My Family’s Adulterous Awakening

I still sometimes dream of the sight, my mom being railed by two strangers in our own house. The sounds she made and the faces she showed them, begging to take it inside of her speak a whole different story.

I am new here and this is just me trying to recall the events that happened and writing a biased story from my perspective. Do tell me if there’s any feedback on my writing style! Thanks.

I was brought up in an extremely conservative middle-class family with just my mom and dad. When I say conservative, it is mainly my mom as my dad was mostly away with work. I won’t go into the specifics of their jobs, maybe in another story, but both of them work – my dad working abroad and my mom working closer to home.

Just to give some context about my family, my dad’s side of the family including him isn’t the least conservative when it comes to sex and stuff compared to my mom. I have caught peeks of them having sex when my dad is around even though my mom desperately tries to hide it.

My mom was around 40 when this happened. At a glance, you wouldn’t think she packed such a bombshell and she took care to not reveal her cards with her modest clothing. She doesn’t look a day older than 35. My mother gave off that slightly serious vibe around her which makes it even more worth it to watch her open her mouth filled with your semen before drinking it, kneeling before you, and waiting to be used as your personal sex toy.

Looking back, I am sure that it was for that moment of domination over her that many fought. Her moans fill the room like an angelic chord, her breasts, the perfect blend of firmness and elasticity, her near-perfect ass cheeks and a body almost out of a fairy tale. If you ask me, she’s the one in the wrong for not baring herself to show this wonderful creation to all of humanity.

While I recall the loud moans escaping her mouth stuffed with her drenched panties, I don’t know who or why those guys were in our house. I usually come back home around 5 pm and having recently discovered the cursed apple of adulthood I spent the majority of the days upstairs in my room browsing porn and to her, studying for my exams.

She probably knew that I was doing something else like playing games instead of studying but since she never bothered to check on me, I think she was just glad that I was at least inside the house, silently doing my own thing than making a mess in the house or just being a couch potato in front of the TV or simply wasting my time playing with others outside. For all she knew, I was upstairs doing my own thing and wouldn’t be coming down until dinner.

I did notice the unknown car parked a few houses down and our gates being opened which was unusual. Just to make sure everything was alright, I went near the stairs and took a spot from where I could see some of the living room. She was wearing her usual kurta and leggings when she greeted them and invited her inside to have tea.

The two guys were around her age may be older, they were both taller than my dad and one of them had a darker tone than the other. They both sat down and started making small talk with my mom who was running back and forth to the kitchen to get them food and drinks all while giggling at their small talk.

After getting them tea, she sat down near Sam (the tall dark one) opposite Joseph. I don’t fully remember what they were talking about but I could see Sam making small advances, touching my mom’s thighs every chance he got creeping closer to her pussy all while my mom was gently guiding his hands back to his tea and Joseph ogling her boobs with a nasty smile across his face.

I could see my mom being slightly bothered by Sam’s touching but she was acting as if it was normal and constantly kept rejecting his advances.

This went on for a bit until Sam suddenly spilled his tea on my mom’s chest, drenching her kurta and putting her boobs on full display. I knew that she sometimes doesn’t wear a bra at home but this was the first time I ever saw her boobs like that. I could see that her nipples were hard and as if something struck, Sam held her in place and pulled her kurta off her in a heartbeat.

Soon my mom was half naked in front of them, barely covering her boobs with her hand. Noticing that the front door was open, she dashed to close it and turned around behind the closed door with her face red in confusion and shame.

Mom: What were you doing?!

Sam: You could’ve gotten a burn and what’s wrong? This isn’t the first time you’re naked in front of us.

Joseph: I could never forget your boobs even if I wanted to, Rubi.

Mom: That’s in the past and I’m now married with a kid. We cannot have things escalate any further.

Joseph: Shouldn’t you say that after you put your boobs away?

Noticing that she wasn’t covering her boobs anymore, she tried to cover them with one of her hands. Sam took her down to the sofa. This time, mom didn’t try to get away.

Joseph started stripping his upper body.

“Dance for us like you did before,” he said chuckling with Joseph. I couldn’t understand what was going on there and when I was least expecting it, my mom started to undress! She was slowly taking off her leggings revealing her lightly trimmed pussy.

Mom was naked under her leggings the whole time. Did they notice this before? Is this why they did that? Questions began to race through my mind but my eyes spared no effort chasing after them. It was completely glued to my mom, stripping down to her birthday suit, letting her hair down, moving her hands along her voluptuous curves slowly embracing her body in those playful teases with her own hands.

