Caretaker for disabled bhabhi – Part 5

Part 4 conclusion: I grabbed and lifted bhabhi’s boobs and tucked them in the nursing bra cup and put her button-down pajama top on. Standing there half nude, with her thick bush and buttocks exposed, bhabhi said, “Sonu, what about my panties?”


Me: I couldn’t find any, bhabhi. But wait just one second.

Then I went to get bhaiya’s briefs, but his closet was locked. An idea came to me. Bhabhi could wear my underwear until I got her new ones. Then I asked bhabhi to turn around for a moment. I took off my shorts and undies and then put just my shorts back on.

Me: Here you go, bhabhi (holding my briefs towards her). You can wear mine until I get new ones for you. I don’t have any clean ones, but at least they are not torn.

Bhabhi: Have you gone mad, Sonu? Do you want me to wear the undies you had just worn?

Me: Just until I get new panties for you when the shops open in the morning bhabhi. If you’re not comfortable, then it’s ok. I can put your pajama on without any underwear.

Still unsure what to do, bhabhi said, “I don’t know, Sonu. This is kind of weird.”

Then I knelt down and stretched my briefs wide for her to step into. Just as she stepped into them, I noticed some of my pubic hairs were in my undies. Before bhabhi could notice them, I quickly pulled the briefs up. When I got them up just past her mid-thighs, I struggled to get them up any higher. I tried hard but only managed to get them high enough to cover half her pussy and big butt.

Bhabhi’s dark curly pubes were sticking out from all sides of my undies. She was not just much taller than I was, but her big round buttocks were far too big to fit in my tiny underwear.

Then I carelessly pulled the top and side elastic of the undies and tried to tuck her pubic hairs inside the undies. But her long curly pubes were too wild and unruly to be contained in my small undies. Bhabhi stepped back, looking annoyed at what I was doing, and said, “Stop, Sonu. You’re making things worse than they already are!”

In her annoyance, she forgot about her pajamas and started walking to her room and I followed behind. The sight of the top half of her jiggly massive butt exposed and the bottom half barely covered with my used undies, although somewhat comical, was also highly erotic.

Bhabhi sat down on the bed and looked exhausted. I brought a comb and sat down behind her. As I gently combed her hair, I assured her tomorrow would be a better day. Shortly after Bhabhi slept, I retired to my room after picking up her dirty torn panties from the toilet.

I wore bhabhi’s panties with my erect penis sticking out of the torn slit and masturbated thinking of all the unholy and indecent things I wanted to do to my poor disabled bhabhi, but couldn’t, before eventually dozing off.

When morning came, I helped bhabhi use the toilet, brushed her teeth, and fed her breakfast. I told her I was going out to buy some new panties for her. This was the same shop bhabhi used to go for most of her clothing, before the accident. The shop owner, Mr. Mishra, an uncle in his 50s was a trusted family friend. Our families would visit each other quite often.

Then I walked inside the store and picked up some medium size panties. Uncle jokingly teased, “What’s this, Sonu? You have started wearing women’s panties now?”

Me: Of course not, uncle.

Uncle: Oh, so for your girlfriend then, is it? She must be quite beautiful, if you are already buying panties for her, and that too before marriage.

Me: You know I don’t have a girlfriend, uncle.

Uncle was puzzled for a moment until he put two and two together and realized that the only other woman I could be buying panties for was bhabhi. His facial expression suddenly changed as if he had a thousand questions on his mind.

Uncle: Sonu, if these are for your bhabhi. Then why didn’t she come herself or your brother? Why are you of all people here buying panties for your bhabhi?

I told uncle about the accident, how bhabhi lost the use of her arms and that bhaiya was on an overseas work assignment. I told him I had to take care of bhabhi until I could find an affordable caretaker.

Then uncle looked at the panties in my hands and said, “Sonu, you picked the wrong size. Medium won’t fit your bhabhi. Sheetal beti will need large-size panties and why have you picked plain synthetic ones? Here, take these cotton floral print ones, she will like the design and cotton is more comfortable”.

