My True Sissy Nature

My name is Sanjay. I was born into a traditional Indian family. I was an orphan. I lived with my grandmother. She and my uncle were all I had. My dad’s brother worked in Bangalore. Whenever he was back home, I would visit my uncle’s house.

He always treated me as if I were special, probably because I was his only nephew. He would play with me and teach me things like fishing, tennis, and riding bikes. His wife died in a car accident a couple of years ago. He doesn’t have any kids.

Now I am a guy who has a very unique figure. Deep down, I knew I was different, but I had never admitted it. Looking at my body in front of a large mirror, I concluded that I was effeminate. I have a slender figure, a very plump ass despite my thin physique.

I had small female palms with thin fingers, a height of 4.9, a pretty, smooth face, and almost no hair on my body. Against the background of all this, I had my tiny penis and the same tiny testicles. I was able to mimic a perfect feminine voice.

I was always attracted to girls. I always fantasize about having sex with girls. I never felt anything toward guys. Anyway, this story begins on a Wednesday. It was just a few days after I had cleared my junior college. I was visiting my uncle. He and his friends decided to visit a small hill station close to his home.

He invited me on the trip. It was an overnight journey and proved to be a very pleasurable one. We were in an Alto 800. The car arrived at 5 in the evening. There were around six members, including me. Three of them sat in the back seat. Uncle was in the front seat, and I sat on his lap.

Because I was so small, we had enough room for both of us in the front seat. My uncle was of medium height. He had strong arms and a thick moustache. We were returning. After a few hours, it was night. Everyone in the car was busy listening to music and chatting.

Uncle was pretty silent, though. He asked me twice if I was comfortable. I nodded in affirmation. As the road progressed, our home-packed food came out. Everybody had some dinner and gradually started drifting off to sleep. Around 11, only me, my uncle, and the driver were awake.

Uncle was busy on his phone. And that was when the first fuckup happened. A hump came, and the car jolted a bit. My shorts slid down a bit. I had no idea this had happened. After a while, I felt something touching my ass. I looked down, and it was his hard dick.

My heart skipped a beat. I didn’t know how to respond. I then realized the mishap that had happened. He had noticed the underwear through my slipped shorts! I quickly adjusted my shorts and sat there in silence. I thought that was the end.

About 10 minutes passed in this anxiety. Suddenly, I could feel a palm over my left thigh. The inside of the car was completely dark by then. The only lights that were there were from the other vehicles coming in through the windshield. He pressed a bit harder, and a small moan escaped my mouth this time.

I looked around. Everybody was asleep except the driver. He started to massage my thighs. I was terrified. After some time, he stopped massaging, put his hands on my jeans button, and opened them. He slid his hand inside and started playing with my tiny penis.

He spread my penis skin. I was so scared. My dick was not hard. He then started pressing my balls. It hurt. I couldn’t do anything. I wanted to cry. I don’t want to get embarrassed. So, I stayed still. My eyes started watering. He noticed that I was crying.

He stopped it and took his hand back. After an hour, we reached home. They dropped us at his house and left. It was midnight. No one was around. I turned around and started walking towards the house. Tonight, I have to stay here. I was terrified of what would happen.

He was walking right behind me. I went straight to the guest room and tried to sleep. I was almost asleep when I heard the door to my bedroom open, and he came in quietly. He came fully inside the room, shutting it gently behind him. I noticed that he did lock the door behind him.

I didn’t know what to do, so I pretended I was sleeping. He came over to my bed and watched me for a bit. He came over and gently sat on the bed next to me. After a few seconds, he placed his hand on my lower back, and I began to rub it gently.

Uncle: I know you are not sleeping.

I turned around.

Me: Please, no.

Uncle: It’s ok. I won’t hurt you. I promise.

I looked at him, and he was slowly rubbing his hard dick through his track pants. He suddenly grabbed me and started kissing everywhere. He took off my pants, and a few minutes later, he put his hands around my neck slowly.

A few minutes later, he put his hands around my neck. He slowly started feeling and pinching my nipples. Later, he asked me to remove my T-shirt. He continued pinching and fiddling with them with his right hand. While his left hand rubbed his cock.

He removed his t-shirt, lay beside me, and started pinching my nipples. This time, he was pressing my chest as well. All of a sudden, he put his mouth on my nipples and started sucking them. He suddenly grabbed me and started kissing everywhere. He took off my pants and underwear and spread my legs.

I started sucking my tiny dick. I was pleasantly surprised when his tongue touched my dick. I wasn’t expecting it, but, oh, he definitely wasn’t going to stop it. I put my hand on the back of his head and spread my legs even more. I couldn’t handle it any more.

After another few minutes, I came, and he licked all of my juices up. He slowly took my hands in the meantime, put them inside his tracks, and made me hold his thick cock. Feeling the sheer thickness of his cock and the veins running around it startled me.

After some time, he told me he wanted to fuck me in my ass. I immediately denied it. He flipped me, with me lying on my stomach and my butt facing him. He spread my round butt cheeks so wide that my butthole hurt. He put his tongue down and licked me good.

