Neighbour Priti and her Desires – Part 6

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Chapter 6:

Once Priti came back to her senses, she crawled down the table and towards the 1st guy in the 1st row. As soon as she knelt between his legs, she unbuckled his pants and started sucking on his dick. It was an average size dick, and Priti sucked it with the same passion as she sucked ours.

She must’ve sucked her for 5 minutes, and the guy gave up and came a huge load inside the slut’s mouth. Priti then gracefully opened her mouth, showed him his cum and scooped some of it that was leaking from the side of her lips and then swallowed it right in front of his eyes.

The entire scene was being recorded by a professional cameraman hired by Vincent for this particular event. One by one, she crawled towards all the 36 guys in the room to suck their dicks. By the time she reached the last guy, all the guys had their pants removed and their dicks milked by the whore.

Each one of them unloaded litres of cum in Priti’s mouth, and she swallowed all the 36 loads like a hungry bitch. Later on, I came to know that the guys were instructed not to have sex or masturbate and save their cum for the main event. That’s the reason each one of them was cumming so much.

Priti’s belly was now full of cum from the 36 guys in the room. While Priti was busy sucking the guys, the 14 ladies had started making out with each other. The guys were witnessing an orgy lesbian action on the stage.

Once Priti was done with the last guy, all the people got up from their seats and surrounded the whore of the hour. One of them grabbed Priti’s hair and pulled it, and shoved his dick in her mouth. The other guy pulled her waist and inserted his dick in her pussy.

The fucking began, and all of them got a piece of Priti in some way or another. Free ones started pouncing on the ladies. All the whores were given a rough treatment by the guys. Some were slapped on their faces, the belts were whipping some, some were fucked hard, and some were gagged by dicks.

The room echoed of moans and screams from the ladies. They made sure to fuck Priti as rough as possible. She was being fucked upside down, in the air, by 2 dicks in her asshole and pussy, 2 dicks in her pussy, 2 dicks in her ass or 2 dicks in her pussy as well as in her ass.

There was a dick in each of her holes at any given point in time. Throughout the session, her moans were the loudest. Priti must’ve orgasmed 15 times at least, and there was a puddle of squirt each time she came. She was made to drink all of her cum, and she did that with pleasure.

The debauchery continued for 2 hours, and by the end of it, Priti looked like a roadside whore. There was cum on her face, in her hair, on her body, leaking out of her pussy and asshole, and the same was with the ladies. They all were drenched in white goo, and there was a broad smile on each one of their faces.

Once everyone had drained the last drop of cum from their dicks, Paul came forward and asked Priti to crawl up on the stage. He made her lie down with her legs wide open and tied her legs on each side of the pole, exposing her brutally fucked pussy.

Paul then took a bullwhip and positioned himself between her legs.

Paul: I want you to count every whip. If you miss any, the count will be reset to zero. You will be whipped 50 times on your pussy.

Priti: Okay, Sir.

Priti said in a weak voice. Paul took the whip and whipped it right on her clit. Priti screamed, and her scream echoed throughout the room.

Priti: One, Master, give me more.

She moaned in ecstasy. Paul continued whipping with the same intensity, and I could see some swelling in her pussy. After 20 whips, Priti missed to count the 21st whip. Paul showed no mercy and made her count again from 0.

She was whipped 79 times on her pussy where she missed her count one more time. By the end of it, Priti’s pussy looked like a puffed tomato, and there were whip marks everywhere near her crotch area. There was even a punctured skin above her pussy which was oozing out some blood.

The entire room watched the torture in horror and respect for Priti. Finally, she was released from her misery. Paul walked Priti towards Vincent and handed her over to her husband.

Paul: Thank You, Mr Dias, for lending us your beautiful wife.

Vincent: No worries, Paul. I hope we have a deal.

Paul walked towards the table and pulled out a file. One of the ladies handed him a suitcase full of cash. It was approximately $1 million. Paul handed the file to Vincent and the briefcase to Priti.

Paul: I believe this seals our contract

Saying this, Paul scooped some blood oozing out of Priti’s pussy and stamped it on the file and licked the rest.

We all smiled and walked out of the room. Vincent made Priti march out naked, covered in the filth of all the guys. The elevator took us to the basement, where our car was waiting right outside, and Priti quickly got in the car.

Once we reached the garage of the Dias family, Priti walked out of the car only to find my mum, Amy, on her knees, naked.

As soon as she saw Priti, she pounced on her and started to lick her cum covered body. It took her 15 minutes to clean Priti’s body with her tongue. By the end of it, there was not a single drop of semen on either of their bodies. Both cumsluts swallowed it all, and we entered the house.

“So, how was it?” My mom asked with excitement in her eyes.

Vincent opened the briefcase and showed the money to Amy along with the signed file.

“This slut managed to close the deal,” Vincent said and threw a bundle towards Priti.

He closed the suitcase and handed it over to me.

“This is for you, consider it as a gift from me,” Vincent said

“Well, thank you, I’m quite satisfied with what I saw, and I want this whore to experience it all,” as I said this, I pulled my mum and slapped her mouth.

I was high on adrenaline and started to pounce on my mum. I cupped her face and continuously slapped it for 10 minutes. My mum, the whore she had become, took it all and moaned the entire time.

Then Vincent got up and pulled Amy by her hair. He made my mum go on her fours and then removed his pants. I, too, followed and got naked. Vincent lined himself and, in one shot, shoved his cock in my mum’s shit-hole. I took my dick and shoved it in her mouth.

We both fucked Amy from both ends for a few minutes and then decided to change the position. I made my mum sit on my dick and put it in her asshole, and Vincent positioned himself in front of her and shoved it in her cunt.

We were punishing my whore mother’s body by continuously slapping it all over. Her boobs had turned red by all the punching and pinching, and we could see our fingerprints on her face as well.

We fucked the whore for 1 hour and then unloaded ourselves in her holes. We left her there on the couch and ended the day. Priti rested for a week after her fuck-fest, and we both fucked Amy every day like a whore.

My mother had become a complete cumslut and took our dicks with more passion each day.

On a Saturday, while I was devouring my mother’s body in my room, I heard the bell ring at 8 am.


I checked my monitor, which broadcasted the feed from my camera placed outside and was surprised to see Alisha Amy Miller, my sister, standing on my doorstep.

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