Married college admin Rasika helps me overcome breakup

Hello everyone, I am Raj, age 25 from Mumbai. I have recently got single after being in a relationship for a couple of years. Post my breakup, I decided not to get into a serious relationship as it was getting a toll on me and decided to enjoy my bachelor life.

Now I decided to fulfill all my sexual fantasies since I had no guilt to worry about. My biggest fantasy recently was having sex with my college admin lady Rasika. Rasika was married and had a 4-year-old daughter. she was a 34-year-old Gujarati lady.

I started getting attracted to her because of her hot curvy slim figure 34-26-36. She never wore traditional dress and mostly wore western clothes. I was a popular guy in my college since I was captain of the college sports team.

When I was in a relationship, she used to flirt with me but I never got carried away as I was in love with my GF. Now I was a free bird. I started chatting with her on WhatsApp and also I would often bump into her in college to get more time with her.

We were having our farewell party at a club and it had a couple entry. Many of my female friends were approaching me but I decided to take this opportunity to get Rasika to accompany me and I convinced her through my charm. I wanted to set things right so I made sure to get her horny before we got into the club so I started flirting with her on chat.

Me: Hey Rasika mam, are you excited for the party tomorrow?

Rasika: Yes Raj, I am but what is this? You can call me ‘Rasika’, I am not your professor.

Me: Ok sure, I will call you ‘Rasika’.

Rasika: So your gf will also be there?

Me: Ohh, who cares. I won’t have time to focus on her when I have a pretty and good-looking partner like you.

Rasika: Hmm, thanks cutie.

Me: Wear that black dress, you look hot in that.

Rasika: Hmm, so you used to check me out in that dress.

Me: Haha, it is normal Rasika. You know, many of my friends too had a crush on you and you are beautiful.

Rasika: Ok, I will wear it.

Me: Omg, my friends will be jealous of me. 🙂

Rasika: Ok, see you tomorrow. I have to drop my daughter to her nani’s place.

Me: Sure, see you tomorrow.

The next evening, she reached the club wearing a sultry black top and a grey color skirt. Man, she was looking damn hot. What curves she had, her boobs looked firm in the dress. I gave her a welcome hug and we held each other’s arms and entered the club.

We were dancing and enjoying drinks. My hand was on her waist and she too was liking the way I was holding her. I was praising her beauty and moving her hair off her face. After some time, the crowd increased and we could not talk properly because of the sound.

So I asked her if she wanted to go out. We came out of the club and were standing next to my car. Suddenly, I saw my ex-girlfriend staring at me and I thought this was the right time to tease her. Rasika was a bit drunk and she smiled at me and said, “Looks like your ex is still in love with you.” I smiled and said, “No, but I love you.”

She smiled and said, “Let’s tease her then.”

She grabbed me and started kissing me slowly on the lips. I was loving this young milf kissing me. She had juicy lips. While kissing her, I realized why people like married women. She was caressing my hair like hell.

I kissed her on the neck and she moaned softly and whispered, “Don’t kiss me there Raj, I get aroused.”

I whispered, “So, it’s fine Rasika.”

Rasika said, “No Raj, only kiss. I don’t want to betray my husband, I love him.”

I kissed her again on the neck and soon she started losing her control and gave me a wicked smile and said, “You naughty boy, you won’t listen.”

I lifted her ass a bit over her skirt which was enough for me to get horny.

Now she was completely turned on. She opened the back door of my car and asked me to get in. I went in first and then she came on top of me in the backseat of the car and closed the door. We started kissing each other again and that was when she started removing my clothes and got my shirt and pants off.

She started biting my neck in pleasure, kissing my manly nipples and slowly, she started going down and pulled my underwear with her teeth. She grabbed my balls and started licking them and slowly took my cock in her mouth and started sucking my cock.

She was a damn pro at sucking my cock. I told her that my ex-girlfriend was nowhere near her. I loved the way she sucked my cock. I now got her up and slowly removed her shirt and unhooked her beige color bra. She had nice firm 34B-size boobs which I started playing with. Her nipples were brown and hard, quite big and better than my ex-gf.

Every time I suck her nipples, she would moan like a slut and hug me hard tightly. I slowly bit her nipples two-three times before I inserted my finger inside her skirt into her panty. Her panty was soaking wet. I inserted my finger inside her pussy and she screamed with pleasure as her pussy was tight.

She was trying to stop me from fingering her tight pussy but I finger fucked her pussy for a few seconds and then pulled her panty out. I got down on her licked her navel and licked her pussy for some time before we both were ready to fuck.

She now got on top of me and guided my cock inside her pussy. Omg, her pussy was wet and tight. My cock was doing a great job inside her pussy as I could see her moan in pleasure. She was biting my back in pain and pleasure. She gave me hard love bites on the back. She kept kissing my earlobes in pleasure.

She had cummed twice in that position and I could feel her warmth cum on my cock. Next, I got her into missionary and started fucking her hard. She had locked her legs on my butts and I made her pussy red by smashing it hard. She was just begging me to finish off quickly.

Even she was not picking up her husband’s call. Finally, the last position was that of doggy which was my favorite. She had a nice ass I smacked it hard and finally, I cummed in that position.

We both kissed each other and hugged romantically before dressing up to get out of the car. She was in love with me after that day and she confessed that she loved sex with me.

My Gf was so jealous after watching it that she started messaging me and wanted to speak to me but I was sure and on my mission to find my next milf. Guys, if you want to know who I did next do mail me on [email protected]