My Hot Punjabi Mom, Pooja – Part 2

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Today when I met her in the morning for coffee, she was lying on the sofa with one hand fingering her pussy. Only two below buttons of her top were closed, barely covering one nipple. Pooja seemed to be in an extremely great mood, full of excitement.

Her visible nipple was erect, and the other made a tent through her top. Also, all her clothes were crumpled. She removed her hand, seeing me come. I asked, “What is the reason for being in such a great mood today?”

She said, “Sonu, I finally got something after many years.” I said, “I am very happy to hear that, but why are your clothes so messed up? Looks like you have been to a wrestling match.” She blushed, saying, “Nothing like that happened. I woke up like this only.”

I could not avoid staring at her naked boobs and nipple. She saw me staring at her exposed chest, too. But she did not say anything or cover it. I had a gut feeling the pills worked as her erect nipples indicated her state of arousal.

I took my coffee and went to my desk to check on the recordings from all the cameras. I saw from the camera focused on her bed, last night she was very restless and sleeping naked. I was thrilled to see her fully naked body, even though it was in black and white due to night mode.

She was massaging her boobs and fingering her pussy. This went on for some time till she orgasmed, after which she slept. Oh boy, I was on top of the world because the medicine worked as expected. Now, she had much stronger sexual urges.

Never before did I see her masturbate at night. So, the first stage of my plan was successful. I waited to see what would happen next. I wanted to check the cameras to see if anything new happened between her and Raja this morning.

Like every day, he came. Even before he knocked on the door, Pooja opened it, standing outside. He smiled and excitedly hugged her. Today, she held his face, kissing him mouth to mouth. I was surprised she kissed him today. After the hugging and kissing, she took him inside.

While she was closing the door, Raja hugged her from behind, cupping her boobs and humping his cock into her butt. Pooja closed her eyes, leaning her head backwards on his shoulder. I thought, like always, she would let him enjoy himself for a while and then stop him.

But today, after a long while, also she did not. Now he pushed his hands inside her top, cupping her bare boobs. She removed her top. He held her naked boobs and squeezed them, pressing her erect nipples between his fingers. Pooja started moaning and gyrating her butt against his cock.

After a while, he pushed her against the wall, and both liplocked again. All this was surprising and very exciting, making me horny. I started stroking my cock, watching Pooja’s live sex show. After lots of smooching, he sucked her nipples while squeezing her boobs.

Her hands were pressing his head harder against her boobs. We have a 3-seater couch in this entrance room. He pulled down her pyjamas, and she stepped out of them, standing fully naked. He held her butt and lowered her on the couch while Pooja held her hands around his neck for support.

Raja opened her legs and put his mouth on her pussy, licking it. He said, “Darling, your pussy is so tasty, just like you.” Pooja moaned louder, which he silenced with his hand. Within a few minutes, her body shuddered as she got her first orgasm.

While her orgasm subsided, he continued eating her pussy. He removed all his clothes, revealing his huge cock. It was very thick and long. She sat up and held his cock, running her hands along the full length. Pooja stroked his cock using both hands, saying, “Oh my God, this is so huge.”

Raja said, “Dear, wait and see how much pleasure this is going to give you.” Pooja said, “Raja treat my pussy like a virgin because I have not had sex since my husband left years ago. I am scared your huge cock will tear my pussy.”

Even before she could finish talking, he held her face pushing his cock in her mouth. He said, “Dear, please give me the pleasure of your mouth first.” Pooja was choking, pushing back. But he had firmly impaled her, pushing deeper.

She fanatically started beating his thighs, and he let go of her. Pooja was coughing and breathless. She said, “Darling, I have never taken a cock in my mouth, please don’t force me.” He said, “As you say, dear, I am going to enjoy the pleasure of your pussy then.”

He laid her on the couch and mounted her getting ready to penetrate her pussy. Pooja tried pushing him off, saying, “Please don’t do it, Darling, I am not yet ready for your huge cock. Give me some time. Till then, let’s enjoy like every day.”