I couldn’t believe uncle actually implied that medium would be too small for bhabhi’s big butt. Then I paid for the panties and was about to leave.

Uncle: Sonu, you forgot to buy a bra for Sheetal beti. If you don’t know the size, I can come later today and take measurements. I will bring samples of different sizes with me.

I thanked my uncle for his kindness, but told him it was not necessary and before he could say anything else, I rushed out of his shop.

Upon returning home, I changed bhabhi’s panties and wore my briefs that I just removed from her. Then I dressed her in shorts and a t-shirt and took her to her parent’s place to see her daughter, where she would spend the day until I picked her up in the evening. I ran a few errands and even bought a breast pump to replace the one I accidentally broke.

When I came to pick up bhabhi, she was dressed in a modest saffron-colored ghagra, looking like the Marwari Rajput angel that she was. Her parents had arranged a pooja to ward off evil eyes from their daughter. What they didn’t know was that the real threat was not from any supernatural evil eye, but from those close and dear to her. Who had become emboldened by her tragic situation to act out the perverted thoughts they always had for her.

Having spent the day with her daughter and parents had truly cheered up bhabhi and she was smiling once again. During the pooja, bhabhi looked so pure and divine as she sat there in her austere saffron ghagra. But even then, I was overcome with dirty thoughts. All I wanted to do was to take this divine angel home and undress her.

Upon returning home, I told Bhabhi I would change her into comfortable clothes. From her bag of packed clothes that we got from her parent’s house, I took out a white loose shorts and an oversized light purple t-shirt, along with fresh panties and bra. Then I removed her saffron ghagra and underwear and she stood there completely nude, except for her mangal sutra (wife’s auspicious marital thread signifying her devotion and loyalty to her husband).

While standing there nude, bhabhi shed a few tears and said, “Sonu, thank you for taking me to see my daughter and parents, and thank you for taking care of me. I don’t know what I would do without you.” I also got emotional hearing her words and couldn’t resist hugging her nude body, crushing her soft large tits in my embrace. Then I replied, “I just want to see you happy bhabhi”.

Then I picked up Bhabhi’s bra to put on her and just then my phone rang. It was my friend Bunty.

Bunty: Sonu, Akash and I are at your door. We wanted to pay our respects to Bhabhi and see how she is doing. We also brought some video games and pizza with us.

Bunty Deshpande and Akash Jain were my childhood friends and went to the same college. Bunty was Marathi and had a dusky complexion and a short and stout heavyset build. In contrast, Akash was Gujarati, almost as fair as bhabhi, and had a tall lanky build with a pencil mustache and large glasses. Bunty was outgoing and talkative while Akash was shy and quiet. Bhaiya and bhabhi often jokingly teased that I had geeky Laurel and Hardy as friends.

Me: Bunty, just wait a bit. I am coming.

Bunty: Yaar, the door is unlocked. We are already inside. But where are you and Bhabhi?

I panicked and ended the call.

Bhabhi whispered, “Sonu, hurry up and close the door before they come in.”

I whispered back, “They will hear my footsteps and the sound of the door closing, bhabhi.”

Then I dropped bhabhi’s bra and decided there was no time to put on her underwear. Instead, I grabbed her shorts and t-shirt and put those on her as fast as I could.

I bent down to pick up Bhabhi’s underwear when I heard Akash and Bunty’s voices together, “Namaste Sheetal Bhabhi”.

Then I turned around and they were standing at the door. Their expression changed from confusion to shock. Only then I realized they were looking at bhabhi’s bra and panty still in my hands and then looking at her braless milk bags with large round cherry nipples poking through the light purple shirt.

Bhabhi had always been in proper attire around them. But today, for the first time bhabhi stood in front of them without any bra and their eyes were glued to her large pendulums in disbelief. Bhabhi stood frozen in embarrassment. Bunty walked towards bhabhi and Akash followed him. They both bent down to touch Bhabhi’s feet like they had always done as a show of respect.

