Jiva- My First Love – Bike Ride – Part 3

Hello guys! Its Rohan here. I hope all of you have read my previous story, I have received thousands of emails and many requests for real meet ups, I have replied to all of you and met few of them as well, I will share those stories in some other time. Now many of my ISS friends asked me for the continuation of me and jiva sexual life experience. So im narrating our story, i hope many of you have read previous part, if not please read it once for better understanding

So we both successfully had our first gay sex in our life. For many days I was feeling so happy because of the love and affection shown by jiva, one day was enough for me get addicted to him and even same from his side also. He also got addicted for me.

After that day he use to call me daily and we use to chat for hours, we were behaving like hardcore lovers.

After a week we planned to meet again, sexual urge was so high on both of us that we couldn’t control our emotions for a week time, our dick was so hard and horny , desperately waiting for hardcore sex. This time we planned for bike ride and a day stay at hotel near to water falls, we want to explore new things with our sexual life, as we both were guys, there was no problem to roam around any place, nobody was doubting on us that we both were lovers, that is the biggest advantage of being gay, you can enjoy your life to the core.

That golden day came, early morning we started for the falls, which was 150km away from my place, I picked him from his place, I felt happy to see his cute face, he was waiting for me desperately near the bus stand, he gave a tight hug and sat beside me. Our bike journey started, slowly we came out of the city limits, we were going against the morning cool breeze, jiva’s tight hug was making me hot and horny. He was talking about his past experience with me, how he felt last week in the theatre and sexual encounter at room etc. it was nice to listen to these while riding bike.

In the middle of the ride he told I am missing your kiss and feeling like to lock your lip right away, ohhh god if your lover ask a kiss how can you say no? same way I felt but it was early morning and village people were moving around, I was not getting right place to stop my bike, he started begging me, “I cant wait for long rohan, I want to kiss you now, please stop and kiss me”, his words were killing me and I was helpless and scared to stop and kiss him in the public, but I was also waiting to lock my lip to my sexiest horniest hottest babe jiva, Finally we were out of the village limit and we entered kind of forest area.

Jiva got so happy and was waiting for me to stop the bike. I stopped the bike in lonely place and he only removed my helmet and immediately he started giving lip kiss, he was so desperate to lock his lip to mine and I could make out his love and horniness in that kiss, he locked my lips for long, his sweet saliva was making me crazy, my dick was so erect and I was feeling like to fuck him right away, but that was not the right place to do all those, I was scared so started journey again

Now slowly he put his hands inside my pants and his was giving hand job to me, slowly he was massaging my dick and making me horny, but I was bit scared to do romance in the public, but his smooth hands were giving great massage inside my jeans, different feeling for me and both were enjoying the ride and that was the first time I enjoyed, got horny so much while riding a bike, guys you all should try this while riding a bike, really I enjoyed those small bit of sexual touch.

We reached hotel near to the falls and booked room there and then left for falls, we enjoyed for 3 hours, splashed water all over the body we both hugged whenever it was possible, as the falls was over crowded with tourist people, we were unable to do romance, but still we had lot of fun, then we both were hungry but jiva told me that will take food parcel, I will feed you like your wife in the hotel.

I was surprised by his decision, he already accepted me as his husband and he started acting like my wife. Ohh great! I thought I got a horny wife and I was so excited that jiva will entertain me in the hotel and we took food parcel then went to room, jiva went to take bath and told me to wait for 30mins.

I just lied on bed and I was waiting for jiva to come out of the bathroom. To my surprise a beautiful lady came out of the bath room. Ohhh goshhh.. I couldn’t believe that was jiva.

He was looking like a hot bombshell. High heels, transparent saree, sleeveless blouse, red lipstick, eyebrow, kajal, nail polish, artificial long hairs, artificial boobs and completely shaved body. Ohhh god, he was behaving like a hot girl, his looks, walk everything matched to girl. Hmm that moment I felt that I took a right decision to go for bike ride.

I wont forget that hotel, that one day sex life, it was all new, we both enjoyed a lot, I will tell you the rest of the story in my next part.