Seduced by My Daughters – Part 2

Hi, this story is about a father who was seduced by his two daughters’ beauty. I always compare women in the story to actresses, so think of someone when reading the story.

Read the previous part to understand the story.

My daughters are getting more bolder day by day. Nowadays, kissing on the lips feels like a normal thing. They never sleep without giving me a double blowjob while I act like sleeping.

They started dressing up in front of me. Usually, they do it in their room. But nowadays they change dress in front of me and take a bath in my room. Even sometimes, they watch me change. While they dress up or change, I get out of the room.

But they call me purposely, so I stay. Whenever I watch them, my dick starts to make a pole in my dress. I always try to control myself, but it is hard when you have beautiful daughters like them. I have seen them fully naked, too.

One day, Janvi was dressing up, wearing a bra. But she couldn’t hook it. So she asked Khushi to help her to put the hook on her bra, but she also couldn’t.

Janvi: Dad, can you help?

Me: OK.

I tried to clamp the hook. It was tight, but I hooked it.

Janvi: Dad, my boobs are big now. See, my bra is very tight.

I can see her boobs are getting big, and her bra is tight.

Janvi: Dad, don’t just stand there and check it with your hand.

Me: What? How?

Janvi: Just try to push your hand inside my bra.

Before I could realise what she was saying, Janvi took my right hand and placed it on her left boob. I was standing behind her in front of the mirror. I didn’t understand what was happening. My mind was not working.

Janvi: Come on, Dad, try to push your hand inside my bra.

My mind stopped thinking of Janvi as my daughter at that moment. I slowly pushed my hand inside her bra. It was tight. My hand entered her bra, squeezing her boobs. I could feel her nipple in between my fingers.

Khushi came immediately in front of me and took my left hand over her shoulder, and placed it on her right boob.

Khushi: Papa, check mine too.

I slowly inserted inside Khushi’s bra and grabbed her boobs. Her bra was not that tight.

Khushi: Is mine tight, Dad?

Me: No Khushi it is ok.

Janvi: Mine is tight, right, Dad?

Me: Yes, sweety.

I am with my two daughters in front of me before the mirror. Standing only in bra and panty, not only that my hands are inside their bra.

Khushi: Dad, tell me whose boobs are soft, mine or Janvi’s boobs.

I squeezed their boobs. My dick was standing like a pole, and it was throbbing. Both let out a sweet sound.

Khushi: Ahh, papa…

Janvi: Papaa…

I couldn’t control myself. I pressed those boobs a few more times to satisfy my hand.

Janvi: Whose boob is soft, Dad?

Me: Khushi is soft. Janvi, yours is firm.

What the hell am I saying? I started cursing myself in my mind.

Me: Janvi, your bra is tight. If you want, we can go shopping.

Janvi: OK, Dad.

In the evening, after school, we went to the mall. They went to all the clothing shops and came out with a total bill of Rs 34999. I paid, and we went to KFC, ate dinner and came back home.

We went to the bedroom. I changed into my night dress, that’s a lungi and t-shirt. Khushi came to me and made me sit in a chair.

Khushi: See the dresses we bought.

Me: OK.

Janvi came out of the bathroom in a normal dress and walked like in a fashion show. Then Khushi came out and likewise made a small catwalk. After a few normal dresses, Janvi came out in a bra and panty. I was mesmerised. She came near me.

Janvi: Papa, look at my new bra. Is it cute?

Me: Yes, sweety.

Janvi grabbed both of my hands and placed on her boobs.

Janvi: Now try to insert your hand inside my bra.

Me: No need, Janvi.

Janvi: Please, papa.

I slowly inserted both my hands from below. The bra was free. Janvi pushed the bra above, showing off my hand on her boobs. I felt like pressing against my face and sucking those beautiful tits. But I controlled myself.

Me: They are free now, sweety.

Then Khushi also came in a bra and panty and showed off her curves. Thank God she didn’t make me do nasty stuff. My dick was rock hard. I grabbed a pillow and hid my hardness.

After a few more innerwear, then they came in night dress which was babydoll dress. They came together. It was so thin I could see her pussy clearly.

Khushi: How is it, Papa? Do you like it?

Me: Good, sweety.

Khushi: This is our night dress, Papa.

I controlled my thoughts. “Come on, girls. The dresses are good. Let’s go to sleep.” They both came to bed on both sides, I still had a pillow over my dick.

Khushi: Why are you keeping the pillow on it, Papa?

Me: I feel cold, that’s all.

Khushi: Then I will hug you

She came above my left arm and hugged me, and Janvi also came over my right arm.

Khushi: Are you cold now, Papa?

Me: No, I am fine now.

Khushi: I almost forgot Papa.

Me: What is it, sweety?

Khushi: I forgot to give you a good night’s kiss.

Saying that, she jumped over me, pushed the pillow away, she sat on my dick. It was pushing against Khushi’s pussy. Khushi started moving her hip, rubbing her pussy over my dick. The babydoll dress Khushi was wearing was so thin I could feel her pussy over my dick.

She kissed my lips and pushed her tongue inside my mouth. I was already struggling in my mind seeing my daughters in the babydoll dress. Now Khushi is tongue-kissing me and rubbing her pussy over my dick. I couldn’t control myself.

So I clenched my hands to control myself. But I accidentally squeezed Janvi’s boobs, which was in my right arm, while clenching my hand. Janvi made a sweet moan. My fatherly affection towards my daughter is diminishing every second.

I started to think like a man, not as a father. I started squeezing Janvi’s boobs. I grabbed Khushi’s ass with my left hand while enjoying her dry hump over my dick.

Khushi moaned hard. I think she reached an orgasm. I just realised that I was making a big mistake. I immediately stopped Khushi and made her get up from my body. She lay beside me.

Janvi: Now it’s my turn, Dad. I want to kiss you.

She tried to get up on me, but I stopped her.

Me: No, enough kiss for today.

Janvi: But Khushi kissed you, I want it, too

Me: How about this? You can kiss me in the morning.

Janvi: Hmmm, OK.

Janvi was not OK with this but was convinced after some time.

Here I stop. The story next will be even more exciting. I hope you guys liked it. Please comment if you want the next part.