The Devil In Me – Part 2

I returned to my room and was shivering with excitement. I could not stop shaking my leg. I was imagining how I’d turn my little brother into a slave and all the things that I could make him do. I played with myself for a few hours and went to sleep with my finger buried in my asshole.

It was Sunday morning. Mom knocked at my door to help her with breakfast. I told her I’d be down in 10 minutes and went to the washroom. I could no longer think straight. My thoughts were haunted by Arjun’s fantasy. I covered my pussy with my palm and felt the warm piss on my hand.

I imagined Arjun watching me until I cum. It took me a while to get the aromas of pee and ass off my fingers, and then I got freshened up. I knocked on Arjun’s room before going down to the kitchen. He must have been masturbating all night, just like me.

I was annoyed that I had to wake up early to help Mom. At the same time, this lazy bastard got to sleep as long as he wanted. I always hated this bias at home. No matter what he does, it’s like “Ladka hai jaane do.”(He is a boy. Let him be.) I mean, what the fuck!

I continued banging on his door until Mom shouted from the kitchen, “Priya, tu neeche aaja usko sone de.” (Priya, let him sleep. You get down here.) I gave one final kick to the door before I came down. I saw Dad was up already with his big mug of black coffee in his hand and was watching the news.

I wished him good morning and walked towards the kitchen. I kissed my Mom’s neck and said, “Maa mein bartan nahi dho rahi aaj.” (Mom, I’m not doing the dishes today.)

Mom started her usual rant, “Ladki ho jaldi utha kar, saural se wapas bhej denge tujhe… blah blah blah….” (You are a girl and need to wake up earlier. Things won’t be the same with in-laws.). By now, I had learnt that not responding to her was the best solution for a peaceful morning.

Breakfast was ready, and Arjun finally came down. Mom suggested that we all go to the movies, but this devil possessed me inside me. All I could think of was acting on Arjun’s fantasy. I suddenly got up and said, “Yes! But not with us. Surely, both of you need to spend some time together.”

Arjun joined and insisted that our parents spend the day out without us. Dad liked the idea, and it was settled. I noticed that Arjun had a big stupid smile on his face, suggesting he had done something very noble and deserved recognition.

It was almost lunchtime, so Mom and Dad left. They had reservations for brunch, followed by a movie and shopping. I knew that it would be a busy day for them, and they would be back by night. That’s enough time for me to do what I was about to do.

I ordered Chinese food online after locking the door. I got back to the dining table and looked at Arjun. He was avoiding eye contact. I was sure that he was pretending to be busy on his phone. While we waited for the food, I broke the ice and started the conversation.

Me: Did you sleep well?

Arjun (with a shy face looking down): No, Didi. I was playing with the panty which you put in my mouth last night.

Me: Did you like the smell of my juices mixed with all that cum?

Arjun: Yes! I loved it a lot!

Me: So, how often do you masturbate?

Arjun: Oh god, at least 3 times a day, Di.

Me: How many times did you do it last night? Did you think about me while you were doing it?

Arjun (secretly looking at my crotch): A lot! And yes, you are all I could think about, Didi.

I understood that he was anxious and also getting aroused at the same time. I wanted to tease and play with him. So I bent forward towards him so that he could get a view of my braless cleavage. I put my right leg on the chair between his thighs, just a centimetre away from his manhood.

I lifted his chin with my index finger and spoke with authority.

Me: Tell me what you were thinking while rubbing your dick?

Arjun (anxiously): Didi, you…know…just are na-k-ed and-

Me: And what?

Arjun: kissing your lips, cheek, neck, stomach and all that-

Me: Hmm. And?

Arjun: Your nipples and pussy.

I loved seeing him scramble for words while battling fear and lust inside. It just gave me a next-level turn-on. I was never a dominant personality. But after what I witnessed last night, the position that I was in right now gave me a power of dominance.

I decided to mess with him even more. I was brushing my hand against his arm, feeling his goosebumps.

Me: Vagina!? Seriously? Are you in high school? I’m sure you know what adults call it.

Arjun: Umm. Cunt. Pussy?

Me: Yes, Atta Boy! Go on. Don’t hesitate so much, Arjun, it’s just me. I know you have a lot on your mind. Feel free.

Arjun: So, I imagined kissing you softly all over the body. I licked your nipples and circled my tongue around them without sucking them. I imagined you trembling with this teasing. I continued to softly lick you until I reached your pussy.