He was not in any mood to reason. He said, “After so many years, my dream to fuck you is coming true. And you want me to stop? I will fuck your pussy then, and calm my cock.” Pooja said, “Please understand, Darling, except fucking, do anything else. Give me time, and I will myself ask you to fuck me.”

She continued, “Darling, you have been lusting for me for so many years. Did I ever say anything? Other than my husband, I have never allowed any man even to touch me. I only gave you the liberty to enjoy my body. I am also eager. Very soon, I will ask you to fuck me.”

He thought for a moment and said, “Ok, Dear, I will wait for that day. Till then, please take care of my cock with your hands and mouth,” saying he brought his cock near her face. She put both her hands around his huge cock, stroking him. He said, “Dear, give me the pleasure of your mouth also.”

Pooja said, “I will try my best,” she took the tip of his cock inside her mouth. She continued stroking his cock while licking the entire length with her tongue. She tried taking him deeper, little by little in her mouth. But she could only manage a few inches because he was so big.

He said, “Your mouth is feeling great on my cock. Please try harder to take it more in your mouth.” She looked at him and took his cock again in her mouth, and after a few attempts, she pushed very hard, taking almost his full length inside.

She quickly released coughing with her saliva dripping from her mouth onto her body, looking at him. He kissed her, saying, “Dear, I knew you would be able to do it. Please do it again and suck me harder.” She continued deep-throating his cock, frequently touching his pubes without using her hands.

He was enjoying it. He again held her face and started fucking her mouth with his cock slowly, and Pooja let him. I saw her one hand was squeezing her breast while the other was rubbing her clit. This continued for a few minutes.

He tightened his grip on her face keeping his cock deep in her mouth, releasing a big load. She continued sucking, drinking all his juice while some flowed out of her body. She picked up his semen from her body and swallowed that, too. She said, “Your cock is amazing. It cums like a fountain. I really love it.”

He pushed her on her back and said, “Dear, your mouth is so amazing. I have never experienced such a great blowjob from any woman before. Now let me devour your beautiful body.” He resumed squeezing her boobs while sucking her nipples for all they were worth.

He put his hand on her pussy, and Pooja opened her legs wider. He started rubbing her wet pussy and occasionally inserting his finger inside, making her scream. He covered her mouth with his other hand to silence her. He continued fingering her pussy while chewing her clit.

After a few minutes, he pushed two fingers into her pussy. She shouted, “Stop, it is hurting.” He reverted to fingering with one finger only. He raised her legs further and brought his mouth to her butt, licking it. He pushed his tongue inside, making Pooja moan again.

She said, “This is the first time anyone has licked me there. It is feeling great. Please do more, my Raja.” He inserted a finger into her butt while he licked her clit. Pooja jerked when he did this. He added more saliva and pushed two fingers into her butt.

She screamed, “Oh my god, this feels so good. Please don’t stop.” Seeing her enjoying, he inserted three fingers. Her moaning got louder, with another orgasm hitting her. While she was panting, he lubricated his cock with lots of saliva.

She asked, “Why did you stop Raja? I was really enjoying this. Please do it again.” He said, “Dear, now you wait. I will give you even more pleasure,” and pushed his cock in her butt hole. Pooja said, “Why are you doing this, Raja? Please stop. It is hurting.”

He said, “Dear, your ass is so delicious. I want to enjoy your ass, at least today. I will do it slowly, and you will really enjoy it.” He continued slowly inserting, little by little going to and fro.

After he was halfway inside her butt, he asked, “How is it now, dear?” Pooja said, “Darling, I never knew this would give me so much pleasure. Please fuck me with your cock.” He pulled out and spat lots of saliva into her gaping butt hole before pushing his cock back into her ass fucking her slowly.

