Consoling my heartbroken brother lead to sex!

I am Priya (name changed), working in a well-known IT company. I always feel guilty about an incident that took place in my life. Hence I have chosen ISS as the platform to confess it.

Coming to my personality, I am 5’7″ tall and my stats are 38-26-36 and I have a fair complexion. Now, let’s go right into the topic.

As said above, this incident happened around a year back when my brother Pranav (name changed) was in his 3rd year of engineering. As for many youth of this generation, love is a part of their youth life. Only a few succeed in a forever relationship while most of them sooner or later remain as history for them.

My brother too fell in the 2nd category. He was a well-built teenager and a handsome guy with an Indian complexion skin tone. He was madly in love with a girl (Bindhu) in his college and had already made up a future with her in his dreams. After a few months, he proposed to Bindhu and she accepted it instantly as if even she was desperate for him.

Their love life was going on smoothly until small fights and misunderstandings began to pop up as in every relationship. As one has to know, egos are the worst reasons in most deaths of relationships for which my brother’s love too was a victim.

This continued for a few weeks where a lot of apologies were exchanged and yet the girl was too egotistic. In a week, there came Bindhu’s birthday for which Pranav planned to make up for their misunderstandings. So he thought to surprise her on her birthday by making a video of their happy moments together, displaying it in front of all his friends on her birthday, and asking her to marry him as he felt he couldn’t live without her.

The next day he went to his best friend (Chethan) who lived alone in a flat, to ask to lend him his room on his girlfriend’s birthday. On reaching his place, he went inside and was shocked to see Bindhu and his friend in a position that no lover wants to see.

Chethan was lying on the sofa wearing only a pair of boxers while Bindu was on him sucking his lips! Pranav felt like he was stabbed by the two most trusted people in his life. He hardly spoke and returned home and was crying.

It was Saturday and I had a week off, so I stayed at home in my room. Mom and dad had gone to a relative’s marriage for which they would be back the next day evening only. I went to my brother’s room as I wanted some JAVA books to refer to a few pieces of information to code my assessment.

As soon as I opened his room door, I found him sobbing. I was shocked when I saw my mom’s saree tied to the fan for hanging someone! I thought there was something very serious happened to him. I literally cried and asked him –


He just came and hugged me and kept sobbing.

Pranav: My life is over. I got cheated. There is no love and no value for relationships.

Me: Putta, please explain to me what happened.

So my brother narrated everything that happened and I too was broken to see the bitterness and pain my brother was going through. He was crying and telling me, “Akka, please look after mom and dad for me, I no longer wanna live”. Then I just hugged him tightly and was telling him –

Me: Please don’t think like that. Mom, dad, and I are there for you.

He was in no mood to listen to what I was telling him. He was just telling me, “I will die”. I was so worried that I shut his mouth by my lips and kissed him deeply thinking that it might bring down his depression. He was uncontrollable and he tried to free himself. In the process, he tore my t-shirt. As I was not wearing any bra that day, my boobs just flashed in front my brother’s eyes!

He without his senses grabbed me, put me down on the bed, and tried to run away. But I feared he would harm himself. So, to not let him do that, I just grabbed him and hugged him on the bed, telling –

Me: Please release all your anger and pain on me, so that you will feel better.

On listening to this, he just stripped my leggings and started to call me, ‘Bindhu’.

Pranav (sobbing): Is this what you wanted Bindhu, you bitch. Take this.

Me: Punish this sis and let your pain and anger on me.

Pranav removed his shirt, pants, and underwear. He started to bite my boobs, and tore my underwear.

Me: Pranavvv..don’ttt.

Pranav: Shut up, bitch.

Me: Okay, treat me like a bitch.

Pranav: I loved you so much, and all you wanted was this, Bindhu.

After which, my heartbroken brother was sucking my boobs, he got his dick near my pussy and at once, he put it all inside and started fucking me. I too now lost my control. Pranav’s tool was so big that it touched all the way to my core. I now just forgot about what was happening and all I wanted was his dick to pound me hard.

Me: Oh yeah, faster.. faster..fuck me and make me all yours..

Pranav: Take this you bitch, ahhh ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhh..

Me: Mmmm.. mmmm.. harder, harder, harder.

Pranav: Ahh ahh ahh ahhhhhhhhhhm..

Me: Kiss meee, Pranav.

Pranav: Shut up you bitch, take this aaah aaah.. aaahh aaahhh..

After 5 minutes of continuous fucking, my brother came inside me. He was exhausted, so fell beside me and slept. Once he woke up, he was better and wept and said –

Pranav: I am sorry sis, and thank you for being with me at the time I wanted the most. Love you, sis.

Then he kissed me on my cheeks. I knew I was not supposed to do it, but at that moment, I felt this was the only way to save my brother’s life.

And this guilt is still bothering me for which I cry at times.


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