Jiva- My First Experience In Bangalore – Part 2

Hello ISS readers. Thanks for your overwhelming complement for my previous story (Jiva – My First Experience In Bangalore – Part I) and your response made me to share next part of my story with you all. Those who are new, please read the part 1 story to understand the continuation. Now I will come to the story, in the last part me and Jiva met in shopping mall, had fun in the cinema hall and finally decided to go to my home for the heavenly experience.

We came out of the movie hall and headed towards my home In my two wheeler, on the way we took many things which required for the night like condom, lotion, honey etc. we reached our apartment and in the lift both of us breathing heavily in the excitement as we both were eager to see naked and I was dreaming to fuck his big ass with my black 7 inch fat dick.

We reached our flat, we entered the house and i locked the door and within a second i grabbed him and started kissing him passionately, I was kissing his upper lip for a minute and slowly started biting his lower lip (he has a soft lusty lips) and both of our tongue touched each other, that is we called as French kiss, that thrilled me and we started playing with our tongue, it went on for 5 mins and our saliva exchanged and while kissing only my hand went his back and grabbed his smooth ass and started pressing it, ohhh god first time im doing with a guy without any shy, then slowly my hand went inside his pant and touched his bare ass and moved my finger down and surprised that there were no hair, he has shaved it completely, he was a clean and neat guy, then i was started caressing his ass while kissing his lips and we were in different world, he was enjoying a lot and we were not in a mood to leave the lip lock, kiss is magical thing and it has the enormous power to hold 2 people each other, I loved it.

Then we detached after the 10mins of long kiss and both of our lips was red, looks like hardcore lover, we smiled each other, he hugged me tightly, that confirms that he too enjoyed the kiss that was a memorable kiss of my life.

Then I showed him my 1bhk house, he liked it, then i told him we have full night to explore our first sex encounter, so first will take a fresh bath and will go out to have dinner then after 9pm onwards will start our romantic journey, but he felt so depressed for that and in a low voice he begged me that “im so excited and eager to see your dick and wants to lick it nicely to give a satisfactory blowjob. I can’t wait for 2 more hour, please allow me now,

After that we can go for bath and finish rest of our work”. I liked his humble request; I agreed and felt happy that i got a loving boy friend who can fulfill my desire nicely. he kneel down and unhooked my pant, by that time we could able to see a big bulge over my underwear and his eyes become widened and he removed underwear and happy to see hairy black color big cock.

Felt so happy to show my manly dick which other guy is dying to give blowjob, he opened his lusty mouth and passionately touched tip of my dick with his tongue, ahhhhhhhhhhh current passed over my body, first time one guy is licking my dick and i felt like flying in heaven, slowly he started licking, that only shows his experience in giving blow job, lucky to get a guy like jiva, he moved the foreskin of my dick and taken pinkish tip in his mouth and started moving up and down then increased the speed, I never expected blow job will be so nice and thrilled. ahhhhh.. loved the way of his licking.

He licked for 15 mins, he was thoroughly enjoying the act, he was licking my dick like a hungry kid licking a ice candy, i told him im going to cum, he said to cum in his mouth only, as he don’t want to waste a drop my cum. wahhhh what a lover, he was completely hypnotized for me, felt so lucky to get Jiva in my life. I discharged my hot cum in his mouth and he ate it nicely, he lay down on the sofa with a satisfactory smile on his face. That was our first successful blow job.

I had fresh bath and i was getting ready to go for dinner, jiva finished his bath and came out of bathroom half nakedly in his towel, hmmmmm again my dick got hard by seeing his fair body, i went close to him and lifted him to the bed and started kissing his neck and then lip kiss for 2 mins, he started laughing, i asked him why? he said you strictly told me not to have sex before dinner, but now you are in a romantic mood, I never expected you love my body so much, again he started smiling, i liked his smile, dimple, childish behavior. i said that im your boyfriend and i hope i have all the rights to romance with you, he smiled again, hugged me and told “yes dear you are my hero”.

We went to a restaurant and nicely had dinner, both were so excited, we rushed back to home, i locked the door and lifted jiva from the hall, directly to the bedroom. again our marathon kiss started and jiva started unhooking my shirt and he went down, started kissing over my neck, shoulder, chest all over my body, ahhhhhhh he started biting my nipples, it was so exciting, then he unhooked my pant and made me completely naked, and praised me for my well build body,

Even i made him completely naked, first time i saw him completely nude, he had a small cock and there was no hair on his body, completely shaved, no pubic hair as well, as im a TOP in gay sex I was not interested about his dick. he started sucking my cock passionately for 10 mins and my cock got rock solid and i told him, don’t waste the time, i will show you heaven, go and get the condom, he got coffee flavored condom from my bag. I wore it and asked him to sit in a doggy style, i slapped his ass, widened it, all my sex video, ISS gay sex story explanations came to my mind, it was my first time but still i was behaving like a experienced guy.

I slapped his ass again and spit on his asshole. both were so excited, slowly i started inserting my dick, it went little bit inside, i tried again but it dint go further, as my dick was larger it was not going inside his small asshole,

Then i applied some lotion to my dick over the condom and applied to his asshole as well, then again i tried… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it went inside slowly…. slowly… slowly… ammmm succeeded.. first time. im fucking a guy in my life, my dick is entered a guy’s asshole successfully, dream come true, great feeling. jiva started moaning, that made me horny, i started increasing my speed. wav dick was going inside quiet easily, he was crying in pain, tears came out from his eyes as well, he was moaning and telling ohhhh my god… ohhh my god, I dint show any mercy for him, i dint stop, i slapped his ass again and pumping fastly, it went on for 10 mins, those were the unforgettable time of my life.non of the drinks or any drugs give such thrill and kick. loved it. finally i cummed outside and we both fell apart. my first fucking experience completed in 10 mins.

We both were so tired, may be because of my first time, tension, over excitement everything made us so tired and both of our body was so hot, we lay down on bed by smiling each other, felt like our mission started successfully. we took rest for 20 mins, then he showed his red color turned asshole, even my dick was red, we laughed at each other. So soon he became my bitch.

Although we were tired by first session, we were so thirsty for sex, again my dick got up by seeing his ass, this time he told me to fuck him without wearing condom and want me to cum inside his asshole. it was his dream to take hot cum inside, he was such a naughty bitch, loved his expectation. as i knew only doggy style i asked him to lay on doggy style and inserted my bare dick in his glory hole, it went bit easily, yeahhhhhhhh……. i love fucking a guy in the absence of condom, it was giving a nice feeling, he was continuously moaning in pain that fuck me……… fuck me hard……… ohhh my god…………… it real fun, im loving it, fuck me darling……….. love you love you a lot…….. fuck me, fuck me hard………… his each words encouraged me and made me so hornier, it went close to half an hour and i cummed in his asshole as his wish. he felt so happy for that. even I felt happy and relaxed, then he came up and hugged me and kissed my lips, we both slept nakedly.

In the early morning i got up suddenly because jiva started sucking my dick and i got horny by that, we were not satisfied by the previous fuck, 3rd time we had sex, it was a marathon fuck, slowly and passionately I fucked him, then i lifted him and took him to the bathroom, we had romantic bath, he got dressed up, but both were not comfortable in walking, haha… hope you know the reason for that. Then he praised me for my sexual urge and thanked me for the wonderful night and assured me that he will come again and again, even i was happy to continue the relationship with him and as he had college that day he left the home.

It is bit difficult to explain so nicely as im not a good writer, hope you all enjoyed this, after that day we met many times and we explored many things i made him as a cross dresser, fucked him in different angle in different place, we had done many kinky stuffs as well. guys Comment on this story below