Housewife Enjoys Indian Lesbian Sex – Part 2

I woke up hearing some sound around 5.30 p.m. Ipsita was now awake. She was organising her bedroom. Our session ravaged that. She told me to wake up and told me she had told her makeup girl to do a makeover for me for today’s evening.

I went to the washroom and washed my sticky pussy well. I was feeling very fresh. Soon the makeup girl came. She told me to wear only a bra and panties, as Ipsita had told her to do a full-body package. I never showed my body to an unknown person.

But after today’s event, much of my inhibitions went away in one go, and I readily removed my nightgown. The girl started her work from the face. Applied some packs all over my body and massaged myself. It was a nice relaxing feeling. She did a hair spa.

After everything was done, she told me to remove my panties so that she could wax my private parts. I was feeling awkward. But Ipsita had come by that time. She told me to proceed without any worry. She waxed my pussy and went away.

I did not know what creams she used, but my body was glowing like never before. I fell in love with myself. My skin was a little dusky, but it started having its shine. I thought of clicking a selfie and sending it to Arun. But then I thought he might be on the flight now, so I did not send it.

Ipsita gave me a set of new bras and panties of my size. The bra was strapless. She also gave me a dress. The makeup girl made me ready for the guests. But I never wore such revealing clothes.

The bra was a very high push-up one. My 34-sized breasts showed 36, and half of the breast was bare.  The dress just covered up my nipples. The back was open till the waist. The black gown was to my thigh.

Ipsita told me to walk a little to feel comfortable. Ipsita also wore a similar red dress. She looked like a fairy queen. Her diamond necklace was glittering and complimenting her beauty. She also gave me a diamond bracelet to wear.

At around 7 p.m., the guests came. They were four. They came in their cars. All were BMW or Mercedes. They all were of our age only. They all dressed very boldly and exposed a significant part of their body. Cleavage showing is very common in their society.

One of them wore a black saree with a white bikini blouse. Her cleavage was showing through her transparent saree. Her body was the best, 38-28-35. Ipsita introduced me to all of them. They all welcomed me.

They were Payal, Savita, Anuja and Anjali. I came to know that Payal, the lady with the gorgeous saree, lives in Gurgaon only and is very near to my location. All others stay in Noida. Initially, they were discussing business-related things.

They were discussing that their husbands had gone to Bangkok for business purposes along with Arun. Anuja joked that they must be banging hot chicks there. I was shocked to hear their conversation. Later I learned that they are modern and all are in an open relationship.

They do not mind having sex with anyone until they are committed to each other. Anuja was sharing her experience in a spa yesterday and how she was fucked by the male masseur. Payal told me to keep in touch as she stays nearby. I assured her positively.

Soon the maid came with six drinks. Among these, four were blue, and two were red. The red drinks were for Savita and Anuja as they drove the car by themselves. So it is not safe to have highly alcoholic drinks. I also wanted a red drink as I do not consume alcohol.

But Ipsita and others insisted so I could not resist. Ipsita said they meet once or twice every month in each other’s flat for dinner as their husbands are mostly busy. I sipped my drink. It was a nice flavoured sweet drink. I gulped a little more.

In the meantime, I was checking out Payal. She looked hot and attractive to me the most. Maybe Payal also noticed this. She became extra frank with me and sat closer to me. Soon, I got a call from Arun. I went to the side and talked. He informed me that he had reached the hotel.

I did not tell anything about today’s experience. We exchanged greetings and hung up the phone. I came back to the hall. I saw my drinks were about to get finished. Payal ordered one round for each of us. I should have been slower as they had more drinks in their glass than I did. I felt awkward.

But I liked the taste and smell and could not go slow. Little I knew about the alcoholic effect, and they did not caution me either. I started the second glass. Now the alcohol started to take effect. I was feeling light. Then Payal started some sexy discussion.

She got herself banged consecutively three times on the day before yesterday by a call boy. I was astonished for two reasons. First, a woman called a prostitute. Earlier, I had seen this in movies only. And second, I asked Payal, “How can a man have sex three times consecutively?”

They all started laughing. Ipsita told me that they are professionals and not like their husbands. It is a different experience. Anuja asked me if I wanted to experience such fun. I nodded negatively.

But in my mind, I was curious how this would even be possible. Arun, my fit and handsome husband, gets tired after one go. I was eating chicken drumsticks with wine. A little sauce dropped on my breast. Payal told me to go to the washroom and clean. But as I rose, my head spun due to alcohol.

