Fucked college bimbo by doing her homework

Hello! I hope you all are doing well! Do read my previous story about Ayushi, the goth bitch.

Today, I am back with yet another flick from my alma mater – Symbiosis.

As I started my 2nd year at college, things became overwhelming in terms of study. I could cope well, given my hard work. But half the rich brats in my class were struggling. And naturally, nerd-kids did assignments for these wealthy kids in exchange for favours. It could be money, sex, booze, drugs, etc.

We were living in an era where bimbo girls would sneak nerds to the washroom and rock their world. Getting a girl/guy to fuck was never this easy. The story I am going to narrate is of one such memorable favour. I took advantage of a bimbo in exchange for a simple assignment.

Ayushi, my classmate and her flatmate Devika, had become my good friends after our kinky session at their place last year. I helped her in studies and got an occasional blowjob from her in the classroom.

Coming to the story.

It was almost November, and submissions were on the corner. So, all those who feared disappointing their rich parents started to at least attempt to study.

One day, I was playing Call of Duty in the classroom. Ayushi was chilling beside me. Our assignments were done. And we had nothing but to kill time.

Ayushi: What a boring day! Come on, let’s fuck.

Me (still playing): Later, I’ve got to win this.

She got up and yawned. Ayushi looked around and walked up to a guy, Rohan. She started chatting with him. Rohan was the only son of a leading hotelier in Mumbai. He was fat and wore dark-rimmed specs.

But even he was dumb as a brick when it came to studies. Ayushi was bending down on his desk, talking. Rohan was one of those clueless kids who passed on the boundary.

Ayushi wore tight leggings paired with a crochet and an overshirt. Like always, she didn’t fail to show her sharp cleavage to Rohan. I could see her peachy ass from where I sat.

A while later, Ayushi squeezed Rohan’s shoulder and left the classroom. Rohan wrapped his books and shut his laptop. He followed her. Around 10 minutes later, I got up to take a break when I saw Ayushi enter the classroom. Her hair was a mess, and her face was glowing.

And as expected, Rohan came after a while. His specs were a little dispositioned. Ayushi came and sat beside me again.

Me: Rohan? Seriously? Get a life.

Ayushi: Nah! Got him to go down on me! Got licked by his amateur tongue.

Me: So, he didn’t fuck you?

Ayushi: Lol! Didn’t even unzip him. He has blue balls and probably smells of my squirt, hahaha.

Me: What a bitch, hahaha.

Ayushi: Loser he is!

I started packing my stuff. I had basketball practice in the evening.

Me: I’ll see you tomorrow.

Ayushi: Wait. Something I want to tell you

Me: What?

Ayushi: I got a snack for your cock.

Me: So now you want to take me to the washroom?

Ayushi: No, you dumbass. Devika is already humping Anant there.

Me: So, who’s the snack?

Ayushi: Shruti. Ever talked to her?

Me: The chic from Kolkata? Sure, I have seen her.

Ayushi: Have you seen her rack? Those melons are bigger than my ass.

Me: Hahaha, sure they are. So what about Shruti?

Ayushi: She is too desperate to get an A. She is literally giving away her pussy for it.

Me: And?

I was getting hard just thinking about ramming the slut Shruti in the weirdest public places.

Shruti was a Bengali girl in our class. She was around my height, 5.10, with a curvy bust and humongous ass. Her boobs were huge but that ass, uff! It used to jiggle every time she walked.

She had a butt crack so deep that my whole palm would fit in it. Her butt cheeks were round and fleshy like a Latina pornstar. She had thick, short hair till her chin with a couple of braids. Her deep, dead black eyes and dramatic eyeliner would give all the professors a boner.

Ayushi: So, I thought I would send her your way! But-

Me: And the reason for this favour?

Ayushi: Getting you college pussies is my kink, haha.

Me: You told her about me already?

Ayushi: I told her you fuck better than you look.

Me: That I do! Do you want to have a quickie? Now? Parking lot?

Ayushi: Nahh! I came hard on Rohan’s face.

She loved trash-talking.

Ayushi: Now go and talk to Shruti.