Bhabhi: May you two always be blessed. May God fulfill all that you desire.

Me: Guys, let’s go to the living room. Bhabhi is tired and needs to rest.

Bunty: Eat a little before resting, bhabhi. We brought some pizza.

Bhabhi: Bunty, I’ll eat later. You guys go ahead.

Akash: Bhabhi, please just eat a bit with us then rest. We will feel bad eating without you.

Bunty then held bhabhi’s limp hand and walked her to the living room sofa. Akash and I followed behind. I made sure to sit next to bhabhi as I had to feed her. Then I took a pizza slice and fed bhabhi. She was hungry and finished it in no time. As I took another slice to feed bhabhi, Bunty said, “Sonu, you eat that one. Let me feed bhabhi too.”

Me: It’s ok, Bunty. I am used to feeding bhabhi now.

Bunty: Sonu, she is our bhabhi too. If we can’t serve her now in her time of need, then we will feel useless.

Then he got up and sat next to bhabhi. He put his arms around bhabhi’s waist, lifted her limp hand, and put it around his shoulder so he could scoot in and sit snuggly by her side. He was sitting so close to bhabhi that his chest and tummy were pressing and rubbing against her braless boobs, causing her nipples to involuntarily harden and stand erect. Her stiff swollen nipples could clearly be seen poking aggressively into the thin fabric of her shirt.

Bunty then brought his half-eaten pizza near bhabhi’s mouth. Bhabhi looked at his saliva-contaminated partially eaten pizza in disgust and kept her mouth closed. She couldn’t believe he actually wanted to feed her the pizza that had just been in his mouth.

Bunty: What happened, bhabhi? You don’t like being fed by me?

Bhabhi wanted to tell him she wanted a new slice, not the one that he was already eating. But he was trying to help her, and she didn’t want to appear rude or ungrateful, so she reluctantly opened her mouth and took a bite.

Bunty smiled seeing her eat. He took another bite of the same slice and then fed her again. They took turns taking bites out of the same slice until it was finished. Anyone would have mistaken them for an odd-looking but loving couple, the way they sat there so close with arms around each other sharing the same pizza slice.

Akash got up, put some ketchup on the pizza he was eating, and said, “It’s my turn to feed bhabhi now.”

Bhabhi was still hungry, and she had already shared a pizza with Bunty. So she couldn’t refuse Akash. Bhabhi took a bite and as Akash pulled the pizza back, a string of gooey cheese fell and landed on bhabhi’s chin.

Bunty took the cheese hanging on bhabhi’s chin in his finger and brought it up near bhabhi’s lips. Bhabhi opened her mouth but as Bunty was going to gently place it on her lips, Akash walked past Bunty, accidentally hitting his elbow, causing Bunty’s fat finger to go all the way in Bhabhi’s mouth, up to his knuckles. This caught bhabhi by surprise and her gag reflex caused her mouth to involuntarily close tightly around Bunty’s stubby finger.

The sensation of bhabhi’s warm moist mouth and tongue, sealed tightly around his finger was not a feeling Bunty was prepared for, and instinctively whispered “Aaah, bhabhi” in shock and bliss.

A few seconds later, bhabhi opened her mouth and Bunty removed his finger. Bhabhi was still recovering from the gag, coughing and drooling badly. Some of the drool landed on her shirt.

Bunty took a tissue and started wiping the drool from bhabhi’s shirt. Her large braless tits jiggled under the oversized shirt like two big milk-filled balloons as he applied pressure and wiped away the drool. Bhabhi would have stopped him, but she was still coughing and was too disoriented to speak.

Bhabhi finally recovered from her coughing and noticed everyone had gone silent. She looked at Bunty and saw he was looking at her shirt. She looked down and was horrified to see that he was looking at the wet spots on her nipples. Her tits had started leaking milk again. To escape the embarrassment, she immediately got up and ran to her room. Bunty and Akash could only stare at her heavy tits and big round ass bouncing obscenely as she ran back to her room.

Me: It’s getting late. You guys should go now. Bhabhi needs to rest as well.