The food delivery guy had come. Arjun quickly ran towards the door and got the food. Then I looked at Arjun and said shall we continue from where we left off?

We both sat next to each other on the couch and started conversing. Arjun was in his shorts, and I already noticed his huge boner. It exceeded my expectations. I could see the precum oozing out of his shorts. I guess he didn’t wear his underwear.

Arjun covered it with his hands. God knows why this boy is feeling so shy still, and now he asks if we could finish our lunch. Jeez!

Me: Are you going to tell Paul and Sachin that I caught you?

Arjun: Well, you asked me to bring them, so yeah, I was planning to tell them.

Me: I think you should hold that thought.

Arjun (confused): But you said you wanted Paul and Sachin. I thought I was going to watch you all while you do it.

Me: Silly boy, family comes first. (slutty wink)

Arjun: What do you mean, Didi?

I picked up the bowl in which I had transferred the mayonnaise, which came with noodles. I made a mess while putting the noodles in my mouth. The mayo dripped from my lips and fell on my cleavage and a lot more on my tee. I noticed him gawking.

Me: Ah, what a mess. Arjun, don’t you think you should help me out here?

Arjun: Sure, Didi. (Grabs a napkin and tries to clean me up)

I slapped him, threw the napkin away, and stared at him. He understood the assignment. He bent over towards my tee and started licking the mayo off my cleavage. His warm breath and cold skin made me crazy.

I could feel my panties starting to get wet. He was deeply immersed in the moment. I grabbed his dick and balls from the top of his shorts and squeezed it. He jerked and moaned in pain.

Arjun: Ouch, Didi, it’s hurting.

Me: From now on, whenever we are alone, you are my dog. I’m your mistress.

Arjun: OK, Didi (crouching with pain)

I grabbed his hair, lifted his head, and slapped him harder.

Me: What the hell did you call me?

Arjun: Sorry, Ma’am.

Me: Good dog. Now take off your shirt, get on your knees, crawl and follow me to the kitchen.

I could smell his desperation, and the devil in me was activated. I took a handkerchief and stuffed his mouth. The whole scene was straight out of a porn movie. But the devil was not going to be satiated that easily. My not-so-innocent brother was going to be punished in ways he could not have imagined.

I bent over to the bottom drawers, pretending to search for something. I made sure my dog got a good view of my ass. My tight shorts rounded up my ass perfectly, and there was no way this would not entice him. I turned back after a few seconds, only to see him trying to reach for his dick.

I slapped him hard and squeezed his dick so hard that it became red. All I could hear were muffled screams.

Me: Did I tell you to masturbate, dog?

He shook his head. I made him crawl back to the living room, where I spread my legs and sat comfortably on the sofa. My dog was in front of me, staring at me with a terrified yet lusty look.

Me: My dog will obey me, right?

He nodded. I felt pity looking at his helpless situation, and I freed his mouth. By now, my panties were so wet that the smell was reaching my nose from inside the shorts.

Me: Mistress needs to get rid of the shorts, dog. Remove them, but with only your teeth.

He obeyed. Proceeded by putting his mouth on my shorts and tried dragging them by his teeth. I could hear his heavy breathing. I’m sure it was because of the strong scent from my panties.

I helped him remove my shorts by raising my butt. He was ogling at my soft thighs. My heart was racing from what I was about to make him do.

Me: Good dog! Now, you are promoted to the title of a slave. Now you get the gift, be a good slave and remove my panties too. Then the glory hole is all yours.

Arjun: Okay, mistress! As you say.

I could see the excitement in his eyes. He was quick to put his mouth on my panties. Gosh, I could feel his beard poking into my pussy through the fabric. A slight moan slipped out, and he gave a half smile. He sniffed my cum stained, smelly panties and was seductively looking at my pussy.

He started to vigorously lick my pussy. If he had been waiting for this moment for years. Fuck, it was so hot. I could hold myself. I laid back and started to moan. He held both my thighs apart with a firm grip. Suddenly, I felt that he was the master.

Me: I think you have licked it dry. Can you do the same with my asshole?

I asked with some hesitation, and he gave a wicked smile.

Arjun: I would love to do that, mistress!

I didn’t even realise that he was already starting to insert his index finger into the hole while he was speaking.

