Priya, Sripriya and Srileela – Part 1

After the threesome with both mom and daughter on Saturday evening, I had a good night’s sleep. I woke up fresh on Sunday morning. I looked at my mobile for any messages. There was a message from Priya at midnight. I was over the moon reading that.

It read, “Uncle, Srileela has agreed to feed me her milk. As her hubby and mother-in-law came over last night, she didn’t do it. Mummy made her agree to do it in your house, saying that you are going to Bangalore in the morning. We will say we are going to a movie and leave Srileela’s kids with their grandma.”

“You leave the house by 8 am. Be ready to come back by 11 am when I ping you. Just open the door with your key and come in saying you missed your flight. Sripriya has planned a wicked foursome. You will have three ladies to satisfy today. Goodluck, Uncle’

It was already 7. I booked a cab. I quickly took a bath, got dressed and picked up my suitcase. On the first floor I saw Priya showing me a thumbs up and winking at me. The cab was waiting, and I got in it and went to the site to kill the time.

I left the site by 10.30 as soon as Priya pinged me. I came to my house by auto. While climbing the stairs, I found Sripriya’s house door locked. I thought they, too, might have gone out. I went to my floor, thinking if everything was going as planned.

Inserting the key, I opened the door, went in and was shocked to see three ladies on my diwan. It was a sight to behold. Priya was lying on a woman’s lap, who I thought was Srileela. She was dressed in a white kurta and matching leggings. Her kurta buttons were opened up with her right breast popping out.

Priya was sucking that nipple. Priya was wearing a knee-length white skirt and a white shirt, in which two of her buttons were undone. Her cleavage was visible. Sripriya was sitting on her sister’s left side.

On seeing me, she placed her hand on her sister’s breast to milk it for her daughter to drink. Srileela was looking embarrassed about seeing me.

“Chetta, you said you are going to Bangalore,” Sripriya said, acting surprised.

“I missed the morning flight. I will go next week. Sorry if I am intruding on you people. I will go and come back in the evening,” I said, staring at Srileela’s exposed right breast. It was very fair.

It was not pink, as Priya said. Priya was slurping the milky boobs happily, looked up and winked at me.

“This is my younger sister, Srileela. Priya insisted on drinking some mother’s milk. Srileela agreed to feed her in a secure place. Since Srileela’s husband and mother were in our house, we thought of using your home. I hope you don’t mind Chetta. You know the kids and the family were all around us. It would be embarrassing if our family members saw Leela feeding her milk to a grown-up girl,” Sripriya said.

She was pushing her sister’s hand, who was trying to cover her naked breast on seeing me. I was able to see the whole breast except for the nipple, which Priya had in her mouth. If I told them that their house was locked, I knew Srileela would insist on going down to their home.

So I kept quiet and said, “No problem, please be comfortable and consider this as your own house. I will go and change. You can have your privacy.” Taking another glimpse of Srileela’s milky breast, I went to my room. I thought maybe it was 36D and not less, but it was gorgeous to look at.

Inside the room, I removed my dress and stood in my briefs. My cock was already in an erect position. I wondered what would happen next. I wondered how Sripriya was going to convince her sister to feed me her milk. I heard Sripriya and Srileela arguing in Malayalam, which I couldn’t understand.

I wore a lungi and sat on the bed bare-chested. It was normal in Kerala for men to be bare-chested. The five minutes was a long wait for me. I was glancing at my mobile for any messages from Priya or Sripriya. But no, Priya might be happily sucking her aunt’s milk.

After 10 minutes, I heard Sripriya calling me, “Chetta, please come. I have prepared coffee for you. Why are you sitting in the room alone? Join us and have coffee with us.”

I came out of my room and saw Priya was still feeding on her aunt’s milky breast. I sat on the sofa near the diwan, and Sripriya handed me a cup of coffee. Taking the cup from her, I took a sip, and it was too hot.

“Is it too hot, Chetta? Give it back, and I will cool it down a bit,” said Sripriya. She took the coffee cup back from me.

To my utter shock, Sripriya pulled Srileela’s nipple from her daughter’s mouth. She placed the cup below the exposed breast nipple. With her free hand, she began to press her sister’s breast. The milk started to flow into the cup like a small spring.

“Chechi, what are you doing? You are embarrassing me in front of a stranger. You asked to give Priya my milk and I agreed. Now you are shaming me in front of your tenant,” Srileela spoke for the first time. Her voice was girlish and good for the ears.

“Don’t worry, Leela. Rajesh Chetta is like my brother and a good person. He won’t think bad about us,” Sripriya gave the cup back and said, “Now taste the coffee, Chetta. It will be more tasty because of my sister’s milk.”

I took a sip, and the coffee was a bit cold now. But the taste was not much different, which I didn’t say.

“Is it tasty, Chetta?” Sripriya asked, winking and giving me a signal.

“It’s too good. Thanks for the lovely coffee,” I lied and then came the next bomb.

“Just a few drops of my sister’s milk made your coffee tasty. Wonder how tasty her milk would be. Would you like to taste Leela’s milk, Chetta?” Sripriya said, sending me a signal not to refuse. Was I that dumb to refuse such an offer?

