Innocent sex with lovely, petite colleague – Part 3

Hello everyone, welcome to the third part of the series.

Turning my petite office colleague Priya to unveil a yet unexplored side, I kissed her neck from behind, initiating a tantalizing journey. Starting from the edge of her underwear, I sensually licked the Indian girl’s back, heightening the tension with each deliberate movement, until I reached the nape of her neck. While I was licking her back, I made sure to cup her breasts with my hand circling her nipples. With each lick, I was making sure there wasn’t probably an inch of an area on Priya that hadn’t been caressed by my tongue yet.

Finally, I had kissed and sucked Priya’s back to my heart’s content which was evident from the moans that were filling the room.

With the rain lashing outside and darkness in the sky, I proceeded toward my colleague girl and slid her underwear down. It was the moment of truth for both of us. I could sense a subtle change in Priya when I slid her underwear. I was not sure if it was because she was totally naked in front of me while I was still in my underwear or was she not sure of this or was something else running in her mind.

I tenderly embraced Priya, asking if she was alright. In the gentle embrace, I sensed a shift in Priya’s demeanor. Amidst the euphoria, reality seeped in, and a wave of concern washed over her. Worried about the possibility of her roommate’s return, Priya hesitated, revealing her vulnerability. In a heartfelt confession, my co-worker girl also disclosed her status as a virgin, recounting how she and her college boyfriend had explored various aspects of intimacy but never had full-blown sex. Adding to the complexity, she expressed worry about her menstrual cycle and the absence of a condom.

I knew revealing these aspects was not easy for Priya. I hugged her and reassuringly kissed her on her forehead and comforted her that we could stop now if she wanted me to stop. But I had aroused the animal in Priya and she was already 2 steps ahead!

She locked the house from the inside with her keys, switched off her mobile and sneaked to her roommate’s room where she knew her roommate always had a secret stash of condoms whenever her roommate’s boyfriend visited her roommate.

She came back running and before I could realize, she had pulled down my underwear. My penis was finally free and fully erect. I took the condom from my petite colleague and quickly wore it. Moments were lost in all this confusion, but there was no loss of momentum or desire. Priya was totally naked and her vagina was cleanly waxed. She giggled when I asked her about it and she said she liked to wax her entire body as she was conscious of her figure. Reality just hit me when I saw Priya with whom I was not even comfortable talking to 2 hours back was all naked and giggling in front of me!

Describing my colleague Priya now, she was still aroused as I could feel the warmth in her body and her fair breasts firm with firm nipples. Her vagina was a little darker in color with a shade of pink. I gently touched it with my fingers and I could sense the tenderness in color and texture. Finally, Priya laid on the bed and I got on top of her. This time, our hands were intertwined and we were kissing each other’s faces wildly. Saliva was oozing out of each other’s face and I could hardly resist licking and kissing her face.

I was still not inside her yet, as I wanted to penetrate her only once, she was totally comfortable with me. I went down on her and kissed her feet first. She was wearing anklets and I kissed the anklets and ankles. Slowly, I moved up and kissed her calf muscles. To be honest, I was totally aroused and saliva was oozing out of me like a rabid dog.

I kept licking her legs, knees, and inner thighs slowly moving upwards. Priya was shivering now and I could sense she was ready for me. With my right hand, I held my penis and gently adjusted and went inside her slowly. She let out a long moan when I did that and her eyes were closed.

The palpable sense of my petite office colleague reveling in the moment added an extra layer of intimacy to our shared experience and I kept penetrating her gently. I was as gentle as possible with her and penetrated her with slow circling strokes. But Priya was in rhythm too and she swayed her hips during each stroke heightening each other’s pleasure.

Now that we were synchronized our fingers were intertwined, and I was kissing her lips and neck. Her hair was open and I kept kissing behind her ears. She reciprocated equally by kissing and licking my face and neck. It was a little difficult to simultaneously keep up with the penetration and the kissing but our chemistry was such that today nothing seemed impossible, amid rhythmic, slow penetrations, we continued a symphony of kissing, licking, and sucking, each act harmonizing with the other.

The weather too seemed to enjoy our connection today as it was increasing and decreasing in intensity rhythmically along with our act. We switched a few positions so that we could kiss each other better and I could caress her breasts while penetrating.

Doggy style was one position which we thoroughly enjoyed and the woman on top was something she enjoyed. This continued for around 10-12 minutes until I finally ejaculated. We both were totally exhausted and I could sense Priya shivering and shaking with pleasure.

I planted a kiss on her lips and lay dead tired next to her. This was the most unanticipated sex I had in my life and probably one of the very best. We did have sex several times later on the same day but I am not going to explain that as probably it is a story of its own.

I finally had to bid goodbye to my colleague Priya that night before her roommate came back but I was sure we both slept well that night with our mind body and heart content. This is the end of part 3 and the final part. Hope You all enjoyed it. For any feedback, suggestions please reach out at [email protected]