Lustful Sex story of an Ancient Ruler – Part 6

Suryapratap emptied himself inside Mahalaxmi. Mahalaxmi herself cum hard on his cock due to the wickedness of the situation. Surya taking her in front of Vinodpratap had actually added intensity to her orgasm.

As she came down her orgasmic bliss, Laxmi broke their liplock. She turned to see a weeping Vinodpratap standing on the other side of the mirror. Shame crept through her as her former husband’s eyes wandered along her naked body, glistening with sweat.

She watched him stare with disbelief at her thighs covered with her and Surya’s juices. His gaze travelled higher up to see his wife’s sacred pussy. It held his brother’s flaccid cock, still twitching. Vinod was astounded that his brother’s cock looked thick, even in its flaccid state.

His mouth dried up when he saw the mess his brother created at the entrance of his wife’s pussy. Mahalaxmi’s pussy was drenched and kept leaking of Surya’s cum. Vinod also observed that Mahalaxmi’s breasts had filled out even more than the last time he laid his hands on them.

But Vinod’s heart ached the most at the expressions on Mahalaxmi’s face. When his brother ploughed his huge cock inside her sacred pussy. Vinod couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed it when his brother ravished her pussy. He couldn’t digest that his Mahalaxmi was spreading her legs.

His brother kept sliding his cock in her. He couldn’t digest her kissing him passionately. Raising her buttocks to match his thrusts, letting him cum inside her fertile pussy. So many emotions ran through his heart. He saw his brother remove his cock from his wife’s pussy.

Mahalaxmi’s pussy dropped so much of their combined juices on the ground. Mahalaxmi now felt a little uncomfortable at Vinod’s gaze. She quickly turned around to hug Surya and hide her face inside his chest. Vinod felt a sharp pain at her hugging him.

Surya smiled, cupped her face and began kissing her. She felt his cock rise. “Please, let’s go to our room,” she whispered in between kisses. Surya squeezed her breasts. He once again turned her around to face Vinod and began caressing her breasts.

He moved his hands down and gave her pussy a rub, and began fingering her. Soon, lust filled her eyes. He kept rubbing his cock between her buttocks.
Mahalaxmi closed her eyes, threw her back onto Surya’s chest and began moaning louding.

Surya was squeezing her breasts with his left hand and fingering her with his right. He whispered in her ear to open her eyes. Mahalaxmi refused to open her eyes as she didn’t want to see Vinod watching her. Surya sensed her velvety pussy walls began to clamp on his fingers.

He removed his fingers from her pussy. She let out a big groan in disapproval. “Take my cock and insert it in your pussy, Laxmi,” he whispered, licking the sides of her mouth. She reached behind her and tugged at his cock harshly, and tried to get him in rather hastily.

“I’ll enter you only when you open your eyes, darling,” whispered Surya. Mahalaxmi immediately opened her eyes to catch Vinod watching them with an open mouth.

Mahalaxmi took hold of Surya’s hand, placed it on her breast, and spoke seductively, “Enter your bhabhi, Surya. Enter your child’s mother. “Surya then slowly drove his cock in her pussy. Vinodpratap couldn’t believe how far his brother’s cock stretched his wife’s pussy.

It killed him to see her moaning with satisfaction. She took her devar’s cock up her pussy with his hands clutching at her gorgeous boobs. It killed him to see her turn her head to offer her lips and tongue to her devar. He fucked her from behind with powerful thrusts.

Her breasts bounced wildly with every thrust of Surya’s cock. In a fit of rage, Vinod banged on the mirror wall and mouthed, “Wife, I will kill you.” Mahalaxmi lip-read his words completely. She stopped Surya and turned around. She made Surya lay on his back with his head at the mirror wall.

Mahalaxmi staring straight into Vinod’s eyes, straddled Surya and held his cock up at her dripping entrance. Mahalaxmi slowly impaled on his cock. She maintained her eye contact with Vinod. He slammed on the mirror wall and screamed at her.

The wickedness of what she did make her body go stiff and open her pussy’s floodgates. Her juices literally bathed Surya’s cock. Her pussy walls clamped his cock in a vice-like grip. Surya, too, couldn’t control. He pulled her down against his chest.

