Priya, Srileela and Sabrina – Part 2

“What do you think I am doing, Sri? Can’t you see I am fucking Priya’s friend? Come in and have a seat,” I said, still fucking Sabrina.

“Don’t you get tired of fucking, Chetta? Early morning, Sripriya came with coffee and I came with your breakfast. You fucked both of us. Now I came to give you tea to cheer you up and to get fucked. But you are already busy with young girls. I wonder how you were at your young age. You are sweating a lot. Is Priya’s friend too tight for you,” Srileela said, coming close to seeing my cock moving in and out.

“Yes, it was tight one hour back. Now it’s OK as she cum three times. See how effortlessly it’s going inside her,” I said, pulling my cock and pushing in again.

“You are impossible. You are fucking her for one hour, and she is not yet tired. I didn’t hear any screams. She must be one tough girl to lie under you to receive your pounding. I envy her guts. Let me see who it is?” Srileela said, trying to push Priya.

Priya, grumbling, got up and sat beside Sabrina. Sabrina had her eyes closed, face fully stained with Priya’s cum. She was in her world, and it was needed to bring her to face reality. So I pulled my cock out, and it made a plop sound. Sabrina’s pussy hole was no more tiny. It was gaping and opened up widely.

“WTF. Why did you stop fucking, bastard? Put your damn cock inside and start fucking,” Sabrina said, opening her eyes. She stopped mid-sentence seeing Srileela. She quickly covered her tiny tits with her right hand. Her left hand tried to cover her throbbing pussy.

“Don’t worry, Sabi. It’s Leela aunty, whom I told you about,” Priya said, seeing her friend getting embarrassed.

Sabrina, looking at Priya, said, “You mean your milky aunty?” And Priya nodded.

“Nice to meet you, Aunty. I am Sabrina, Priya’s close buddy. I got horny when Priya said how you gave your tits to suck and how she drank your milk directly from the source. Will you feed me your milk, too, Aunty?” Sabrina said, taking her hand off her tits, revealing her tiny ones.

Srileela tapping Priya’s head, said, “How many friends have you told that you have sucked my milk, Priya?”

“Only Sabi, Aunty. She is my close buddy, and we don’t keep secrets from each other. I know whom she is fucking and when and she, too, knows when I get fucked by Uncle. When I told her that I sucked your milk, she wanted to suck too. Will you feed her too, Aunty?” Priya said.

She was trying to pull Srileela’s pallu. Srileela, firmly holding her pallu from falling and exposing her milky treasures, said, “This is getting out of hand, Priya. First, it was you and then Chetta, and now you want me to feed your friend. Am I a cow to feed the whole town? Sorry, I can’t, Priya.”

I saw Priya staring at Sabrina. Both signalled with eyes, and Sabrina got up. I wondered what these two wicked girls were planning to do with Srileela. Priya pulled Srileela’s saree pallu forcefully from her shoulders. Before Srileela could recover, Priya inserted her hand into the blouse and pulled it apart.

The blouse hooks gave away, and Srileela’s milky boobs popped out. Sabrina went behind Srileela and pulled her saree, which fell in a heap at her feet. Now, both the girls were holding each blouse flap and were trying to rip it from Srileela’s shoulders.

Srileela was shocked to see the girl’s aggressiveness. She was standing still while her thin blouse was ripped apart. The blouse was torn in two pieces, and the girls pulled it from Srileela’s shoulders. Now, Srileela was standing topless with just a petticoat on her body.

She didn’t try to cover her tits, and they swayed on her chest. Sabrina quickly came to the front and latched onto her right breast. Priya took the left one in her mouth. Both the girls were sucking milk from Srileela’s breasts, and she looked at me with a grin on her face.

“Don’t you want to suck my milk, Chetta?” Srileela said to me, holding both the girls’ heads.

“No, let them drink. I need to wash,” I said, getting up.

“Don’t wash. I will clean it myself so that I can taste another girl’s cum from your cock,” Srileela said, pushing the girl’s head from her bosom. Grumbling, the girls released Leela’s nipples and looked at me.

