Fucked By Two Friends Accidentally

hello guys this is Saba Khan I am 20 years old girl with fair skin and pink lips I normally dressed in salwar and kameez and uses burqa to cover up my body. Sometimes I use specs to look more attractive. The incident happened before six month when I had just completed my graduation. We group friends of 4 girls and 3 boys decided to go Goa to celebrate everyone had agreed to go. I had to do more effort to convince my dad as he never allowed me to go anywhere even in college picnic and festival. So I made an excused that I had to go Pune for entrance exam for government job. I made witness to Riya and Pooja in front of dad to say same thing which were planned already. Unwillingly he gave me permission to go for Pune with some allowance. But who was going Pune. I got happy and started preparing for 15 day long trip to Goa.

I talked to everyone before one night we go as we have to meet at Rohit home at 8 p.m. In the night because we were going Goa in his XUV he was very rich boy in our group everyone replied to yes and said they are ready. Then in next morning because of excitement I told to dad that I Pooja and Riya were going Pune from train which is at 10 a.m. in morning. And dad and mom gave their all blessing for exam and dad dropped me to Riya’s house on his Scooty. I just entered in Riya’s home and went to Riya told everything we were just happy on our successful plan that we implanted. Then I stayed there till evening to my bad luck Riya couldn’t come for Goa because someone in her family had met in accident. I just took my bags went to Rohit home to meet other friend and to go for Goa. Reaching at his home I surprised to know that everyone had made their excuse for not coming except Rohit and Sanjay.

I Sanjay, Rohit requested every friends individually to go. I was equally involved with them to convince friends as I had no option rather spending 15 days out of home as I had already told to my dad that train for Pune was in morning. According to dad’s imagination I was in Pune. But I was just Mumbai only planning for Goa. But we couldn’t convince single friends. After even 10 p.m. In night we couldn’t prepare whether to go Goa or not as we were only three. We were sitting in Rohit room discussing same. I told them my problem that how I couldn’t go for home. Then Sanjay told to go for Goa even with 3 friends only. Being a single and conservative girl I didn’t want to go but I had no other option so we thrice boarded in XUV and went for Goa.

Sanjay and Rohit were sitting in front and Rohit was driving and I sat behind them. I then I took out Sanjay’s I-pad and earphone from his bag and just plugged earphone in ear and started playing audio and video. Uncertainly I found 3some videos in which a boy was fucking and sucking 2 girls at the same time. It was 2 hrs video I saw whole videos I had never seen theses type of videos. Suddenly I-pad fell of my hand and Sanjay turned back to see what happened he saw the video which I was watching. I just managed to hide my facial expression but he understood everything.

After 15 hours of riding we reached there. They took 2 rooms one for them and another for me. I didn’t need to spend single rupees. They were taking care of my all expenditure. After lunch we went to our respective room to get some rest and decided to meet in evening 6:30. I got a few hours of good snap then someone knocked the door and when I opened they were my friend told to get ready. I just dressed a typical salwar kameez as I didn’t have anything except this type of dress. When I went in front of them they laughed and said princes you came in Goa not in mandir for Pooja I said I didn’t had better than this. Then Sanjay went and shopped some decent and sexy dress for me and gave my red t-shirt and few inch white jeans pant. I just dressed as they told it was making me uncomfortable but I managed.

The jeans pant was above my knee on thighs and t-shirt was enough tight to give full exposure of my body. But I couldn’t close the hook of jeans pant as it was too tight on my 32 inch waist. I just called to Sanjay to help knees down and just started adjusting pants on my waist I felt some touches of his hand on my waist and hips somehow its fitted on body. Now we went for club for dance I loved these clubs dancing. While dancing I was feeling touches of Rohit from front and Sanjay from I ignored these as it was common in friends. While enjoying here and there for 4 days I got many unwanted touches at privates’ parts but I welcomed them.

One day we were on beach Sanjay and Rohit were in bermuda and I was in shirts and half pants. We were bathing in sea and ridding and enjoying sun light. In same night after dinner we sat near fire and started reminding and talking all our college life. Suddenly Sanjay requested me to dance with him I just forward my hand he took my one hand in his one and kept another on my waist and I kept my another hand on his shoulder. We were dancing and Rohit was singing songs loudly. While dancing we became so closer I felt the distance between Sanjay and me were decreasing and my boobs were taking rest on his chest. I knew what was Sanjay’s intention is! He wanted me in his bed I also wanted the same as he had done so much effort to entertained me. Seeing no reaction he just pulled me on his body.

Now my boobs were crushed with his chest and my lips were locked with his lips. Might be he was good kisser as he was sucking my upper and lower individually and his hand slide to my hip. I was equally enjoying and fighting to enter my tongue in his mouth. I broke my kiss when he crushed my one hips with his palms and I moaned. We had forgotten about Rohit what we were doing in front of her. Then he made me lay on sand it was great feeling of laying sand. I didn’t know when Rohit had jointed us his both hand were on my boobs and Rohit’s lips were on me he was doing all his very roughly and at the same Sanjay was sucking my novel and lower parts. Sanjay started slowly sliding his hand and crushing the upper lips of vagina.

Now there is no needed to cover up body. Rohit helped me to remove shirt and Sanjay unhooked the pants which he only hooked at 1st time. Now I just removed my pants and was completely nude only in bra and panty. Then Rohit and Sanjay interchange their place. Sanjay came on my boobs which were fully erected and he just tore the bra and engulfs the reddish nipple and started sucking his hand was crushing my bell and all. Rohit now removed my panty and inserted tip of his tongue on my vagina. I was feeling like to be in seventh heaven. Sanjay tongue was going deep and deeps I was just moaning hard like porn star like ahhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh hmmmmm hehhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhh hmmmm.

Now both guys were sucking hardly one my boobs and another my vagina and I was just moaning loudly. Then Sanjay kept his 2 finger in my mouth to reduce the moaning intensity. And then we thrice were sucking only. Now I just wanted to be fucked by Sanjay so I guided to takeover Rohit Sanjay came down and made an arrangement to insert his cock inside my body. And Rohit came to sucked nipple. When Sanjay hold his cock on my vagina and gave slow push I just cried due pain at same time Rohit inserted his tongue inside my mouth. With a slow push when sudden length of cock was inside in my body Sanjay pushed it more cruelly. I just want to cry but Rohit didn’t remove his tongue out of my mouth holding my both hand on both side.

My eyes was full of tear and mouth was full of Rohit saliva and tongue and vagina was full of a healthy 9 inch long 3 inch wide cock. Then Sanjay gave me some words of relief saying don’t worry baby. Now you will enjoy. And he started increasing his pace of fucking me slowly and Rohit left my hand finding no resistance I just kept my on his Rohit head and giving him clear intention of sucking lips more hardly. Then few 15 minutes Sanjay lay downed and said to suck his cock I didn’t to do this in life but thought to try atleast once. I bent on his cock with knee downed and took his cock in my hand and started touching his skinny cock with tip of tongue then Rohit found another hole to fuck he kept his cock on my ass hole and given some push. In between push Sanjay cock had came in and out many times. Then Sanjay held my hair, forced to engulf full cock. I followed him and started sucking his cock and from behind Rohit was fucking my ass hole.

Then suddenly Sanjay holds my head with his full cock inside my mouth and cummed all his fluid in throat and mouth. I never wanted to taste this. But it was amazing my mouth was full of sperm like lemon juice. In the same we thrice had sex 3 times. Then in the morning when we got we went into a room and locked ourselves in that room and remaining 10 days we kept fucking and sucking activities. And the necessary food and drinks came in room by order. After 15 days of experiencing such great pleasure. I never contacted them again.