Banged A Hi-fi Prostitute In Open Balcony

Hi to all ISS readers this is Varun back to share my another experience and for those who don’t know me I am Varun 23 years old guy from Chennai 6 feet tall average body and have a 6 inch tool and I thank you for all your response for my last story. Any ladies can contact me through [email protected]

This is my experience of me fucking a prostitute. Now coming to the story I have always had a desire of fucking a high profile prostitute in a nasty and a forceful but I feared it was risky but finally decided to do it and searched for call girls in online and finally found a girl named Sunita who charges 20,000 for a night and it was after a very tough negotiation and finally booked her for a night and asked her come to a hotel and she came to the and that’s the first time I saw her. She was in her late 20s tall like a horse and very fair skin tone and have a great structure of 36-30-38 wearing a tight shirt and a tight jeans were her full big ass was looked very sexy she is all worth of money we spend and we had a coffee and I said lets go to the hotel room and she came with me.

When we entered into the I can’t wait and immediately locked the door and hugged her tightly and planted a deep kiss in her lips and licked her lips and took her tongue out and sucked it and shaved it with my teeth and she is too started to suck my tongue hard and I bitted her nose and pushed her towards the bed and tied her both hand and legs into the bed and removed my shirt and said that that you have to show some resistance otherwise I will not pay and she agreed and started to resist and when I tried to kiss she was turning her head and I didn’t leave and got her head with my hands and kissed her hard. She was raising her body like a subway and I sat on her hip and kissed her hard and started to remove her shirt and she was wearing a tight white bra.

She was shaking it like a jelly cube and I can’t wait and removed it immediately and saw her big boobs wobbling and it made me more horny and took both in my hands and crushing it and she was resisting by shaking me off from her body but I didn’t leave took one of her boobs in my mouth and started to taste it hard and started biting her nipples and she was screaming and abusing me with the bad words and I didn’t stop and kept sucking her big boobs. I saw her very clean arm pit and sucked and licked her all over her arm pit.

Then I removed my pant and underwear and took my bad boy out and sat on her face inserting my whole penis into her mouth and jumping on her face and she bitted my penis but it was more pleasure than pain and kept doing it and she also slowed her resistance level and she was sucking all of my jizz and she was very good at it and it was the fucking best blowjob that I ever had and I took my penis and jazzed all over her boobs and massaged her big boobs by using my jizz as a lubrication. She completely stopped her resistance then slapped her in the face with my penis removed her pant and she was wearing a black transparent panties and I spited on it and licked it and rubbed my nose all over her panties and removed her panties too.

I saw a very clean pussy and a very wealthy ass and I can’t wait and started to lick her pussy and started to chew and she started to mourn and turned her over and saw her nice ass and it made my penis even hard and started to lick her ass hard and chewed it even hard and started to slap it hard and started to play drums in her ass and I wanted more of that ass and rubbed my penis in her ass and jazzed on her and massaged her.

Then finally untied her and I laid on the bed and said do your magic and Sunita raised and sat on my hip and laid on me were her big boobs were pressing my chest very hard and she was also kissing me very hard and she was rubbing her boobs very tightly in my chest and she slowly came down to tummy and kissed all over my tummy and she inserted her tongue into my belly button and licked it very hard and slowly came to my penis and took it in her hand and stroked it very hard and applied all my jizz in her face like a face cream and she took my whole penis into her mouth and sucked it like a straw and she came to my balls and slapped it with her tongue.

She inserted her fingers into my ass pumped it and she jumped on me and again kissed me hard. I again tied her in the bed in the position of a dog and took my penis and covered with condom and inserted into her wealthy ass and pumped it hard and she is too mourning very hard and I didn’t stop and kept pumping my full penis into her ass. Then I always had a desire of fucking some in balcony were we can have the view of the city too and it looked like a perfect time and were it was almost 2 in morning.

I raised her and took her to the balcony made her look the view and hugged her from the back side and insert my dick into her penis and pumped it hard were in standing position and pressed her boobs simultaneously and kept pumping it and fucking her in a open balcony made me more horny and fucked her hard. Then got her to the bathroom and I sat on the bath tub and she sat on my penis and jumping like a money and we fucked for almost 15 minutes and we did sex 3 more time and we didn’t sleep that night and in the morning we had a small sex and I paid her and she left. She was worth every penny that I have spent. Thanks for reading my story and all readers can drop their opinions through