My First Sex With My Teacher

Hello everyone this is Kiran (name changed). I’m not a regular reader of iss. But one of my friend said me abt this website where many people share their experience in sex. So I too thought of reading the stories narrated by many boys and girls. It was romantic and superb. I was thinking won’t I get any chance like this to fuck a girl/women before marriage. Finally a day comes where in was fulfilled with my dream sex with one of my teacher in my engineering.

Let me tell you abt me – I’m an engineering graduate with brown complexion with an average body with a cock size of 6 inch.

Now let me describe my teacher who looks pretty in our department and likely the most beautiful teacher in the college. She has nice assets of very big boobs. Nice ass and structure of her body is very beautiful. Just imagine a gal with these qualities. U ppl will be horny by now by imagining her structure. Let me narrate my story friends.

I’m the naughtiest guy in our department of electrical and probably in our class too. Every teacher likes me because I’m straight forward. I do help everyone who are in need. One fine day it was our college fest. It was going on till nite 11.P.M I was staying there and enjoying the fest. My teacher (Lakshmi) too stayed there even it was time for her to leave. I asked her what’s the matter you are staying here in the late nite. She replied “my husband was cmng to pick me, but suddenly he got a call from his office so tht he has to go and attend the meeting, she asked me can I drop her home and requested me.” I said that’s okay mam let’s go come I’ll drop u. Since I was having car we both left our college by 11.15p.M. By the time we reached her home was nite 12.30. I left her to home and she invited me and said to stay in her home til morning since she was alone. I said okay and we entered to her home.

She said me to wait in the dining room so that she will fresh up and come. I waited by sitting on sofa. She took a nice hot bath and came out by wearing a night dress which was showing all her assets exactly like a sex bomb. I was staring at her boobs even if was talking to me I was looking at her boobs and was responding her. She suddenly stood before me and asked “what are u seeing I’m talking to u”. I was shocked by that time and saw the other side and stopped looking at her boobs. She understood I was staring her boobs. She made a coffee and we both sat on sofa and drank the coffee and started to watch TV.

All of a sudden in some English movie a sex scene came. We both saw face to face once that scene appeared on the TV screen. I took remote to change the channel. She holds my hand and said “let it be like that we both are not a small child to watch those things we are mature enough to do it” I was shocked hearing her reply to that. Later it was time to sleep. It was almost 1.30 in the nite. She went to sleep to her room. She made me to sleep in another room. We both went to sleep and mostly an hour later someone switched on the light of the room in which I was sleeping.

For my surprise it was Lakshmi teacher. I asked her the prob. She replied “I was not getting sleep since the sex scene we both saw is all in my mind” and she came and sat next to me on bed and said” let’s fuck “. I was like omg. It became my opportunity to fuck her. I agreed without hesitating. Here is the real part of our fuck. Enjoy it friends.

We both stood and hugged each other. Her boobs were touching my body. I hold her ass and was squeezing like anything. She was moaning with nice sounds. Then we tted to smooch. It went on for 5 mins. I was almost in heaven. My cock was touching her body from inside my pants. She saw down and gave a smile. I grabbed her boobs and started to smooch again. She removed my shirt off. I was still massaging her boobs on her dress.. Later I started to undress her. I was shivering with happiness. My legs were shaking. I controlled it and removed her dress. Now she was only in her pink bra and pink panties. Her boobs were almost outside her bra. And slightly nipple was visible. I removed her bra and now I was in front of those two beautiful melons. I grabbed it hardly and started to suck her nipples. She too was in heaven and we were not controllable.

I removed my whole dress and handed my big erected cock to her hand and she was rubbing it. Already my pre cum was all over my penis. I removed her panties. I can see the fully shaved pussy which was light pink in colour. I made her to sleep on bed and started to lick her beautiful pussy. She was holding my head and pushing towards her pussy and pressing my head like go on don’t stop it. She has reached her orgasm now. I went up and kissed her again and started to suck the big nipples. I said her to suck my cock. She denied it. She said” I can’t I feel somewhat” I said nothing happens since its first time u feel like that. Then she went down and started to lick my cock slowly. I stood up and she was on her knees now. She was licking slowly and slowly. I hold her head and mouth fucked her.

She was like “do slowly your cock goes till my throat “. The sound was like aawk aaawk while I was mouth fucking her. Since I have watched many porn movies I knew how to fuck and all even though I was doing it practically first time. She I took her to bed and made her lie down on the bed I came up to her and spread her legs wide and inserted my cock inside her juicy pussy, while entering her pussy, she was in heaven. She holds my back tightly and said to fuck slowly first and then full harder and harder. I started to fuck her slowly and increased my speed. I was fucking her so hard that my penis was full wet in her pussy. We continued to fuck harder for 5 mins. And we changed to doggy position.

Now I hold her ass wide open and inserted my cock inside her pussy. I was holding her boobs and fucking her. Her boobs were hanging since it was big.. We fucked for almost 10 mins in doggy style. And then we came out of bed and stood. I made her to face the window and hold it. We fucked by standing doggy style. She said “don’t cum soon let’s have nice fuck “. Then I turned her towards me and lifted her one led up and started to fuck her in direct facing each other. I wanted to cum. I increased my speed and cummed all over her pussy outside. My cum was jumping like anything it was splashed to her pussy and stomach. And later we both took rest by lying on bed. It was almost 4.30 in the nite. We took bath together. And dressed up and slept together. I think you people liked my story. Please do give your suggestions. Mail me for

Any girls or aunties or any ladies who want to have a nice fuck please mail me. It will be confidential. Looking forward for ur replies friends. Hope I will be back again with another story if I have a chance to have sex again with someone else. Thank you everyone.