My sex journey with my Daughter! – Part 1

Note: All the characters in this story are strictly above 19. My stories usually include rough, hardcore, erotic moments. And mainly consists of Incest. Because it is the ultimate fantasy of everyone, this is a very interesting story. Every part ends with a new twist. Hope you enjoy this. Please read till the end.

It has been a week since my wife went to attend a marriage in her hometown. Leaving our daughter and me. My daughter is 20 years old. My daughter completely went on my wife. Her name is Preeti. My wife is so beautiful that I can not even go to the office without having sex in the early morning.

I used to be fit because of her. I also play cricket a lot.

It was a Friday, and I was very sleepy that night. My daughter was having exams, and she used to study at night. I gave her a coffee and went to sleep. There is a very bad habit for me. If I sleep once, I will wake up in the morning only.

But that night, I woke up suddenly for I heard some sound. I thought it would be some cat or dog outside. I tried to sleep again. But I could not sleep. If I woke up suddenly, I drank water. But my wife is not at home. She used to bring a water bottle and keep it aside for me.

So now I fucking need to go and get it. I went to the fridge and opened it, and drank some water. I closed the door and went again. While going, I suddenly remembered, “What if I wake up again?” So I thought to take the bottle to the room. I went again near the fridge.

I could not walk properly due to a lack of sleep. I took the bottle and was about to go to my room. While going, the water bottle slipped from my hand and fell. In my home, there was a divan in the hall. The water bottle went to the divan and stopped. I went near the divan and bent down to take it.

“FUCK,” I went back and fell to the ground. Someone was hiding under the divan. The one hiding came out from under the divan. In that dim light, I got my bat beside me in the hall. I took the bat and hit the stranger on his leg. He silently fell to the ground without making any noise. It was a hard hit.

I thought of making loud noise and calling all the neighbours. But the stranger came to hit me without making any noise. I thought he was a thief, so he was not making noise. I feared that if my daughter came out, what would he do to her?

He came near me and hit me hard in my stomach. I dodged some saliva out of my mouth. He is exactly my height. Same physique. But he is not me. He made a wrong move. I would happily offer him some food or money if he asked. I turned around and saw him.

He was covering his entire head with a full mask. He made a mistake hitting me. He will pay for it. For the next 5 minutes, I hit him so hard that he could not move properly. I overpowered him in no time, took him to my room, and tied him to the chair.

I was dead angry. But I controlled myself by smoking in front of the masked man. I went near the Bastard, took the mask off, and threw it away. He was around in his twenties age. I was surprised that this young guy came to my home at night to steal something.

I locked my door as my daughter would be scared by this. I went near him, hit him hard on his cheek, and asked.

Me: Who the fuck are you?

Stranger: Uncle, I am so sorry, uncle.

Me: (hit him again) What would you do to my daughter if she was in my place, you bloody Bastard? (slapped him hard again).

Stranger: Please, uncle. (I raised my hand again to hit him) Your daughter called me home.

I stopped my hand there and was shocked for a moment.

Stranger (fear in his eyes): Yes, uncle. We both are lovers. She told me to come.

Me (hit him hard): You are lying?

Stranger: Please, uncle. Open my phone and check the message if you want to.

I took his phone and unlocked it. I opened his WhatsApp and was shocked by their conversation. He saved my daughter’s number as ‘Love’ on his mobile. The number was right. The conversation was like

Stranger: Darling, when will you lose your virginity to me?

Preeti: I can not come out. If you want, come to my home and fuck me.

Stranger: Why Bitch? Is no one home?

I hit him again for calling my daughter a bitch. And I continued their conversation

Preeti: No. My Dad is home. He slept. You can come.

Stranger: What should I do to you if I come?

Preeti: You can do whatever you want to do to me. I will do exactly whatever you say to me.

Stranger: I will come and fuck you so hard that you will run near your father, screaming hard.

Preeti: You do not have the guts. You fear a lot about coming to my home.

Stranger: Wait and Watch. I will come and fuck your Virgin Pussy.

