Chennai Husband And His Erections – Part 8

The next day, in one quick tap, I set off the alarm before it made a loud noise.

Gosh, it was already 6:00 am and it was my birthday and I woke up with a red eye. I should have slept better (thought to myself). The reason I didn’t sleep well was the haunting question that was running through my mind from last night. “Why did Gayathri deliberately push the glass jar so it breaks and she did not attempt to catch it?”. But I kept asking myself if she could do it or if she had her own fantasies just like me.

Krishna: Hey sleepy head, good morning! Wake up.

Gayathri: Many more happy returns of the day. Hope you have a nice day ahead. Go, get ready and wake me up once you are done with your shower.

Gayathri with a little smile on her sleepy face adjusted her hair and tied it in a bun and sat on the side of the bed looking at me. Her eyes followed me as I walked from bed to closet.

Gayathri: Did you wash your hair properly? Your shower felt quick.

Krishna: Oh is it? Maybe. No, wait, you are right. I am actually quick to finish the bath because I have something to ask. How does it feel now after the kitchen incident and mall, are you good?

Gayathri: I felt nervous but at the end of the day, it was fun for you which is all that matters. I know how good it felt from the quickie we had back in the mall. But I am more interested in learning how you felt about last morning.

Krishna: I liked it and actually loved it.

I thought it was now or never and I just went on to ask.

Krishna: I was just checking the recording last night which I set up yesterday for capturing our best moments.

Gayathri: A recording of what, dear?

Krishna: It’s just for memories, not a big deal. I wanted to tell you beforehand, but it will make you more nervous so I didn’t.

Gayathri: Ok, what about it?

Krishna: Would you mind telling me how the jar was dropped?

Gayathri: Actually, I was going to tell you after Subbu left for Bangalore. But since you asked for it anyway, I will tell you now. It was my adrenaline rush that took control over me at that moment. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Krishna: I can understand and can relate to it how it feels when the risk kicks in and things lose out of our control.

Gayathri: You do?

Krishna: I think I do understand that we can develop some feelings over time while we live out our fantasies or others.

Gayathri: Are you mad at me for showing him more than what you asked?

Krishna: Why would I be mad I would love to show you off. The question is, do you blame the rush feeling you got at that moment which exposed you more or did you like it?

Gayathri: I don’t know exactly, but a strange feeling took me over ever since you mentioned that he was eye-eating me at our wedding and I am also aware he was attracted to me from the day we met from his long stares.

Krishna: How come you never told me he looks at you that way?

Gayathri: Like every other girl, I just ignored a lustful preying eye looking for a chance to devour womanhood. I particularly noticed him because he felt out of the ordinary on our wedding day getting caught a million times staring at me non-stop.

Krishna: Oh, did he? Pervy bastard. But that does not explain why you have to take one extra step to please him more.

Gayathri: How do I explain? Well, here is the thing. I hope you can relate to it. Did you know that you have voyeuristic thoughts until you have experienced the Milkman episode?

Krishna: No, I did not. It was the key to a rabbit hole full of kinks I started to develop we both knew.

Gayathri: So somewhere you lost yourself completely when it comes to exhibiting me revealing clothes and you were at a point now asking me to bare all nude to a friend. Likewise, I didn’t know exposing myself to someone who is already dying to stare at me unlocked some kind of showing-off tendency in me. I feel strong itching in me when I realized I can cause big bulges in his pants. I hope you understood my situation.

Krishna: So, it seems if you knew someone likes to admire your body you get this rush in you to show more of you and enjoy looking at their erections?

Gayathri: I think so. That is what I can think of in my peculiar situation.

Krishna: I feel very thrilled that you developed some of your own exhibitive thoughts and I am totally with you. After all, that is what I am more interested in all along.

Gayathri: Since you are aware of my newly developed desire, how would you like to play the game? Do you think we should stop all this and go back to a routine like we used to before? Because if we do proceed further, there might be more surprises that we might run into eventually facing tough situations.

Krishna: I don’t think we will ever run into that situation as long as we are open and loyal to each other just like you told me now. I am hundred percent all in this game even if it means you wish to please someone you like physically.

Gayathri: What do you mean? I will never do that. And don’t even think of it.

Krishna: Hey, I am not asking you to do it. I am just reassuring you if it is even to that extent I would still be ok and devoted to you. I am just trying to prove my love to you, dear.

Gayathri: Good to know, but that was a bad example. Let’s focus on the day. Go check on your friend.

I laughed and thought how lucky I was to have such an understanding wife.