I was starting to feel good. He gently slid a finger into my ass. I got a jerk, and all of a sudden, I lost my erection, got sharp pain, and pushed him away. He came back with a spit on his finger and inserted it again. This time, it went fully in and was burning like hell. I was screaming with my mouth on the pillow.

He fingered me for around 10 minutes. Now, it was pretty comfortable for a finger to slide in. The feeling of a moving finger in my ass was a little weird. Then I moved another finger in, and eventually, three of his fingers were screwing me.

After fingering me for a couple of minutes, he grabbed my waist, flipped me, and pulled me down. After a couple of kisses on my lips, he started sucking my lower lip with one of his hands. He then aggressively rubbing my ass up and down.

I could feel his monster cock growing against my stomach. I pushed him away. We looked at each other, and slowly, he leaned in. I closed my eyes and felt our lips connect. I felt his tongue enter my mouth. He must have explored every corner of it in a few seconds.

He was also pinching and playing with my nipples. I felt a very exciting sensation in my nipples. He pulled his tongue out of my mouth and started licking my nipples. My nipple was small and brown. He started biting it. It hurt, but at the same time, it was making me horny.

Uncle: You make me want to do so many bad things.

He made me sit on the edge of the bed and remove his tracks. I was shocked to see it. A black, thick cock around 6 inches with a dick head almost the size of a small ball was in front of me. He made me suck at it for some time. He started rubbing his cock on my face aggressively.

Even if I refuse, he will shove his dick inside me. So, I agreed. He grabbed my head, and he forcefully pushed my head down as soon as my lips touched his cock. He then forced my head up and down a few times with his strong grip on my hair.

Initially, it was disgusting. I was crying while sucking it, and only one-fourth of it fit in my mouth. I felt the blood rushing into his cock. It was getting stiff very quickly while it was getting taller with every passing moment. I couldn’t fit his whole cock inside my mouth.

I started moving my head up and down on the tip of his cock. He held my hair with his other hand. He pushed my head down all the way until his cock disappeared into my mouth. It touched me all the way down to my throat. I started choking. I backed off.

The mix of my saliva and his juice was dripping down my mouth. It was sticky and salty. He probably did not like that I backed off. He slapped me on the face and called me, “Bitch.” He then grabbed my hair and held my head still while he started thrusting his hips to fuck my face.

He was getting very aggressive and was fucking my mouth very fast with grunts and moans out of his mouth. I could feel his cock swelling inside my mouth, and the tempo was getting a little abrupt. Within seconds, he unloaded in my mouth. My mouth was full of semen.

I felt a few shots dripping down my lips while I drank the rest of it. It was thick and creamy. He took off my T-shirt. He asked, “Are you ready?” It wasn’t difficult for me to figure out what he was talking about. I’m sure he could tell by the look on my face.

I was very unsure. “I promise I’ll be gentle,” he said. I was still very cautious but finally forced out a ‘yes’. “Lay down on your stomach,” he said, almost forcefully. I did as I was told, and he began to rub my ass with his fingers, which were covered in juice.

One of his hands was rubbing my butt as his other was guiding his huge cock toward my virgin ass. “Shhh, just relax,” he kept repeating. I’m sure it was very obvious how nervous I was. He forced the head of his dick into my ass, and I let out a moan.

Me: No, please stop.

I felt like I was being torn from my ass and was almost about to pass out because of the pain. His dick entered, and I felt like my ass was full. He was no longer able to push it in since it was too tight. He took it out and went to the bathroom.

I felt like some part of my body went missing because of the emptiness it created. He came back with shampoo, lubricated my ass, and fingered me for some time. Because of the burning caused by the shampoo, I had to relax my asshole. He then applied some more to his dick and slowly entered my ass.

It now went in fully, and I was feeling heavy pain. He let it stay inside without moving for some time. My ass relaxed around his cock, and he started pumping in and out, and I was crying in pain.

After a few minutes, I started getting some weird pleasure and started moaning. His huge cock stretching my ass felt like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It was painful. My dick became extremely limp and very small. I was now moaning because of my newfound painful pleasure.

He flipped me over and threw my legs on his shoulders. He didn’t hesitate at all and shoved his cock back into me. He grabbed my hand and placed it on my dick. “Play with your dick, baby,” he said to me.

After 3 to 4 minutes, I started cumming on my stomach from my limp dick to my surprise. This got him more excited, and calling me a little sissy, he started pumping furiously.

Uncle: I want to fill up your ass with my cum. His strokes became so fast, “Oh, fuck baby, I’m going to cum,” he said. I screamed and moaned, and he began to cum. He fell on top of me, and we lay there for a minute, breathing heavily. He pulled his cock out of my ass.

His cum began to trickle out. He scooped it up with his fingers and brought his hand toward my mouth. I sucked all the cum off his fingers. It tasted so good. “I knew you were a dirty girl.” I stayed silent for a minute.

Me: I am not a girl.

Uncle: Yes, you are. Tomorrow, I will show you why.

Me: I will not do it ever again. It was the worst pain I ever experienced.

Uncle: You will get used to it.

He left the room. I started touching my ass. My ass was swollen. It was burning. I felt so tired that I fell asleep. This was the beginning of my sissy life.

To be continued.