Hot wife Esha Surprise Hotel Sex – Part 2

Hello, my dear ISS Readers. I am Esha Shah, female, 36, and married. Please read my previous encounters to know more about me.

I took out my phone and tried calling him, but he did not answer. I was getting worried. I tried him 3 times, but no response. The crowd started feeling me in this skimpy dress. I was starting to get tense.

Just then, I got a Whatsapp message on my phone. It was from my hubby. My hubby said he felt different after seeing me with 3 unknown guys on the bus during our trip to Shimla. And the sex we had last night, it was peak pleasure.

He said he wanted this sexual life to remain at this peak much longer. I replied to my hubby, “Anything for you, darling.” I then asked him what he wanted me to do now. I was standing outside the metro station, looking like a slut. I told him that, yes, I was enjoying the stares that I was getting.

Luckily, no one approached me for sex. But I didn’t want to be looked upon as a Randi standing there. He then replied to me with a laughing emoji. And his next message was that I was going to be a Randi that night. To which I replied with a surprise emoji.

He then sent me a hotel location and asked me to take a cab/auto. He also told me to buy some packets of condoms from a medical shop on the way. I replied with a thumbs up and asked him what the scene was tonight. While awaiting his reply, I got a naughty thought and decided to take an auto.

The hotel’s location was about 20 to 25 minutes which was a good time to tease the auto driver. I called for a nearby auto which some middle-aged guy was driving. He must be in his late 30’s. He came and was stunned to see me. He must have got a pretty good hard-on.

I told the auto driver about the location I wanted to go. In between, I needed to buy some medicines at a medical shop that came in the way. But he was lusting me from top to bottom. I again asked him whether he would come or not. To which the auto driver replied in affirmative.

I asked him the charges to drop me there. Usually, it’s around 120 to 150 rupees. But the auto driver was lustful, so he asked for just 50 rupees. I immediately agreed and sat in the auto. He adjusted his side view mirrors to view the centre of the seat where I was seated.

I responded to his desire. I sat in such a way that he got to view me from my head to right below my cleavage. He was driving the auto only between 20 to 25 kmph and was mostly on the bumpy side of the roads. No prizes for guessing. He was going through the bumps deliberately to enjoy my jiggling boobs.

The auto driver was enjoying the hot rear view. My hubby replied, asking me how long it would take me to reach the hotel. I replied in another 20 minutes. I again asked him what the scene was tonight.  He replied that one of his South Indian clients, Mr Naidu is in Delhi for business.

My hubby told me that his company and 2 other companies are competing for Mr Naidu’s business. My hubby said that getting Mr Naidu’s business will greatly help him in his promotion. He added that he connected directly with Mr Naidu after a common friend connected them.

My hubby had the upper hand. Mr Naidu is a south Indian coming from Andhra. He would be alone in the room and was seeking some company for the night. I asked my hubby how he knew Mr Naidu was seeking some company for the night.

He replied that Mr Naidu didn’t inform him about this. The common friend who connected them told him. The common friend had told my hubby to take this opportunity and strike the deal. I said Ok to my hubby and then asked why I was involved in this deal.

I then just glanced at the auto driver. He still was driving at 20 kmph and was enjoying the rearview. Just then, we came near a medical shop. I asked the auto driver to stop for a while to buy some medicines (condoms). The auto driver stopped the auto, and I got down and went to the medical shop.

I got 2 packets of condoms and a lot of attention from the sales guy. I came back and sat in the auto. My hubby then replied that he involved me for 2 reasons. He can’t trust any escort service for this work. He will lose the deal if the escort doesn’t satisfy Mr Naidu.

My hubby has seen me giving ultimate pleasure to 4 people (3 strangers and my hubby) in one night. Two, the wild sex we had last night. He wants sex like that to continue between us. Making my hubby proud made me happy. So I asked him, “How many do you want me to satisfy tonight?”

My hubby replied that he was waiting for confirmation from his common friend. I replied that he is sending me there without even knowing how many people would be there. My hubby asked me to ping him once I reached the hotel and to wait in the lobby for confirmation.

He asked me to leave my cover at the reception and not to take it upstairs. I replied ok to my hubby. The auto driver has now reached my destination. It was a five-star hotel. So I paid 50 rupees to the auto driver and started walking into the hotel compound.

I overheard the watchman asking the auto driver where he had picked me up. To which the auto driver laughed. The auto driver and the hotel watchman were lustily watching me move towards the lobby gate. I reached the lobby, handed over my packet to the receptionist, and told him to keep it there.

The lady receptionist asked for my room number. I replied that I would share in some time. So she asked for my name, and I told her I was Esha. The receptionist took the packet and kept it in the luggage room with my name. I pinged my hubby that I was in the lobby and was waiting for his instructions.

I went and sat on the sofa in the lobby. I got a reply from my hubby saying Mr Naidu was ready for me in his room. I asked if he alone or if he has some company. My hubby replied that Mr Naidu was alone in the room. I asked what my task was tonight.

To this, my hubby replied that the task was very simple. I have to go to Mr Naidu’s room no. X and stay with him for the night. During the stay, I must satisfy him completely per Mr Naidu’s wishes. I replied with a thumbs-up emoji and started moving towards the room.

While in the elevator, I got another message stating that I should switch off my phone before entering the room. I asked if I could keep it on silent mode for safety reasons. My hubby replied ok. I reached the floor and went towards the room. It was in the corner. I reached the room door and rang the bell.

Hi, guys. I hope you like it till here, wait for the next part. It will be posted soon. Till then, enjoy reading this.