Neighbour Priti and her Desires – Part 7

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Chapter 7:

“What was Ashley doing here?” Both, Mother and I had the same thought. I told my mom to get dressed and behave normally. I went downstairs to open the door to my sister.

Let me tell you about Ashley and the confusion with her name. Her name before marriage was Alisha Amy Miller. But after marriage, she decided to change it to Ashley. However, we still call her Alisha whenever she is around us.

My sister was 4 years older than me and lived on the other side of the town with her husband and a 5-year-old son. My Mum got my sister married to a wealthy businessman, and she lived a well-settled life.

Alisha was also a pageant winner and had maintained herself even after conceiving a child. Although she was 34 years old, she didn’t look a day younger than 25.

“Hi Alisha, what a pleasant surprise. What are you doing here on a Saturday morning?” I greeted her inside and carried her suitcase as well.

“Hi brother, can’t I visit my mother and my dear brother?” Alisha replied

“Of course, you are always welcome. Mom is just having a bath. She should be down any time,” I offered her something to eat and drink.

We chit-chatted for a while, and my Mum came downstairs wearing a low-cut dress that exposed half of her chest.

“Hi, baby, how are you?” My Mum greeted her daughter, and both of them hugged each other.

“I am good, Mum, you tell me. You look so beautiful and happy. Your face is just glowing. What’s the secret?” Alisha complimented my mother

My Mum looked at me and blushed, which Alisha noticed immediately.

“What is it, both of you? What’s going on?” Alisha inquired

“Nothing, baby, it’s just that I feel so happy these days. It’s nothing special. You tell me, how’s everything at your home?” Amy asked and tried to change the topic

“All is good, Ma. By the way, I just walked by the Dias Family’s villa. Seemed like their main gate was ajar. Mr Vincent and Priti were having an intimate moment on their lawn out in the open. Your neighbour needs to get in a room,” Alisha said and laughed.

I was glad she didn’t see any further moments with Priti. I’m sure that would have terrorised her. We three chit-chatted a bit and then retired to our rooms. Alisha was here to stay for a month. It meant we couldn’t be candid in front of her and break out in our sex sessions.

I informed Vincent and Priti about Alisha’s arrival, and even they were upset about my sister’s surprise visit. That day went very slow. I could see lust building up in my mother’s eyes. She started to get restless as she was now not used to wearing clothes in the house.

Her husband was out on a business trip, and her son was visiting a relative from her inlaws’ side. It meant she had no responsibilities as of now and was here to relax. A few days went by, and we were accommodating to a no-sex lifestyle. I spent my energy at my workplace.

After reaching home, I concentrated on books to avoid the sexual tension. My Mum made herself busy with the garden and kitchen. Alisha spent her days on the couch watching TV and little did I know, observing us.

On a Tuesday evening, we all sat on the couch after having our dinner. We were talking about family gossip and our lives. All of a sudden, Alisha shot a question at Mum.

“So, Mum, are you dating someone?” Alisha inquired

Both Mum and I were taken aback.

“No, dear, why do you ask?” Mum answered, holding her composure

“It’s just that I can’t help but notice the changes in you and your body,” Alisha replied boldly.

Alisha was never a daughter who argued or talked back to her Mum. She always showed respect and talked with respect with our Mum.

“Baby, what do you mean?” Mom was shocked at her statement.

“Nothing, let it be. Why don’t we see a movie tonight? I’ve brought some CDs, let’s have a family night, what say?” Alisha said and got up to find the CDs from her room.

The movie starts with the opening scene. 5 minutes into the movie, both Mum and I were shocked at what came up on our 55-inch TV. It was a scene from our living room where Mum was down on her knees, naked. I was fucking the life out of her mouth. I looked at Alisha, who gave me a death stare.

“Wait, there’s more,” she said and forwarded

The next scene was shot from the same camera angle in the living room, but this time, it was four of us, me, Mum, Vincent and Priti. All 4 of us were naked and were fucking these sluts like animals.

One by one, Alisha forwarded and showed us all the scenes from the living room where we exploited our sluts. Mum and I sat there looking at all of it in terror, thinking about what to reply to Alisha. Our throats had dried up, and we were trembling like a leaf.

“Dear, what is all this?” Mum built up some courage and asked Alisha,

“You tell me, Mum. Why am I watching my mother having sex with her son, who also happens to be my brother by blood?” Alisha asked, not furiously but curiously. Her tone was casual. She looked very calm as if she had something in her mind.

I understood that and calmed down a bit, knowing that Alisha wouldn’t do anything to harm us. She was here because she wanted something out of it.

“It is a long story, sister. I will tell you about it some other day. Now, you tell me why are you showing it to us and not the cops?” I asked her with some authority in my voice.

Alisha looked at me, and her eyes expressed submission. She didn’t say a word but kept on searching for a reply. I moved closer to my sister, and with some courage, I placed my hand on her neck.

“Tell me, Alisha Amy Miller, what do you want?” I asked her again, this time with some more authority

“I want what my Mum has. I want a Master who can exploit me, humiliate me, fuck me, torment me, abuse me and love me at the same time. I want a dominant who understands me well and makes me do things that I can only think of in my nightmares,” Alisha replied and looked down at her feet.