Preeti: I do not think so. If you want to come, wear a mask as no one should see you.

Stranger: What are you doing now?

Preeti: Fingering myself thinking of you.

Stranger: You do not need to finger yourself after an hour.

She sent her wet pussy photo to him. I was devastated looking at that pic. And this Bastard sent his Dick pic telling his dick size. After that, she sent her boobs photo. A bulge took place in my pants.

Preeti: Come and Fuck me, Bastard.

Stranger: What happens if your Dad finds out?

Preeti: He will learn from you. I think my mother went to her mother’s home because he could not satisfy her. (sent moaning audio).

This hurt my ego. My daughter scolded me for some ugly bastard who she had met recently.

Stranger: I will come and hit your father and fuck you in front of him.

Preeti: I will keep my door open and the hall door open. If you have guts, come and fuck my wet pussy.

This was the end of the conversation. Exactly after one hour, he came. I kept his phone in his shirt pocket. I slapped him more hard this time, saying.

Me (to the stranger): You fuck my daughter in front of me. Go on, Bastard. (hit him again).

He pleaded with me for half an hour. I was smoking while he kept on crying like an infant. And after half an hour, I let him loose. He went crying. I locked the door properly. I want to teach my daughter a lesson. How can she tell such bad comments about her father to a nobody?

I went to my room. I took that mask, covered my entire head, and entered my daughter’s room. I closed the door. I went near her and stood there for a minute. I turned on the light and stood there looking at my female sperm, which had grown. After all, she is my sperm!

She was so beautiful that night. She is five feet tall with little fat around her waist and big melons. She is milk-white. After five minutes, she woke up by my angry breath.

Preeti: (shocked and half asleep) Babe, Are you here, seriously? I was joking with you.

I kept complete silence. I opened my pant zip and took my dick out.

Preeti: Please, babe. Not today. My Dad is home. This virgin bitch is yours. We will have this session tomorrow. Please, not now.

She took her blanket off her. She was not wearing any clothes. After seeing my grown sperm naked, my black dick size increased slightly.

Preeti (looking at my dick): Please, babe, leave me. Did you lock the door (looked at the door)?

I kept on giving small handjobs to myself, looking at my future sex slave. She was asking to leave her boyfriend at her home. Poor child. She does not know her real owner stood there. I kept changing my hands over my dick while looking at her hungrily. She finally came to a conclusion

Preeti: Ok, now you are here, you can do whatever you want to me.

I was happy. Because I am going to fuck my sperm.

Preeti: But you told me yours is only five inches. But it looks like more than six. Please fuck me slowly.

An hour ago, she told her boyfriend I could not satisfy a woman with my dick. Now she changed her opinion.

Preeti: Babe, I am requesting you. Please go slow. I am already wet. No blowjobs. Is it ok?

Saying so, I grabbed her by the throat and yanked her head directly towards my cock. I kept my black dick in her mouth without her consent. Who cares? She is my sperm, after all. I rammed my daughter’s mouth so that her body kept shivering while I face fuck my sperm’s mouth roughly.

I kept on fucking her mouth mercilessly. This is the best lesson I can teach her. I locked her hands with my left hand. With my right hand, I held her hair and kept pinning her towards my black cock. She was gagging, crying, and shivering but kept silent, fearing her father would wake up.

Poor daughter does not know she kept her father’s dick in her mouth. I grabbed her ass cheek and yanked it towards me. She moaned, “Aahhh,” for the rough yanking. I loved my daughter’s throat filled with my cock.

She can not take it any longer. She was gasping for air. For any reason, she was my daughter. So I let her loose. She took some big gasps. She was about to say something

Preeti: Babe, listen…

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her out of bed. She sat exactly near my feet. Her mouth was directly aiming at my black cock. Without hesitation, I rammed her mouth with my dick in and out mercilessly. I pinned her head towards the bed, holding her long silky hair in my bare hands.

I pinned my daughter towards my black cock at the same time. She needs to know the pain of abusing her father. The way I fucked my daughter’s throat is like hitting a nail in the wall.

