My Lover’s Dominating Sex In Front Of My Husband!

Guys, your desire (and Simraan’s (me) recently itching urge to enjoy BDSM) has now been fulfilled!

Do you remember my last story where I got fucked by my drunk husband right in front of my lover? And that my husband met my lover thinking of him as a friend when in fact he was my fuck boi?

After my husband fucked me and passed out, my lover and I went into the bedroom and had sex all night. In the morning, we got up before my husband did. My lover wasn’t talking to me but I wanted to know what was his plan ahead.

He got up from the bed and began to leave the house. I wanted him to stay a bit longer but it was not possible for obvious reasons (my stupid husband!).

Before leaving the house, he cuddled me tightly and grabbed my ass cheeks to set the mood.

Lover: I’ve got a plan, babe! Your husband will ask me to come to the house today. And from then on, you will witness something never before (he winked).

He also told me to save his contact number with the name Prem (Love guru) on my husband’s mobile. After he left, I came back into the bedroom and waited for my husband to wake up. I felt like throwing cold water on his face, but that would have made him cranky.

At noon, the dickless moron opened his eyes. I was furious enough to start an argument with him and make him leave the house. But then everything turned up for the good from that point onwards. His face looked like he was trying hard to remember about last night.

His hands instinctively went inside the pocket to grab the mobile phone. I saw him cheer up looking at the screen. He called someone and was excited to talk to that person.

Husband: Hello Prem, is this you? Do you remember meeting me last night in a pub and later on we walked out together? Yeah, I’m the guy. Listen, could you please come to my house for lunch? I need to talk to you about a personal matter.

Just to check if his plan included me, I teased my husband telling him that I was going out with friends.

Husband: No, no. no that’s not possible. Simmy, I don’t care what your plans are but do not go anywhere out today. Today is going to be fun. At least to me, it will be (giggling).

My stupid husband thought I could not notice his cunning plan. I acted normal and went about my work in the house. At lunchtime, my lover came to our house carrying a bottle of scotch.

He and my husband went and sat on the verandah talking about cricket matches and cunts. I wanted to know what was he going to discuss with my husband, so I texted my lover asking him to call me when the moment arrives.

After completing half a bottle by himself (my lover did not touch his drink), my husband came to the point. At that time, my lover called me and put his mobile phone in his pocket. I was listening to my husband trying hard to come straight to the point. At last, he did.

Husband: Could you teach me some tricks to keep my wife under my control? You know, spread her legs when I feel like fucking her and keep her mouth shut all the other time…

My lover got himself involved in the conversation and tempted my husband into thinking that domination is pretty normal.

What my lover made sure of this time was not to let him drink too much alcohol. He didn’t want my husband to become rowdy.

Lover: Go to your wife and slap her ass before asking her to join us for OUR entertainment. Excite her, increase the sexual heat and then leave her hanging in the middle and get back.

Husband: Will this work? I mean, will she obey my commands straight away?

Lover: Alright, I’ll show you how to do it. Just call your wife here…

We both hoped my husband would fall for the trap of being drunk and usually unable to take decisions.

My husband called me and told me to join them for the drinks. I did not object and sat next to him excited about things that were about happen. After a few minutes of chit-chat and regular rounds of drinks served to my husband, I lowered the AC temperature without him noticing.

My husband reacted to the chilled atmosphere but tried his best not to bother his good friend. A few minutes later my lover started his game.

Lover: Bhabhi, do you mind making me a drink, my hands have started trembling because of the mood, I hope you don’t mind buddy…

Husband: No, no. no… why not… go honey, make him a drink… I mean why would I mind…

My husband was rambling in his drunk state when he had to double-check what he saw next. I went and sat on my lover’s lap to reach for the glass and the bottles. He could not believe his eyes that I was sitting on his friend’s lap. Not only that, but I was also grinding my big ass on his crotch.

Lover: Are you wearing the wrong size panty or something, bhabhi?

Me: No, it’s a new panty, I am getting used to its fitting…

My lover held my hips and took me over to my husband pointing my ass towards his face. He pulled my shorts and exposed my thongs to my husband.

Lover: You see what this bitch is up to? She wore this tight panty just to seduce me – a new man in the house. You should talk to your wife and tell her not to behave like a bitch, dude.

My lover was giving me a wedgie while talking to my husband. That tight thong string had slipped inside my pussy and ass crack. I even moaned slowly while those two men were in heat.

Husband: What’s this, honey? Did you really wear this tight panty to seduce my friend here…?

