Double Dhamaka – Part 1

Hello everyone. Ronak here, and I’m back with another work of fiction. This idea has been playing on my mind for a very long time. Finally, I am giving it a concrete shape by writing this piece of work. Hope you all would like this.

Bollywood and Cricket are two favourite passions of our country. In this work, I have tried to get them together. The main characters of this story are Sujata and Suman – two Bollywood divas who are also siblings.

Said Mirza and Sultan Omar are two Pakistani cricketers. One is the fastest bowler in the world at that time. The other is an all-rounder carrying a reputation as a very hard-hitting batsman. They travelled to India in the early part of the twentieth century on a cricket tour.

“Suman, O Suman,” Sujata’s voice was at its peak, shouting her sister’s name. “What happened, Didi? Why are you shouting?” Out came Suman, wondering what had got her sister so excited. “I know that you went to watch the India-Pakistan test match, and we won the match on the fourth day itself.”

“Yes, but that’s just one part of the story. I also got to meet both teams after the presentation ceremony was over. Guess what? I have invited Said Mirza and Sultan Omar for dinner at our place tomorrow!” Sujata dropped the news, and she knew that Suman would go crazy hearing this.

“What!?” Now, it was Suman’s turn to display her excitement.

“Yes, baby! Their flight is booked for the day after tomorrow as the match was scheduled to end tomorrow. Now they have one day spare. I asked about their plans for tomorrow. So they told me that they would go sightseeing and shopping. I invited them to visit the sets where the shooting is going for my upcoming film. And I then also invited these two studs to have dinner with us tomorrow evening,” explained Sujata.

“Oh, Didi, so nice of you! You know what I like.” Saying this, Suman hugged her Didi tightly. She was a huge fan of Said Mirza, the spearhead of Pakistan’s bowling unit. She would be glued to the TV screen whenever Mirza bowled.

She has a teenager-like infatuation with Mirza. And she was not alone. Not only in Pakistan but in all the cricket-playing countries across the globe, women of all age groups were crazy about Mirza. And why wouldn’t they be?

Mirza was the man every girl would dream of, with 6 ft. 2 in. height and broad shoulders. When he started running from his bowling mark, all the women would go weak in the knees, looking at his clenching jaws and fiery eyes.

His long, silky locks would fly in the air as he would increase his pace while approaching the bowling crease. Then, he would take a big jump before rolling his arm over his shoulder to deliver the ball. That was the moment a silent sigh would be felt from every woman’s heart.

Suman was also one of those. Many times she had fingered her pussy with one hand while marauding her breasts and nipples with the other She fantasised about that bull of the bowler drilling her pussy with his cock and groping her breasts hard.

“I am not your elder sister for nothing, darling,” saying this, Sujata embraced her younger sister in a tight hug. She could feel her hard nipples poking out of her T-shirt and pricking into her boobs. Suma did not have any bra inside the T-shirt.

“My, my, that’s some excitement…ha!” saying this, Sujata broke the hug to have a look at Suman’s torso. “Umm….” A moan left Suman’s mouth as Sujata cupped her right breast with her left hand. She found her nipple and rolled them between her thumb and the forefinger.

She inserted the other hand between Suman’s thighs and got hold of her crotch over her panties. Suman had not put on anything below her waist. Since she didn’t have any shoot that day, she was cooling off at home. She had returned from a 20-day outdoor shooting schedule the previous night only.

“Already wet down there just hearing about his coming for dinner tomorrow. Ha?” Feeling the dampness over the crotch of the panties, Sujata said. “Oh yes, Didi, I can’t wait. I don’t know how I’m going to keep my hands off him.”

“Don’t think you will have to, dear,” whispered Sujata into Suman’s ears.

“Oh really, Didi?” asked Suman as her excitement heightened. “Let’s cross the bridges as they come, baby. Let’s not look too far ahead. Let me take care of you right now. You need it badly, it seems.”

Saying this, Sujata locked her lips with Suman’s. She inserted her hand inside her panty and stuck his two fingers into Suman’s already dripping pussy. Suman also responded and caressed Didi’s back with one hand while pressing her ass over her jeans with the other.

“Come on, Didi, let’s get inside,” said Suman, breaking the kiss. Both the ladies, heartbeats of the young generation of India, walked towards the bedroom. Suman helped Sujata remove her white shirt on the way. Now she was in her designer bra.

Once inside the bedroom, Sujata stretched on the bed and lay on her back. Suman sat beside her and leaned on her to again kiss her sister. Now, it was Suman’s turn to play with her sister’s full breasts.

Sujata’s hourglass figure was a dream for every girl. She didn’t have even one gram of extra fat on any part of her body. At 5’11” height, she was one of the tallest actresses in Bollywood. Many big stars hesitated to sign films with her.

Suman squeezed Didi’s breasts one by one. Then released them from the suffocation of the bra by lifting the cups from the base and sliding them upwards. Sujata’s perfectly shaped 34” C-sized boobs stood proudly over her chest. Her rib cage was so prominently visible just below them.

Stopping here, for now, friends. Please let me know how you like this story, and accordingly, I’ll post the next part soon. Awaiting your feedback in the comment section on the story page. You guys can directly write to me at my email id [email protected].