Srileela, wiping the milk drops from Priya’s lips, said,” Don’t worry. I will feed both of you. Let me suck Chetta while you drink milk, as I am leaving tomorrow. You have made me a milking cow, and I will feed both of you like a cow feeds her infant.”

Both the girls had surprised looks on their faces. Priya asked Sabrina, “How was my Aunt’s milk, Sabi?”

“It was yummy, as you said,” Sabrina said, licking her lips.

Srileela, untying her petticoat and dropping it to the floor, stood stark naked. She climbed the diwan and was kneeling on all fours with her breasts hanging down.

“Come on, girls. My tits are waiting for you to suck. Suck as much milk as you want. You both should empty my tits. Chetta, I have brought tea for you. Drink it while I suck you,” Srileela said.

Priya and Sabrina looked at each other. They got on the bed under Srileela with their face near hanging breasts. I got near Srileela with my crotch near her face, and she took the head in her mouth and sucked it hard. The girls got busy sucking their respective breasts.

I was staring at the blue veins which were running all over Sri’s milky white breasts. I could see Sabrina having difficulty sucking milk. So I cupped both Srileela’s breasts at the base and started kneading, forcing the milk to ooze out.

Sabrina looked and winked at me. So I got busy pressing Srileela’s breasts, expressing her milk out. The girls got busy sucking the milk. Srileela, too was busy sucking my cock, not complaining a bit when I was squeezing her spongy breasts hard. I wondered how I was going to satisfy these horny ladies.

Priya was sucking like a baby, but Sabrina was aggressive, and I saw bite marks on Sri’s tender tit flesh. Two minutes and the girls were busy sucking milk and Sri my cock. My cock was erect for more than an hour, and I needed a release. I wondered which pussy I was going to get, Priya or Srileela.

I pushed Srileela away from my cock. She got up, taking her nipples from the girl’s mouth.

“Look what you have done, Priya. What will I tell my husband if he sees bite marks? You are getting too naughty. I won’t allow you to suck me from now onwards,” Srileela said, showing the bites on her breasts.

“It’s not me, Aunty. Sabi was sucking that one. Look, there are no bites on the tit, which I sucked. Please don’t tell me that you won’t feed me again,” Priya said, turning to Sabrina.

“Sorry, Aunty. It was me. At first, milk didn’t come out, so I sucked it hard. Thanks for the milk, Aunty. For my mistake, don’t scold Priya. I want to feed your milk again when you come back,” Sabrina said, touching the tit which had bites.

“It’s OK. I can understand, as you were sucking for the first time,” Srileela said.

“No, Aunty. She is lying. She bites my tits when she sucks me. Do I have milk in me to suck so hard? She is just jealous of big boobs as she has tiny ones,” Priya said, pulling Sabrina’s long nipples.

“Stop complaining, bitch. How many times you have bitten my nipples? Do I have milk in me,” Sabrina said, started pulling Priya’s nipples for tit for tat.

“OK, stop quarrelling like little girls. Now who wants to get fucked? Chetta is ready and waiting for a pussy to drill a hole,” Srileela said, looking at the girls.

Sabrina spoke, “My pussy is paining. I need it to be sucked, not fucked. What about you, Priya?”

Priya looked at me and Srileela and said, “Aunty is leaving tonight. So let Uncle fuck her but in doggy style.”

Srileela looked amused and asked Priya, “Why, Priya, are you tired of your Uncle’s cock?”

“No, I can have him anytime. When he is fucking you in doggy, you can suck Sabrina’s pussy. Trust me, she is tasty, and my pussy can have your or Sabi’s mouth or maybe even Rajesh Uncle’s cock,” Priya said, laughing.

“Priya, you are getting naughtier day by day. Do whatever you want. But how can I suck Sabrina? Chetta has just fucked her, and she will be filled up,” Srileela said, hesitating to suck a freshly fucked up pussy.

“Arre, can’t you eat fucked pussy, Aunty? Moreover, Uncle has not yet cum. He has still stored his juice in his balls. As you are leaving tonight, we will treat you like a bitch. Now get on the bed like a bitch and show your ass to Uncle so he can choose which hole he wants to enter,” Priya pushed her Aunty on the diwan.