Me: Won’t it be hot if she comes to talk to me?

Ayushi: Such a dork.

I took my bag and left the classroom. Around 20 ft in the corridor, I felt like peeing. So I took a turn and went to the boys’ lavatory. I unzipped and started doing my business.

Suddenly, I heard a cute scream from a lavatory cubicle. “Ouch.”

Definitely a girl. In the boys’ toilet. It was a boner-giving thought. I walked towards it and listened.

Girl: Shushh, there is someone out there

And to my thrilling delight, the other sound was also a girl. Woah, two girls doing things in a boys’ lavatory. How hot is that!

Girl 2: Sorry, my hair got stuck in the door.

Girl 1: I hope it isn’t a professor.

I went to the adjacent cubicle and waited patiently for them to get out. In a minute or two, their door opened, and they got out.

I sneaked a peep and saw a familiar ass walking away. It was Devika, Ayushi’s flatmate, who gave me a blowjob in the last story. She was with some other girl. Her huge jiggly ass hugged her shorts tightly.

Me: So you are into chicks, too?

Devika stopped in awe.

Devika: Wtf what are you doing sneaking up on us?

Me: I was doing my business when I heard you. Who was she anyway?

Devika: I was just snogging her. She was a first-year girl

Me: Cute! So cunts and cocks both huh!

Devika: Don’t tell anyone about this, though. I still want to be the boys’ candy.

Me: Nothing comes for free, Devika.

Devika: What do you want?

Me: I want you to send Shruti in and book this washroom for an hour for me. No one comes in and goes out.

Devika: Are you high? Shruti will kill me. And I cannot book this place.

Me: Well, not my problem. Unless you want half the college boys to know-

Devika: Such an ass, and why do you think Shruti will come here?

Me: Umm, because I am going to do her assignment, and she is going to rock me.

Devika: In your dreams, moron. A hot slut like that ain’t in your league.

Me: Just do what I say! She already knows about the deal.

Devika: Ugh, okay, fine.

Devika looked in the mirror and put lipstick in the sluttiest way.

Me: Umm, Devika listen na…

I unzipped my pants and lowered them to my knees. My cock was limp but out of the cage.

Me: Suck me.

Devika: Is that a part of your blackmailing?

Me: It could be, hahaha.

Devika briskly walked towards me, pushed me into one of the cubicles and latched it. She went down on her knees, and I grabbed her pony. She started swirling her tongue around my dick. I was getting hard. Her chilly hands tinkled my balls, and I was hard at once.

Me: Hey, you city bitch. I don’t want this little gentle play.

So I grabbed her hair tight and forcefully shoved my cock in her mouth. I started thrusting. I wanted to climax before I mauled Shruti’s caves. So, I chose Devika’s mouth as the first outlet. She was a blowjob pro.

Me: Oh yeah, like that bitch, I am going to cum.

Devika’s eyes popped, and she increased the tongue game. She was pushing herself on my cock furiously. As if it was the last load she was ever going to taste. With a loud groan, I released all my seed in her mouth. I quenched my hands and cupped her face.

My cock was deep inside her. She was gagging. Only after every last drop of cum was out of me did I let her go. Her mascara was a mess, and she coughed hard.

Devika: Next time, you will have to pay me to swallow you, cutie.

Me: Piss off now. And do what I told you.

Devika: I can’t promise anything, but I will try, hon.

Me: Your choice! I will let the boys know what a pussy sucking whore you are.

Devika: Okay, fine, I will do it.

Devika showed me a middle finger and blew me a kiss as she left the door. Her hair was messed up, and her knees were red. I put my bag on the basin and sat on the pavement, waiting. My libido had resurrected, and I was getting hard just by the thought of savaging Shruti.

Around 10-15 minutes later, the door opened inwards, and with a swift move, a girl came inside. Needless to say – it was Shruti. Prey of the day, haha!

Devika followed her in.

Devika: Hey douchebag. I am going to stand guard outside to make sure no one comes. Finish your business quickly, you two.

Me: And that’s why you are my favourite Devika, haha.

Devika: Fuck off.