Me: Oh, my Slave, Arjun. Oh my gosh.

He gripped my thighs and lifted them so hard that my legs were completely in the air. My asshole was wide open for him. He spread my buttocks a bit more and inserted his tongue.

Me: Oh fuck, Arjun, you are so fucking awesome.

Arjun: What happened, mistress? You are not calling me a ‘slave’ anymore.

I was shocked at his confidence. I guess everything’s out in the open now. I became even more horny looking at his raw handling of my soft thighs. He kept pushing his tongue deeper and deeper into my hole. I couldn’t hold myself anymore.

I gave out a huge fart on his face. I was so embarrassed and thought that he would be grossed out.

Me: Oh no, I’m so sorry.

Arjun: Mistress, you’re a dirty bitch, you know that?

He inserted 2 fingers with force. I did NOT see that coming. They went pretty deep, and I could feel the force till my stomach. He kept grinding his fingers, and I was in seventh heaven.

Me: Fuck, Arjun, I’m loving it, but it’s hurting me a little bit. I need to use the washroom. All that sucking and tongue fucking my ass makes me want to take a crap.

Arjun: Mistress, can I join?

Me: Well, you are my slave, sure you can.

I really needed to go. I went to my parent’s bathroom, which is on the ground floor itself. I kept the door open and sat on the toilet seat. Arjun followed and was looking at me.

Me: What are you looking at? Get on your knees, you bastard! And start walking towards me on your fours like a dog that you are.

Arjun: Yes Ma’am!

Me: Come closer!

I pushed his head towards my pussy while taking a leak. Arjun’s face was covered in my pee. I continued to press his head while I took the crap. I now licked my piss off Arjun’s face while rubbing my finger on my asshole without cleaning it.

I took that finger and inserted it in Arjun’s mouth. I then kissed him, and we both spat in each other’s mouth.

Me: Do you like your sister’s ass and all that comes along with it?

Arjun: Yes Mom!

Me: What? Did you call me Mom?

Arjun: Fuck! I meant Mam.

Me: Now that you mentioned Mom, I’ve seen you staring at her ass when she is in the kitchen. Do you want to lick her ass too?

Arjun: Yes!

Me: Will you drink her piss too?

Arjun: Didi! All this talk I can’t take anymore.

Me: Oh, but you never licked my ass clean. Didn’t I tell you I’ll fulfil your fantasy?

I then sat on the floor and let out a stream. I pushed Arjun’s face to the floor and made him lick the golden pool of fresh warm piss. Once he was done, I got on my knees and leaned forward on the toilet seat. I asked him to continue tongue fuck me in the ass and clean it.

Arjun: Didi, I want to fuck your holes, please.

Me: Take my ass for now.

Arjun gently inserted his dick in my ass. It took a few minutes for me to get adjusted. He slowly picked up pace and started fucking me harder. He popped his dick out of it. It was covered in my shit, and I stuffed it in my mouth and sucked him until he came.
We bathed together and lay on our parent’s bed naked, cuddling and rubbing each other.

Arjun: Didi, you mentioned Mom today. Are you attracted to women as well?

Me: Honestly, I don’t know, bro, but yeah, I find her sexy

Arjun: What about Dad? Do you fantasise about him? Because it’s always you or Mom in my head (sometimes both) when I’m masturbating.

Me: Shush! Don’t put thoughts in my head.

Arjun got up and was messing around in our parents’ room. He found Mom’s undergarments and said, “Didi, do you want to sniff this?” I started getting horny again. He threw Mom’s panties at me and moved. Suddenly yelled,
“Holy Shit!”

Me: What happened?

Arjun: Didi look what I found.

I approached him, and there was a hidden camera. Arjun ran to his room to bring his laptop. We removed the memory card from the camera and, copied all the files, then inserted it back. We rearranged the room like we never entered, and both of us went to my room.

We first put some clothes on ourselves and got ready to see what was on the files. My heart was already skipping a beat, thinking I’d witness my Dad’s dick in action and my Mom completely nude.

What we saw left us both with our jaws open. Mom and Dad were having role-play sex. Dad was Arjun, and Mom was me! Listening to Mom say, “Arjun ache se chod apini behan ko,” was just crazy. (Fuck your sister hard!)

After some time, they were cuddling each other like old folks do. And then Mom said, “I wish Arjun and Priya would join us one day.” We both lost it.

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