Dad is the real husband – Part 1

My name is Sudhir Agarwal and I am 41 years old. I work as a senior cashier at a reputable company in Noida. My house is located in the suburbs of the city. Unfortunately, my wife divorced me 16 years ago, leaving me with our little girl Priya. Since then, I have been taking care of her.

My daughter Priya is now 21 years old and has completed college. She currently tutors younger children at home. Although she is quite beautiful, her height has made it difficult for her to find a suitable partner for marriage. As a result, she has had three broken marriage proposals, which has caused both of us to worry.

Priya has shared with me that she was currently focused on preparing for a government job and did not feel the need to get married. She loved me deeply and assured me that she will not leave me to get married. However, I was worried about her future and wanted her to consider getting married while she was still young and attractive.

Recently, while in the metro, I met a tall young man who served in the military who came back home on leave. During our conversation, I discovered that his parents were searching for a tall and beautiful wife for him. I often discussed these issues with my close friend, Md. Azhar, who was also in a similar situation.

Azhar’s financial condition was quite good because of his big corporate job. But his wife died of cancer five years ago. Azhar’s daughter, Sahnaz, was unmarried and worked in a company, earning 30,000 per month. She was not interested in getting married. Azhar’s sister, Asifa, was widowed at the age of 30 and now lived with them.

One Saturday, Priya left for tuition at 1 o’clock, and being off, I decided to visit Azhar’s house. I reached Vasant Kunj by my car at 2.30 pm on a hot summer day. Azhar’s house and rooms were modern and well-designed, with a big gate, a small lawn in front, a wrap-around balcony, and four rooms in a row.

Normally there would be a guard at the gate, but on that day, there was no one. I thought he may be having his lunch, so I just went inside. I waited for a short while in the drawing room, assuming it was a summer afternoon and that my friend may have already eaten and taken a siesta. As I approached his bedroom, I noticed that the door was ajar.

I was not prepared for what I saw when I entered the room. Inside, in his large double bed, my friend Azhar was fully naked and was fucking his sister’s pussy and his daughter Sahnaz was moaning while pushing her nipples in Azhar’s mouth!! Asifa was screaming in pleasure, “Give meee, giveee mee more, my macho-man, crack your lovely sister’s pussy. Put a baby in the stomach”.

Azhar suddenly saw me and said, “Sudhi, we are not finished. Sit on the chair, and then we’ll talk.”

Upon seeing me, Sahnaz did not understand what she should cover first, her boobs or pussy. Upon witnessing her predicament, Azhar reassured her that there was no need to feel ashamed in the presence of uncle Sudhi. He explained that my wife had departed from me many years ago and since then, I had not been romantically involved with anyone.

Azhar suggested that Sahnaz should take a seat on my lap as it would put me at ease. Following Azhar’s advice, my friend’s daughter Sahnaz swaying her ass approached me and nestled herself on my lap, tenderly embracing me around my neck.

I was still blank and could hardly speak a word. But after so many years, the touch of a young naked lady sitting on my lap made my fat uncircumcised 9-inch cock rise. Sahnaz then put his lips near my earlobes and said in a sexy voice, “Aam, how would you like to start? With kisses on my pink lips or chewing my hard nipples or crushing my boobs?”

Like a diligent boy, I moved my lips on her lips and started kissing. And my right hand started caring for my friend’s daughter’s 34c boobs. My tongue started to move around every corner of her mouth and so was hers. My left hand was on Shanaz’s neck as she couldn’t come out of my grip, but actually, she didn’t want to even. She was dry rubbing her pussy over the bulge of my pants, and her hands caressing my back and hair.

Without stopping kissing, Sahnaz slowly took off my t-shirt followed by pants, and took my 9 inches cock in her hand and started feeling it. She suddenly pushed it in her pussy and took the whole cock in her and started fucking me hard.

Within three minutes, she was saying, “Ooh ooh, Aam, ooh ooh, shale chutiaa.. Fuck your friend’s daughter hard. Go rough than your friend.”

Since I was sitting in a chair, she was more in control. I had to show her who the boss was after her abuses.

Then I grabbed her ass in one hand and with the other hand, I supported her legs and started fucking my friend’s daughter in a standing position. Even at age 41, I regularly go to the gym, so her weight was nothing. Soon, she had her orgasm, hugged me more tightly, and started giving me a hikki near my neck.

After a few minutes, I pinned her on the ground and continued pounding her and chewing her nipples one after the other. After 10-12 minutes, I poured all the semen just above my friend’s daughter’s clean-shaven pussy.

The semen was way more than I had 16 years ago with my wife, and it flowed from her pussy to her ass and then on the floor. She took like a minute to stand up and while kissing me said, “Aam, today was I fucked really good.”

Then I came to my senses as I completely forgot Azhar and Asifa were still in bed. They were enjoying our sex sessions in delight. Sehnaz said that her Abba used to fuck her daily, but his cock was not fat as mine. Hearing this, Azhar got more excited and started pressing Asifa’s boobs and sucking her earlobes.

Asifa started giving him a hand-job for a complete minute and eventually, he had ejected on her ass cheeks then he calmed down. He got up and smiled and said how I enjoyed her 19-year-old daughter Sahnaz. I in a voice of shame told her that I hadn’t had a chance to fuck in the last 16 years, as I was busy looking after Priya as she was my world.

Then Sahnaz and Asifa got up and were getting ready to wear some clothes. But Azhar told them to stop. He asked them to stay naked. He said, “Sudhi has been with a girl after so many years. Let him have some more nayan sukh with 2 naked ladies around him for a few more minutes”. Then he ordered Asifa to bring soft drinks from the fridge and asked Sahnaz to bring some cashews and dates.

In no time, the two young plump women stood with soft drink glasses in their hands and some dates and cashews. We all drink together. Azhar’s sister stood near me and said, “Bhaijan, take a good look at me.” and turned around so that I could have a good look. She asked me how her pussy looked with hair. To which Azhar said that he preferred one to be clean-shaved and one with hair.

Asifa’s hair was a little thick and if she shaved it it would hurt when he had to lick her pussy. On the other hand, Sahnaz’s hair was already soft and after clipping it didn’t hurt, it helped in increased sex.

Azhar said, “Look, you might be thinking I am a bad man, I am fucking my sister and daughter every day. Actually, my wife is gone, but I still need sex. Even when I had a wife, I used to fuck my sister often. My wife knew that and said that she wanted her to have a baby. My wife forced me to have sex with Asifa one night.

For Shahnaz, she wanted to work and make her career now. Since their community was very closely related, any affair can ruin her life. So Asifa convinced Sehnaz to have sex with her father. This will not only satisfy her desires, but also there would be no embarrassment outside”.

He said to me, “God made men and women, relationships made by men on earth. There are many religious scriptures, and father-daughter and mother-son sex relationships are present. Until Sahnaz completes her career, let me enjoy her youth”.

I understood their situation and expressed gratitude for enlightening me. I thanked them for making me understand. Also, I thanked my friend’s daughter Sehnaz for reminding me of the warmth and joy that comes with the touch of a woman and good fuck.

As I arrived home, I was greeted by the sight of Priya, sound asleep in her boudoir. The sweltering heat had prompted her to crank up the fan to its maximum velocity. Clad in nothing but an airy, billowing t-shirt that barely concealed her lacy undergarments, her long, milky legs were impeccably shaven. She appeared absolutely stunning, illuminated by the soft azure glow of the night bulb.


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