Grumbling, Srileela got laid on the bed in front, raising her buttocks off the bed. Turning back at me, said, “Don’t you dare to penetrate my back hole, Chetta. I will kill you if you try to do it. I will try to take you in my back hole when I come next time. Now fuck my pussy and make it memorable till I come back.”

Who wanted ass when I had such horny wet pussies to fuck. I got behind Srileela’s buttocks on my knees and saw her inverted pussy gasping and inviting me. Holding my cock, and placing it in her hole, I gave a light thrust. It went in smoothly without much resistance.

Srileela was already moist, which made my cock slippery with her juices. Not wasting much time, I began to pound her mercilessly. “Slowly, Chetta, fuck, fuck harder,” Srileela was screaming. I was pulling my cock and ramming in her wet pussy again and again.

I saw Priya pushing her friend Sabrina towards Srileela’s face. Sabrina sat near Srileela’s face, lifting her head, pushed it back on her crotch, urging her to suck her pussy. I saw Srileela trying to lick Sabrina as I fucked her. Priya looked at our threesome with her hands on her hips and had a wide grin on her face.

“Tell me, Uncle, you have fucked 4 ladies. Which one you enjoyed most?” Priya asked me with a mischievous smile.

“All of you are really good. Your mom, Sripriya, is voluptuous and sensual. Her sister Srileela is tender but a good fuck. Your friend Sabrina thought with a tiny body is a wild cat in bed,” I said, ploughing Srileela wanting to cum ASAP.

“You didn’t say anything about me,” Priya said with a frown on her face.

“Mole (Daughter), you are the girl any man would die to get in bed with you. You are the combination of the three ladies: naughty, wild and sexual,” I said. “Is it?” said Priya. She hopped on the bed and sat on her Aunt’s buttocks, facing me.  Due to her weight, Srileela slumped down the bed.

My cock was pulled out from the warm confines of her pussy. Priya hugged my neck with her left hand. Her right hand held my messy cock, and, pointing it to her hole, said, “ Fuck me, Uncle. I want your cock inside me for a few minutes. You can later fuck Aunty and cum in her.”

I just needed a warm wet pussy to fuck, Srileela or Priya didn’t matter. I gave a gentle push, and half of my cock went in. Her tight pussy resisted me to go in further. Priya, embracing my neck, started kissing me. Pushed her hips towards me by fucking me back.

My cock went in, but her tight inner walls were gripping me, trying to milk me. Priya was kissing me a bitch in heat, sucking my tongue. I was savouring her sweet saliva as we both kissed. “Priya, how can you do this to me? I want Chetta inside me. Please, Priya,” I heard Srileela begging her niece.

Taking her lips off mine, Priya said, “Just for a few minutes. I will put your Chetta back in you, Aunty,” saying Priya kissed me again. I started fucking me, pushing her hips forward. I just stood still as Priya was doing all the hard work. I saw Sabrina looking at us with envy.

OMG, how one can satisfy three horny ladies in one go, I wondered. Priya’s firm teen breasts were crushed on my chest, with her sharp nippers poking my chest while she kissed and fucked me. I was holding her curvy slim waist and was trying to suck her soft tongue.

But naughty Priya was not allowing me to. Instead, she was gorging my lips tongue like no tomorrow. Both our saliva was dripping down as we kissed like sex-crazed dogs. Priya had hit her orgasm while she fucked me, which made my cock easier to move in and out of her.

Due to wild fuck, I was close, and my body shuddered. Priya was quick to notice my body shiver, pulled her lips back and was about to move back. But she was too late as my cock shot the first spurt inside her.

“Shit, Aunty will kill me,” said Priya, hurriedly pulling my cock from her holding it. But the second shot fell on her crotch, wetting her trimmed pubic hair. Priya, still holding my cock, pointing at her Aunt’s back, shouted, “Uncle, push it in and cum in, Aunty.”

I pushed my cock hard. To my surprise, the hole I was penetrating was too tight. I knew I had entered the wrong hole. I had just fucked Srileela’s virgin ass hole. I began to shoot the remaining cum in her back hole. “What have you done, bastard? Pull it out. It’s hurting, Chetta,” Srileela shouted at the top of her voice.