Bunty: Sonu, we’ve brought video games. Can we play a bit? Then, we’ll go.

Me: It’s not a good time right now, Bunty.

Akash: Just one game Sonu and then we will leave.

We went to my room where Akash sat on my desk chair and Bunty lay down on the bed with his hands behind his head, clearly troubled by what he had seen and felt. The erection under his shorts was obvious. His troubled mind was unable to stop the recurring flashback of bhabhi’s braless tits wobbling under her shirt, her nipples poking through it and leaking milk, his finger wrapped in her warm moist mouth and her plump ass bouncing as she ran away.

He started tossing and turning on my bed. I kind of understood his frustration and moral dilemma. Just like me, he respected bhaiya and bhabhi as his elders. But the state he had seen bhabhi in today had left him wanting to see and feel more. I understood and even felt sorry for his pent-up frustration.

However, I knew it would not be long before the pain from her engorged breasts filling up with milk would be intolerable and bhabhi would need my help, so I had to get these guys to leave as quickly as possible.

Me: Akash c’mon, let’s start the game.

Akash too was sitting silently, his mind clearly somewhere else. He heard me but he didn’t answer. Instead, his eyes were drawn to something in the waste bin at the side of my desk. He got up, walked over to the waste bin, and picked up bhabhi’s broken pump.

Akash: Sonu, what is this?

Me: It’s nothing. Do you want to play the game or not?

Bunty got up and walked over to look at what Akash was holding.

Bunty: Sonu, is this bhabhi’s pump?

He took my silence as confirmation.

Bunty: I’m guessing it’s in your waste bin because it’s broken, but then how is bhabhi…

His question was interrupted by the sound of bhabhi calling my name from her room.

Me: Sorry guys, but bhabhi is calling me. We’ll play this game some other time.

Akash: Let’s go, Bunty.

However, Bunty was not prepared to leave. Holding the broken pump in his hand, Bunty said, “But how will you help bhabhi when this is broken, Sonu?” I suspected he already knew the answer but wanted me to spell it out and I was getting annoyed.

Me: Enough Bunty. Please just leave now.

Bunty: Jeez Sonu, fine!, We’ll leave. But you don’t have to be so rude. It was just a question.

Me: I’m not being rude. I already asked you to leave politely. But instead, you’re meddling in things that don’t concern you and asking inappropriate questions. For god’s sake, she is your bhabhi. Show some respect!

Bunty angrily walked to the bed and bent down. He picked something from under the bed and stood back up. He turned around and raised his arm with bhabhi’s panty and bra that I had masturbated with earlier.

Bunty: You were lecturing me about respecting, Sonu? Is this how you show respect? By masturbating with bhabhi’s underwear?

My face turned red with embarrassment, and I stood there frozen. I had completely forgotten that I had left bhabhi’s undies under my bed after masturbating with them.

Me: You are misunderstanding, Bunty. It’s not what it looks like.

Bunty: Then why are bhabhi’s undies under your bed? Why are her panties torn in the middle and what are these stains on them? You know what, I’ll just go ask bhabhi.

He started walking towards the door with bhabhi’s undies in his hand.

Me: Bunty, stop. What is it that you want?

Bunty: Nothing, Sonu. We are your friends, and she is our bhabhi too. If we can also be of some help in her time of need, what’s so wrong with that?

Me: Bunty, stop beating around the bush. Clearly say what you want and then leave.

Bunty: Ok, I’ll be clear. Why don’t you go out for an hour, and we can help bhabhi while you’re gone? Either that or I can go show her what you did with her undies.

Me: Have you gone mad, Bunty? I am not leaving bhabhi alone in the house with you two.

Bunty: Fine, you don’t have to leave. We’ll just tell her you left for something urgent.

Me: Akash, please, can you talk some sense into Bunty? He has clearly lost his mind.

Akash: Bunty, let it be yaar. Why are you doing all this? Let’s just leave now.

Bunty: No one is stopping you, Akash. You can go home if you don’t want to help bhabhi.