Was this the dance? I didn’t know but she was clearly seducing everyone…including me!

“Ahh!” she let out a moan as Sam grabbed her boobs from behind, churning them in front of Joseph as he leaned in to kiss her. There was surprisingly no resistance from her as she responded positively by moving her hands into his half-opened pants.

I could see Sam moving his hand down to mom’s pussy, slowly rubbing around her, and teasing her. I could hear her light moans to his touch while her hands explored inside Joseph’s pants and her lips made love to his.

Joseph pulled her hand out and swung out his rod almost instantly pushing it in her pussy.

“AHHH SLOW DOWN” I could hear my mom almost scream but her voice sounded more in pleasure than in pain.

Sam also took out his rod without a moment’s delay and pulled her hand and placed it on his. Without a word, she started to slowly stroke him. She was still moaning and crying from Joseph’s dick sitting on his lap with Sam’s dick in hand.

Sam leaned to kiss her and she took him, locking them together, exchanging saliva for a full 3 minutes. I started to notice that she had started to take the initiative in riding Joseph by moving her hips up and down on his dick. I could see Joseph playing with her boobs along with Sam.

My mom whom I thought was the epitome of a conservative woman, who was even shy when having sex with my dad was being a slut inside our house. She opened her holes for them as if it was natural, moaned from their touch louder than she ever did for dad and willingly stripped naked for their amusement.

She was obeying their every word like a little kid, letting them do whatever they pleased with her. Her mouth produced nothing more than noises of pleasure and her eyes had tears of gratitude for devouring her.

She kissed them, hugged them and opened her legs wider than she ever did for them. The mother I once knew was no more, instead, there was a slut who finally broke free of her chains. Maybe she was holding it in for so long, I don’t know. It seemed to me like an eternity but only 5 minutes had passed.

Suddenly, Joseph pulled out and looked at her bewildered face. She didn’t say anything and quietly moved off his lap.

“Look at you being a total slut!” Joseph said slapping her. “Get down on your knees. Hands behind your back and show some respect” he yelled.

She followed without a word, gently placing herself on her knees before his dick with her hands behind her. Without a warning, Joseph pushed mom’s face on his dick and my mom let out a wail.

“Suck this dick like you mean it bitch!” he yelled again.

My mom obeyed. She moved her head back and forth his shaft with his hands grabbing a chunk of her hair and guiding her. His hands started to move her head faster and faster, taking her the full length of his rod, choking her.

I could hear sounds coming from her mouth as his dick hit inside her before he shot his seed deep inside and made her swallow it all.

“You’re a stupid slut!

After him, it was Sam’s turn. He had a massive grin as he positioned himself before her.

Sam: Finally, after all this time, I get to bang this bitch! Speak something you slut!

Mom: What do you want me to say?

Sam: You were asking for it to happen by giving us a glimpse of your boobs when serving us tea. Showing your pussy through your leggings! It was all you! You slut!

Joseph: I gotta say I agree with him. Look at who’s begging for our dicks now. Your house is still filled with all your screams and moans.

Sam then shoved his piece in her mouth. His hands took hold of her head and started to violently move her head back and forth. My mom’s moan hit new volumes. Sam pulled one of his hands out and started to pinch and pull on her erect nipples. His movements with her head didn’t slow down but kept going faster and faster as he was almost reaching his climax.

“Yeah! that’s it, bitch!” I could hear him yell all of that as he finally pulled her deep into his dick and blasted his load into her, making her gulp down everything. After that, he also moved, giving her some space to breathe. She almost collapsed onto the floor, completely drenched in sweat but that wasn’t the end.

Just when she slightly regained her strength, she was grabbed by Joseph and carried to her bedroom followed by Sam. I couldn’t get a view into what happened in there because I was too afraid to go down and check. But not soon after they went in, I could hear my mom moaning at top of her lungs. She was yelling their name, asking for more. She was screaming, crying and moving her body to their every command.

I could hear multiple sounds of flesh banging each other but it didn’t last long. After about 15 minutes of my mom moaning and screaming like never before, they emerged from the room, took their clothes and left.

I waited until they passed the gate to see if my mom would come out but there was no sign of her. I went down to take a peek.

I found my mom, lying on the bed, face up, completely drenched and covered in semen. She had semen on her boobs, oozing out of her holes and she was sleeping.