Srileela looked horrified hearing her Chechi and said, “Are you crazy, Sri? How can you ask me to feed my milk to your tenant? Feeding your daughter was ok. But I can’t feed an unknown person. Do you know what will happen if my husband finds out? Are they still down in your house? No, I can’t do this.”

She tried to pull the nipple from Priya’s mouth and tried to get up. Sripriya pushed her sister down. Squeezing her left breast hard, said, “Look how your tits are filled with milk. Yesterday, you were complaining that your baby is not drinking your milk much.”

“You said your breasts are filled up and causing a lot of pain. That’s why you agreed to feed Priya. Rajesh Chetta won’t tell about this to anyone. He will be leaving our city after his project is completed. This will be secret between the four of us,” and tried to push Priya’s mouth away from the right breast.

“No, Chechi, Priya has almost emptied this. Let her drink it completely. I will have to clean it to remove Priya’s saliva from it. Ask Chetta to feed on the left one. It’s full,” Srileela sighed and reluctantly agreed to feed me.

“That’s like my good girl Leela. Chetta, come and drink my sister’s milk,” Sripriya invited me and got up to make space for me.

I got up and stood before Srileela and looked at her, confused. Was I supposed to suck her kneeling in front of her or the way Priya was sucking? For that, I was to place my head on her Srileela’s lap. Will she agree to that? Seeing my dilemma, Srileela spoke to me for the first time.

She said, “Chetta, place your head on my lap and suck milk just like Priya is sucking. I am feeding Priya because I consider her as my daughter. I will feed you my milk, thinking of you as my son, even though you are my dad’s age. So don’t have any dirty thoughts in your mind, and suck my milk like my son.”

Priya still had her head on Srileela’s right lap and was sucking the right boob like a baby. I was wondering why it is so quiet today. So I was to take left Srileela’s lap and left boob. I got on the diwan, placing my head on her left lap looked up.

Srileela’s left breast was inches before my face and was still covered with her kurta flap. Srileela, looking down into my eyes, hesitatingly pushed the left flap aside. Her naked breast popped out into my view. Did these Nair ladies never wear bras? I wondered.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sripriya sitting on the floor. I wondered what wicked thing she was planning to do next. Priya’s and my head were grazing against each other as we both occupied Srileela’s lap. I saw the nipple was ½ an inch long and had milk spots.

I thought Srileela’s left breast was fully loaded with milk. Srileela blushed, holding the nipple, brought it close to my waiting lips. Slowing, taking the nipple in my mouth, I sucked it. A few drops went down my throat, and I found it tasteless.

I had seen in porn Japanese girls feeding their partners with milk spraying all over their faces. But milk was coming from Srileela’s breasts in tiny drops and not like jets. I sucked the nipple hard, trying to suck more milk instead of trickles. I heard Srileela wincing in pain.

“Ouch, you are hurting me, Chetta. It’s not the way to suck milk. My nipples are very sensitive. Please be gentle. Wait, let me help you,” said Srileela. Cupping her breast with her fingers around the nipple, she began to press her spongy breast.

Now, the milk flowed in my mouth in abundance. I sucked and gulped her milk down my throat eagerly. I saw a smile on Srileela’s face for the first time. She was squeezing her breast trying to express the milk out. For two minutes, milk was flowing easily and I was gulping down my throat happily.

But it got reduced again, and I looked up at Srileela and saw her hands off her breast. Sripriya was holding my right hand, and she was giving me some signal by pressing my palm. I knew she was planning for the next step to trap her naïve sister.

“Chetta, my fingers are aching. Have you never sucked tits before? Take the tit in your mouth as much as possible and apply pressure with your lips. The milk will flow out easily. But don’t use your hands to squeeze milk out as my breasts will enlarge more. As it is, my tits are very big, and my husband teases me that I am a cow,” Srileela said shyly.

I felt Sripriya pressing my hand, indicating me to go for the kill. That was what I wanted. The permission from Srileela. I took Srileela’s as much as possible in my mouth and sucked it hard. Now the milk started to flow freely in my mouth again and with full force than the first time.

I happily sucked Srileela’s milk. She was caressing my forehead like a lactating mother does when she is feeding her baby. Feeling Srileela’s warm thighs heat, I sucked her breast for a few minutes. I could feel her body shiver as I applied pressure on her fleshy tits to drain the milk out.

Was she getting horny, I wondered. She was biting her lower lip, trying to control her emotions and was staring down at me with wide eyes. I could see what Priya was doing. Maybe she was still sucking the right tit. It should be empty by now as she had been sucking for a long time.

Then I heard Sripriya speaking with anxiety in her voice, “Chetta, my goodness, you are hard.” I saw Srileela turning and staring in my crotch direction. I saw her face blushing as my cock was fully erect and may have made it tent on my lungi. I felt soft hands moving my lungi flaps aside to bare my briefs.

Omg, Sripriya was exposing my cock to her sister and wondered how she was going to take it. I felt my briefs being pulled down and knew that my cock was out in the open. Sripriya had gone for the kill without wasting much time. I knew the real game had now started. The final trap for Srileela.