Lover: What the fuck, dude!? You are calling her ‘honey’! Just grab her ass and punish her for behaving like a bitch in front of another man, teach her some lessons…

My lover started manipulating my drunk husband which made him remember all those times when I had treated him like a small man. This was totally a different experience for me, but I liked the intensity and the thrill it was giving me.

Husband: You’re right brother! I better teach some lessons to my wife. Let me grab that ass…

My husband made me squat over the sofa and started spanking my naked ass cheeks. My lover was sitting next to me watching my face closely and continuing to manipulate my husband.

Lover: Check if her pussy is wet after sitting on my lap, you never know what’s up with this bitch!

My husband pulled my thongs and exposed my nude lower body in front of his friend. To his surprise, my lover grabbed my pussy before my husband could even think about it. He pinched and pulled my pussy lips to get me ready for an orgasm. His cold fingers were thrusting inside my warm vagina.

Lover: You see! (showing him his moist fingers), this bitch sat on my cock with a plan. I think she wants it badly, so why don’t you give it to her like a man, buddy?

My lover made me sit on his lap. While he was fingering my asshole and pussy, he asked my husband to slap my face with his cock. The husband of mine was drunk as fuck and ready to fuck me in front of his friend. He whipped out his cock and saw his friend locking lips and fingering his hot wife.

That sight sent the right signals to his cock. An otherwise flaccid cock started becoming stiff and showed signs that it wanted a pussy badly. He pulled my face towards his cock and began to slap it on my lips and nose.

My lover cupped my ass cheeks and was stretching them for a rough double penetration. That was the first time that a dominatrix like me was serving two cocks without complaining. In fact, I felt good seeing their horny faces that craved my body.

My husband grabs his cock against my lips while watching his friend make me moan by fingering and spanking. He could not control himself any longer and shoved his penis inside my mouth. That was the first time in months that I sucked my husband’s cock.

The more he saw what his friend was doing to his wife, the harder he pressed his dick inside my mouth. His mouth dropped when he saw me stroking his friend’s cock in front of him. My lover was whispering how the plan had worked which made me giggle a little. But my drunk husband misunderstood the laughter thinking that I was teasing his cock size.

My lover spat on his fingers and lubricated my cold asshole with his saliva. He slid his tight cock up my asshole and freed me from his hold.

Lover: Here you go my man, show this bitch who the real man is. I want you to fuck her pussy as if this is your last time, you pathetic fool (he murmured the last bit).

My husband saw that his friend no longer held his hot wife in his arms to cuddle and finger. He did not bother to check why his wife was still continuing to grind her big ass while sitting on another man’s lap. Here’s how he got his first shock!

When my lover lifted my legs and exposed my pussy for my husband to take over, he saw a big cock sticking inside my asshole. Since he was high and with sexual heat, all he did was stick his cock inside the vacant hole (my pussy!).

The bull inside my husband was proud for a few seconds that he was thrusting and pumping his wife’s wet pussy. Not only that, but he disciplined his wife and showed her who was the man.

Then he got a second shock! My lover’s cock was twitching inside my hot and humid asshole while on the outside the temperature was below normal. He held my thighs and started ramming his fat cock up my ass. Since his rhythm was more manly, my husband’s cock slipped out of my pussy.

Two back-to-back shocks did not leave any courage in him to stick it again inside my pussy. So, he started slapping my face and kept calling me a bitch. But my lover wanted to show him that he was better.

Lover (pushing him back on the sofa): Look at your wife, my friend! This bitch likes to take my cock inside her asshole. I want you to treat her like this from now on. Show her that you are the man. If this bitch did not listen to you, just call your elder brother, and he’ll fix it.

I was at the peak of excitement enjoying anal sex with my lover in front of my husband. I held his head and locked my lips with him I wanted to feel the moment of excitement and not listen to his sarcastic dialogues with my husband.

My husband started stroking his erect penis while watching me bang my big ass on my lover’s tight cock. He let loose a loud moan and ejaculated on his hands before passing out on the sofa.

A few seconds later, my lover came inside my asshole. He too was exhausted from carrying my full weight on his cock. We both enjoyed the drinks in the bedroom and had sex a few times before leaving for a night show.

My husband woke up in the evening at which time I was watching a movie with my lover. I told him so and hung up the phone…

There you go guys, that was how your BDSM queen enjoyed the first ever (well, you can still call it that!) reverse domination sex. I was surprised at my lover’s confidence at first, but the way he carried his reverse psychology tricks over my husband and fooled him gave me special permission to hand out with his friend.

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