Krishna: Go, get ready and let’s have some fun with that pervy bastard. Let’s see how can he lust for you without getting caught by me. Can you tease Subbu to an extent where he should excuse us and go to the bathroom to relieve his hard-on? I will leave it to you how you do it.

Gayathri: Are you sure about this, dear?

Krishna: I am waiting. See if you can wear something we bought from the mall yesterday.

Saying that, I left. Gayathri went to take a bath. I got the leverage to push her further into it because now I knew she liked to have admirers now. Then I went to see what Subbu was doing

Krishna: Hey dude, are you awake?

Subbu: Hey, birthday boy. Happy birthday to you. Seems you are ready already.

Krishna: Ya, I am. What about you, getting ready? Seems Gayathri needs some help from you in decoration. Hope you don’t mind.

Subbu: Hey, I don’t mind. I offered her help yesterday if you remember. I am happy to help. Let me get ready.

This fellow face became bright when I mentioned Gayathri’s name. Seems he was excited too as much as I was, of course, both of us had our own reasons to get excited.

I and Subbu had a casual chat while we had coffee. Then I heard the anklets sound coming towards the hall. I kept my eyes wide open not to miss how she looked and what would be Subbu’s reaction.

Gayathri: Hey, both having a nice time? Do I have some coffee left over?

I and Subbu both were kind of awestruck with the beauty of elegance standing in front of us. She made sure she was not doing what we planned to look obvious. Instead, it was what a modern wife wears casually at home. She knew I was impressed already with the non-stop stare from me. I wondered what Subbu was up to. As innocent he tried to look away, he just couldn’t keep his eyes away while he pretend to be reading a newspaper.

Gayathri: Hello boys, I asked you guys a question. Why so silent?

Krishna: Dear, take the seat. I will bring coffee for you in a minute and Subbu, why don’t you give company to Gayathri while I reheat the coffee?

Subbu: Hmm hmm, yes yes of course, please bring her coffee. Good morning, Gayathri. What is the plan then? Krishna told me you needed some help.

Gayathri: Yes, I do. A couple of things actually. We need to…

As they continued to talk about decoration, I couldn’t help myself not looking at her blossoms even though I had seen them directly thousands of times. She had killer looks. It was a short sleeve knee-length dress in turquoise color, that runs multiple golden color buttons from the color bone and ends just under the bust. It was supposed to be a good outdoor picnic dress with sheer fabric as a top layer and a second inner layer of luxury satin that finishes the whole summer dress look. The satin which covers almost all of the dress except the shoulders was missing, and it was replaced by a very short thigh-length nightgown from last night’s shopping. The purpose we bought the nightgown was just for comfortable sleepwear.

The crochet style floral lace attachments at the top of the nightgown act as a bra, and white satin covers till hip length and with the same crochet style lace stitched as an attachment again with the hemline ending with wave patterns barely covering the ass. She left some buttons open just before the cleavage started to show up.

The noodle straps holding the top lace seem under heavy load, because as the lace stretches, it was not giving any support to her boobs. As a result, the lace became see-through because of the florals stretching as the weight of her boobs just suspended freely in lace with only straps as support without an actual bra.

At this point, I was not sure if my wife went commando (no underwear) or not. She did the mix-match of clothes very well and one cannot argue she did this on purpose because they blended well together giving a nice homely look as any wife would wear with sheerness as exclusion.

“Beep Beep” as the microwave signaled the coffee was ready to be taken out. I wasted no time rushing back to the table so as not to miss any show.

Krishna: Take the coffee dear and also let me know what I can help you with.

Gayathri: You just enjoy the show I am putting on.

Krishna: What?

I thought to myself how could she boldly say enjoy the show with a revealing dress? Did she forget that Subbu was right next to us? He could easily figure it out as he was not dumb.

Gayathri: Hello dear, why the question-mark face? I am talking about the Netflix show you started to watch.

There you go, my wife turned the plates right away. What a tease she was now. Well played. I could figure it out from her smile of course. Talking about the tease, I could easily figure out she was not wearing a bra although the nightgown material looked like it. At least, I knew she was not wearing a bra because of the lovely nipples protruding from the fabric and the areola brown patch fading towards the edges as the lace cloth canopies on top of the nipple tip.

Subbu might be enjoying the view. I wondered what his little brother was doing in shorts. Hope she got a peek at Subbu’s bulge for the effort she is putting in now. I should not let him go to the restroom to let him jack off at least till the beginning of the party.

Krishan: Ok, I will be here. Just call me if you need anything else.

I left to watch the TV and I could hear them talking in the dining room and also could see from where I sat. Once she was done with coffee, she asked Subbu to go and get the decorative items from the car trunk. As he left to get them, Gayathri in rather a low voice, just so that I could hear from where she was stirring in the dining chair turned towards me along with the chair pointing to me.

