Corporate Sins – Part 9

Shipra is reclined on the desk, her head tipped back slightly and her legs around Peter’s shoulders. Peter couldn’t wait any more, so he shoved his penis inside her pussy. He had become hard again due to the thrill and excitement of mating with the woman of her dreams.

Moving his ass, he begins to stroke her. Though Shipra doesn’t particularly like his size, she is getting more pleasure from his soft caresses and the taboo component.

She grips the desk’s corners to keep herself from sinking in while Peter strokes her. Peter is mesmerized looking at her swaying breasts and reactions as she is fucked. He has never seen a better view than this one in his entire life.

Shipra already enthralled him and now this view is taking his delight to unimaginable levels. She is moaning with delight as she is being drilled. She looks so exquisite and lovely. Her mangalsutra is being moved by his holy Christian penis’s every movement.

It enters her stunning married Hindu pussy. She is moaning because of the love and attention he is putting into her, even if his penis is relatively tiny. She was enjoying herself more than previously. He was moving softly inside of her, giving her the impression of being adored and worshipped.

She starts comparing Peter to her earlier mating incidents. She is just another woman for Shoaib, and Chadha didn’t want to let go of the opportunity, especially after being aware of Shipra and Shoaib. Peter, though, is very different.

He had been waiting for this moment for a while. Now that his dream is coming true, he is savouring every second of it. The desperation with which he is fucking her pussy gives Shipra the impression that he is desperate and that he wants her.

Peter is attempting to give a stellar performance. Although he was perspiring, he didn’t slow down his thrusting. Shipra, meanwhile, is also thinking about the peon. Although she couldn’t see her because of her position, she was sure he must be stroking his penis, watching her getting fucked.

Given that Peter had informed her that the peon was his trusted worker, she wondered if he was aware of this. Peter stopped and withdrew his penis, trying to catch his breath. He has stroked so hard that he’s drenched in sweat.

“Hey, sweetheart. Get into doggy. It would be an amazing view to see you like that.” She turned into a doggy and muttered, “Hmm,” as Peter picked up a glass of water.

Despite having an 8-year-old son, she has flawless curves. The way her ass is popping is making his dick harder. Resuming his fuck, he reached for her pussy while gripping her waist. Shipra is leaning on the table to support her.

The table is being used to massage her nipples, intensifying the already arousing experience. Her nipples are getting rubbed with the table, adding more sensation to an already horny situation.

She can check to see if the peon is staring at them from this stance. His prying eyes were visible to her as she peered out the window. She fixed her intense gaze on his eyes as they both now made eye contact. By now, she was able to discern that the peon was aware that she knew he was seeing them.

She started pinching her left breast to the peon’s greatest visual treat. She is unsure of why she did this, but it has made her feel more aroused. She is feeling shivers from being seen by a man who is a peon. At the same time, she is being penetrated by another man who also happens to be her child’s principal.

Peter could tell that she was cumming again because of the liquids in her pussy. However, she noticed the eyes disappearing. What had occurred, she wondered? His disappearance had left her perplexed. After being exposed, is he still unable to muster his confidence?

To interrupt her thoughts and their fucking, Peter’s mobile phone rang. Even when he disconnected it, it kept ringing. His rage and frustration nearly made him yell.

“Daya Ram, what happened? Why are you calling me so much even though you know where I am?” Peter angrily remarked, taking his penis out of Shipra’s pussy.

Shipra figured out where the peon had disappeared from the window.

“Sir, I am sorry, but it was urgent to notify you. Chairman sir has called on the landline phone and summoned you immediately. He was calling on your mobile, but you were not picking up. He was furious and asked about your whereabouts.”

“What? Did you tell him?”

“No, sir, how could I? I owe so much to you.”

“Thanks, Daya Ram. If he had even the slightest idea what I was doing, he would have murdered me.”

“Sir, but you must rush to him. He had some investor for school who wants you in the meeting. ”

“Yes, sure, I will go after finishing the things,” he smiled. “Please hand over the car keys to her when she gets to the gate.”

“Don’t worry, sir. That’s my duty.”

Peter turned to face Shipra, who was still lying in doggy style. He asked to turn. She sat on the desk facing him with her legs hanging, having complied with his orders. Peter inserted his penis into her mouth and began caressing it once more.

He had to wrap things up now against her wish. He gave her lips a brief fuck before withdrawing, anticipating the final ejaculation. He then began caressing his penis. He showered her face, breasts, and neck with sperm, creating a necklace out of them.

“Thank you, Shipra!” He said this while quickly wearing his clothes. “I must rush. Otherwise, I could have one more session. I hope you enjoyed it as well. I will ask the peon to hand over the keys to you. You also dress up and meet him outside the gate after some time.”

He hurried out of the office. After cleaning herself, Shipra put on her clothes. She proceeded to the parking lot and began scanning the area for the peon. It is getting dusk outside. She knew he had seen her nude and getting fucked, so she was a little afraid to confront him.

She couldn’t act ignorant afterwards, so she regretted making eye contact with the peon. From the background, she heard someone exclaim, “Madam, why are you in such a rush?” Many things are still pending. She turned to see the peon coming toward her.

His words and body language scared her. While the peon was blatantly staring at her breast, she attempted to cover her semi-cleavage with the dupatta. She spotted him coming her way and began to back away.

It’s one thing to be nude in front of someone, but she wasn’t ready for sex with him. She feels a strong pan scent on her face as her back strikes the car door.