Diwali Rockets – Part 7 (Sweet revenge)

Welcome back to the next exciting part of the series. Hope you have enjoyed it so far.

So going back to the story.

After Banerjee uncle left, Das uncle, aunty, and I were sitting on the sofa.

Das uncle – So Rimi, when should I send our son to you?

Aunty – What are you talking about?

Das uncle – We were discussing Rimi giving tuition classes.

Aunty – Oh, that would be great.

Me – Uncle, send him tonight after 8.

Das uncle – Great, I will tell him

Aunty – You take a rest. We should leave now.

Me – Aunty, can Das uncle stay for some time?

Aunty – Sure, don’t be too loud, or the neighbours might hear you

Aunty left, and I was with Das uncle.

Das uncle – Ok, Rimi, let’s go to your room and continue.

Me – No, uncle, I want you to help me punish someone

Das uncle – What do you mean?

Me – Don’t worry, uncle. You will get to have sex. Just follow my lead.

I took Das uncle to my room, stripped him down and gave him a good long handjob.

Me – Wait here, uncle. I will come soon. When you hear me opening the door, hide in the bathroom and wait for me to call you.

Das uncle – Ok, but what are you planning?

Me – A sweet little revenge

Das uncle – With who?

Me – Shweta!

Das uncle understood and was obliged to follow my plan. I called Shweta to my place. Shweta arrived shortly.

Shweta – What happened last night? You didn’t return for a long time.

Me – Let’s go to my room, then I will explain everything

We both came up to my room. I locked the door. We sat on the bed.

Me – Das uncle said we have to pay for the damage. His vase and a few other things were damaged.

Shweta – Oh my god, is it expensive?

Me – I had to pay for it last night. I couldn’t come soon.

Shweta – Oh, how much did you pay?

Me – Don’t worry. You will find out soon because you have to pay too.

I signalled Das uncle to come out. He walked out naked from the bathroom.
Shweta was awestruck seeing him naked and his dick hard. She tried to run, open the door and escape. I held her when she was trying to open the door.

Shweta – (begging and pleading) Please, Rimi, let me go.

Me – You set me up last night, bitch. Today I will set you up the whole night. Just you wait.

I dragged her to the bed. And I removed her top forcefully. Das uncle came and removed her jeans. She was begging me to let her leave.

Me – Tonight is your lucky night, bitch!

Shweta – NO, NO, please, don’t…

I removed her bra and made her topless. Uncle pulled down her panty and gave it to me.

Das uncle – Why are you afraid, dear? You already did with me so many times.

Shweta – It’s so big, uncle! Please, not today!

I took all her clothes and went to another room and hid it, then came back.

Shweta – Rimi, please give me my clothes.

Me – After you get fucked properly tonight.

I also stripped naked. Went and grabbed my uncle’s dick and started to suck it. Shweta was awestruck. I grabbed Shweta and made her kneel. I put Uncle’s dick in her mouth. Shweta reluctantly sucked on it. Then alternatively, Shweta and I sucked Uncle.

Das uncle was enjoying the best time with 2 hot girls going down on him. Uncle grabbed our boobs and thrust his cock into our mouths. When uncle was about to cum, I made Shweta drink his juice. Uncle had a feeling of bliss and happiness on his face.

I told my uncle to sit down on the chair. I brought Shweta between his legs. I told her to suck and make uncle cum again in her mouth. Shweta started sucking him. I came behind Shweta and grabbed both her boobs, and fondled them. She was getting turned on.

After fondling her boobs, my hands slid between her legs and touched her pussy. She was a little wet. I rubbed her pussy for a while and then put a finger inside. She jerked her hips and started sucking uncle a bit faster. Slowly I fingered her with one hand and played with her nipples.

Her nipples were hard by now, and she was getting wet.

Me (whispering to Shweta) – Das uncle will put his dick inside and fuck you right now.

I could sense Shweta was extremely hot and horny by now. I was fingering her faster. She held my hand while sucking my uncle. Her breathing started to become heavy.

Me (in Shweta’s ear) – I will make you cum by fingering you in front of uncle

I put 2 fingers in her and started fingering her very fast. She stopped sucking uncle and held my hands, and was moaning.

Shweta – Oh, Rimi… ahh I am cumming.

She turned towards me and held me tight while I kept fingering her faster and faster. Just at the brink of cumming she grabbed my boobs and pressed them hard, and cum all over my hand. Her body twitched excitedly, and then she lay down on the floor.

She was touching her pussy and pressing her boobs with aftereffects of cumming. I pulled her up, took her to the bed, and laid her down. I signalled Das uncle. He came to the bed and started his action. He first sucked her boobs one by one, which made her moan.

Then he went up to her face and started kissing her. She held Das uncle tightly and started rubbing her pussy on his dick by moving her hips. I told uncle to give it to her hard as she was hot and ready. Uncle inserted his dick slowly and started fucking her.

Shweta gasped and held onto uncle tightly by wrapping her arms around his shoulder and her legs around his waist. I told uncle to go full throttle. She needs it hard. Uncle started giving hard and fast thrusts.

Shweta dug her nails around his shoulder and arched her head backwards. Her eyes rolled back, and saliva dripped from her mouth. She was in pure bliss and utmost pleasure. Slowly uncle became rougher. Shweta was screaming like a bitch. Her pussy was overflowing with her juice.

To stop her moaning, I put one of my boobs in her mouth. And as I went near, uncle grabbed my other boob and kissed my lips. He alternatively sucked on my boob and Shweta’s boob. His hand reached down to my pussy and rubbed it while he feasted on the boobs.

Shweta was nibbling, sucking and biting my boob hard while uncle sucked my other boob and rubbed my pussy. I was getting wet. Shweta then joined uncle in rubbing my pussy and inserted one finger inside me. I started moving my hips and riding her finger.

Uncle didn’t stop fucking Shweta for a second. The more he fucked her, the harder she sucked on my boob and fingered me. Uncle pulled out and cum on her boobs, then again continued fucking her. Shweta inserted another finger and fingered me.

With 2 fingers inside, I started moaning. Shweta bit and sucked my boob harder. It wasn’t long before I was going to cum. Just then, Shweta inserted another finger. With 3 fingers, I immediately screamed and cum hard.

Shweta didn’t stop after I had cum. She continued to finger me faster and faster. Both my boobs were sucked and fingered like crazy. I was moaning and moaning until I reached my climax again. Shweta looked happy seeing my condition after what I had done with her earlier.

Me – Don’t smile. You will regret doing that to me.

I laid down on the bed. Uncle kept fucking Shweta for around 25 minutes. Shweta’s face was red, and she cum a couple of times. Uncle was enjoying 2 hot girls that might have excited him more, and he lasted longer than usual.

Finally, uncle was about to cum. He pulled out and made Shweta drink every drop cumming in her mouth.

Me – Uncle, you can take a rest and go back home. I will have to teach her more after what she did now.

Das uncle left.

Shweta – Give my clothes back, please.

Me – The night began for you, bitch.

Saying that I jumped on her, pinned her down and instantly inserted 3 fingers in her pussy. She screamed as I continued fingering her.

Me – How does it feel now? You like 3 fingers, right? Now enjoy!

Shweta – Aah, please stop!

Shweta continued moaning and screaming

What happens next? Find out in the next part as Shweta’s punishment continues.

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