So Payal held my hand in the washroom and rubbed my breast to remove the stain. But Payal was bisexual like others. As she touched my breast, I also felt an unusual sensation that did not escape her glance. Soon she lowered my dress and started sucking my breast. Due to alcohol, I could not resist much.

Soon I started enjoying her vigorous sucking. I started moaning and rubbing my pussy over the damp panties. My pussy was eagerly waiting for some attention. I think Payal could sense that as she was a pro. Soon she stopped sucking my nipples and went down to my pussy.

She inserted one finger. Due to the afternoon session, my pussy loosened a bit, and due to her sucking, it became smooth with pussy juices. Soon she inserted two more fingers, and it was hurting me. I moaned loudly. She took some saliva and inserted one more finger. Now her four fingers were fucking my wet pussy.

I was on cloud nine. I was enjoying every second of it. Soon she increased her pace, and I came with a loud moan, “Oh, Ahhhh. Thank you, Payal.” As the door was closed, no one could hear us. Payal told me to dress quickly as others might come to look for us anytime. She helped me to dress and went to the hall.

Anuja asked us why it took so long. Payal winked at her. I did not know what she meant. After that, I started drinking again. Due to this fingering session, my intoxication went a little less. Payal told me to return the favour.

But I whispered, “How is this possible now?”

Payal told me, “Do not worry, darling. I shall take care.”

She called Ipsita and whispered something. Ipsita said, “No problem.”

Now Payal called her driver and told him to go and come in the morning to pick her up. Now the usual conversation continued till dinner. Savita was talking less. Ipsita sat by her side. I thought they were talking. But I saw that Ipsita’s hands were moving.

Soon I realised Ipsita was rubbing her pussy over Savita’s dress so nobody could see. Soon I realised from Savita’s facial expression that she had an orgasm. Anjali was engrossed in her mobile. Anuja teased her, saying, “Have you got a new boyfriend?” Everyone laughed. But she did not care much.

I enjoyed their company so much that I gulped five glasses of wine within two hours. It was my first time. I forgot that I was married. The urge for sexual gratification took over me. I could only imagine sex. Soon I felt pressure to urinate. I went to the washroom, where I saw Ipsita.

She told me that she, Payal and I would sleep together tonight and winked at me. Payal had told Ipsita about our encounter. I was anticipating something sexy. I realised, just thinking of the night, my pussy was again becoming wet. I released urine and washed my pussy well. Then we proceeded to dinner.

After dinner, we all took one more round of drinks. Anuja, Savita and Anjali left with their car at around 10 p.m. Ipsita, Payal and I talked for a few minutes, and Payal told me to come to her flat any day. I thanked her. Soon the maid came with three cups of drinks.

Ipsita told me that this was an energy drink and it would make the night more enjoyable. We all took it, and Ipsita told us to go to the bedroom. She would come after instructing the maids. We went to the bedroom and turned on the AC. Ipsita came within 5 minutes and started removing her dress.

I felt awkward as she was not having her nightdress this time. She told me that tonight’s dress code is that there is no dress. I felt awkward getting nude before Payal as I became frank with Ipsita. Soon Ipsita and Payal removed all their dresses and became completely nude to ease my tension.

Both of them were fair and sexy with big boobs and wide asses. I had no other option but to follow them. We all were nude now. Payal made three glasses of red wine, and we started having it. Ipsita started romantic music and took out some sex toys.

For the first time, I saw a dildo in my life. They were of various sizes and colours. I got really tense to see the fattest pink-coloured dildo. I told Ipsita that it would tear my pussy. She told me not to worry as they were there. To make me feel comfortable, Payal took one mid-sized dildo.

She told me to insert it in her pussy. Her pussy hole was bigger may, be due to continuous fucking. She told me to lubricate the dildo using saliva to ease the insertion. I obeyed her and started dildoing her pussy. She was moaning. Soon Ipsita took another vibrator placed over her pussy.

She started screaming, and her pussy juice started overflowing. She told me to increase the vibration and the speed of the dildoing. Soon she orgasmed and shouted, “Here I cum. Oh, thanks, Ipsita and Sarika. You were great tonight,” and closed her eyes with a good amount of discharge.

Seeing her, my pussy started getting wet. I longed for something there. But to tease me more, Payal told us that now it was Ipsita’s turn. She took a strap-on-dildo. This dildo was much thicker than that I used in Payal’s pussy. She applied some lube and started fucking Ipsita.

Ipsita said, “I am in a great mood today. Please fuck faster, Payal. Sarika, please take that red vibrator dildo and insert it in my ass.” I became afraid as I was doing all this for the first time. She said, “Bitch, don’t wait. Do what I say.”

