A wild night with my nephews

Karan now spread my legs and put them on his shoulders. He took judgement of my pussy with his cock, and in just one push, he slid his entire 7 inch cock inside my pussy. I moaned loudly in pain and pleasure. He kept it like that for a few seconds and now started pumping his shaft in my wet pussy.

Manoj was standing beside the bed, stroking his long hard erect cock. He came on the bed, sat on his knees, and touched his cock head on my lips. Without wasting a second, I opened my lips and took his penis head in my mouth and started sucking it softly.

Rohan was laying beside me with his limp cock. He had fuck my pussy for a good half hour and cum inside me in litres. Karan now started giving me hard strokes. Manoj held my head in his hands and started pushing it on his 6-and-a-half-inch cock so that I could suck it.

Now Rohan again started crushing my huge white milky breast. And said, “Why did you not visit us earlier, Masi? If you visited us earlier, we would never have missed so many opportunities to fuck the most gorgeous woman on this planet.”

My saree was lifted over my belly. My panty was still hanging on my left ankle on Karan’s shoulder. My blouse was completely open from the front. My bra cups were pushed down under my naked heavy boobs. My jewellery was making noise.

It was 3.30 at midnight. Lying in bed, I was getting fucked by my own three nephews after their father had fucked me all night. I have had countless orgasms.

Karan kept fucking me for good 10 minutes after I had sucked him for almost 30 minutes earlier. Now I was feeling his cock swelling and pulsating in my pussy. And with one great shot, he sprayed all his cum inside my pussy.

My pussy was unable to contain all of it. And half of his cum came dripping on my big round voluptuous ass through my ass crack. He was exhausted and panting heavily. I was in heaven of pleasure as I had another orgasm. He stayed on me for some time till his cock came limp.

He took his cock out and lay on the bed near my legs. Now Manoj stopped fucking my mouth. He took his cock out, turned my legs towards him, and asked me to come in doggy style. I got on all four, arching my back and lifting my ass in the air.

Manoj lifted my saree, put his cock on my pussy and started inserting his cock. He slowly but steadily inserted his whole cock in my pussy from behind. I again moaned in pleasure. He now started fucking me slowly but sensually. My breasts were hanging down like a cow.

By now, Rohan had gathered his breaths. Now, he came underneath my breasts and started chewing my erect nipples with his lips. He was now stroking his semi-limp cock and trying to get it hard again. So I told him, ” Rohan beta, give it in my mouth. I will try to make it hard.”

Hearing this, Rohan got on his knees and gave his cock in my mouth. Manoj was now fucking me in a rhythm. He was spanking my ass in between and holding my waist. He was pushing my ass and pussy more on his cock. Juices were still dripping from my pussy on my ass crack and inner thighs.

Manoj fucked me good for another 10 minutes and gave me the hardest strokes. He also now cum inside my pussy which was already become a cum storage for his father and two elder brothers.

By now, Rohan’s cock was hard again in my mouth. He said, “Masi, I have never fucked in the ass to anyone. I had fantasized fucking your ass many times. Can I please fuck your ass?” Even I never got fucked in the ass by anyone before. And I knew it was painful.

I told him, “But beta, my ass is totally virgin. And I have read that it’s very painful to have anal sex. So please fuck me the pussy only, but if you wish, you can drop your cum load in my ass. I will try to bear the pain. But first, lubricate it well with Vaseline.”

He agreed. Karan was also curious. He came with Vaseline. Now Karan also had gathered his strength back. So as soon as Rohan got to my back, Karan came and gave his cock in my mouth. Rohan applied a good amount of lube in my butthole.

I said, “You naughty boys have made your masi a complete cock whore today. Just like your mommy is my son’s bitch.”

Hearing this, Rohan got furious. Without any notice, he pushed his entire cock in my virgin ass. Going straight into my rectum. His cock was the biggest of all. Almost 8 inches and very thick. I screamed in pain. I couldn’t control my tears.

Rohan yelled, “You whore. This is your punishment.”

Karan pushed his entire cock in my mouth and gagged me so that I couldn’t make any noise.

Rohan said,  “We will only let you.go if you agree to give us your pussy every day.” I bobbed my head affirmatively. Karan let go of my head.

Rohan started pulling his cock out from my ass. It is been 2 to 3 minutes since his entire cock was in my ass. As he started pulling it out,, I noticed my ass had become adjusted to his cock.

I said, “Rohan beta, keep it in. I think I have adjusted to your cock now. As my ass was well lubricated.”

On hearing this, Rohan again pushed his cock in my ass. Now he started fucking my ass slowly at first as my ass hole was also gripping his cock tighter than he expected. I again took Karan’s cock in my mouth, and he started to face fuck me.

Seeing all this action, Manoj also got hard by now. He said, “Karan bhaiyya, masi has her pussy free. Why don’t you fill her till Rohan bhaiyya is done in her ass?”

I also liked the idea, as I never experienced getting fucked in all three holes at once. Rohan was fucking me in bareback. Now Karan came underneath me, sliding from the bottom. Rohan was already fucking me in the ass.

Karan now positioned his cock on my pussy and started fucking me from underneath. Manoj now replaced Karan’s cock in my mouth. While fucking me, Karan was also biting and chewing my nipples which was making me even horny.

Rohan and Karan fucked me deep in my adjacent holes. Rohan moaned very loudly. I felt a stream of hot liquid coming out from something very large inside my ass. I also moaned in pain and pleasure at once. Rohan emptied himself in my ass and collapsed on my back.

Karan was still fucking me from underneath. As soon as Rohan took his cock out, Karan, even without telling me, pushed his cock deep into my ass. He started ass fucking me from underneath. I enjoyed it so much, but I felt disappointed for Manoj.

So I said, “Karan beta, this is not fair. You come from behind now and let Manoj come underneath. You have to be fair with your little brother.”

Hearing this, Manoj took his cock out from my mouth and gave a sweet kiss on my lips, saying, “Thank you, masi, you are so caring.” Now Karan came from behind and started fucking my ass. Manoj was fucking my pussy from underneath while sucking my nipples.

Karan fucked my ass deep for another 10 minutes. I was not feeling any pain now. I was enjoying getting fucked in the ass. After another 5 minutes, Karan started fucking me furiously and came in my ass. His cum was even thicker. He kept filing my ass for like 30 seconds. And he stayed inside me for some time.

As with my pussy my ass was also filled with cum. Now Karan got aside, and Manoj inserted his cock in my ass from underneath. I told him, “Manoj beta, you are more lucky than your brothers. Masi is now going to ride you like a cowgirl.”

I now started jumping on Manoj’s cock. Because of this, his cock was going deeper in my ass. I could feel his thick cock head going and coming out of my rectum. I rode him for like 7 to 8 minutes, and he also came in my ass. His cock was standing and pulsating in my ass and spraying cum like a water fountain.

He also finished his cock vein dry. All of those three now gave me sweet kisses on my lips and took me in their arms. We slept like that only till dawn.