I thumped and thumped her face hard. Water kept on dripping from her eyes all the time. I loved it. Loved it very much. Loved fucking my daughter’s throat. I let her loose this time willingly to fuck her wet pussy.

She saw my masked face, taking heavy air into her lungs. With teary eyes and a fearful voice, she spoke

Preeti: Why the hell are you behaving like a monster, babe?

I slapped my daughter hard on her cheek. I held her by the Firm breast and yanked her onto the bed, for which she moaned, “Aaaah.” I loved that bloody moan. I took her left leg and kept it on my shoulder. I took some saliva out from my mouth under the mask and applied it on my grown sperms pussy.

With her one leg on my shoulder, with my right hand, I wrapped her leg and grabbed her right boob, and started Squeezing mercilessly. With my left hand, I grabbed her hair and pulled her roughly towards me, for which she moaned, “Aah.” I locked her lips with mine over my mask.

Preeti: Babe, why is this cigarette smell coming from your mouth?

I let her hair loose with my left hand and slapped her face hard with the same hand. She understood that she should not question me while I fuck her wet pussy. I put my left-hand fingers in her mouth and went forward till my dick reached her throat. Loved it.

I can not wait to fuck that wet pussy. I took some more saliva, applied it to her pussy, and rubbed it a bit. I kept my seven-inch dick head on her pussy lips and looked at her

Preeti: Please go slow.

In between the back of her rang her mobile. There was a heart symbol on it. It might be her boyfriend. Before she turned to look, I took her mobile, went into silent mode, and threw it away. Her boyfriend called a few more times while I fuck his girlfriend, my daughter.

Preeti: Babe, I think it is my father. He probably heard my moans. Leave now.

Did not leave her. Not at all in the mood to leave this young chick. Instead, I kept fucking harder this time.

Preeti: Please go slow.

I did exactly the opposite to it. I rammed my dick roughly into the virgin pussy. She moaned loudly, “Aaahhh.” What could she do? Happy tears again came out of her eyes.

Preeti: Please, babe. Go slow. My Dad may wake up anytime, Aaaah.

Poor daughter, I went to tell her the truth. But stopped. I would miss this bloody chance of fucking a virgin pussy. I again did the opposite of what she told me. I kept on thumping her in and out roughly while squeezing her bloody boobs with my right hand.

Her one leg was upon my shoulder. I went near her thy and bit hard on that bloody thy. She again moaned very loud. She finally closed her mouth with her hands. She could not take a seven-inch in her pussy. Her pussy walls are tight. Absolute tight. Throwing my dick out of her pussy.

I took more energy and rammed her tight again. The poor daughter kept crying, holding her mouth with her hands. She already came in the first place.

Preeti: (while crying) Please, Leave me. Please.

With that last cry, I felt my balls getting tighter and hot lava was released in her juicy pussy. I kept my dick inside my daughters pussy for some time. I squeezed both her boobs mercilessly with my bare hands.

After that, I let her loose. She went to the bathroom and came out while I changed my clothes. She took ten minutes to come out, and the very first word was

Preeti: Thank you, babe. I never thought you would satisfy me with your dick. Why did you tell me five inches before? Did you think to surprise me?

I kept silent. I want to shout, “ I am your father, bitch,” loudly. But stood silent.

Preeti: Now take off your mask and come. Kiss me on my bloody lips, Bastard.

I did not. I made my move towards the door.

Preeti: Why are you leaving? (I did not look at her). You will come to me again. I know that. What is the time now?

She was true. I will go to her again. I want her again and again. I want that tight and wet pussy again. I will never give her to someone. I will marry her. I will fuck her harder one day, taking my mask off. I went near the door and was about to unlock it. She angrily asked

Preeti: Wait! (I turned towards her) Who the fuck are you? My boyfriend called me just now while you fuck me. Who are you?

She came near me to unmask. I pushed her and locked the door from outside. The last words I heard were, “WHO ARE YOU?”

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