Lovely Girlfriend Of My Girlfriend

Hi energetic guys, beautiful girls and ladies, this is my first story, I am a big fan of iss as you all are, if there are any mistakes forgive me for this time, you can give your valuable feedback or suggestions or can contact me at [email protected], it will be a big story as it is introduction of my girl friend and our first experience

Coming to the story, it’s a real one that happened with me, sorry, forgot to introduce about me, myself Mani from Andhra, presently in Chennai and shifting to Hyderabad by march2015 ending. Now I am 22, I am going to complete my MBA in a month. The story begins when I am in my B.Tech 3rd year. I got a girl friend named Bangaram (nick name) near Vijayawada through facebook, starting we were just friends and going on after three months I proposed her. After taking some days she accepted my proposal, we used to chat daily even nights, when I am in home we should sleep early by 10pm at night it’s a type of rule in home that time, even I should not use mobile after 10pm, so I tried to chat her by hiding under my blanket without knowing to my parents.

It happened for a two months, after that I asked her to introduce her friends, she told that she will introduce her best friend lucky(my heroine) , she introduced me and sometimes only we used to talk through Bangaram phone, after some days I asked lucky her fb id, she and her family also like us with strict rules and regulations, so she did not have any fb id till then, I created and given to her, now slowly we also used to chat but that conversation will rotate between three of us, after some days I told that I am coming to her town to Bangaram, she told okay but there is a function so she cannot be with me for a long, I went to her home town but she came late.

After coming also she did not responded me well as she is too shy, so after chatting some time I asked about my lucky, she told that she is her mother’s clinic, she and her family are dental surgeons, she is studying B.Ed in Tirupati, so with a lot of disappointment I returned back home. After I done chat with both of them saying to lucky that she did not even talk to me at all also I missed her (Lucky). Then it went like that. Some days after responses from Bangaram getting less, lucky and my conversations got high; one fine day I told her that

Me: if I have a gf like you it would be better to lucky,

Lucky: Bangaram is also a good girl than me but she is shy type,

Me: but a gf should talk and should not leave her bf like that when I came to her too long.

She agreed to my point and said what can we do! Then my flirting started and finally I proposed her , she took time a lot because she is a best friend of Bangaram, she cannot cheat her friend, I convinced her by saying I love like your type only, I am sure I cannot be happy with Bangaram and so on. She finally agreed.

It’s my 1st MBA now I came to Chennai, she is in 2nd B.Ed Tirupati, and we used to chat daily late nights as she and I both are in hostel. Romantic chats also happens sometimes, I asked her for a kiss one day she said ! Ha, come now I will give (kidding), I told her that a day will come so I will not leave her that day.

Finally the day came, I went to Tirupati, first she received me from railway station, then we went to ice-cream parlor, finally we went to a movie, actually we went to grand masti, we both don’t know about the movie at first, there are no one in theater, we both shocked to see, after one more pair came there, and four boys also. Believe me or not; just we eight in a big theater. We sat at one corner and I asked her to kiss, she said to wait for some time, then finally I took charge and kept my hand on her shoulders and turned her face towards me, she closed her eyes, I asked her to open but she not responded. I kissed her pink sweet lips, she kept strawberry lip-gloss for my sake, I ate her sweet lips and she started little moan with closed eyes, it went for 20minutes.

There was interval the other pair left the theater, after interval, I kissed her again, she closed her eyes, I asked her to look into my eyes, she did finally, it was awesome, it was my first touch and first lip kiss to a girl as she also first with me only. Slowly asked her permission to touch her boobs, she kept her chunni (duppatta) on our top so no one can see us, slowly I inserted my hand in her dress from top, it was like a cotton so smooth and spongy and medium size, I don’t know measurements, it went for a 45min, the movie finished I gave a good bye kiss to her and came back to Chennai.

I asked her about experience, she was also thrilled and loved it a lot as I do, after some days told her that I am coming there again and now I am going to take a room and want to spend a day completely with her, first she rejected my idea but later on begging she accepted (girls always expect boys to beg them). Finally my day came, I went there took a room in hotel, bathed and got fresh up and waiting for her, she came late after finishing her college work, she entered the room, I closed door immediately and sat beside her on bed.

She was talking something but as a hungry man I asked her a kiss, she told we can have let us talk first, I did not listen to her and kissed her lips she is not a good kisser as I also not, it took 2min for her to respond my kiss, now she opened her lips a little, I inserted my tongue into her mouth and did sword fight with her tongue, we exchanged our saliva, it was so sweet and tasty. I pushed her on bed and fallen on her top and keep on kissing for 30min, as we have love kissing itself took so much time, then slowly I inserted my hand inside her dress from below her navel, it was smooth and spongy too, kissed her navel and asked her to remove the top.

Now my love was in just a black bra and she is white, the white and black combination will be awesome, so I massaged her boobs for a while, she cannot control and pulled my head towards her breast and pressing my head for a while, I unhooked her bra and saw the beautiful oranges, with brownish nipples, I sucked them like a hungry baby for milk, I rubbed her nipples and she pushed me aside and now me at below she on my top, she too sucked my chest and gave a lip kiss.

I told her to remove her pant, she rejected, she have fear of getting pregnant, and not want to disturb her virginity, so I accepted her request and just inserted my hand in her pant and rubbed her hairy pussy and teased her, it ended with a kiss again and we slept nude on hugging each other for a hour and she told that she is coming come in train with me as I also decided to go home in a same train. She left me in middle and then thinking of her I masturbated.

At evening 7:30 we met in train. In train also in our compartment only 4pairs are there, leaving total compartment empty. There goes our story again in train, but I will tell you in my next episode as it is my first story, I want suggestions and feedback from all.