I felt humiliated but later realised that she was craving sex and Ipsita did not mean it. I took the dildo, applied some lube and started the vibration after inserting it in her ass. Her ass hole was loose, so it went easily. Ipsita was screaming, “Oh! Payal, you are a genius. Fuck me. Fuck, fuck, fuck me harder.”

Payal was now also pressing Ipsita’s boob. I could not control myself. I started fingering myself with one hand while dildoing Ipsita’s ass with another. I was fingering myself for the first time, and that too in front of two other ladies. Soon, Ipsita said, “I am cumming. Fuck me, yeah. Oh, God. Here I cum.”

She squirted like hell. The bed became drenched. After some time, she came to sense. Now it was my turn. As this was my first time, I told them to be gentle, although my pussy was itching for something rough. Payal took a small dildo and started with my pussy.

Ipsita came over to my face and told me to lick her pussy. I licked every drop of her cum, and it was salty, but I liked the taste. She was pressing my boobs with all force. I started enjoying it. But the dildo was not satisfying my pussy. Maybe Payal realised that.

She took out another strap on the dildo and wore it over her waist. It was a very thick dildo. But all my fear had vanished, and I said, “Please fuck me, Payal. I am all yours tonight.” She started pumping my pussy hole with this monster dildo, and I started moaning. I was in heaven.

Soon I felt a pain in my ass. Ipsita was inserting a dildo in my ass. It hurt a lot as I was a virgin there. She applied some lube, and it went. I could not believe that the girl, who nobody except her husband had ever touched, was now having a lesbian threesome. Her two holes were filled with dildos simultaneously.

Payal took the dildo and told me to suck it as my pussy dry. I tasted my pussy. It was a different feeling. After a few minutes of vigorous fucking, I came. This was my third orgasm tonight. I was feeling tired. Ipsita took another round of wine and told me that it would help in good sleep.

I gulped the entire glass in one go. They started smiling, seeing my transformation in just one night. I took another glass and went to sleep nude. I was not in a state to dress. Payal and Ipsita slept without any dress and took a blanket as the AC was on the highest cooling.

It was almost 1 a.m. I saw that Arun called me around 12. But I was having fun then, so I could not hear my mobile ringing. I left a message for him and did not disturb him at this hour as he might have work in the morning. Until now, I did not feel sorry for him as all my encounters were with ladies.

Technically, I did not cheat. I thought not to tell him anything as I was unsure how he would react hearing these. The next morning we woke up at around 10 a.m. I had a very sound sleep. Thanks to the alcohol and the intense action. I felt a little embarrassed as we all were lying nude.

Ipsita told us to get ready for breakfast. She told us she met with a business client at 11.30 a.m. at her house. So she went to the washroom first. She gave us two nighties to wear after we took a bath. Again this nightie was also semi-transparent. But after yesterday’s events, I have no problem with bold dresses.

After breakfast, Payal and I chatted at the dining table. Ipsita called the makeup girl to get herself ready for the meeting. They went to another room. After half an hour, Ipsita came. She looked like a model. She wore a beautiful red-coloured sleeveless one-piece dress. It was barely covering her ass.

The dress had a V-shaped design at the chest, making major parts of her fair boobs visible. Her tattoos made her look extra sexy. I did not know which makeup Ipsita used, but her skin was glowing like a film star. I praised her beauty, and she thanked me.

She said that this was an important deal with Mr Lee from Mexico. As Sahil was not here, she needed to handle it. Payal and I wished her all the best.
After some time, a big imported car came, and a 6ft tall, handsome man came. Ipsita welcomed him and took him to the office room.

The office room had a striped door. So from outside, we were able to see something. The maid served them drinks. After half an hour, the meeting ended, and Ipsita took Mr Lee to another room. I got curious. I asked Payal, “What happened? Why did Mr Lee come to that room?”

Payal told me that these deals take time, and often, negotiation goes on for hours. After some time, I heard Ipsita moaning. I got anxious. I went to the side of the door of that room and peeped inside. But what I saw, I was about to faint. I saw the man lying nude on the bed with his erect dick.

It was at least 8 inches long. Ipsita was jumping over his dick and moaning in pleasure. I came to the dining table and told Payal. But to my surprise, she was not astonished. After a few minutes, Mr Lee left. Ipsita came out of the room after a few minutes. She was looking topsy turvy as her makeup was lost.

She informed us that the deal was done. We congratulated her. Soon, Payal’s mobile rang. It was her driver who came to pick her up. Payal quickly changed to her sexy saree exposing her deep navel, hugged and kissed us and went. She told me to contact her after reaching Gurgaon.

I said, “Sure. See you soon, darling.”