Holding her tightly against his chest, he planted his feet on the ground. He began to hammer her pussy with speed. After a while, when Surya finished inside his Laxmi, he realized that she was barely conscious. He smiled and carried her to the bed. He fell asleep, holding her like a baby against his chest.

Surya, by fucking his wife in front of her first husband, made it clear that Mahalaxmi belonged to him now. Surya began being openly affectionate towards Mahalaxmi during the day. He would catch her to taste her lips whenever he saw Vinod watching.

He would kiss or grope her in front of all her maids. Surya made sure Vinod stayed in the same room for another month so that he could see his wife getting her pussy fucked by her brother. Vinod was shocked at the frequency of their fucking.

Surya would easily fuck her 6 times till morning. To his disappointment, his wife Mahalaxmi would happily present her pussy to Surya every time. So many times, Vinod wanted to catch his wife and confront her or even forcefully fuck her. But he was too afraid of Suryapratap to do anything of such sort.

Finally, Vinod got a chance to confront Mahalaxmi. Surya had been out on a horse riding and hunting session. He suddenly pulled Mahalaxmi into a room and began groping her sexy body. Mahalaxmi struggled and eventually pushed him away.

Vinod screamed at her in anger and said he was her first husband. He had every right to her body. Mahalaxmi shot back at him. She warned him that Surya would behead him if he learnt that Vinod tried to force himself on her. Vinod began crying. He requested her to let him take her when Surya wasn’t around.

Mahalaxmi, with anger in her eyes, said, “No matter what, I won’t betray Surya. He’s the father of my child. I love him with all my heart, body and soul. Yes, he took me against my will when you went missing. But before it was dawn, he made me fall for him. I am his now.”

“Don’t you dare even to think I’ll act like a whore and come to warm your bed? Even if I become a whore, I’ll only whore myself out to Surya. One more thing. As we are talking, his hot semen is still flowing down my thighs. That’s how much cum my alpha male keeps dumping in my pussy.”

With that, she stormed out of the room. Vinod watching her getting fucked by his brother gave rise to a kinkiness in Mahalaxmi. Now she would most often than not ride Surya’s cock. Letting her enormous breasts swing wildly as she fucked her new husband with passion.

His cock pierced through her hot juicy pussy and bumped at her cervix. She even learned to give him mind-boggling blowjobs. Surya kept caressing her boobs and fingered her pussy. It was difficult for her to suck his huge cock. She would mostly gobble his balls and suck on them.

One day she even asked him to fuck her asshole. But Surya denied her since he knew his monster cock would hurt her little pink asshole. But Mahalaxmi was adamant that he took her anally. Eventually, Surya gave in and ate her butter-smeared ass thoroughly before he proceeded to enter her.

Mahalaxmi felt like she was being split in two when Surya drove his cock inside her ass. She cried so much through her butt fucking that her eyes were red. He inserted half his length with difficulty inside her ass. But Mahalaxmi kept her buttocks raised.

She pulled her ass cheeks wide and urged him to fuck her to death. Even through all that pain, she enjoyed giving her anal virginity to Surya in front of Vinod. Vinod kept watching his wife getting fucked by his brother every day. He resorted to masturbating later.

Finally, he turned to one of the concubines named Kamala. Kamala was 30, six years older than him. Her body somewhat resembled Mahalaxmi’s, with big round breasts and wide hips. Whenever he moved his cock inside Kamala’s pussy he would imagine himself to be fucking Mahalaxmi.

He would even blabber Mahalaxmi’s name as he ejaculated inside Kamala. Soon, the pattern followed. Mahalaxmi’s belly grew with pregnancy, and here Queen Sudharani once again gave birth to another baby. King Jayasuriya knew it was not his child. He was boiling from inside but kept his mouth shut.

Jayasuriya, seething from inside, chose to remain silent for another 4 weeks. He told himself that once his wife’s pussy was ready for fucking he’ll take her first this time around. He will make sure he impregnated her. He thought this would be the best revenge.

He knew Suryapratap would be when he came to know that his mother spread her legs for his father and let him impregnate her. Jayasuriya’s blood would boil whenever he saw his wife blush like a bride on seeing their son Suryapratap.

One day exactly after four weeks, Jayasuriya decided that he would fuck his wife that night. As fate would have it, even the mother-son chose the same night to have their first post-birth sex.