Manjiri the Anal Goddess

Manjiri is a sex goddess for me. We fuck every day. There is no night when my cum hasn’t entered one of her holes. She sucks my cock nicely and lets her ass wide open for my cock.

This began when my father’s one friend got remarried after his wife’s demise. Manjiri came into our life when she was 39, and I was just 23. Her husband was 53 then. She was a divorced woman with no children. And my father’s friend had one daughter who was 19 by then.

I used to visit them almost daily as they are our neighbours. On the next day of the marriage, I went to their house as usual. There was my father’s friend’s Mom, dad, his daughter, himself, and now Manjiri joined the family.

Manjiri was well known to me by now as we met a few times, even before their marriage. Grandma welcomed me and asked Manjiri to bring some snacks.
My Mom and dad were working, so they were in their offices. Manjiri brought the snacks for all of us.

I could tell that she was upset about something. Her face was not at all bright.
I casually asked, “What happened, my new aunty? You seem a little off today. ”
As soon as I said this, Uncle came in the hall. He was also not in a good mood.
So, I did not say anything further.

A few days went by like this. Now, Manjiri also used to visit us regularly. My Mom and she became good friends. On a Sunday, when my Mom was home, my Mom asked her why she had looked dull since the day after marriage.

I was in the kitchen, and Mom and Manjiri were in the Master bedroom. I could hear them very little, but enough to understand. Manjiri closed the door. Now I was really curious about the topic. So I just stood near the bedroom door.

Manjiri started talking, “What to tell Rajini? On the first night when we were having sex, Mahendra, without any intimation, pushed his penis in my ass. It pained me a lot, and I screamed. He did not like it at all and slapped me. Since that moment, I have avoided any physical contact with him.”

“And he is saying he will divorce me if I don’t fulfil his wishes. I am already a divorcee, and if I get another divorce, my life will be ruined. But I am also afraid to have anal sex as it pains a lot.”

My Mom had no answer to this and stayed silent. Mom said, ” I never knew Mahendra bhai would behave such a way. I will ask my husband to talk with him.”

I went to my room after this. I was too horny by that talk. Till then, I never looked at Manjiri before in a sexual way. But those words changed me completely. I was in my room thinking of her, and I started rubbing my cock.
She was very, very fair with long hair. She has an amazing curvy figure.

She is nearly 5 ft 1 inch. Has great pair of boobs, exactly 36D. Her belly area is quite fleshy. Her waist is 30. And her ass. Oh damn. She has a voluptuous huge ass. It jiggles and sways all the way when she walks. No wonder Uncle wanted fuck her in the ass. Her ass and navel are her greatest attraction point.

She wears a sleeveless top and leggings mostly. Which tightly hugs her skin, and her curves are all around visible. I was also imagining how fun it would be to fuck her ass. I masturbated thinking of her only and had an amazing cumshot.

The next day, as usual, Mom, Dad and Mahendra Uncle went to work. I was on vacation period, so I was at home only. But curiosity didn’t stop me, and I went to Manjiri’s house at around 11 am. Grandma and Grandpa welcomed me.

Uncle’s daughter was also on vacation, so she went to her mama’s place for a few days. I was sitting and chatting with Grandma. Manjiri entered the hall. She had just taken a bath. As usual, she was in her tight clothes, and a towel wrapped around her hair.

She was looking gorgeous. OMG, I lost consciousness and observed every inch of her body. She definitely noticed my look and quickly went to the kitchen. I told Grandma I needed water, and I also entered the kitchen. I was permitted to roam anywhere in their house since they all knew me from my birth.

I went into the kitchen. Manjiri was preparing tea. Her back was towards me. I coughed and said, “Aunty, I want to talk to you about something I heard yesterday.”

She knew what I meant. She quickly turned to me and said, “What do you mean? I don’t want to talk to you about anything. No matter what it is. I saw the way you looked at me. You have never looked at me that way before. Please don’t talk to me.”

“But aunty, just 2 minutes, I actually have a solution for your problem. I have a girlfriend, you know.”

“Stop, Kedar, I don’t want to hear it.”

“Aunty, I am serious, I know everything about anal sex. I have done it many times. Not once did my gf complain to me.”
Aunty really got shocked and gave me a look with her eyes as big as they could get. “Just leave,” she shouted. I was now a little afraid. I regretted what I said and thought she was probably going to tell my parents. I rushed from there and went straight home.

Nearly around 3.30, the doorbell rang. I answered the door, and there was Manjiri. Standing with the angriest look in her eyes. She came in. I bolted the door. I got slapped really hard on my face by Manjiri. I couldn’t even gather myself.

“You idiot, there was grandma and grandpa in the house. If they heard what you said, you could have brought trouble for both of us. I know you are sexually mature. But there is a time and place to talk about such things.”