Gayathri: Dear, are you liking it so far?

Krishna: For sure. You are now full of surprises and I am excited. Can you undo some more buttons just so the boobs can breathe a bit?

Gayathri: I can do but you might have noticed the fabric is already breathable and I can feel the breeze from the AC sweeping in.

Then she undid two more buttons as requested which started showing a beautiful valley line between her melons. She jiggled her blossoms up and down with a naughty smile and began spreading her legs apart. While I was eager to check if she went commando or not, she quickly crossed her legs as Subbu stepped in with the decorative items.

Krishna: It’s not only me who needs to see what you are hiding under, right?

I spoke it a bit loudly so that my friend Subbu could also hear. Gayathri blushed and covered her mouth with a hand to hide the embarrassment.

Subbu: Here you go, Gayathri. This is all from the trunk. Let’s start it then. And what is hiding under what I need to know?

Gayathri: Hey, it’s nothing. He is just kidding that I was hiding his gift under some furniture. But I didn’t.

Subbu: Do I get to see it before he does?

Gayathri: I am not sure, ask Krish.

Krishna: Why do you need my permission? If you want to show you can, I have no problem. After all, you are the commander of the house and you are hiding it from us.

Gayathri’s laughter broke out listening to me saying, ‘house commander’ and Subbu had no clue that we were talking about Gayathri’s pussy.

Gayathri: Lol, funny you. Both will get to see the gift when the time is just right.

Subbu: Gayathri, what should we start first?

Gayathri: Let’s blow the balloons first. Here take this seat so we can split colored balloons so we can finish it quickly. There is only one balloon pump to use.

Subbu: It’s ok, you can use the pump.

Gayathri: Hey, I am fine. I got used to it from previous party setups.

Subbu: Ok, then.

Subbu got lucky Gayathri would inflate the balloons using her mouth which means lots of deep breaths which could cause cloth material to stick to the body even tighter showing more of her nipples clearly.

Krishna: Wow, that was a quick lot of accomplishment, I must say.

Gayathri: Dear, can I use your help for a minute in the kitchen?

Krishna: Yes, of course.

Gayathri: Subbu, if you don’t mind, please finish the rest that I have left out.

Subbu: Sure.

Gayathri: Krish, help me in the kitchen get the tape from the top shelf.

Then we both proceeded to the kitchen.

Krishna: Where is it?

Gayathri: Just pretend you are searching for it. I will take it out.

Krishna: Ok.

It was quite evident my wife was showing a good amount of nipples from this close. How come this fellow just sat rock hard without getting aroused, I thought. Then I whispered to Gayathri –

Krishna: Hey, did he notice your nipples? The dress shows your nipples elegantly and even I am hard.

Gayathri: Sure, he does. I saw him touching his groin. I think he is holding it tight between his thighs.

Krishna: That might be painful. What’s next? Do you have a plan?

Gayathri: No, I do not. Do you have one?

Krishna: Sure, I can make one. But how much are you willing to show?

Gayathri: How much do you want him to see?

Krishna: If you ask me, all of it. But what can you offer as of now?

Gayathri: What the hell! You want me to show him everything? No way, I can’t.

Krishna: Ok, how about an accidental upskirt? By the way, are you wearing panties?

Gayathri: What do you think? You didn’t buy me one yesterday.

Krishna: Holy shit. So, you are sitting there with no underwear all this while. Didn’t he notice it?

Gayathri: He is too busy looking at my boobs.

Krishna: Will do one thing. Let’s show him your ass first while I lift you near the wall in the hall and you pretend to arrange the tape for balloons to stick.

Gayathri: Are you sure about it?

Krishna: I am already aroused. Let’s beat the meat after this.

Gayathri: Ok, let’s go.

Then I told Gayathri she could use my help to tape on the wall as it was not reachable for her. These words alerted Subbu, not that he was not staring at her already. He was looking at us.

Gayathri: Ok, let me grab the tape pieces and Subbu can give me balloons one by one.

Saying that, she was really blushing. Her cheeks were pink in color due to it. She was wetting her lips and biting them involuntarily and said –

Gayathri: I am ready.

She grabbed some tape pieces and put them on my forehead for easier access. I made sure I lifted her carefully making her face toward me and just to avoid any suspicion from Subbu, I didn’t do the upskirt right away. After a tape or two were done, I moved a bit of the sideways to give her access to the next open spot on the wall.