Pooja again started moaning. He continued fucking, pushing his cock deeper with every stroke. He was soon fully inside, picking up pace. Her moaning got louder, and so did the speed and force of his thrusts. He continued for a few more minutes.

She kept saying, “This is so good, Raja. Your cock is driving me crazy.” He pulled out and got her on her knees, pushing his cock back in her ass. He resumed pounding her while she continued moaning. He was fucking with full force holding her hips.

Within a few minutes, he slowed down, giving a few hard strokes and cum inside her. Both lay on the couch, catching their breath. He was again sucking her nipples. She said, “I never imagined getting my ass fucked could give me so much pleasure.”

Pooja collected his cum flowing out of her butt and licked it. She said, “Your cum is so tasty. Had I known earlier that you are so good at butt fucking, I would have done it long ago. How much we could have enjoyed all these years.”

Raja said, “Dear when I met you the first time, just the sight of your big boobs and sexy body made my cock hard. I even rubbed it against your butt many times, giving you a hint. But you didn’t take it. I had decided that day I would soon enjoy fucking you to my heart’s content.”

During the conversation, Pooja was stroking his cock, making it hard again. She went to the hall to see the time, it was 5.50 am. She came back and saw him lying on the couch. She got on her knees, gave him a blowjob and asked, “Darling, are you ready to fuck my ass once more?”

He said, “Dear, I am ever ready to fuck you.” I was impressed by his stamina. After cumming twice in less than an hour, he was raring to go again. Even more interesting was Pooja’s hunger for more sex.

He got her in 69 position, making her suck his cock while he ate her pussy and butt hole. He again pushed his finger inside Pooja’s pussy fucking her, and this time she began moaning. He then inserted two fingers in her pussy. She shrieked, saying, “Raja, it is hurting. Please don’t do it.”

He said, “Darling, there is no pleasure without pain. Soon, I promise you lots of heavenly pleasures.” He resumed fingering with two fingers while she continued her blowjob. Within a few minutes, he was freely fingering her pussy, and she was moaning louder.

Soon, Pooja climaxed again. Now he pushed three fingers into her pussy, stroking even. He got her on her knees, rubbing his cock against her pussy lips. Pooja said, “Raja, please do it very slowly because your cock is very big.” He said, “Don’t worry, dear, I will not hurt my darling princess.”

He positioned himself slowly, penetrating her dripping pussy after lubricating his cock with lots of saliva. He entered her and paused after every stroke, adding more saliva. Soon, he was more than halfway in going in and out smoothly.

I thought he finally achieved his goal of fucking her pussy even though she had asked him for time. He asked, “Dear, how is the pain now?” She said, “Raja, the pain is gone, your cock is feeling great, fuck me with everything you got.” He pushed his cock deeper into her pussy while she resumed moaning.

She said, “Darling, this is feeling so good. Please quench my thirst of so many years.” He held her hips fucking her faster, making clapping sounds. She was surely in 7th heaven screaming, “Oh god, oh my god, your cock is awesome.”

After a few more minutes, she had another orgasm while he was still ploughing her pussy. He lasted much longer this time and flooded her pussy with his juice. He gave a few more strokes, emptying his balls, saying, “Dear, I really enjoyed fucking all your holes today,” sitting next to her on the couch.

She held his cock in her hand, saying, “My Darling, I too really enjoyed it. I will be waiting for you.” He said, “Dear, you are my dream princess. I will come whenever you call me.” She saw the time, it was 6.30 am now.

She sucked his cock clean and collected his juices flowing from her pussy swallowing everything. He said, “I need to deliver milk to others now and should be free by 8 am. Can I come again then?” Pooja said, “If my son is not at home, then surely yes. Otherwise, tomorrow morning, we will enjoy again.”

He bent forward, giving a good squeeze to her boobs and sucking her nipples. They hugged each other with a goodbye kiss. They got dressed, and he gave her the milk and left, slapping her butt hard. Watching this marathon sex session made me cum twice by the end of it.

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