Debt default leads to erotic life with 2 wives

Hello guys, I am Kartik from Maharashtra, and this is a true story from two years ago. I work as a software engineer and earn 25L+ lpa. I am a slim, 5’11” white man. Any girl can easily fall in love with my charm and looks, yet I never put my bad eyes on any girl. I always like to be honest and innocent.

This story is from December. There used to be one gunda in our village, and he took a loan from my dad. After some time, his control over politics was lost, and he was all debt-ridden, so I went there to collect our money. After going to his house, his daughter, Ketki, came to me to offer water. Later, she went, and her dad, Kallu (gunda), came.

Talking about Kalu, he was very dark, and his height was 6 feet 2 inches. He was a macho gunda who had lost his charm. As I sat with Kallu, I came to know that he had now nothing and cannot offer anything now.

His daughter Ketki heard this conversation and she came out along with her sister Kesri. Ketki and Kesri were twin sisters.

Let me describe Ketki. Ketki was a 5 ft 6 in girl. She had very big and white breasts. Her blouse was a bit deep, so her cleavage could be easily seen. Her feet were so soft and so creamy that I was thinking of licking them! Her nose ring on her chiseled face was shining like a star. Her small hair and sleeveless blouse were cute on the bottom.

Kesri was also like her twin sister. But Kesri can be differentiated from Ketki with one word. Her left breast had a mole on it. She also looked like she was a goddess. They are very modern and liberal-minded girls, but they never said anything in front of Kallu. Kallu was a bad father and he made the twins stay at home forcefully and not letting them go.

Coming back to the scene, Ketki came from behind and spoke something into her twin sister Kesri’s ear, and then they announced, “Can we be your servants for one year?” And in return, they said they laid out some conditions.

All this was in front of Kallu, but Kallu was so evil, he didn’t say a word.

Ketki continued,

1. We will be your servants for only one year. After that, we will be free.
2. In return, you will pay 10L as monetary compensation to my father so that he can pay off his debts.
3. We do not demand any money from you.

But, but, but

Now, they asked Kallu to go to another room so they could talk with me personally. I was shocked. What were they going to do?

After Kallu went, Kesri opened her blouse and bra and cried and said, “Kartikey! We know how honest and innocent you are and hence demand your custody for 1 year so that we can leave this place which is hell for us.”

Ketki lowered her petticoat and held my knees and said, “We also have some hidden conditions or requests. Listen, and then decide.”

1. We two will always be together, no matter what happens.
2. You will not get married for at least 2 years from now.
3. In your home, we will be servants. But in your bedroom, we want to be your wives, too. We will serve you day and night, cloth-less and bare-skinned. But we want your respect as wives.
4. Wherever you go, you will take us as well. We in return promise our loyalty till we are with you.

Looking at the opportunity, my penis got really hard.

Ketki came in front of me.

Me: What can you do for me? Tell me.

She said she would do anything for my love.

I asked her to open her eyes and I closed her nose. She was not daring to open her mouth either to take a breath. I asked her with my eyes, “Are you sure?” She said yes. I said, “Then, do not close your eyes or I will punish you right now in front of your sister and your father.”

I pinched her nipple so hard that she blinked her eyes. I said, “Kesri, you lose. This deal is void if you cannot keep your promise.”

She immediately said that she accepted whatever punishment that I have decided to give her. I held her thin neck. I lowered her petticoat and pants. I pinched her pussy with my nails, and slight blood drops came out. With that blood, I put a sindoor on her forehead and accepted her as my wife for one year, in my bedroom.

The year had been a roller coaster ride for me. For the first six months, I was very dominant in the relationship. Later, I felt a need to be controlled rather than to control others. So, I asked Ketki and Kesri to be my mistresses, but they refused as these twin sisters were very shy to control a man.

Later, after convincing them so much, they agreed to this and then they signed an official agreement that although they will be in charge, all the ownership will be left to me only. They were so obedient and smart, that they were loyal to me always.

We then searched for an online cock-cage and bought it. The cock-cage had 2 keys, Ketki and Kesri both owned a key and I only got an opportunity to cum if I did something productive in life and with them. They also asked for nipple piercing but I requested them to not apply this as that could be clearly visible to boys.

Instead, I got their navel pierced and I tasted all those drops of the blood which came out while piercing,

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