played all sorts of plays on her belly. Now, I started descending. And I came on her pussy. Oh, it was the prettiest sight to witness. She was as fresh as an unbloomed flower.

Even her pussy opening was also nothing but just the finest line of pussy lips. It was oozing with fluids now. I had rubbed my fingers for almost half hr on it. I took my mouth to her pussy. I softly gently touched her pussy with my lips and gave her a sweet kiss.

She got her whole body tight as it literally sent excitement through her spine in the entire body. I again kissed her pussy, this time using my tongue to suck it a little. She arched her back even more. I now kissed her pussy again and parted her pussy lips with my tongue.

She lost all control, arched her back, her whole body got tight, shivers ran all over her, and there. She had an amazing orgasm. Her eyes were already closed the whole time since our play started. I let her have her moment. I kept my tongue in her pussy till all her juices flowed down.

I waited for about 2 minutes and again came into action. What a gift for women, as they can have multiple orgasms. So, I again started my magic. This time I started licking her entire pussy line from bottom to top. She was moaning and hissing loudly with each tongue stroke.

I had her pussy lips fully open now, and there it was. The virgin of any man’s dreams. Her pussy curtain was fully intact. I literally prayed with my hands folded as it was going to be the beginning of a new journey for Niya.

Without wasting any second, I also got completely naked and came between her legs. My dick was throbbing like a hungry lion. I again kissed her pussy so that some of my saliva would lubricate it. I put my cock head on her pussy. As soon as my cock touched her pussy, she again moaned loudly.

She arched her back fully and had another orgasm. I again let her have her moment. I kept my cock touched to her pussy. I was sitting between her legs with my cock touching her pussy, and I had her legs on my shoulders.

Sometimes to feel more tightness, I put my wife’s both legs on my single shoulder as I fuck her. But here, it was already the tightest pussy you ever get. Fully lubricated with my saliva and her orgasm juices. Now I slowly started pushing my cock on her pussy.

I entered my cock inside her pussy lips and kept it there for a few seconds. She moaned And clenched her pussy around my cockhead. I got the signal. So I pushed further now my cock was touching her virginity curtain. She again clenched her legs and tightened her pussy.

Now, I knew this was the moment. So I came on top of her and kissed her lips as softly as I could. She responded to my kiss and pushed her pussy on my cock. And the next moment, I gave a slightly harder push, and there…

I tore her curtain, and my cockhead went fully inside her. She just gave a loud hiss and hugged me tightly, wrapping her legs tightly together. She took my lips in her lips with full passion. We stayed in that position for like 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, we began kissing passionately. Niya started pushing her pussy on my cock more. I understood that she was not in any pain and only pleasure had taken over. So I started giving soft strokes, pushing my cock in. With each stroke, I was pushing it in micro millimetres.

Soon her pussy became fully lubricated with my precum and her pussy juices. It has become much smoother now. So, I increased the intensity and started pushing it further and further. By now, I had only half my cock in her. Only about 3 and a half inches.

Now I stroked harder, and almost 2/3rd of cock was in. She moaned again with my lips still in hers. After a few seconds, she got comfortable and started clenching her pussy on my cock, inviting it more inside. Now, both of us were in the clouds of enjoyment.

So I started fucking her in rhythm. With each stroke, I pushed my cock in. And with a hard stroke, I pushed my entire length inside her. My balls touched her anal opening. She grabbed me tightly, kissed more intensely and had another orgasm.

I let 2 minutes go. And now I started fucking her the way a real girl should be fucked. I was giving harder strokes, shaking her entire body from legs to mouth. I was fucking her intensely. She was having a real pleasure as her moans were getting louder and louder.

This was her first time. So I only fucked her in missionary style. She also took my cock like a real girl and matched my intensity. I kept fucking her for about half an hour. By now, she had countless orgasms. Now, I was also reaching my climax.

So I tried pulling my cock out. But to no avail. This was her first time, and she was in no mood to let me go. So I kept and kept banging her intensely. Gave more and more hard strokes. Each stroke was going faster than earlier. In a few seconds, with hard strokes, I pushed my entire cock to the depths of her pussy.

I started spraying my juice in her pussy. She had a blast as soon as my first shot hit her pussy walls. She, too, blasted her juices, and we both came at the same time. I kept cuming and cuming and cuming inside her. All her pussy was filled with liquid.

Some of my cum now even started oozing out of her pussy. But she wasn’t letting me go and had her legs and arms wrapped tightly around me. I emptied myself in her. She gave all her juices to my cock. We stayed like that for another half hour.

As we gained consciousness, we kissed passionately for 10 minutes. Then we got up and cleaned ourselves in the shower together. With the sweetest kiss she waved me bye as I left her house. We were about to meet again in half an hour.