I looked at Akash hoping he would convince Bunty or at least go home. But he just stood there in silence. The silence was only broken with the sound of bhabhi calling my name again.

Bunty put bhabhi’s undies in his short’s pocket, looked at Akash, and said, “I am going to help bhabhi. Akash, you can come help or go home, what have you decided?”

Akash thought about what to do in silence. He could do the right thing and go home or join his friend in taking advantage of bhabhi’s condition.

Akash placed his hand on my shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, Sonu. I am going with Bunty but only to make sure Bunty doesn’t do anything stupid or cross any line”.

The way he reassured me gave me hope that everything would be ok. He made a good point. Have him be there and keep Bunty in check.

Bunty: Give me your phone, Sonu.

Me: Why do you need my phone?

Bunty: You don’t get to ask questions after what you did with bhabhi’s undies and then having the nerve to lecture me about respect.

Unwillingly, I gave him my phone. Bunty kept the phone in his other pocket and started walking to bhabhi’s room and Akash followed him. They walked into her room but didn’t close the door all the way. I went close to the edge of the door to see what was happening.

Bhabhi was walking back and forth, her face pale with agony and discomfort due to her heavy engorged tits. When they entered the room, she stopped pacing and looked at them, puzzled and annoyed to see them in her room.

Bhabhi: What are you guys doing here? Where is Sonu?

No response came from either of them. To her horror, bhabhi realized their silence was because they were stunned and staring at her shirt, the bottom half of which was completely wet and hard nipples stabbing her shirt and oozing milk through the shirt. She quickly turned around to hide her massive oozing braless tits from their view.

With her back now facing them, bhabhi spoke with a troubled voice, “I asked you guys what you are doing here and where is Sonu? I’ve been calling for him.”

Bunty: Bhabhi, Sonu got an urgent call from his classmate about some project and had to leave. We came to see if there is anything we can help you with until he returns.

Bhabhi: When did he say he will return?

Bunty: He said it could take one hour or more.

That was not the answer bhabhi was hoping to hear. There was no way she could wait that long. Her engorged tits were so full of milk they were ready to explode.

Bhabhi: Bunty, please ring Sonu’s cell and ask him to come back immediately.

Bunty took my phone out of his pocket to show bhabhi.

Bunty: Bhabhi, Sonu was in such a rush that he forgot to take his phone with him. But don’t worry, bhabhi. Before leaving, he asked us to stay and look after you until he returns.

I wanted to barge in and punch Bunty for blatantly lying and scheming, but I was powerless. I couldn’t risk him telling bhabhi about what I did with her undies. Bhabhi, still with her back facing them, started sobbing.

Bunty walked toward bhabhi, placed his hand on her shoulder, and said, “What happened, bhabhi? Why are you crying? Are you in a lot of pain?”

Bhabhi just nodded.

Then Bunty went around to face bhabhi. With a height of 4 feet 11 inches, he looked like a dwarf standing next to bhabhi who was 5 feet 9 inches tall. He had to raise his head to look up at her. He wiped her tears with his hands and placed his fat stubby palms on her cheeks.

Bunty: Bhabhi, I know we are not as close to you as Sonu is, but don’t we come to every raksha bandhan to get rakhi tied by you? That sacred thread you tied on us made us duty-bound to protect you from any harm or pain at all costs. Was all that just for show?

Bhabhi: No Bunty, it’s not that. You two are no less than Sonu to me.

Bunty: Then tell me without hesitating bhabhi, where is it hurting so badly that you are crying? I promise on the rakhi you tied to make the pain go away.

With his left hand still on bhabhi’s cheek wiping her tears, Bunty brought his right hand down and gently placed his palm on the side of bhabhi’s heavy breast, over her milk-soaked shirt. Bhabhi’s body shivered and she exclaimed, “Bunty!” in disbelief at what he had just done.

Bunty lightly pressed the side of bhabhi’s heavy engorged tit flesh over her wet shirt and said, “Is this where it is hurting, bhabhi?”

To be continued.