But how can a man control his cock when it’s shooting? So I just stood still as my cock was spewing cum in her ass. Priya was grinning, seeing my cock inside her Aunt’s ass and cumming. Sweat was dripping down my face, wiped it with the back of my hand.

Priya rubbed her hand on my chest, wiping the sweat, holding my nipples and twisting them. “What happened,” I heard Sripriya’s voice and looked towards the door. Sripriya came towards me and saw her sister under me.

Her daughter is sitting on her sister’s back. “Can’t you do without making ladies scream, Chetta?”

Priya, looking at her stepmom, said, “It’s my fault, mummy. I urgently placed Uncle’s cock in the wrong hole as he was cumming.”

“Priya is naïve Chetta. Can’t you see where you are entering?” Sripriya said to me in an angry tone.

By now, my cock had stopped cumming. I pulled it out from Srileela’s asshole. Srileela let out a loud relief moan and was sweating a lot. Priya got off her Aunt’s back and said, “Why did you drop your hips down, Aunty? Your pussy was way down, and I couldn’t see it. Your ass hole was visible and pointed the cock at it. Rest, Uncle did it.”

Srileela got up and, sitting cross-legged on the bed, said, “How can I raise my body when you were sitting on me and pushing me down? I must say it was a different experience getting fucked in the ass, even though it was for a few seconds. I will try it again when I come back.”

“Try it with your husband’s small cock. You won’t feel the pain, and later, you can have Uncle Thick One,” Priya said, laughing.

“What, how do you know that my husband’s cock is small. Have you seen it?” Srileela asked Priya.

“I have seen it plenty of times. When he was fucking you in your house when I used to visit you. I know how quickly he cums in you after fucking for a few minutes. But I admit he is better than my dad, atleast he gets hard when you suck him. My dad doesn’t get hard even when mummy sucks him for hours,” Priya said, winking at her mom Sripriya.

“Don’t you know that’s bad manners to peep when husband and wife are mating, you naughty girl,” Srileela said, tapping on Sripriya’s head. Turning to her sister, she said,” Chechi, It’s your misfortune. That’s why I didn’t mind you having sex with Chetta.”

I saw tears in Sripriya’s eyes. Srileela embraced her sister and said,” Don’t worry, Chechi. Chetta will get you pregnant, and you will forget all your worries seeing and playing with your baby.”

“That’s what I am hoping for, Sri,” Sripriya said and, seeing Sabrina, continued, “When did you come, Sabrina?”

Sabrina, who was silent for a long time, said, “I came in the evening, Aunty.”

“Did Chetta take you too? I hope he didn’t hurt you?” Sripriya said in concern.

“He was wonderful, Aunty. Did you hear me screaming like Leela Aunty? I would have taken him in my ass if he wanted. Leela Aunty and Priya spoiled my fun,” Sabrina said and kissed Sripriya on her cheek.

Sripriya turned her head and kissed Sabrina on her lips, and the young girl blushed. Priya pulled Srileela and asked to lick my cum from her crotch, which she did without hesitating. Sabrina was pressing Sripriya’s breasts as she was kissing her. Sripriya, dropping her pallu down, began unhooking her blouse.

When her breasts were freed, Sabrina cupped Sripriya’s big breasts and started pressing them. “Do you want to suck them, Sabi?” Sripriya asked, and the young girl nodded. Sripriya removed her dress, got nude and pulled Sabrina to the bed beside Priya.

Sabrina lay beside her friend. Sripriya came on top of her with her face towards the girl’s legs. Now Sripriya hanging boobs were over Sabrina’s face. The girl quickly latched onto Sripriya’s big tits. Priya saw this, and she, too, caught her stepmom’s nipple. I began to suck it while her Aunty was licking her pussy.

Srileela cleaning her niece’s pussy looked up and saw the young girls sucking her sister’s nipples in tandem. She came up towards the girls and said, “My tits still left have milk in them. Is anybody interested in sucking?” Sabrina was the first to react, “I want to Aunty.”

And holding Srileela’s left tit, pulled it close to her mouth and started to suck. Sripriya was sucking Sabrina’s rubbery nipple while her daughter was still sucking her left tit. Srileela was cupping her right breast and spraying milk on Priya’s face, indicating what she was missing.

