You and Me – Part 2

I haven’t had enough romance and physical love in life. And I have lots of desires and craving for it. Hence, writing about this lovemaking. I hope this is appreciated by ladies who are almost in like-wise situations.

This lovemaking is of you and me, reminding ourselves as we had had it. Please go through it, and float in the lovemaking with situations and activities. Feel not just the physical but the love and feelings we have.

I am Rahul from Delhi. I am happily married. Matured and decent and in a higher age group, relatively.

You, too, are mature and at a higher age. Our appearance and body stats are not as they narrate as studs or sex symbols. But we are quite good, though small bulges here and there, but so what? We have our feelings and desires.

This narration is after our first one. You may like to read the previous part.

We were satisfied and tired and are resting now. We are half asleep, sort of. I am on your left side. You turn towards me. You put your leg on me, your right leg on my thigh, and your right boob land on my chest. With your eyes closed, you move your right hand and palm on me.

You are awake now. Move your palm down on me, and hold my dick tenderly. It is soft and saggy at the moment. You hold it in your palm. Stay holding it, slowly increasing your palm pressure on it. It starts coming up with your loving touch.

I start gaining my senses, waking up. I move my arms around you and hug you. I kiss you briefly on your cheek. I move my left palm on your cheeks and my right palm on your back. You start moving your palm on my dick speedier and more passionately.

Gradually we start building feelings to love each other. You move your arm under my head and your breast close to my face. I stretch forward and kiss your breast. Take your nipple in my mouth and suck tenderly. Your hand on my dick now get stiff.

You now hold it harder in your hand, moving my foreskin up and down. I dig my fingers onto your back, moving all over your back. My left-hand touches your breast, circling the nipples. You move and slide down a little, facing my toes.

Placing your left arm across my belly, resting your armpit on my stomach. Holding my cock and playing with it. You wrap your hand on it, hold it strong in your palm, moving the foreskin up and down. You bring the foreskin up and place your thumb on the tip.

Gather the foreskin and insert your thumb in the foreskin, touching my tip. The foreskin has engulfed your thumb. Again now you are holding it from the middle of its length and moving its tip on your breast. In between, you give a sweet little kiss on its tip and continue rubbing the tip on your breast.

Then on the other one, then on the cleavage, then on your cheeks, chin, and neck. And now you go for rubbing it on your lips, the tip, from left to right and right to left. Open your mouth and take the cock-top in your mouth. Sucking it, just the top, moving your tongue on it.

I like it, feeling good. My hands are on your head, caressing your head, back. You now start having my tool in your mouth, full dick in and out of your mouth. I lift you. Make you come on my right hand side. In a posture like a horse, as we do to give rides to kids. You put your body weight on your elbows and knees.

All this time, you never let the cock come out of your mouth. I move my right hand in between your legs. You open your legs, and I move my palm onto your pussy. Fondling your pussy. Cover your pussy in my palm. Gather it and squeeze gently.

Moving my fingertips in your pussy lips. I open your pussy lips, move my finger lengthwise and rub, slow, lovingly. Now I insert my middle finger in your pussy, deep in, now the index finger too. You open your legs more, letting my hand have sufficient room.

I move my fingers deeper, trying to locate your G-spot. I touch that spot and tenderly press it. It is sending you shivers. Your mouth pressure increased on my cock in your mouth. I now remove my hand from your pussy and pull you up. I make you come over to me.

We kiss. We roll, and I make you get under me. I am over you now. I kiss your lips, your chin, and your neck, your cleavage. Kissing your belly, the upper part of your waist, brushing my lips over your pussy. I raise myself. I am sitting on my knees, in between your legs, your open legs.

I raise your knees and your feet on the mattress. I am moving both palms on your knees, sliding down to your thighs. Move them to your inner thighs, pushing your legs apart. Can see your beautiful V. Neat and clean, no hair. My fingers are travelling down from your inner thighs to your pussy.

Tenderly brush your pussy. I bring my palms back to your inner thighs, increasing pressure on your thighs. Moving down, reaching to your pussy. Open your pussy lips. Move my thumb in your pussy. Moving my thumb in and out. I move a little back and bend over you. Moving my lips on your inner thighs.