I absolutely couldn’t understand what was going on. I thought she was angry at me for talking about sex stuff to her. But she was angry about me saying that stuff when other people were in the house. I was a bit relieved now.

“I am sorry, aunty. But I wanted to help you.”

“Tell me, Kedar. Do you really know about anal sex, or do you want to talk sexually to me to get pleasure?”

“Aunty trust me, I and my gf have anal sex very often.”

I even showed her our chats to make her comfortable and to believe me.

She said, “OK. But only talk. Nothing beyond that. I saw the way you look at me now. You are not getting any chance with me.” She again slapped me lightly as she caught me again while looking at her curves.

“OK. I won’t try to do anything with you.”

Now I got her comfortable and told her everything about anal sex. All the things she can do to get pleasure and not pain. I could see her breathing hard while listening to all this. I knew she was also getting horny now.

I told her everything from cleaning anal way to using lubes and loosening and spreading her ass the right way. After all the conversation was over, my dick was really hard and erect. She was also hot, as I could see her swollen nipples pointing out.

I tried to take the chance and took her hand in my hand. She again slapped me. “No means no.” And she left. I again masturbated vigorously, imagining her and all our talk. The day passed.

Again, around the same time as yesterday, Manjiri came. I took her in. She suddenly started crying. Her eyes were wet, and tears rolled down.
I asked about what happened.

She sat in the chair and started talking, ” I ruined everything. I tried everything you said. I even lubed my anal nicely. But still, it pained, and Mahendra couldn’t do it. So he again said he is going to divorce me.”

“Aunty, please relax. I don’t know how I can help you now. I taught you everything I could.”

“Kedar, are you sure about what you said?”

“Of course, aunty, I can even show you.”

“What do you mean by show me?”

“Actually, we have filmed ourselves a few times while having sex. Even when we are having anal sex.” I showed her the video of me and my gf having anal sex.

“Kedar, she really seems to enjoy this. But how yaar. There is no way I can have anal sex without getting hurt.”

“If you wish, aunty, then I can really show you.”

“No way. Your cock is even double the size of Mahendra. I am going to die. Plus, I am not comfortable doing anything with you.”

“Oh, come on, Manjiri. It’s not like we are going to have an affair. We will do it once. That also so that you can learn and make your husband satisfied so that your marriage will be saved.”

Again, I got slapped, “How dare you call me by my name. I knew you just wanted to fuck me. All men are the same.”

“Enough of your drama. Just get out then and keep crying about your sex life.”
I said in a little angry voice. I went straight to my room and closed the door.

After about 5 minutes, I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door, and I was in heaven. Manjiri was standing right in front of my eyes, totally naked. Her whole body was shining like a star. She was absolutely hairless below. Her pussy was neatly tight as of a virgin.

She got divorced early as her husband was not adequate sexually. Mahendra has fucked her only twice. She was hiding her face in her palms in shame. Her breasts were big, and her nipples were rock-hard in excitement. Her wide belly pelvic was making her ass look standout.

Her huge voluptuous ass was like inviting me to spank real hard. My cock was already rock hard and making a tent in my shorts. I couldn’t hold myself back. I hugged her tightly in my arms and freed her face from her palms. She was blushing like a virgin girl.

I said in a sweet voice, “Then why were you doing all the drama?”

“Kedar, to be frank, I also have sexual feelings for you since the day I saw you. But I am really not that type of girl.”

“My stupid Manjiri!”

She also hugged me back tightly, and we locked our lips. We kissed passionately like that for almost 15 minutes. My cock was continuously poking her pussy as I was rubbing it on her. She had become so hot now that our body heat could be felt in the entire room.

I lifted her in both my arms without breaking the kiss. I took her and laid her on the bed. We were still kissing each other passionately. Now I came on top of her as my leg was on her thighs. I started fondling her breasts and nipples softly.

With my other hand, I spread her pussy lips. She moaned as soon as she touched her clitoris. I started rubbing my finger on her spot. She closed her legs tightly, and my hand was locked on her pussy. I started pushing my middle finger in her pussy slowly.

She was moaning with each action. Her hands were behind my head, running through my hair and pressing my lips on her lips. Her boobs were as soft as melting butter. I was grabbing and crushing them passionately. My cock was poking in her belly.

Now she took one of her hands and started grabbing my cock. I was more than happy about this. So I also lowered my shorts. I don’t wear underwear inside the house. Now my bare hard cock was in her hand, and she was playing with it.
My precum started.

She was still playing with my cock getting my precum all over her hand. Now I slowly started inserting my finger in her pussy. She got shivers all over her body. I desperately wanted to give my cock in her mouth. But I restrained as she had never sucked a cock before.

I came on top of her and started rubbing my cock between her thighs. She understood and spread her legs.

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