She pouted to blow me a kiss and turned around. Devika spanked Shruti before leaving. Shruti convulsed.

Devika: Cum hard, you twinkie.

And Devika finally left. I was still sitting on the basin. Shruti was standing near the door. It was a long lavatory around 20 feet in length. And being a rich college, the washroom was cleaner than a hotel room! Spotless.

Shruti got comfortable and started stretching her elbows cutely. She was wearing a satin button-down white shirt. Her grey bra was visible through her sharp cleavage. Her slender waist was visible under her shirt knot. A floral tattoo ran around her deep black navel.

Shruti had a messy bun hairstyle. Perfect for clutching while face fucking. Her brown knee-length leather skirt perfectly cupped her wide hips and her enormous ass. A goddess such as Shruti with a thin waist, gigantic ass and cuppable boobs is rare to bed.

Me: So, how do you want to do it?

Shruti: Let’s talk business first, hon, hahaha.

Shruti’s strong voice conveyed her bold confidence, clearly articulating her desires. That gave me a harder boner than any ass, and boob could ever give.

Shruti: I have 6 pending assignments, including one research paper. All are due in November last week.

Me: I am listening.

Shruti: You complete those for me, and I will hook up with you! I got a pussy you have never seen before

She put her finger in her mouth and licked it enchantingly. Her one leg was now rubbing the other.

Me: Nah! Such a sad deal.

Shruti: hey, I practically giving you my pussy here.

Me: Well, I have an alternate proposal.

Shruti: What might that be?

Me: Here it is –
1. With each assignment, I get to cum inside you once.
2. I get a handjob or a blowjob whenever I ask, in or out of college.
3. You set me up with another friend of yours.

Shruti: Are you out of your mind? Fuck off.

Me: Suit yourself! All the best in getting an A this semester, hahaha.

Shruti: But that’s not fair. I can’t suck you every time.

Me: A small price to pay for an A on your sheet.

Shruti: But…but I don’t have a friend for you to hook up with.

Me: That won’t be an issue. Let me do your ass for as long as you find me a twinkie.

Shruti started thinking hard. She lit a cigarette and started smoking. Her boobs go up and down with each puff.

Shruti: Umm, okay. I have a counter-proposal.

Me: I am all ears, bitch

Shruti: You complete all my assignments this semester, and you get to hookup with me every weekend. And free blowjobs anytime. Deal?

Me: Ummmm, that should be manageable!

Shruti: Okie dokie! Deal then

She put out her cigarette in the basin. Threw her bag to the side. Started walking towards me while unbuttoning her shirt most sensually. With each button, I could see her grey lingerie top.

She had a smokey cologne. As she paced towards me, I could see more inches of her rack. In moments, she was so close to me that my chest could feel her ferocious breath.

Shruti (in a husky voice): So, do you want a free trial?

Me: You tell me!

I pointed towards my pants. My cock was rock hard and was writhing to get out of my denims. She slowly looked down and bit her lip. Her glistening pale pink lips would devour my cock in no time.

Shruti: Ah, Mandar, should I free you of the pain?

Me: Get on your knees bitch. I want my free trial rough!

Shruti ripped open her shirt and squatted on her knees. I could see her revealing cleavage and a bra whose straps were undone on her elbows. Ufff. I couldn’t wait to spread her apart and plunge in.

Shruti unbuckled me sloppily and shoved my denim down with brute force. It hurt.

Me: Aah, bitch.

Shruti: Aw, does it hurt on your weeny?

Me: Just suck me, you slut.

Shruti looked directly into my eye, and with a pounce, she bit my cock with her greedy teeth. I writhed in pain. She started chomping my dick over my underpants. Her hands were making their way into my buttcrack. Her mouth, passionately making love to my dick and tendering my balls.

Impatient and wild, she pulled down my underwear to my ankle and gulped my cock in one go. Her forehead was touching my crotch! My entire cock disappeared in that whore’s mouth. I was mildly giving her rhythmic pushes. She was making gulping sounds.

Shruti: Gawp, gawp-

Me: You are so good, Shruti. I am going to fill litres of cum in you over the semester.

