Sex Adventures with my neighbor Uncle – Part 2

My adventure continues. Previously, I described how I visited my uncle’s house to give him dinner when my aunty was out of town. My uncle then used my naivete to take a sexy photo shoot and rubbed my virgin pussy with his finger.

It was fascinating to feel his fingers inside me, and I was thrilled by his touch. I was neither afraid nor embarrassed to do it. I eagerly anticipated the moment I would get to experience it. I received a message from Rushabh Uncle later that night.

Uncle: Hey, sweetheart, I’m thinking about you.

Me: I’m thinking about you too.

Uncle: I was thinking of a photo shoot. What do you say?

Me: I’m not sure what to say!

Uncle: Did you like it, my little one (he was referring to his finger)? Did you enjoy the photoshoot?

He asked mischievously.

Me: (with shyness) It was definitely a new experience for me, uncle. I’m still processing everything that happened.

Uncle: Good. Please remember that this is our deepest secret. No one else can know about it, okay?

Me: I promise, uncle. Our secret is safe with me. And who knows, maybe we can have more exciting sessions in the future.

Uncle: (mischievously) Which session? The photoshoot or the one after that?

Me: (giggling) Both, of course!

Uncle: (winking) Don’t worry! I won’t waste time on a photoshoot next time.

Me: (playfully) Oh, come on, Uncle! The photoshoot was so much fun, and we both know you secretly enjoy those naughty photoshoots, too.

Uncle: Haha, you caught me! I guess I can’t resist a good photoshoot. But don’t worry, next time, we’ll skip the photos and go straight to the fun.

Me: Uncle, you’re incorrigible! But I have to admit, our sneaky secret adventures were more interesting.

Uncle: So, my little one, what are you wearing?

Me: Uncle, that’s classified information. But let’s say I’m dressed to match the mischievousness of our secret adventures.

Uncle: I can’t wait to see what mischief we get up to today! Let’s start our adventure now.

Me: Yes, let’s get going!

Uncle: Now that you’re ready, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Let me guide you through this. I want you to relax your body and let your mind wander as I touch your body.

Me: Interesting! Uncle, you are naughty.

Uncle: Now, I want you to imagine my hands exploring your body. Feel my fingers tracing along your skin, tracing circles around your nipples. Can you feel it?

Me: (breathing heavily) Yes, my nipples tighten under your touch.

Uncle: Now I want you to feel my lips brush against yours, my tongue exploring your mouth.

Me: (moaning softly) Yes, Uncle. My lips linger on your mouth as my tongue searches for yours.

Uncle: Now I want you to imagine my hands exploring further, sliding down your stomach and into your panties. Can you feel my fingers tracing along your innermost folds, teasing and exploring?

Me: (breath gasps) Yes, Uncle. Ahhhh, Uncle! Mmm, that feels amazing! Please keep on going.

I felt my breathing become faster as he continued to explore me with his fingers. “Oh yes, Uncle, keep pushing!” I moaned.

Uncle: You’re so responsive, my little one. I love how you react to my touch. Let’s keep exploring each other’s desires and pushing our boundaries. Our secret adventures will only get more intense from here.

Me: Yes, Uncle. I’m ready for whatever comes next. Let’s enjoy excitement and pleasure together.

Uncle: You seem so eager. Are you ready to take my cock inside you?

Me: Yes, Uncle. I’m ready.

Uncle: Good. I’m going to fill you up with my cum.

Me: Yes, Uncle. I want it. I want it all.

The sex chat continued for a few minutes. I’m not sure when my fingers entered my pussy, and I screamed in awe. While lying there in bliss, I felt completely relaxed and content, satisfied and exhausted.

Uncle: That’s enough for today. Good night, little one. Sweet dreams!

Me: Good night, Uncle. Thank you for the session.

Uncle: Alright, my little one, and one more thing – wax your pussy before you come over tomorrow for extra fun. Good night!

Me: (giggling) Good night, Uncle! I closed my phone with a smile. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

The following day, I went for a bikini wax, manicure, and facial. I then walked to his house to give him dinner. When I saw him dressed up, I looked forward to his reaction.

When I arrived, he was waiting for me. He lifted me in his arms without wasting any time and carried me to his bedroom. He sat me down gently on the bed and gave me a passionate kiss. I felt my heart racing as I realized what was about to happen.

Uncle: (whispering huskily) So, did you follow my little suggestion about the waxing?

Me: (blushing) Yes, Uncle. I thought it would add excitement to our evening.

Uncle: (grinning mischievously) Well, I must say, you certainly know how to keep things interesting.

He slowly unbuttoned my shirt and caressed my skin with his fingers. His lips followed his hands, and I melted into his arms. I felt my heart racing as I felt myself getting lost in the moment.

His hands moved to my nipples, gently caressing them until they were stiff, and I was breathless. He moved his lips to my neck. I could feel his hairy chest against my skin. I could feel his heart beating against mine.

He then moved his hands lower, unbuttoning my jeans and sliding them down my legs. I felt my stomach flutter as he looked at my waxed pussy for the first time. He hadn’t seen my pussy yesterday.

He ran his fingers over my tiny pussy, tracing circles around my clit. He smiled and leaned in to whisper, “You’re so beautiful.” My pussy was wet and slick, making it easier for his fingers to slide over my sensitive skin. I moaned as he touched me, and he smiled again as he saw my pleasure.

He leaned down and licked and sucked on my pussy, and then I felt his tongue fuck me, pushing into me and swirling around. I felt my pleasure rising, and I gasped as he increased his movement’s intensity.

As his tongue expertly flicked over my swollen clit, I couldn’t help but moan loudly. “Oh my god! Uncle, you are so good, fuck me. Lick my glory hole!”

My back arched off the bed. His fingers expertly teased and prodded at my entrance, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I felt my orgasm building until I exploded in a mind-blowing release.

My whole body was shaking with pleasure. As he continued to please me until I was completely worn out, my body quivered with aftershocks. My moans only encouraged him.

As I reach the peak of my orgasm, I moan loudly. My body tenses up in pure ecstasy. I beg my uncle to leave me alone as I am completely exhausted from our passionate encounter. He smirks and gives me a gentle kiss on my clitoris before leaving me.

He seemed to know exactly how to deflower a virgin pussy, as if he had done it many times before. His touch was gentle yet firm, and he knew exactly which areas to touch to send waves of pleasure coursing through my body.

I lay on the bed, completely spent and exhausted. He took advantage of my vulnerable position, massaging and slapping my ass, leaving it red and sore. Occasionally, he would spread my cheeks to get a glimpse of my exposed anus, teasing the opening with his fingers.

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