Unexpected Pleasure With Cousin’s Wife – Part 4

Hi Fuck-Karlos everyone, Sameer again. This is the next part of, “Unexpected Pleasure With Cousin’s Wife.”

Now, coming to the story. After we had sex in the water tank, I and my cousin’s wife spent 30 minutes inside and planned to have a new session tomorrow at our home! So I told Rekha to visit our home and stay there for 4-5 days. Already her hubby was doing work from home and so, it didn’t matter where he worked from.

So I told Rekha: I will convince Arun to stay at our home. If he wants privacy, he can use our penthouse so that we can have a chance to explore more.

Then we checked all around so that she could leave unseen. She kissed me on my lips and gave me a long smooch. I pressed her butt and inserted a finger in her ass crack. She smiled and left.

It was morning, I woke up and went down. The ladies were preparing breakfast. Cousins were planning some things. Uncles talking politics, sports, movies, etc and kids playing and running here and there. It was quite a mess there. I was still in a sleepy mood and my aunty came and gave me a towel and some clothes to wear after freshening up.

I don’t know why everyone was busy, so I asked: What is going on?

Aunty said: Tomorrow is the birthday of one of my cousin’s daughter’s. No one will leave today. All will leave tomorrow only.

Now I didn’t have much of an option, Unwillingly, I agreed and was happy internally. Rekha saw my expression and gave me a kinky smile. Then I went, freshened up, and came back. It was 11 already and I was late for breakfast. By then, everyone had eaten, some went shopping, and some were planning the arrangements outside.

Aunty, Rekha and our maid Lakshmi were in the kitchen. I called aunty to serve the breakfast. Lakshmi brought some idly and chutney. I asked her for water and Rekha told Lakshmi to clean the kitchen floor so that she could bring me water. Rekha brought some water and stood there. She was wearing a nightie and wasn’t ready.

I asked her: Aren’t you going shopping?

She said that she, aunty, and uncle would leave after having lunch. Others wanted to eat pizzas and burgers, so they left early. At that time, Lakshmi came and saw us.

Then I asked Lakshmi: Why didn’t you go with them? Don’t you like to eat pizzas and burgers?

She blushed and asked: What are those items, sir?

Then I told Rekha to bring her some so that she could taste them. She said ok and turned toward Lakshmi and said, they would leave in the afternoon and would return at night, and while returning, she would bring those items to eat. Lakshmi nodded her head and left.

Rekha was standing near me. I checked around and laid my hands on her ass and pressed it. She jumped and murmured, “Hey! What if someone sees?!”

I said, “No one is there and no one will come.” I told my cousin’s wife that my dick was becoming hard again and she told me that she too wanted to have sex. Then I told her-

Me: After preparing meals, tell Aunty that you are going to bathe and come to the penthouse for that.

I went already there and waited for her. Even after 30 minutes, she didn’t come. Then I went to the ground floor and saw her still preparing meals. I just gave a sign of disappointment. She too was disappointed because of aunty. Aunty didn’t leave her to get ready. Aunty told her that they should start at 4 pm, have lunch, relax a bit, and then leave for shopping.

My mood was spoiled, so I left from there acting like I got an office call. After 15 minutes, aunty called for lunch. I could hear that from the penthouse, but I didn’t answer her. Rekha also called. I didn’t answer her either. After 2 minutes, I saw Rekha climbing steps and coming to the penthouse. She closed the door a bit and undressed myself.

When she opened the door, I was fully naked. My cousin’s wife was surprised and kept her hands on her mouth. Within no time, I pulled her toward me and started to kiss her. I kissed her lips and started to bite them. Then I sucked her lower lip and again changed to the upper lip. I held her boobs from the nighty itself and pressed hard. She too held my dick and began to stroke it. It was fully hard.

After that, I made Rekha lay on the bed and lifted her nightie. I started fingering my cousin’s wife’s vagina and made her give a blowjob. She was sucking it with great effort. It was good, but we had no time to have a long session. So I crossed her legs and placed them on my shoulders. I placed my dick on her vagina and rubbed it. Slowly, I entered my dick into her vagina. It was warm and smoothly fitted in it. I pushed my dick fully into her vagina and pulled back.

Now, I started to increase the pace and was in second gear. Then again, I changed it to 3rd and 4th. I Inserted my dick fully there and gave a hard push, and rammed it fully into fifth gear. She was closing her eyes and moaning, “Ahhhh huhhh ahhh..”

Within 2 minutes, Rekha began to release her orgasm. She fastened her grip and juices flowed from her vagina. I increased the thrusts and rammed hard. The juices were fully flowing from her vagina. Puch puch noise was coming like a rhythm to the sex.

It made much mood and thrusting harder and harder. I felt like I was about to unload a gallon of sperm into her vagina. Suddenly, we heard sound of the steps, like someone was coming.

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