“Chechi, what are you doing?” Srileela shouted and saw her closing her eyes.

“See, Leela, how big and thick it is. I have never seen such a gorgeous specimen in my life. Look, Srileela, see how it jumps, ” Sripriya insisted to her sister to see my cock, which was throbbing. I had slowed down my milk-sucking and was keenly watching Srileela’s face.

She opened her eyes and glanced at my cock direction. She stared at my fully erect dick of 8 inches long, eyes and mouth wide open. I saw her licking her lips. They were shivering with excitement and saw beads of sweat on her upper lip. I knew that she was shocked to see my cock.

I thought she was getting horny, and maybe she was interested to see more of it. I saw Priya getting up from her aunt’s lap. She came and sat near my thighs. She, too, was acting like she was seeing my cock for the first time. She said, “Yes, mummy. Uncle’s penis is so big and beautiful.”

Sripriya was holding my cock and jerking it softly. I felt her thumb pressing my piss hole, trying to squeeze my pre-cum out. “Aunty, see how it’s leaking. You have made Rajesh Uncle hard and horny,” Priya said. Looking at her stepmom, asked, “Shall I hold it, mummy?”

“No, Leela got this hard. She has the first right to touch it. You can touch it later, baby. Hold it, it won’t bite you, Leela,” Sripriya said to her sister. I saw Sripriya taking her sister’s left hand and placing it on my cock. Now, the game was getting interesting.

Srileela was falling right into her sister’s trap unknowingly. I stopped sucking the nipple, getting off Srileela’s lap sat up to watch the ladies.

Sripriya was holding my cock at the base. Srileela was holding at the top with her thumb on my cockhead. “See, we need both hands to grip this monster. Isn’t it beautiful to see cum dripping out from the hole Leela,” Sripriya said, looking at her sister.

Srileela shyly nodded, feeling the heat of my cock. Then Priya did the unthinkable. Bending down her head, stretching her tongue out licked the pre-cum from the tip.

Sripriya quickly pushed her daughter aside and said, “Leela has the first right to suck Chetta’s cock. Don’t worry, your time will come, baby. Come, suck it and see how it tastes, Leela.”

“Uncle’s juice is yummy, aunty. You will love it, trust me, aunty,” Priya urged Srileela to lick my cock. Now, the wild, naughty Priya was into action along with her mom to convince her aunty. The whole plan of Priya and Sripriya’s dirty plan was working nicely.

Srileela was looking interested in licking and sucking me. Srileela looked at her sister. Priya, not looking back at me, bent her head and licked the pre-cum off the tip. Taking the tongue in, savouring my cum taste and said, “It’s not bad. It’s better than my husband’s.”

She began to lick my mushroom head again, and now she was gripping my cock firmly. Sripriya took her hand off my cock and massaged my balls, looking at her sister. She gently pushed her sister’s hand from the top to the base of my cock, leaving half of my cock in Srileela’s waiting mouth.

Srileela took the hint, took my cockhead in her mouth and sucked it hard, applying pressure with her soft lips. The prey took the final bait. Srileela sucked my head for a few seconds. She lowered her mouth down my cock taking almost 4 inches inside without any problem.

I saw the surprised look on mom and daughter’s faces when Srileela sucked my cock like a bitch in heat. Srileela’s breasts were resting, and my thighs were getting crushed. I saw tiny milk drops wetting my hairy thighs. Priya found both the nipples and began milking them like how a cow was milked.

Unminding her niece and milking her tits, Srileela sucked my cock for two minutes breathing through her nose. Finally, she took my cock off her mouth and took a deep breath.

“Leela, that was a wild cock sucking. I never thought you could suck like this. Anyway, how was it?” Sripriya asked her sister.

Srileela, with her face red, blushing said, “It was nice, Chechi. I always wanted to suck cock. But Ajay refuses me because he is always afraid that he will cum in my mouth and can’t take me after cumming.”

Looking at me, she said, “You have a nice cock, Chetta. Thanks for allowing me to suck it. I didn’t ask for your permission as I got carried away seeing it.”

“Pleasure is mine, Leela and thanks for feeding me your milk. It was tasty,” I said.

“Don’t bluff, Chetta. I know it’s tasteless as I have tasted it myself. Ajay refuses to suck my milk when I ask him to relieve the pain. Shall I tell a secret? I was getting horny when you and Priya were sucking both my tits and had a hard time controlling myself,” Srileela confessed shamelessly.

“You mean, your pussy is dripping juices. Shall I see it, aunty?” Priya asked her aunt eagerly.

“No way, Priya. You are still a baby,” Srileela said, caressing Priya’s face.

“I am not a baby anymore. I am 20 now, even my pussy is leaking. See for yourself, Aunty,” saying Priya lifted her short skirt and exposed her pussy which was wet with her cum. The bitch was not wearing a bra or panties like usual.

“What is this, Priya? Behave yourself. Chetta is here,” Srileela scolded her.

Continued in the next chapter.