Then I slowly lowered her a bit more while making the dress slide up a bit inch by inch. Subbu was standing just behind Gayathri and holding balloons as a good boy and he was just staring at her white milky thighs revealing further as we made progress on taping the wall.

It was one heck of a view I was having on my face. I was just in reach of her lace-covered boobs within reach of my tongue and Subbu was dangerously close to my wife’s ass. At any second due to my hand adjustments, the dress would be completely up.

Gayathri: Dear, I am almost done. How are you holding up?

Krishna: I am ok, just continue.

When it was almost time, Subbu had only two balloons in hand. I started taking deep breaths and making quick arm rearrangements so that I placed them in contact with Gayathri’s bare ass skin as starting point and dress over my hand and with force, I slightly lifted her further up. This caused her sheer dress and the nightgown inside to pull up. I hope I made it look accidental.

Two things happened at this point.

One: My friend Subbu was now having a close closeup look at my wife Gayathri’s bare ass. I knew he would like it because it was one beautiful ass. How was he stubbornly not touching already? If I was there I would bury my head in the butt cheeks.

Two: Gayathri screaming, “Put me down please, I need to adjust my dress, he can see, he can see dear put me down.”

Krishna: What is that he can see? Just finish the last one.

Gayathri: Krish, put me down my dress is dangerously out of place. He can see my butt.

Krishna: Shit! Is it? Subbu, close your eyes, man, what the hell are you staring at?

Subbu: Hey, I closed my eyes long back. I couldn’t say it because not sure how to alert you guys.

I knew he was lying, he was still staring. “Put me down now”, Gayathri screamed again. With that, I released my grip and suddenly, she lost her balance landing on her feet and falling back on Subbu. Since he closed his eyes just now he didn’t see this one coming toward him.

With force, Gayathri slipped onto him with her back. He also fell on his back in a chair right behind him with Gayathri landing on his lap. Wow, what an unexpected accident. Subbu’s dick might be brushed by Gayathri’s ass.

Subbu: Ahhhhh! Ouch! Shit! get up! get up!

Then he slowly lifted Gayathri sliding his palms under her armpits. Gosh, he might have felt her warm pits with his fingers What an opportunistic bastard he could have just told her to get up.

Gayathri: Sorry sorry! I slipped.

I signaled Gayathri with a wink to just play along since I noticed that Subbu was just trying to hide his tent and pretend he was hurt. If he was really hurt, no man can endure the pain with this ease.

Krishna: Hey dude, what happened? Are you okay? I don’t understand why you are screaming instead of her.

Gayathri: Shhh, Krish, let him breathe for a moment. I am sorry, Subbu. It’s your fault, Krishna. You did this.

Krishna: What is wrong with you guys? What did I do? Is this a prank or what?

Subbu: Nothing dude, I will be fine. I just need to use the restroom.

Gayathri: Ok-ok, go quick.

Krishna: Go dude as she says so. But what happened Gayathri, can you at least tell me?

I asked innocently as I didn’t know.

Subbu: Hey, please don’t ask her. I can explain, please excuse me for a bit, I will be back.

Krishna: Ok, come back quick.

As Subbu left the guest room, I broke my laughter saying, “What a performance just to hide manhood.”

I gestured to Gayathri for a high five but I could see her in tension. She was actually convinced that he was hurt.

Krishna: Hey dear, it’s ok, he will be fine. Your buttocks are soft as a cushion. How can he get hurt? If you are really worried you can examine it yourself.

Gayathri: Krish, be serious. He might actually be hurt.

Krishna: I mean, it hurts quite a lot. But I don’t know how bad it would be while having a hard erection.

I could see Gayathri was more worried than she should be. It was just ruining my mood now. Maybe she was genuinely concerned about him. To ease her, I told her.

Krishna: Dear, if it is that bad, any man would roll on the ground. They couldn’t even talk properly. But this fellow did wait here for a moment before he left and was still worried you would say something like landing on his penis. Let me go check. Relax!

Gayathri: Yes, please go check.

I went to his room quietly to take a look at what he was doing. In the bathroom, he was facing the toilet seat. Phew, as expected, no surprise. I knew this would happen. He was just masturbating, nothing serious other than releasing the pressure.

But, wait! He was looking at something on his mobile placed on the toilet flush lid. I slowly bent further to see what it was.

This dick head was actually a pervert. He just recorded what he was looking at back there. He was jacking off to my wife’s naked ass!

I took some steps back out of the restroom and called him out. He closed the door now and asked for 5 minutes. I knew he wanted to finish it off, so I left.

He might have kept the mobile recorder in his pocket it seemed like that from the angle of the video he was looking at. Wow, he was totally into her. I wished she also felt the same for him.


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