Our mother looked at us, brother-sister, with shock now. Her children were about to get involved in an incestuous relationship right before her eyes. She couldn’t have been more excited.

“And what does your husband think of this?” I asked and tightened my grip around her neck

“He is even more excited as he would get to dominate your slut sister with one more Master,” she replied. I understood that her husband was her Master.

I had my doubts before as I saw her husband, Mr Ryan, always treat her with authority, even in public. My doubts were getting clear now.

“Tell me more about your intimate relationship with your current Master,” I inquired. Alisha told us how Ryan dominates the life out of her.

Alisha told us that she always had a submissive spark inside of her, and right after her marriage, Ryan ignited this spark on the first night. As Ryan took Alisha’s virginity, she cried out ‘MASTER’ as she came on Ryan’s dick.

Ryan, the dominant that he was, took this as an invitation and initiated the MASTER-SLAVE relationship with his wife. The couple fucked daily where Alisha was made to serve her Master, slapped, humiliated and abused. She loved every second of it, and Ryan made sure that there weren’t any scars.

Ryan was a good husband and even a better Master. He took care of my sister as his wife and even as his slave. But after 5 years of marriage, their relationship was getting saturated. They wanted to try something new.

One day, Alisha had planned a surprise visit to our place. She arrived in the evening. She saw our door open. She tip-toed inside the house and heard moans coming from my room as she entered our living room.

At first, she thought I was having sex with my girlfriend, but as she walked near my room, she saw the scene that shook the ground below her legs. She saw me and Vincent devouring our mother’s body and exploiting her holes with our monster cocks.

She stood there and saw us fuck the ladies and recorded the entire session.

This gave her goosebumps, and she immediately went back home and told everything to her Master. Her husband, and they came up with this evil plan.

One day, when Mum and I weren’t at home, she came home and installed a camera in our living room to record all our sessions. She had a live feed at her home. She could see every minute of our sessions live from her bedroom and her husband. She fucked each other looking at us.

That’s when Ryan told her about his fantasy where she wanted to get involved with her mother-in-law and our neighbours and have 2 more sluts added to his collection. This would also mean Alisha would get 2 more Masters at her disposal, and both of them liked this idea.

Their plan was for Alisha to come here and reveal our dirty secret. Ryan said that if I were a good Master, he would sense submission in my sister and the same happened. Then, it was for me to decide how to go ahead with my sister. Ryan wanted to play by my rules.

Alisha told me that Ryan had to travel for an urgent business trip, or else he would’ve been here as well. Ryan was expected to join us in the next week. As soon as Alisha was done narrating her story, Amy knew we had just bagged a new whore. She immediately went down on her knees right in front of me.

Seeing her mother do that, Alisha followed instinctively, and both my whores were now on their knees at my disposal. I was high on adrenaline and wanted to tear open my sister’s clothes. I did once she went down. Alisha gasped at my act of dominance, and I could see her getting turned on.

“Yes, Master. I never imagined getting turned on by my brother, but you truly are a Master. You turned our mother into your slave, and look at her. I’ve never seen her so happy in the last 30 years. You are the reason her face is glowing so much. I want you to treat me the same, Master. My husband wants you to treat me the way you treat your 2 whores. Accept me as your slave, Master,” Alisha begged and started to kiss my toes.

I’ve never seen my sister like this and this was turning me on like never before. My Mum unbuckled my pants and removed it to reveal my monster dick. As soon as my cock was out, Alisha grabbed it with both her hands and the second she did that, I landed a hard slap on her cheeks.

“Did I give you permission to do that, slut?” I barked at her face

She looked down in fear, and I could see a drop of tears escaping her eyes. I slapped her again with the same intensity.

“Tell me, whore. Did I permit you to touch my dick?” I asked her again, this time moving closer to her face and tightening my grip around her head.

“No, Master, I’m sorry, Master,” she replied

“Then, how come you touch your Master’s dick?”

“Forgive this Slut, Master,” she apologised.

“I forgive you this time, but if you disappoint me again, I will throw you out on the streets naked, do you understand?” I warned her and again slapped her. Her left cheek had turned red. I could now see my fingerprints clearly on her cheek.

“Yes, Master,” she managed to cry out.

“Now, let me show you how I fuck my slut’s mouth,” saying this, I grabbed her head and pushed it on my dick. As soon as my dick went in, I began fucking her mouth like a beast. My dick was going in and out of her hot mouth like a piston.

I could feel her breath on my dick, and her slimy mouth made it easier for me to go as deep as possible. I fucked her mouth vigorously for the next 10 minutes, choking and gagging her in between. I decided not to show even a bit of mercy on her. But to my surprise, she was taking it all like a well-trained slut.

Once I was satisfied with the abuse of her face, I pulled out my dick and slapped it all over her face, making it slimy and gooey.

“Let’s see what that pussy is capable of,” saying this, I picked her up and threw her on the couch.

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