Moving further, and reach to your pussy. Kiss it, move my closed lips all over it, bottom to top and top to bottom. Your pussy aroma is fabulous. It is driving me crazier. I move back a little more and settle myself comfortably. I move further with my mouth open and place on your pussy.

My head is getting lost between your thighs. My palms caress your deep-down thighs close to your pussy. I kiss your pussy with more pressure, opening my mouth and taking the whole of your pussy in my mouth. I close my mouth tight on it. Moving my tongue all over it.

I release it from my mouth and place my fingers on your pussy lips. I open your lips, stretch my tongue out and flick it in between the lips with the tongue tip. I pull out my tongue and try to bury it deeper in your open pussy. Letting it go further in as much as it goes.

You are feeling good. You are wet, your juices on my tongue and lips. I keep eating you, relishing it, liking your taste. While I am here lost in your pussy area, you are holding your breasts, pressing them, trying to squeeze harder. I am massaging your nipples.

I move my hands up on your belly, reaching to your breasts, covering both in my palms. You put your hands on my hands and pressure me more. I take your nipples in between my thumb and fingers and slightly pinch them. You start oozing more. I keep eating all your juices, slurping and gulping.

You place your hands on my head, pulling more into your pussy. The point comes where you can’t bear more, and you pull my head up. You pull me up to get over you. I cover you under me, reaching your lips, kissing, deep smooching.

You have wrapped your arms around me, hugging me, kissing me in return. Vigorous, very vigorous, you move your legs around me, taking me in your control. The whole of me, engulfing me full in you. You turn over, make me lie down under you.

Your whole body on me, you get up, start crawling down. Kissing my chest, stomach, further down, reaching in-between my legs. Opening my legs, sitting on your knees, holding me, my cock, squeeze it in your palm. In your right hand, you hold it firmly and place your left palm on the tip, gently massaging. Moving your palm on it and your fingertips on my V. You move ahead, kiss my tip, move my tip all across your lip length, place it in the middle, open your mouth, and start taking it in, slowly, engulfing it in your mouth. All in, reaching the too-deep throat, but I stop you here.

I do not want you to do more to me, and I want to do more to you. I pull you up. You are reluctant, though, yet start crawling up on me. You are on your knees and stop in between and sit on my left thigh. You have both legs on each side of my thigh, my thigh in between your both thighs.

You lower yourself a little, rest your pussy on my thigh and start moving back and forth, rubbing your pussy on my thigh. Oh boy, how excellent it is. You move further up, one leg on each side. You come and sit on my waist and hold me firmly. I pull you further up.

You come over my stomach. I pull you further up, even further, to my chest, continuing to pull you up to my head. So it is that my head is in-between your thighs. You are holding the headboard of the bed, facing the wall behind our bed.

You balance yourself with one hand, and the other, you hold the back of my head. Lower yourself on my face, placing your pussy on my lips, making me eat you. You rub your pussy on my lips, back and forth. I am doing all that you are making me do, pleasing, satisfying, and making you hornier.

You are getting higher and higher. After a couple of minutes, you pull yourself up and slide down, going down and down, reaching my waist. You are on my thighs, holding my cock in your palms. Moving the foreskin back and forth, it is fully grown and hard.

You move further up and take it between your thighs, pointing the tip onto your pussy lips. You are gradually sitting on it. Inch per inch, it is getting in you. Slow and steady. Eventually, you sit on it completely. It has disappeared entirely. It is very well deep in you.

You are feeling its hard and deep presence. You are somehow managing and accommodating it in you. You are wet and start oozing more. Now just in a while, you get comfortable with its presence. I start making moves, and you make moves, up and down, back and forth.

It goes on for a couple of good minutes. You are in your highs. I move my hands onto your breast, hold them, and support them in your vigorous movements. You keep moving, reaching your climax. Your moves get slower. You start cumming, and keep cumming lots.

You are now lying down on me and cooling down. Oh, I can’t handle it any more. I wish to be with you now, right now! Muaaah!

After some time, done and satisfied, we dress ourselves up. We have a tight hug, kiss and move to checkout. You go first, and I a little later. We checked out.

While driving home, we both are happy and cherish the moments we had together. More loving next time! Till then, your [email protected].