Shruti looked up with a wicked stare and winked at me while the cock was still stuffed in her mouth. Fluids were oozing out of her mouth and had made their way to her tight cleavage. She had popped one of her boobs out of her brassiere and was squishing it with one hand.

Me: I cannot take it anymore, you slut, let’s get to business.

Shruti pushed me out of her mouth and slurped her tongue loudly. She licked her fingers dry with deadly eye contact. I pulled her in a strong embrace. I nibbled her neck and earlobes alternatively. She had a cute dolphin piercing in her ear.

Shruti: Ah, Mandar, don’t stop, give me that tongue.

I bit and sucked on her collarbone area. She went mad with ecstasy. Her sharp nails are now buried in my back. She lifter her one leg and placed it on the basin pavement. Her skirt stretched, and I could see her thighs till her panties.

I am a fan of black textured panties. I lifted her skirt and caressed her butt ferociously. Spanking, cupping, pinching and fingering. I drilled my one finger in her crack over her panties.

Shruti: Ah, you animal!

Me: You are in for a treat, Shruti.

Shruti (came close to my ears): Fuck me, daddy.

I lifted her in the air, and she wrapped her luscious legs in a brisk slutty manner. I spanked her many times. Once…twice…, five times

Shruti: Ah, Mandar, you dog, keep going. My boyfriend never makes me wild.

Me: You have a boyfriend?

Shruti: Yeah, and I have been cheating on him, hahaha.

She crackled a maniacal laughter.

Me: You slut.

Her whorish ways were making me go mad. I had now slipped palms in her skirt and was fondling her marshmallow-like ass. It was smooth as dough. With a powerful lift, I placed her on the basin, parted her legs tore her panty. She muffled a scream.

Devika shouted from outside.

Devika: You morons, keep it low. I am getting wet here

Shruti: Shut up, you whore, or I will come out and shove a broom up your ass. Let me have him in peace

Her words made me go crazy. I bent and stuffed my face between her legs and into her shaved pussy. My beard must have hurt her.

Shruti: Ah, Mandar, don’t slow down. Wiggle your tongue. Come on, baby.

I circled my tongue all around her tiny pussy. It was spotless with the softest petals. My tongue unfolded her pussy lips and went deeper into her tunnel. She was warm. With every to and fro, my soaked tongue brushed the skin.

Shruti: Uff, Mandar, how do you do it? I will die-

I continued to implore her pussy with my tongue for another 5 minutes. Alternately, I was fondling her inner thighs with my fingers. At times, my tongue and index finger both were fighting for a piece of her pussy. Shruti was spasming in bliss. I could see her getting weaker in legs.

She had let go of her control. Her legs had succumbed to the pleasure and were shivering. I knew she was close. And with a shrewd movement, I withdrew myself from her hole. She was perplexed and angry. Her burning eyes and tensed, sweaty forehead were clearly agitated at me.

Shruti: You motherfucker, get back in here. How dare you?

With a trivial movement, I groped her boob and pulled her to my face.

Me: I own you slut. Now you are going to please my cock like a paid hooker.

Shruti: Uff, Mandar,  You are killing me. Don’t stop now.

Me: Now get down and stroke me

Like a snake, she briskly got down the pavement and pounced on me. Popped both her boobs out of the bra and started stroking me. I could hear the precum gushing. With a commanding force, I groped her hips and turned her towards the basin mirror.

I could see her rhythmic body and horny eyes in the reflection. I bent her to lean on the basin and pulled her ass towards me. I rolled her skirt up and spanked her with rigorous intensity. Her ass shook after each spank. I spanked her atleast 20 times.

She grew weak and let go of her balance. I held her by her waist and untied her hair. Her silky streaks dispersed all over her shoulders and into her cleavage. With a dominant force, I spread her legs wide apart. And ripped her panties. Literally tore them apart.

A shred hung on her left leg. I was in no mood to tease. I put my 3 fingers in Shruti’s mouth and swirled violently. She gagged and spat on them. I lubed her pussy from behind with those fingers and stretched open her hole without any warning.

She shrieked out loud.

