Naughty Wife’s Adventures – Part 4 (Husband’s Office Party)

Hey guys! I am back again with another experience. Sorry, I have been busy with family for quite some time and didn’t find time to write my experiences down for you guys to enjoy. If you want to know more about my experiences, check my profile for previous experiences.

My husband told me that there would be a family get-together organized by the company he works for, and asked me to be ready for it since it would be a 2-day event. I was excited and texted Manpreet and Rahul immediately. They also confirmed that they would be coming and that alcohol would be there for everyone.

Finally, the day came, it was over the weekend Friday night, we reached the resort and then the resort was booked just for the company employees and their families. My husband and I reached around 6 pm in the evening on Friday. This was a good resort, surrounded by forests with swimming pools and all.

As we reached, my husband and I checked into our room which was 207, on the second floor. I was wearing a kurti and leggings for travel. The moment we got into the room, I had to start getting ready for the night. They informed us that the party was gonna start at 7:30 pm and we would have to be there. I started to get ready. I purchased a good saree for this event as well.

My husband got ready in a few minutes and left the room. He told me to call once I was ready. I wanted to look hot and slutty today for Manpreet and Rahul, so I didn’t wear any innerwear. I didn’t wear a petticoat either since it was dark and my transparent saree won’t reveal much. The blouse was not transparent like the saree. But I made sure there were no obstacles like the petticoat or panties to stop me from having fun.

After getting ready, I called my husband and he was at the ground where the party was happening. To give context, there was an open space within the compounds of the resort and was decorated well for the event. We had music and all, and one side had a basic bar counter.

I found my husband there drinking with Manpreet. When I went near him, my husband didn’t even look at me. But Manpreet on the other hand was literally looking only at me, giving me that horny look all men make.

Then we just started talking and Manpreet told me that my husband already drank like 6 rounds of alcohol. He wasn’t able to stand properly. So he was holding on to me and the music was also going on. Manpreet was behind me and was grabbing my ass. I kept pushing his hand away because I didn’t wanna get caught by my husband.

Then my husband started to dance with a few of his colleagues and left me in the crowd. That was when Syed came. He came near my ears and told me how slutty I looked. It was an instant turn-on for me. I was wet and could feel my pussy juices leaking on my thighs. Syed then placed his hands on my ass and started to massage them.

In public, everyone around us was dancing. Some men also saw this but didn’t say anything. I was looking around to see if my husband was visible, but he wasn’t. Syed was like, he was so hard right now and could not control it any longer. He asked me to follow him, which I did without any hesitation. I looked around while following him if my husband was visible by any chance.

He took me out of the crowd and toward the swimming pool. Surrounding the swimming pool, there were huge bushes and trees and it was also dark. He was like this was the perfect spot and asked me to come there. I went there by the time he already pulled his pants down. His dick was sticking out and I could see a silhouette of his hard dick.

Then he asked me to suck it dry and me like a proper whore. I got on my knees and started to suck his huge circumcised cock. After a few minutes of sucking, he asked me to lift my saree and bend over. I just bent over and held the tree and lifted my saree to my hips. Syed grabbed onto my hips and just trusted his cock inside my pussy and he started to fuck me hard. I was moaning like a slut, and was confident that no one could hear since the music was so loud.

Syed then slowly lifted one leg with his hands and was fucking my pussy raw. I was just enjoying the feeling of a cock inside me after a long time. Suddenly, someone used a torch light on us, it was the security guard of the resort. He saw us fucking and was shocked. But Syed didn’t stop. I was asking Syed to stop. Then in a few seconds, Syed came inside me.

He was on the verge of cumming and I knew that was why he didn’t stop. I immediately pulled his cock out of my pussy and arranged my saree. The security guard yelled at us saying this was not allowed and that he would tell the management about it! Syed immediately said that I was his wife and that he could go and say it wouldn’t be a problem and also the company was paying for the resort and all.

The security guard became silent. Syed then grabbed my hands and took me back to the event grounds. My pussy was leaking his cum and I could feel it leaking on my thighs. It was so warm, but I wasn’t satisfied yet. By the time we reached the ground, I went looking for my husband. I found him with Rahul completely drunk and not able to stand up.

He was sitting on the ground. I went to Rahul and asked him, he said he kept on triggering him to drink more and he was more than a bottle down. I asked Rahul to help me take him to our room. Me and Rahul lifted my husband and dragged him to our room.

We put him on our bed, and Rahul just grabbed my head and started to kiss me. Then I pushed him and told him it was risky and that my husband might wake up. Rahul said that there was no way he was gonna wake up. He had already blacked out because that was how much alcohol he drank. Even Rahul was drunk, he just pulled my saree off.

I was just wearing a blouse in front of him and the bottom half was completely naked. He was like, “You are such a slut to wear nothing below and come to a party with your husband!” I just smiled at him. He then asked me to bend over on the floor coz he wanted to fuck me in doggy style. Then I got on the floor and he was spreading my ass. My pussy started to leak Syed’s cum.

Rahul was like, “Oh, this whore is already fucked by someone tonight.”

I said, “Yeah, it is Syed. I had a session a few minutes back”. Rahul used Syed’s cum as lube and pushed his cock inside my pussy. Since he was drunk, he was a bit rough and I loved it. He grabbed my hair and pulled while fucking my pussy. My eyes started to roll with so much pleasure.

Each thrust became rougher than the previous ones. In a few minutes, I had a huge orgasm and started to squirt all over the floor. Rahul then pulled me up and started to fuck me again, non-stop for the next 10 minutes and then he had an orgasm too. He just flooded my pussy with his cum and pulled his cock out slowly.

We both just lay on the floor, half-naked and catching our breaths. I then got up and started to wear my saree. Rahul took time and wore his pants back. I looked at Rahul and told him that I wanted to drink and party hard. He said, “Then, why wait? Here, let’s go.”

We both went to the ground after dressing up and I started drinking with Rahul and Syed. We danced the entire night, partied, and drank a lot up until 1:00 am. Then we decided that we could stop for today and rest because we had 2 days to ourselves. We returned to our rooms completely drunk and I just passed out near my husband.

This was just the first night of the event. I will write the next 2 days as 2 separate parts and upload them. Thank you all for reading and I would like to get feedback from you men! Please do follow and let me know of my story feedback here. Thanks and happy jerking off.