Jiva – My First Experience In Bangalore – Part 1

This is Rohan, 26 year old, well build bisexual guy stays in Bangalore, and I’m reading all kind of stories in this site but never had interest in gay sex. But one social site made me to think about gay sex, inspired me and helped me to explore fun of gay sex. Yes, now I proudly say I’m bisexual and I enjoy every bit of sex life. The man who inspired me to enter gay world is Jiva. Yes I found Jiva on a social site. He is 18 year old, 5.7 inch tall, girly look guy with a past gay sex experience.

1 year ago, I was very much active on a social network site and one night I got a message saying ‘hi’ and I replied to that guy (Jiva). He was attractive. We started chatting and slowly we came to know about each other and became good online friends.

We started chatting daily and became very close and one day Jiva sent me a video link and asked my opinion and it was a gay sex video. It was new for me and I felt quite a strange feeling because till that day I was interested only on girls and that video disturbed me. So I replied him that it is kind of strange and boring act video so I didn’t like that. he replied saying that it will be much more fun in doing it in real and I have experienced and addicted to that and you definitely love that.

Those words made some vibration in me and asked him what experience you have? He started sharing his past affair with his friend, now he is in USA, how romantically they both enjoyed and showed some of their pics also. That excited me and made me to think about having sex with a guy and from that day we started talking about gay sex and every day we use to do role play of brothers, friends, driver, uncle etc. and I started reading stories in this site as well and started dreaming about gay sex. My dick use to get hard whenever I think about gay sex and which influenced me to start gay sex in real.

One day we decided to meet in a shopping mall for the first meet. I went to that place I got shocked to see such a beautiful girly looking guy. He smiled at me and shook my hand, his hands were so smooth and I looked at his face. Fair smooth chubby face with pink lips and observed that he has huge ass. I started thinking many things and my dick got erected high time. We decided to watch a movie and went to the cinema hall while entering my hand touched his ass. ahh so smooth ass he has, felt so happy for that and we sat in last row. Very few people were sitting here and there.

Movie started and we started talking in a low voice and suddenly he placed his hands over my thighs. Ahhhhhhh first sensual touch by a guy. I smiled, he too smiled back, he started caressing my thighs and slowly moved up and moved his hands inside my pant, and I love that. First time a guy touching my dick! I felt like in a dream come true and forgot about the movie.

Slowly he cupped my dick inside the pant and his smooth hands made my dick erected. He started moving his hand up and down and whispered in my ear that you have a huge dick and I love to hold it in my hand. I just smiled. Then he told me that he is feeling like to lick my dick. I told him even I felt like to bang your ass but not here, people may watch us, will do it in my room. He agreed for that.

Lights were on for the interval break and we went to washroom to pee. While urinating also he was looking at my dick. I felt difficult to pee because of hard erected dick. I was looking at his pink lips that made me feel horny, when coming back to hall. We just entered the door and it was bit dark and I pulled him towards me and locked his lips with my lips. His saliva tastes good and sweet. He got surprised by that and hugged me tightly and said he loves it. Then we went back to the seat and continued watching the movie.

As the second half of the movie started as usual his hand went inside my pant and we got dare enough to unzip my pant and took out my dick. My dick was dancing in that theater and felt excited to show my dick in a public place, but it was dark so no one could able to see, then he started caressing it so nicely. Within an hour he was addicted to my dick and he looks so excited while moving my dick up and down. He told me that you have a larger dick and my asshole will be so happy tonight to take this precious dick inside.

We both started dreaming about the night. He made me to cum in 20 min. Cum fell on his hands and he never felt hesitated to eat my cum, I was surprised to see a guy who is in love with me and my body and I felt so relaxed after the masturbation and till the end of the movie his hands were inside my pants only. Then we came out and decided to explore more and we both were so excited.

I felt so happy that his all the actions were resembles a girl. Walking, speaking and smiling style. I liked him. We had lots of fun in my room and we went to other places too. I will continue the story my next part. That story is filled with surprises and adventures. If you like my story then mail me to