Me: Get ready for a nice payback.

Shruti: Don’t tempt me, Mandar, I will bite your cock off. Fuck me like a cheap slut.

With that, I shoved my hard cock inside her without delay. I quenched her hips and held on to the stance. My cock was deep inside her. There was no space between my crotch and her ass cheek. I was at my limit.

Shruti: Aah, fuck, it hurts.

Me: Too late, slut.

I withdrew my dick completely out of her and shoved it right back in. Her chest was convulsing, and her breath grew deeper. I held her shoulder with one hand and pinched her nipple with the other. And insatiably started humping her hard. She had a flat belly, and her back arched with each thrust.

Her entire body shook with every push of mine. I spread her wider and lifted her one leg with my hand. I placed it on the pavement. Her legs were making a 90-degree angle. I got a wider opening, and I leaned on her for deeper pushes.

Shruti: You are so deep, Mandar, animal. Tear me, you motherfucker.

Me: Be ready for a whole semester of this, you whore.

Shruti: You can have me for a whole year, Mandar.  Fuck me everywhere, daddy.

I was aroused to the limit. I pulled her back and pushed her on the floor. She was now lying down on her all fours. I spread her legs on the ground. Her boobs screeched on the tiles and were flattened.

She was like a frog lying on the floor with a messed up bra and a meddled skirt. I was so much into the zone that I inserted a dry finger in her tight asshole. It was so tight that my finger hurt.

Shruti: No, Mandar!

Me: Louder, honey.

Shruti: Mandar, let me lube it.

Shruti spat heavily on her fingers and started swivelling them in her asshole. It was too hard to wait. I pushed away her hand. Spread her legs the widest I could.

I removed my pants and got on top of her. Her back was the silkiest skin I had ever seen. I positioned my cock on her asshole and gave a humongous push. But my cock bounced back and convulsed.

Me: Hey bitch, if my cock does not go in this time, then I am going to shove my water bottle in

Shruti: No, wait, give me your cock.

She reached out to my cock from the front and shook it a bit. She pulled it close to her hole and asked me to push it gently. As I thrust it a bit, she pushed her ass on my cock.

Ufff. It was the most animalistic desire for anal sex I had ever seen. With brute force, I went completely inside her.

Shruti: Gag me, Mandar, or the entire college is going to know that Shruti is hooking up.

I snatched her panties from her left leg and crumpled it into her mouth.

Now, I was completely ready for action. I held her thighs and started thumping mercilessly. One, two, three…eight, nine…

She was teary, and her palms were curling into fists. She was writhing on the floor. I lifted her waist in the air and started thrusting her hard.

21, 22, 23…30…

Me: Shruti, I am going to cum hard in your ass, babe.

Shruti removed the panties from her mouth and coughed. She started screaming.

Shruit: No, you moron, give me more. I want to hurt, own my ass.

I cupped her ass and spanked her loud while still humping her. She was enjoying it.  I mauled her boobs red. She was feebly trying to increase my rhythm.

I increased my speed in her ass. I was seconds away from cumming. But I wanted those eyes to see me cum.

I withdrew cock. Turned her over. She now lay on her back. Still writhing for more. I got up and stood on her. She had already squirted her juices. And was surrounded in her pee.

Shruti was still lying flat on the ground. I stroked my cock furiously. My fluids started gushing in. I bent down on her face. And with a final stroke, I squirted my cum all over her face. Her nostrils, eyes and lips were stained with my seed.

I groaned loudly.

Me: Oh, Shruti, you bitch, .I can go on fucking you for nights.

Shruti: Hmmm, I love you, Mandar. I love your meat.

Me: Now get up and let’s fuck off.

Shruti got dressed up. Breathless. Pantyless.

Shruti: Now now! I want my paper on cultural inequalities done before tomorrow evening.

Me: Jeez. Okay, I will do it.

Shruti came near me. She grabbed my cock and pecked me on the cheek.

Shruti: Hey, Devika, you can come in.

Devika instantly opened the door.

Devika: You guys are animals.

Shruti took her things and left. My cum was still drooling on her skirt. I kept her panty shreds.

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