Caretaker for disabled bhabhi – Part 2

Part 2 continues with the telling of this tragic time in our lives, which started with bhabhi’s accident, leading to paralysis in her arms while bhaiya was abroad for work. These events exposed the hidden lust, depravity, and perversion within not just her closest and dear ones, but also others waiting for a tragedy just like this to take advantage of. Trust gives way to betrayal, devotion gives way to lust, and nothing remains sacred.


The day had arrived when the doctor decided Sheetal bhabhi was well enough to be discharged and brought back home. We were all relieved to hear that, but you could tell everyone had a look of concern on their faces as well, not knowing what lay ahead, given that bhabhi was no longer able to use her hands.

We (her father and cousin brother) were in bhabhi’s hospital room waiting for the doctor to show up and talk to us before discharge. But instead, the nurse came in and asked us all to leave. She was in the room with bhabhi for what seemed like 30 minutes before finally coming out.

This had happened throughout bhabhi’s stay at the hospital. The nurse would keep coming and asking us to leave the room. Every time I asked bhabhi what the nurse was doing, she would hesitantly say that the nurse was just making sure all was okay. I was confused as to why she had to keep checking so frequently and why we had to leave the room.

Anyways, after the nurse was done, the doctor finally showed up. They asked who she was going home with and under whose care she would be in. I told the doctor that bhabhi would be going back to her own home with me and under my care. He asked me where her husband was and I explained that bhaiya was abroad on a work assignment. And we didn’t know when he would be able to return.

He asked me to come and talk to him in his office alone. I followed him and the nurse came in with us as well although I wasn’t sure why she had to be there.

The doctor asked me if I had any questions for him, to which I asked when would bhabhi be able to use her hands again. Then he replied that they would start with physiotherapy, once a week for two months and see how it went. If that didn’t work, they would consider surgery. I was happy to hear that there was a chance bhabhi may regain the use of her arms once again.

The doctor then asked me if I had anyone to help out with bhabhi’s care. I told him for the time being I would be her only caretaker as bhaiya had just started a job abroad and we couldn’t afford to keep a helper. Then somewhat sternly he asked if I had any idea what situation I was in and the challenges that were laying ahead.

Without much thought, I told him whatever struggles arise, we would handle it as a family. He then asked me if I knew why the nurse kept coming into bhabhi’s room and asking us to leave. I shook my head and the nurse said, “You do know your bhabhi is a new mother and the changes that new mothers have to deal with.”

I thought she meant the changes in bhabhi’s physique after becoming a mother, which was clearly obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes. She had gained some weight, but it had all mostly gone to her chest and behind. Standing at 5 feet 9 in tall, I would have guessed her weight was around 68 kg. She was still not fat by any means but had filled out considerably in her chest, behind and thighs. But physical changes in appearance were not what the doctor was hinting at.

Then I shook my head again and the nurse had to spell it out for me. She said, “Your bhabhi is lactating, she is producing milk. Her child is not with her so she can’t express the milk using her own hands or even operate a breast pump with her hands. That’s why I had to keep coming in and helping her relieve the pressure. This is something she will need help with from now on amongst other things. This is why we are trying to explain to you that you need to hire a caretaker. These aren’t the kind of things you can help your bhabhi with.”

My face was flushed red, and I went completely silent. I knew I should have known this. But the whole chaos of the accident had completely taken my focus elsewhere and blocked out details such as these, I didn’t know what to say or how to react. All I could say was that I understood now what the doctor was trying to say and assured them I would find professional affordable care as soon as I could.

Both the doctor and nurse were relieved that I finally understood the predicament we were in, and told me to get her belongings and get ready for discharge.

Then the nurse packed bhabhi’s old clothes in a bag and asked us to leave one last time while she helped bhabhi change her clothes. Sitting and waiting on the bench outside bhabhi’s room, knowing the nurse was in there draining bhabhi’s milk engorged boobs was not a thought I wanted to have at the time.

Thankfully the door opened and bhabhi came out. It was so good to see her back up on her feet after so many days. But seeing her disabled limp hands by her sides was disheartening. Nevertheless, I smiled for the sake of bhabhi’s morale. The nurse had changed bhabhi into whatever spare clothes they had at the hospital, a blue oversized shirt and black pajamas.

She even made bhabhi wear a jacket that she had asked me to get from home. That confused me as we were at the peak of summer. The heat and humidity were bad enough without a jacket. But I didn’t question it. If bhabhi was okay with it, then who was I to question it?

We waited for a bit more for bhabhi’s mother to arrive with the child. But it was now an hour past discharge and she had still not arrived. Not wanting bhabhi to wait in the hospital any longer than needed, I asked bhabhi’s father what was taking so long. He stepped away to make a call to his wife. Upon returning after a few minutes of silence, he said –

Bhabhi’s father: Beta, I know we spoke about this and you and your brother are adamant that my daughter stays with you. We don’t agree with your decision. But we won’t stop you. But there are two conditions that you must fulfill.

Me (with a confused look on my face): What are those conditions, Uncle ji?

Bhabhi’s father: One is that you can only take my daughter home once you hire a caretaker. Even if you are there to help, there are things that you cannot help with and more importantly, you should not ever be helping with.

Me: Uncle ji, you will be pleased to know I have already hired a caretaker. So rest assured that bhabhi will be well cared for. What is the second condition? (This was not the full truth. I had looked but was not able to find any caretaker that we could afford. Although I was still in search of one, I had to tell him this half-truth or he would have never agreed to let me take his daughter to her own home).

Bhabhi’s father: The second condition is that our granddaughter will stay with us from now on, as it is impossible for her to be cared for while my daughter also needs care. You and your brother’s focus is my daughter’s care as it should be. But at the same time, our granddaughter’s care should not be neglected and we promise you that it will not be neglected under our care.

Bhabhi with shock on her face said, “Papa, what are you saying? How can you even think of separating my child from me? How can I stay apart from her? She needs her mother more than ever at this age.” (it was obvious bhabhi meant breastfeeding by that.)

Bhabhi’s father: Beti, you tell me. Will you be able to tend to her in your condition? Will Sonu be able to care for her properly while he is focused on tending to your care? Is it fair that your daughter should suffer as a result of this tragedy? With us, she will have our full attention and care. As for your motherly duties, beti you speak to your mother about that. I am sure some arrangement can be made (at the time, I wasn’t sure what uncle meant by that, but it became clear as time went on).

Bhabhi (with red eyes and tears rolling down her cheeks): Ok, papa. My mind knows what you are saying is right and practical. But my heart refuses to accept it. But I have no choice, but to accept it for her sake.

There was a moment of silence. I then got up to call a taxi. We bid our farewell to uncle and bhabhi’s cousin brother and got in the taxi.

Me: Bhabhi, I have to tell you something. I know I told Uncle ji that I have already hired a caretaker for you. But the truth is that I have not been able to find anyone I can trust or afford. But I promise I am still looking for one. We will have to manage somehow until I can find someone.

Bhabhi: Sonu, you said what you had to do at the moment. I don’t hold it against you. Honestly, I know we are under financial stress right now. I know you will find someone when the time and financial conditions are right.

For the rest of the taxi ride, we were both mostly silent, unsure of what the future was waiting for upon returning home.