Priya looked up and saw her Aunty spraying milk on her face. Leaving her mom’s tit, she latched onto her Aunt’s free breast and started to suck. Sripriya didn’t mind the young girls deserting her and drinking milk from her sister.

She was cupping both the girls’ breasts in each hand and was sucking both girls’ tits in tandem. Damn, my cock is getting hard again, seeing the four ladies in action. I went near Srileela and placed my cock on her lips.

“You are hard again, Chetta. Who do you want to fuck now?” Srileela said, taking my cock in her mouth. I indicated towards Sripriya. Srileela sucked my cock like a good submissive whore, and it got hard, making her choke.

She was cupping my balls while sucking me. Saliva was drooling out of the corners of her lips. I held her head and fucked her mouth rapidly. Srileela’s mouth was choked, but she didn’t push me away. Feeling pity for her, I pulled my dick from her mouth.

She heaved a huge sigh of relief when I went towards her sister’s back. I looked at Sripriya’s upturned pussy and her wrinkled ass hole winking and inviting me. But I wanted a pussy, not the ass, so I lined my cock to her hole and pushed it in.

“Chetta, slowly, yes, now hit me hard like that,” Sripriya was mumbling when I was fucking her rapidly. Srileela, who was feeding the young girls her milk, looking at me said,” Now I see you are enjoying my sister very much.”

“Yes, I love fucking Sripriya from back. Her soft big ass gives me pleasure when I am hitting her. It can’t be explained. I love yours, too. But Sripriya’s ass is much bigger and wonderful,” I said, pounding Sripriya harder.

Sripriya’s moans were muffled as she was sucking the girl’s firm tits, but she was reciprocating by pushing her buttocks back, trying to fuck me. I saw Srileela cupping both the girl’s pussies and finger fucking them.

Now Priya and Sabrina were moaning when their Aunty was playing and finger fucking their pussies. I saw Sripriya’s hand near Srileela’s crotch and was finger fucking her sister. It was an erotic sight to watch, all the pussies being played with, and it looked like an orgy from a porn movie.

Sripriya came on my cock twice, creaming it while I fucked her nonstop for ten minutes. The room was silent except for the ladies’ moan and my occasional grunting. Who wanted heaven when I had found it in Kerala, God’s own country?

I was holding Sripriya’s fleshy hips and was pounding her from the back. Her soft ass cheeks were giving good cushioning to my abdomen. I saw Sabrina attacking and sucking Srileela’s left breast violently.

“It’s empty, dear,” said Srileela, who pulled both her breasts from the young girl’s mouth. I saw several bites on her soft breasts flesh and wondered how she was going to explain this to her hubby.

She got up, pushed Sabrina aside, kneeled in front of her sister and offered her pussy to Sripriya. Sripriya smelling pussy, left her daughter’s nipple and started to suck her sister’s pussy.

Both Priya and Sabrina got up and kneeled beside Srileela. Priya asked her Aunty,” Can we suck again Aunty?”

“Yes, but on one condition. You shouldn’t bite. If anyone bites, I will pull both my tits from your mouths and not allow them to suck me in future. Got it?” Srileela said firmly.

“It was Sabi Aunty,” Priya said, showing a finger at her friend, who grinned sheepishly.

“It’s OK, come my babies,” Srileela pulled the girl’s head towards her twin treasures, who latched on to it quickly and started munching on Srileela’s spongy breasts. While her sister was sucking her pussy, getting her pussy banged from me.

I was tired and dug into Sripriya’s pussy as fast as possible, trying to cum. At last, I was close and said, “Sri, I am cumming.” Sripriya dropped down, pushed her sister aside and got laid on the edge of the bed. “Chetta, come quickly and shoot in me,” Sripriya said in urgency.

I knew she wanted to take my cum inside her in a missionary position. I got on top of her, inserting my dick in her wet pussy and began shooting inside her. Sripriya closed her eyes as I was shooting my fertile semen in her unprotected pussy.

In the next part, Sripriya’s husband catches us red-handed, and Priya comes to our rescue.

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